Storytime: The best of the rest

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Dear Twilight,

Oh you thought we were done with our stories, did you? (Recap #1 and Recap #2 in case you missed them!) Well, we’re not… So get excited for a lot of random info you never knew you wanted to know:

Before the craziness started, we snapped a shot with our lovely friend & new LA transplant @katespencer who does red carpet stuff for VH1.

Speaking of Vh1, we were featured as “Super Fans” on Friday (duh- we’re the biggest superfans out there proved by our Twilight-themed guest bathrooms & “I’ll take Edward and Jacob” matching underwear) and got a ton of Krisbian-hate!! Did you guys know we owned “I Hate KStew” t-shirts? Yeah, we didn’t know that either. UC & Moon: Biggest Super Fans around

Before anyone important hit the carpet, we got a group shot with the other fan sites on the carpet. Girl power represent! (Oh yeah, Kaleb Nation aka The Twilight Guy was there and Andrew from Twisource too but I think we scared them off before this picture)

Stuff you missed from the red carpet

We got to interview a LOT of people- some you’ll care about and some (sad) you probably won’t. We know because we forgot some of their names.. Shhhhhh. But we posted a bunch on our You Tube page, which, up until now, has held a brilliant video of Edward & Edward having a romantic moment in Griffith Park, soundtrack by UC, and that one time we embarrassed ourselves SO much for you all. Actually that’s all our videos have ever been. So we’re pretty glad to finally have something decent to share. If you have time to kill, we even made a playlist with all the videos: LTT Goes to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere. Don’t miss the interview with that “one vampire in the next movie we couldn’t understand.” At least we think he said he plays a vampire.

But you really shouldn’t miss Moon’s interview with Eric Odom. Especially because he gives her “the eyes.” You know the “I”m a c-list actor and so you really should want me now and why don’t we skip this whole movie thing and jump the after party(in my pants) ifyouknowwhatimsaying” eyes:

The eyes didn’t work, sorry, Eric. But you should really get that tattoo cause chicks dig Twilight related tatts (they don’t).

And if you’re looking for a BRILLIANT piece of cinematography, look no further than our interview with Nikki Reed, when the camera wasn’t pointing at her until the last second:

(Let’s give a slow clap to Moon for doing a great job at pretending she had listened to Nikki’s song!)

Much more AFTER the jump!

The after party

Did we mention we got to go to the Cullen-swan wedding? Well.. It was actually the after party but it looked exactly like it:

Wondering how many glasses of champagne we had between the two of us? 8.. Wondering if we sampled any of the delicious food? No… Wondering how we were standing straight enough to take this picture? Me too. Wondering if you can steal Moon’s keyboard clutch? Join the club.


Please enjoy the fact it looks like I have an afro/flower headpiece on. Thanks Swan-Cullen Wedding Florists!
Highlights of the night

There are so many things that stick out, but seeing Dick (Uh- that’s Richard to all you non-LTR readers) Pattinson shoving egg rolls in his mouth while Clare chatted up Mackenzie Foy (while eating. Cue “awww robsten grandmother” moments) is up near the top:

Then there was that time we got our picture taken with Mr. Quileute 2011 himself:

Mr. Quiluette

Who is this?

Wondering if his sexy get-up got him lucky at the end of the night??? We are too….

And then there was that time our dreams came true & we got a picture with THIS wolf:

You know how long we’ve been waiting to get a pic with this wolf right? [Uh- What’s his name again?? A little Googling told me… Kiowa]

Oh and then we ran into an old pal- dressed for the occasion, donning her vampire eyes* (she brought an extra pair for us, just for this picture)

So yeah… it was a pretty good night!!!!


UnintendedChoice & Themoonisdown

PS: Can we get a lil’ sappy for a second? I (UC) just got off a plane, back in Philly (boo) and missing Moon already & am just reflecting on my great week away… And we want you to know that we realize that we had this great experience last week because of YOU- because for whatever reason you decided to read LTT, our little “secret” site where we tried to find camaraderie in our obsession. And did we EVER find it! The experiences & opportunities we’ve had over the past (almost) 3 years have been incredible & last Monday was one of the most memorable. So thank you friends- real life, online turned real life, online only & even those of you we’ve never talked to, for reading, making us laugh & cry and giving us something to look forward to every day (or on Mon. Wed & Fridays) We are FOREVER grateful! xoxoxo

*no seriously- can someone fix that picture for me? I cannot make our eyes normal for the life of me and I know I read vampire books & all, but I don’t actually like vampires…

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  • mariealber

    Uc, I am dying to know where your dress is from! 

