Kristen Stewart is a piece of (art) work!

This is real. And it's a thing.

Dear Kristen,

So this art show called “Muchos KStew” a “tribute” to Kristen Stewart  is opening this Saturday in LA. Oh don’t you worry we will BE there. Not opening night because I have stuff called work and a life (not really) but White Yorkie and I already have a date on the calendar to hit up Muchos KStew and maybe bring a video camera or something… you never know.

From the synopsis on the website I KNOW we’re in for a treat Krisbians and non-Krisbians alike will enjoy, I mean this really says it all, doesn’t it:

“Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a mysterious young woman and stare at her face until it all makes sense. 

Witness a bounty of images that are sure to haunt and delight and confuse you forever…” 

White Yorkie may have to drag me away because I’ll be staring till the gallery closes hoping it all makes sense… and it won’t. Ever. ANYWAY this is a heads up to let you know we DEFINITELY have not forgotten you or Twilight and we will DEFINITELY be at Muchos KStew. LITRALLY you couldn’t keep us away from this train wreck.

Since we weren’t asked to contribute some “art work” to the show (RUDE!) I’d like to show you some of the pieces I would have chosen for this special collection…

Last but not least…

We may or may not bring a video camera… and by may not I mean we are. Prepare yourself.

It’s things like this that make me LOVE the fandom,

PS OMG I’m not dead!!! (Barely).

Is anyone in LA going to this? Anything you want us to do while there?

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  • Sisterpenguin

    Oh KSB, time to develop that inner art critic 😉

    • Well, SissyP – I have some bad news.  The wife says I cannot fly to LA to see this exhibit.  Apparently an ENTIRE art show dedicated to the muse that is Kristen Stewart is not a good enough reason for me to spend our family holiday money.  Booo.  AND tomorrow is her birthday (I know all you hard-core Krisbians out there knew that, but I’m just reminding you).
      Now I’m about as educated in the world of art as I am in the world of fashion (which is a number approaching zero) – but I would still enjoy this show.  Duh.  But it’s an art show, so it’s probably all weird and stuff.  Like that picture of her with the blood all over her dress and the fans with the autograph books in their hands.  Weird.  I just don’t get art.  Like I said, I’m a simpleton at heart.  But I like Kristen.  She’s perdy.
      Happy Birthday, Kristen.  She’s 22 today.  I’m much older.  But with each passing year our age difference becomes less creepy. 
      Ok I’m done typing.  Too much red wine.  Never drink and post.  I’m off to bed.  I’ve got the dry-mouth.  Where’s my water bottle….

      • MarbleNutSlut

         Oh KStewBoy. It is…a sadness.

        One day, when this exhibit is at the Met under a banner simply entitled WANT, you and I will go. We’ll drink wine and I will explain Art to you. I’ve had to take many, MANY art history classes, so I can talk bullshit for hours. Mr. Slut and Mrs. KStewBoy can sit in the cafe and talk about how weird we are. It will be magic.

        • Marble, thank you for easing my disappointment induced pain.  I can cling to the hope of this future date. 
          And for sure they’d better move this exhibit around the country.  That would be the only fair thing to do.  She is a National Treasure, after all.

  • MarbleNutSlut

    Dying. Oh please let this travel to Boston. Or New York. I would get on a train for this. Maybe it will stay til November?

  • stupidshiny

    You know as a KS fan I may have been impressed by this if the picture on the poster actually LOOKED LIKE HER! I’m sorry, I’m yelling, the fan art however just CRACKS ME UP – oops yelling again but laughing too so it’s ok… Somebody please go and take pics/vid I NEED to see this!

  • AshleyFrag

    Oh man. I’d go but I’m going to be in San Diego! HAVE FUN and take lots of pictures (if you can). If not, ninja pic some of those art pieces. Or buy one. Either way. Oh, buy one and send it to Kristen. I’m sure she’d love you for it 🙂

  • Nelle

    God! Why couldn’t this have been in LA the one and only day I was there in February?!!

    • MariaCecilia

      And why wasn’t Rob trying out his surfing skills that one day you spent on the beach!?

  • Luludee

    Oh man. This is awesome. Is Julia Vickerman an LTTer? It’s like she KNEW we needed some fodder over here. I can’t wait to see  some video and hear about the awesome, normal stories you will have after visiting.

  • I’m in LA! I’m going to go Saturday!

  • Cyberclaudia74

    Jut saw a picture poted that will b in the show…interesting….that was all i could say.

  • Jaime

    You guys are such assholes

  • Cledbo

    All I want you to find out Moon, is whether the artists managed to capture the WANT. Because everyone knows that Kristen Stewart WANTS it. Everywhere, all the time. If they can’t capture the law of nature that is KStew’s want, I will be most disappointed.
    (Obligatory plug for

    Also if there’s a mullet painting, you must steal it. Frame that shiz. It would be GOLD.

  • MariaCecilia

    OMG. Now I’m not surprised that today I found a double DVD with “Kristen Stewart” on the front, containing two of her OLD kid-star movies. As if, of course anyone would by a DVD just because it’s got her face and name on it. It’s the female version of “Robsessed” all over again, no, we’re still waiting for that! What will it be called..Kristressed, Kristawed, Kristated..oh, I’m distressed. And bothered.

  • I met Kristen last year, so I love the Drawings of her face. You really captured her beauty and personality. Nice job!!

  • TeamSeth

    Okay, it’s Monday and that poster said April 7th. (Taps foot impatiently) Did she personally attend the opening or not?!

    •  (Standing beside TS also tapping my foot impatiently)

      • MarbleNutSlut

        I will buy you this shirt if you buy one for me, okay, KSB?

        • TeamSeth

           I kind of love that shirt. I wish it was of her running really fast at the start of Runaways though. That was a great sequence. But I really like that design. Let’s all go to Brighton! (sorry, just watched P&P)

          • operarose

            Also impatient. Come on, Moon, we depend on you! (Sending Esme over to you and White Yorkie with a bag of sandwiches so you can get up your strength after what may or may not have been a traumatic experience to tell it to us…)

            As a side note, it’s impressive that you are at once a ***hole and a brilliant artist that manages to capture KStew’s beauty. (re: the comments)

        • Marble, I love the idea of that, but that shirt would totally out me as the Kristen/Twilight freak that I am.  And I can’t have that happen.  ClosetCase is right!!

  • Venom

    I think an LTT art show would be interesting! Any artists in the bunch? Were any of these LTT originals? I’ll go dust off my paints…

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