Yahoo + Twilight fansites + LTT Podcast

That's so very normal

Dear LTTers,

While Moon & I were together in LA, we were asked by the girls at Twilight Series Theories to join them & a few other fansites in a podcast sponsored by Yahoo! There were panels discussing favorite moments of the series, what we’re looking forward to in Breaking Dawn and Twilight Trivia brought to you by Moon & UC.

Wondering if one of us held an apple (YOU know the way) for the contestant to grab when they knew the right answer? Yep. Of course we did that.

Oh and Boo Boo Stewart was there. We made Mr. Choice tweet while we were trivia-ing it up, and I think he thought it was Justin Bieber.


(No I can’t tell you when we come in because I’m too 1st-hand embarrassed to listen to ourselves! We are RIGHT in the beginning & then close to the end)

PS We Broke Down Breaking Dawn Vanity Fair Style today! Don’t miss it!

  • Anonymous

    Phew, that took a little while to get through. I think you came in at about 08:48 but the numbers seemed to go a little wacko. You girlies definitely do yourselves proud, and were, as the hostess seemed to say every second word – AWESOME!

    (Little worried about the Celine Dion in the background there…)

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I sucked it up and listened to the podcast. Yes, it was first hand embarrassing (for me) but you guys were great! I still think you guys owe me for doing the trivia, lol. At least I won my Book Trivia round!

    And also, that chick says “awesome” A LOT!!
    Is there anyway to skip through it? because I couldn’t figure it out!

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