New Faces Friday: MyAnna Buring

Dear Twilight,

So much has happened this week:
First we had a convo about Kellan Lutz that NO ONE saw because someone had to hog the spotlight. (And if you’ve been living in a dark hole & don’t know who that someone is, it’s Kristen Stewart– who cheated on Rob Pattinson <– yes that’s a real statement. Sometimes I still can’t believe it cuz… WHAT? who would cheat on ROB PATTINSON? No future boyfriend will EVER live up to him in the looks department!) And in between the Kellan Lutzing and Kstew cheating we found time to have a chat with Myanna Buring.


The latest cast member in our New Faces Friday series, of course!

MyAnna (pronounced: My Ahhhhnna) plays Tanya in Breaking Dawn Part 2 & we all remember Tanya from when she hit on Edward & he declined in Midnight Sun (it’s been forever since I read that, but I think I have that right) There isn’t too much gossip I could find out there about her— she is from Sweden, lived for some time in the Middle East and was schooled in London. So basically she must come from money (I mean….) She’s also a year younger than me, which I find odd because I was convinced she was over 30 when we were having a chat because she sounded so mature & grown-up. Which means I need to accept that maybe people “my age” or younger ARE mature & grown up & I’ve just forgotten that I’m no longer 22 (which, if Kristen Stewart is an example, is the worst age ever) And maybe it’s time I mature & grow up. Nah….

But the one bit of info. we learned from MyAnna this week is that…. SHE IS PLAYING A NEW MAID ON DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now I feel closer than ever to Matthew since I had a phone conversation and got to ask ONE question of a coworker of Matthew’s (Dan Stephens!) who may or may not ever have a scene with him! WEE!!!!

Here are a few questions from the beginning of our interview with MyAnna. Make sure to head over to which is the site hosting MyAnna’s interview today!

Q: A lot of people who are cast talk about the very first time they see themselves in their red or
gold contacts, and that’s the first time they really felt like a vampire. Can you describe what it
was like for us the very first time you saw yourself all decked out in your vampire gear?

MyAnna: It was amazing. I think that’s the first moment that I really, truly, believed that I was doing the film. Because all of it, you know, you have this build up when you get the part and you can’t quite believe it’s true then, and then you arrive and you still can’t quite believe it’s true then. The idea of you becoming a vampire, or becoming part of this incredible group of vampires that’s described in Stephanie’s films, it’s such a far fetched notion in a way, and then all of a sudden as soon as the contacts go in, it’s a reality. Suddenly you are able to see yourself as apart of that group, if you will, and it’s amazing feeling.

Q: Congrats on being cast in Downton Abbey. Can you tell us a little about that part and when
you are starting to work on it?

MyAnna: I’ve already started working on it. I play a maid who joins the rest of the staff downstairs. She causes a bit of mischief and I’m very excited to be playing, her name is Edna, and I’m thrilled, really.

Q: Awesome. Excited to see you in it.

MyAnna: It’s quite fun. All of a sudden, in my the last two years, I have been part of the most amazing stories that we’ve had in the last few years, Twilight, and now Downton.

SUPER excited to see MyAnna as Tanya AND Edna in Downton Abbey– as long as she keeps her grimey maid hands away from Matthew. Check out the rest of the interview on


  • MariaCecilia

    I’m stuttering with jealousy – I can’t believe SHE got parts in both BD and DA and not me!! What’s wrong with me / I’m Swedish too!!?
    And just because I’m off the grid for a while everything explodes, multiple posts on LTT and all: I saw those OK and People covers when I got off the plane at Newark and was like “NOW they tell me? Well, fortunately I’m on the right continent to pick up the pieces..” Revenge rebound, anyone? 🙂
    So, now I’m sightseeing in Seattle, won’t get to Forks 🙁 but at least I got a Mariner’s t-shirt. (Go, Charlie!) Saw the Dwyer Gallery yesterday, who knew Phil was into art?

    • Venom

      Not fair! I feel your pain and I’m not even Swedish. I wanted to be Tanya too. But it’s weird, she’s pretty close to the Tanya I pictured in my head when I read the books.

      • celestialchic

        She is the FIRST cast member that is just like I pictured her! She’s gorgeous and looks feisty.

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