  • JodieO

    Do you think Rob skipped the after party because he heard the hateriest of the haters were going to be there and this was his way of marking solidarity with KStew who was whisked out of the premier and hidden in a bulletproof bunker after hottie bodyguard spotted you on the black carpet?

    • Anonymous

      (nerd alert) The Trinity were swept off to the London premiere with Bill Condon right after. Which sounds exhausting, unless they all formed a cuddle puddle in first class and snoozed the whole way. Which is what they did in my mind. 🙂

  • Sisterpenguin

    Oh deary dear have I gone off Peter the vampire! Here’s hoping the editing is tight on that one.

    Nicky Reed reminds me of such a little girlie girl. Very sweet (so long as there’s only 29 seconds of it).

    But most of all – again, well done young ladies! You managed to give us interesting angles (literally) and vicarious pleasures of the day. Bring on BD II (after I’ve seen this one a couple more times)!!

  • Nelle

    I feel lucky to have found this site and you two ladies and the other contributors. It’s been so much fun.

    Saw BD twice over the weekend. Wasn’t my favorite book but is without a doubt my favorite movie. I really don’t understand the nasty reviews. (mostly from men but some women too). Guess you have to have 2 X chromosomes to get it.

    • sw_twi_fan

      I don’t get the viscious critics or haters. It’s like, did we watch the same movie?  Sure, criticize, because nothing’s perfect, but no need to go overboard.  I don’t have a problem with fans being critical and mocking it here, but when there are non-fans elsewhere who don’t get it,and crap on it like crazy, I rage.

  • Composerward

    *steps out of lurkdom* Girls, I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this site, and keeping your amazing sense of humor through all the riff-raff and craziness. You two are amazing! Seeing BD this weekend was only made better by reading LTT, and I am forever grateful that there are people out there who share the same second-hand embarassing secret as me. All the best to you both!

    • Anonymous

      Welcome and you are sooooo right! I feel like I enjoy all the movies more because of LTT!

    • Youweregone

      You are soooo right. LTT makes everything better.

  • Youweregone

    Can you even imagine what would happen if Nikki ended up with Rob in stead of this singer /husband person? We would be listening endlessly about how they  loved each other and wrote songs together on the bear rug! Now that would be real magicness!! (I seriously think we should thank the gods for “private and fierce Stew)

  • EternitywithEdward Since 6/09

    omg – you guys look so adorable in the VH1 photo!!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    what no leg hitch picture? I suppose a breaking headboard picture would be more appropriate, but quite the awkward photo to take in public.

    Welcome back home UC. You know how I feel when we’re on different coasts.Sunday brunches just aren’t the same without you.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, poor Kiowa. Even though it’s really random, I think it’s really cool that they invited Mr. Quileute, whoever he is.

    Thank you for representing us in the fandom!! Where would we be with out you?!

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t someone have video of him drunk at Tent City? I hope so…

  • Anonymous

    Loves……I mean #HATE

  • ladyofthemeadow

    “See you at the after party!” HA. Erik Odom totally wants you, Moon. Watch your back 😉 

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Quileute is priceless.  Thanks so much for all the vicarious fun, girls!  The last year and a half has been so much brighter for all the laughs you’ve sent my way.
    Anybody have a good idea for how I can sneak out and see the movie three more times without my husband knowing so I don’t have to endure the endless mockery? Keep in mind I have an infant and a two year old…

    • Emeraldjo60

      The best reason I’ve found for these movies coming out in November is that I can say I’m going Christmas shopping and totally hit the cinema instead. Or in between stores. And get the matinee price!

      • Anonymous

        I could just order gifts online and load them up in the car to bring home from my “shopping” trip, right?

    • Anonymous

      Could you say that you’re considering training to become a perruquier and need to do some background research? 

      • Anonymous

        It’s very seldom I get sent to the dictionary, but you managed it.  It was a worthwhile trip, though– your joke was fantastic!  

        • Anonymous

          I figure it might buy you time while he pretends to know what it means (make sure Google is out of action). Bless male egos 

          • Anonymous

            Sadly, is one of his favorite apps.

