Go see Cam in 5 Star Day! Now out!

Dear LTT-ers,

Remember when I finally decided to forgive Cam

I'm sorry I tried to kill Bella and fake abducted her mom and killed Marissa. Now go see my new film! Oh and Jena's sorry for being a bitch to Julia Roberts

Gigandet aka James for killing Marissa in the OC and being a dirty hippie vampire in Twilight? It’s pretty freakin’ hilarious if I do say so myself. Probably because of all the OC references. But anyway… I forgave him because he’s in a movie called 5 Star Day which is near and dear to the LTT family and more specifically the Moon family! Good news yall it is making it way to theaters this weekand you can see it!
Good news folks you can actually take your boyfriend/husband/dad/gay friend to this one! Equal opportunity film making and not just swoon-y vampires. We get it dudes.

So what’s this movie about you ask? Well here’s a little synopsis:

Four People. One Horoscope. Infinite Possibilities. Jake Gibson’s (Cam Gigandet) horoscope forecasts a perfect Five Star Day the morning of his birthday. Little does he realize that what’s foretold to be a flawless day, unfolds to be far less than stellar when Jake’s world is turned upside down as all that could go wrong…does. Determined that Astrology has no legitimacy, Jake embarks on a journe…y to test the theory of Astrology by finding the three people born the same time and place as himself – Sarah Reynolds (Jena Malone), Yvette Montgomery (Brooklyn Sudano) and Wesley Henderson (Max Hartman). The journey quickly uproots Jake from the small college town of Berkeley, California to downtown Chicago where he sets out to find and interview Sarah, Yvette and Wesley to see if their birthdays proved to be as disappointing as his own. Jake’s pursuit in finding his three Astrological matches (or Zodiac twins) will not only test his convictions, but validate how life’s unexpected twists of fate can deliver much more than the anticipated. The unforeseen takes Jake from the Windy City, to the boardwalk of New Jersey’s Atlantic City, to the bustling streets of New York. What Jake learns along the way is an important lesson about life, love, fate and destiny that will unexpectedly change his life forever.

Watch the trailer

Ok, I know you’re convinced here’s where you can see it starting TOMORROW!

(click to enlarge)

Not in a city 5 Star Day is screening? Well have no fear, this is 2011 and this ish is on VOD everywhere On-Demand, i-Tunes, YouTube ’24hour’ instant rental, and more starting on 11/4. So now you can watch from the comfort of your own PJ’s.

Find out more here:

Like 5 Star Day on Facebook and find screenings
Official Website for more info

Now go forth and complete the cycle of forgiveness by seeing this flick. We can all finally heal from all our Cam Gigandet inflicted wounds. RIP Marissa and James!

Hoping YOU have a 5 Star Day! (hur hur hur)

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  • Dionrenee

    Actually looks interesting, I love Jena Malone….

  • Late Convert

    I forgave him after Burlesque. In those red pyjamas? what’s not to love??

    • Anonymous

      Well… I forgave him after I had a good view of his perfectly round bottom.

      • Anonymous

        Wait… Don’t tell me that was a butt double.

        • Late Convert

          ok, I confess, I googled that…no indication that it was anything other than all his own work…

          • Anonymous

            Good cause that ass got him a major role in most of my fantasies since 2010 😉

  • Ms. J

    He creeped me out in Pandorum, made me giggle in Easy A – really glad he is working steady.  I really think he is a pretty good actor.

  • MariaCecilia

    Unfortunately it seems none of the movies the rest of the Twi cast make are big enough to be bought and shown over here…if I’m lucky I find them on DVD much later – at the back of the store. 🙂 But it would be nice if Cam could redeem himself, and not be doomed to forever be the sleazy guy who you know is the bad guy in the movie as soon as he shows his mug..

    • Sisterpenguin

      Yep. No sign of it over here

  • twiprof

    ya know, Cam has a special place in my heart….but I just dont think I will take the time to go to the theaters for this one….I most certainly, the great fan that I am, will put the movie on netflix for the future….

  • Bubs

    Looks smart. Cam’s a great actor in my opinion-he was such a perfect James. If it’s not being shown Nation wide in the US, there’s not much chance we’ll see it on the BIG screen in Australia [pity]….
    Maybe on cable later. I’ll look out for it.

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow, it’s actually showing in my town!  You have no idea how small the odds of that are.  The guy who mixed the sound must be from here originally or something like that.  Off to check the time and see if there’s any way for me to go.

    • Anonymous

      Dah, there’s no listing for it on the theater’s website, nor can I find where the image came from to “click link below for tickets.”  Moon?  Help please?

  • S.kay

    Looks interesting! Not sure the Mr would watch it but I will definitely keep an eye out for it at the Red Box. It’s not showing anywhere close to me.

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