CAPTION THIS: A man reading 50 Shades of Grey

Dear Twilight,

If you liked us on Facebook you would have seen this days ago when I first posted it, but I had to share it with our non-Facebook following LTTers, as well:

My sister snapped this shot of a man in the airport, doing a little light reading before hopping on his flight from Costa Rica back to America:


A dude reading 50 shades of Grey? CAPTION THIS!!


I’m seriously gonna need your best captions for this image. I know you can do it. You’re all brilliant


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  • Edible Art ?

    lol I’m thinking it can be his – surely his wife/girlfriend just got it for the flight and sat down to read only to need the loo (sorry restroom) flung it at him to hold while she goes off – dude therefore thinking
    “woo hoo this is gonna be one hell of a holiday – now where in an airport can I buy cable ties and rope ?”

  • chochang

    “I wonder what my inner goddess thinks of me reading this book in public. Ha!”

  • MariaCecilia

    “Hm, okay, the silver tie I can do, but where do I get the rest of the stuff I wonder? And will I have to give up my man cave just to create this “playroom” they’re talking about?? Women! Wonder if my marriage is really worth this…”

  • Grumpy

    He’s only read a few pages: I think he’s puzzling over the contracts!

  • BeaDee

    “Really? This is what American women have gone nuts over?”

  • twiprof

    is it wrong that I have no desire to read this series?

    • Sisterpenguin

      Actually it’s pretty normal 😀

  • MarbleNutSlut

    He is memorizing lines and moves. His girl is going to be So. Disappointed.
    “Not like that! Like this! Fifty does this with this thing over here! Gah! You are useless! This is just like that time in the Poconos!” 

  • Libbyrenee

    “This was so much better with Edward and Bella”

  • It matches his pink tote perfectly 😮

  • “Well I’ll be! This story is a rip-off of my time in basic training with Sgt. Wilkerson!”

    • MariaCecilia

      Wow. Now, for the first time I’m beginning to regret never doing military service!(Did the Sgt have luminous grey eyes, tousled bronze hair and smell incredible?)

  • Sue G.

    Mmmm?  Maybe I could do this stuff.  She wouldn’t have bought the book unless she wants me to do this stuff, right?

  • TeamJacobEdward

    “Alright.  What’s the big deal with women and this book?  … Holy! WHAT the F—?!”

  • Stacey

    Thank you so much for mentioning my stories and the Lemonade Stand’s Fic of the Week. I won’t get picked, because seriously there are so many better stories on the list, but it was nice to be picked to be a part of it!

    Now that picture…oh boy…I would even be embarrassed reading that book in public! I keep calling it, When Bella and Edward Get Smutty.

  • TeamJacobEdward


    “I don’t get it.”

  • TeamJacobEdward


    “I always thought this kind of stuff would get you a one-way ticket to jail time and a restraining order.”

  • Last minute Target run before his flight…”Welp, there’s a tie on the front, it must be a book for dudes…”. Surprise!

    • The Old One

      Uh oh, do you think that means everyone’s going to see the tie and grab a copy as a last-minute gift for Fathers Day?!

  • Special diet

    “why is that woman taking a photo up my jorts?”

  • Venom

    Does everything my wife reads have to include that rpatz guy? I will never escape that dude. He’s everywhere. Stupid books. 

  • GoWithIt

    Oh my.

  • GoWithIt

    UC and Moon you need an extra special Horny Unicorn tag for this post.

  • GoWithIt

    I cannot picture this guy making it through the 4th description of how Christianward’s pants hang off his hips. 

  • Sisterpenguin

    “Wait… I’m sure I’ve read a lot of this somewhere before….”

  • Bubs

    SHIT !!! Is this really what women expect ????????

  • “This dang book ain’t got nuthin’ to do with paint colors!”

  • cyndibear

    Dude… you should wait.

    Rumor has it E.L. is planning to (re)write the entire Fifty Shades series from Christian’s point of view.

    • MariaCecilia

      Oh. So we finally get Midnight Sun? Sort of.

      • cyndibear

        Ahhh… Midnight Sun.  It pained me to type those words.  Since it’s still sitting there on our computers as a 733KB PDF, we may have to go with the “soft of” option.  And still, we’ll have to wait and see. With movies being developed, Christian’s POV may go the way of Edward’s. I say, if she can get to writing it before the movie production machine gets into gear… there’s a real chance.

  • Luludee

    True Story: My 69 year old co-worker just told me about how her sister had them and so she looked through them.
    And I quote: “They have no literary value. There’s not even a plot; they’re just those trashy stories. You’d be embarrassed if you bought them and the clerk knew what they were about, but since they’ve made the top seller list, people feel like they’re making a legitimate, sophisticated purchase.”

    Thought it was funny, and had to come share.

  • GoWithIt

    Overheard conversation today:
    “I’ve been going to Twilight Yoga classes. I’ve never had such disturbed sleep in my life.”
    I’m pretty sure people are not allowed to use the word twilight any more if a different word could be used instead, unless you want people thinking you are talking about forbidden love with vampires and unrequited love with werewolves.

    • Sisterpenguin

      Exacterly! The I did think of Fifty Shades when I saw the title of this BBC documentary:
      “Louis Theroux: Twilight of the Porn Stars”

  • Faby818

    WOW… He’s reading this in Costa…. This man have some balls… Most of our man will tess him about it and call him gay…. I actually read it in public places and when people ask me what am I reading I just say a FUN BOOK hahaha….

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