Kellan in a Cable commercial. About Twilight. En Espanol

Dear Kellan,

I don’t understand a word of this, but think it’s amazing.

You’re my favorite former youth-grouper Twilight star.



  • TeamSeth

    Que mala idea indeed!

    Also, on the spanish theme, I went global today! The Staceys blog, Talk Supe ( posted my twitter interview with the infamous Jerry, and then some Guri Fansite from Spain got a hold of it, translated it, and the spanish-speaking mundo de twilight was like, “Reblog!”  It’s my first “viral” moment… ever. *dances*

    ALSO, in this commercial, the amazing shih tzu dog painting from Beller’s room makes an appearance.  That alone makes this an epic commercial.

    • BeaDee

      Wait, the dog painting is in this??? Going to have to rewatch, that’s my favorite random set dressing.
      Who’s going to translate this for us?

      • BeaDee

        Nevermind, the Lexicon posted the English version. I enjoy knowing what’s going on… but I think maybe I liked it better in Spanish when I could make up my own version.

  • This commercial is more entertaining (and better produced) than Jackson’s Zombie movie.

  • i think Kellan had more lines in it that he did in Twilight!

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