          • Anonymous

            Dang. Give me time, we can do this! Is he above bribery and corruption? Is he easily drugged? Just throwing a few thoughts around…

          • Anonymous

            Not sad at all.  I LOVE my app!  I <3 fun out-of-the-ordinary words and get my fix with their Word of the Day.

            Or maybe this makes me sad too….

            Oh well, sad or not, it makes me happy

          • Anonymous

            Definitely not sad. I think it might be Aro’s fave too (please note apostrophe in correct place). But does he prefer British or American spelling…? 

            Yeah, ok, I AM sad

          • Anonymous

            Doesn’t make you sad, it makes me sad because it wouldn’t work as an escape tactic.

          • Anonymous

            Ok. Maybe we need to engage in some Twi-napping. Which continent are we working with here? Maybe we can tie in with the folk in Bangladesh… Where are the fast moving vampires when you really need them?

      • Anonymous

        Dammit!  There’s a [Like] button, a [Reply] button, but where is my [LOVE this comment] button?

    • Anonymous

      You  are cracking me up!!!!!  I’ve been dodging the  “what did you do today?” question ever since friday.  I even considered cancelling on some of my clients so I could sneak one more viewing today while everyone was at school. 

      • KStewBoy

        Yup – I’m with you, Blondie.  I’m considering taking a LONG lunch break today at work… I believe I have no afternoon appointments.  The wife is taking way too long to decide on a time so see it already!

  • Notanaddikt Bella

    Who the crapz is Eric Odom? (Did I even manage to remember his name correctly all the way down to the comments?) Moon, tell us what happened at the afterparty… because we totes know something did. 😉

    • Notanaddikt Bella

      On a completely unrelated note, I finally got around to seeing the movie yesterday (I know, I know, bad fan) and Rob has a fan-tas-tic accent in Portuguese. *melt* Apparently the extra budget that Summit refused to give to the wig department – which is why they had to recycle a muppet’s wig for Carlisle – went to a decent accent coach for Rob.

      • Bubs

        You just cracked me up !!! I’ve got tears in my eyes….who did Carlisle [notice we spelt that right, unlike Heidi {I think that was her name} who had “grammar” problems according to Aro] piss off, to get that particular wig ????

        • Anonymous

          Apparently Heidi didn’t make it after all 🙁 She has been replaced by Bianca, who I have grave fears for as well…

  • Alice_NaA

    Damn I was hoping you finally got a picture with solomon trimble (who I’ve send a friend request one facebook after googling his name, fingers crossed!).

  • Anonymous

    Aaahhhh… you two and the comments crew and a fresh LTT post are just what this Monday needed! Thank you!  And loved your VH1 interview, too!  Cheers!

    ps: I opened up my 10 year old (work) copy of Photoshop Elements and attempted to de-vampire your’s and SM’s eyes.  Since they were golden, the red-eye feature was stumped. So broke out the old-school burning tool. Attaching a copy.

    • Bubs

      Good job !!! Although I do like the thought that THE GODDESS herself [SM] had brought Vampire Eyes for Moon n UC, knowing they would be there.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if UC or Moon already had fun with the photo before posting it, but their eyes really are more “golden” than just red-eye.  I wonder…

  • lovethesefries

    So dude that plays Peter is gay and/or drunk.  Jussayin.

    Love all the pics!!!  Super jealous.

    • Jerzeylisa

      I don’t think Eric Odom is drunk or gay. I think he is just guilty of loving himself and being a douchbag.

      • Julie Seifert


    • Anonymous

      I was kind of thinking the same thing…

  • Anonymous

    UC and Moon – thank you so much for all you do for us!  A Twilight movie wouldn’t be the same without you Breaking It Down!

  • Nelle

    LTT and LTR will help me survive until the DVD of BD Part 1 is released or BD Part 2, whichever comes first!

  • Hey all. Long-time reader of the blog, but only first or second time commenting (Actually I posted some snarky comments about Nikki awhile back but probably no one remembers). But I am coming out of creeperdom to say that I have written a somewhat sweet, somewhat sarcastic review of BD on my own blog, and I’d love for you to read it. yes, shameless self promotion!

  • Also, Eric Odom seems drunk…but maybe that’s just me

    • Kay

      Erik wasn’t drunk, and he’s definitely not gay.  It was his first big red carpet.  He was nervous.  

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, good point. I know I’d come off as a complete moron if I were on the red carpet for the first time.

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