Storytime: The best of the rest

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Dear Twilight,

Oh you thought we were done with our stories, did you? (Recap #1 and Recap #2 in case you missed them!) Well, we’re not… So get excited for a lot of random info you never knew you wanted to know:

Before the craziness started, we snapped a shot with our lovely friend & new LA transplant @katespencer who does red carpet stuff for VH1.

Speaking of Vh1, we were featured as “Super Fans” on Friday (duh- we’re the biggest superfans out there proved by our Twilight-themed guest bathrooms & “I’ll take Edward and Jacob” matching underwear) and got a ton of Krisbian-hate!! Did you guys know we owned “I Hate KStew” t-shirts? Yeah, we didn’t know that either. UC & Moon: Biggest Super Fans around

Before anyone important hit the carpet, we got a group shot with the other fan sites on the carpet. Girl power represent! (Oh yeah, Kaleb Nation aka The Twilight Guy was there and Andrew from Twisource too but I think we scared them off before this picture)

Stuff you missed from the red carpet

We got to interview a LOT of people- some you’ll care about and some (sad) you probably won’t. We know because we forgot some of their names.. Shhhhhh. But we posted a bunch on our You Tube page, which, up until now, has held a brilliant video of Edward & Edward having a romantic moment in Griffith Park, soundtrack by UC, and that one time we embarrassed ourselves SO much for you all. Actually that’s all our videos have ever been. So we’re pretty glad to finally have something decent to share. If you have time to kill, we even made a playlist with all the videos: LTT Goes to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere. Don’t miss the interview with that “one vampire in the next movie we couldn’t understand.” At least we think he said he plays a vampire.

But you really shouldn’t miss Moon’s interview with Eric Odom. Especially because he gives her “the eyes.” You know the “I”m a c-list actor and so you really should want me now and why don’t we skip this whole movie thing and jump the after party(in my pants) ifyouknowwhatimsaying” eyes:

The eyes didn’t work, sorry, Eric. But you should really get that tattoo cause chicks dig Twilight related tatts (they don’t).

And if you’re looking for a BRILLIANT piece of cinematography, look no further than our interview with Nikki Reed, when the camera wasn’t pointing at her until the last second:

(Let’s give a slow clap to Moon for doing a great job at pretending she had listened to Nikki’s song!)

Much more AFTER the jump!

The after party

Did we mention we got to go to the Cullen-swan wedding? Well.. It was actually the after party but it looked exactly like it:

Wondering how many glasses of champagne we had between the two of us? 8.. Wondering if we sampled any of the delicious food? No… Wondering how we were standing straight enough to take this picture? Me too. Wondering if you can steal Moon’s keyboard clutch? Join the club.


Please enjoy the fact it looks like I have an afro/flower headpiece on. Thanks Swan-Cullen Wedding Florists!
Highlights of the night

There are so many things that stick out, but seeing Dick (Uh- that’s Richard to all you non-LTR readers) Pattinson shoving egg rolls in his mouth while Clare chatted up Mackenzie Foy (while eating. Cue “awww robsten grandmother” moments) is up near the top:

Then there was that time we got our picture taken with Mr. Quileute 2011 himself:

Mr. Quiluette

Who is this?

Wondering if his sexy get-up got him lucky at the end of the night??? We are too….

And then there was that time our dreams came true & we got a picture with THIS wolf:

You know how long we’ve been waiting to get a pic with this wolf right? [Uh- What’s his name again?? A little Googling told me… Kiowa]

Oh and then we ran into an old pal- dressed for the occasion, donning her vampire eyes* (she brought an extra pair for us, just for this picture)

So yeah… it was a pretty good night!!!!


UnintendedChoice & Themoonisdown

PS: Can we get a lil’ sappy for a second? I (UC) just got off a plane, back in Philly (boo) and missing Moon already & am just reflecting on my great week away… And we want you to know that we realize that we had this great experience last week because of YOU- because for whatever reason you decided to read LTT, our little “secret” site where we tried to find camaraderie in our obsession. And did we EVER find it! The experiences & opportunities we’ve had over the past (almost) 3 years have been incredible & last Monday was one of the most memorable. So thank you friends- real life, online turned real life, online only & even those of you we’ve never talked to, for reading, making us laugh & cry and giving us something to look forward to every day (or on Mon. Wed & Fridays) We are FOREVER grateful! xoxoxo

*no seriously- can someone fix that picture for me? I cannot make our eyes normal for the life of me and I know I read vampire books & all, but I don’t actually like vampires…

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