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Countdown to THE END: Things we need to do before THE END of The Twilight Saga

Dear LTT,

Moon & I had a blog meeting last week to discuss the “Countdown to the End.” I know, I know. You don’t want to admit it, neither do we, but the end of the Twilight saga is coming & so we discussed things we want to do here on LTT this fall. One of those things is throw a big party in LA on November 11th (tentative but most likely date) Are you gonna be there? Good. Keep checking here for details. You’re invited.

But as I’ve been thinking through THE END (I think from here forward this should be capitalized just like ROBSTEN) I’ve been struck with how many things we haven’t yet accomplished. And I started making a list. Guys: We have A LOT to do between now and THE END. Some of it seems possible. Some…. not so much. I rated the possibility next to each item from 0-10. 0 means it’s impossible (or the opportunity passed) and 10 means HECK YEAH IT’S (probably not but maybe could but probably won’t) HAPPENING:

Here is what’s on the list:

1) Family dinner at the Olive Garden with the Lautner Family  10

2) Try on those damn contacts that everyone complains about so much. HOW BAD CAN THEY BE. REALLY?  8

3. Drink out of little bottles with Butt Crack Santa 8

4) Bang Rob. Really missed the boat on that one… We had a chance a few weeks ago when ROBSTEN was broken  10

5) Board game night with Ashley and Kellan. Wearing snuggies of course 9

6) Save Rachelle LeFevre’s Twilight career 0 (sorry about that Rach!)

7) Moon-UC-Big Daddy Lautner family photo. Get it printed on canvas & hang it above my bed when Mr. Choice isn’t looking 10

8) Shag Jackson after a 100 Monkeys Show 0 (damn, someone beat us to it. And by someone I mean a lot of people)

9) Wednesday night Bible Study with Kellan Lutz. Of course our first book we work through will be 50 Shades of Black & White: A Biblical Response to 50 Shades of Grey (it’s a real thing)   10

10) Big BBQ and bonfire with the original gangastas aka the Cullen Family over at Moon’s house.  10

11) Give nipple clamps or cheese wheels to a new cast member  0 (unless it still counts if we do it at the premiere in November? Then 10)

12) Family game night with the Meyers. Gotta make my famous Nachos for Pancho 10

13) And while we’re there steal their yearbook & look for the REAL Nacho. *wink* 10

14) Awkward interviews with Kristen because we know that she knows (what we said about her) 10 (but I kinda want it to be a 0. *scared)

15) Roleplay Renee and Phil meeting Charlie and Sue Clearwater at the wedding/baby shower/1st family christmas  10 (because WE NEED MORE ROLEPLAYS (remember the first one!?)

16) Be a famous fanfic author. Make $200,000 per day 10 (You read Moon’s “INSIDE OUR HOME” story Right? Brilliant)

Looks like we have a REALLY good chance of getting most of this done this Fall! Man we’re gonna be busy.

Counting down the days (and then crying into my pillow) until THE END (FYI 51…),

Do you occasionally read LTR too? Go over there for a special message today. We banged Rob. (NO we didn’t. but go anyway)

  • celestialchic

    I want to come to family game night at the Meyers! Maybe more than the L.A. premier . . .
    Can we please have another issue of LTT that causes the crazies to come out and like 400 comments??? Remember that? Like the time when most of us had to learn what the shocker hand sign was because whatserface may or may not have gotten it as a tattoo? We all got out our popcorn and checked our computer like 30 times to read the new comments and didn’t accomplish a thing at work that day. *sigh . . . Good times.

  • MariaCecilia

    I think your list is awesome and you shouldn’t quit writing this blog until ALL of them are accomplished. ALL of them, okay? Weekly updates are a must. 🙂

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I wish, I wish, I wish, I could come to LA. 🙁 #SAD but I’ll be on the other side of the country that day. I’m excited about that, but sad that it makes LA impossible (because I’m pretending that I totally would have been able to make the trip if I wasn’t already going to be elsewhere).

  • TeamJacobEdward

    50 Shades of Black and White? Really? Interesting. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
    Game night with the Meyers? I’m going to go back down to AZ this spring. I know that’s technically after THE END, but I’m guessing that once the Meyer family has LTT Game Night, they’re going to e it a recurring thing…. so…. Mr TJE and I could swing over with the kids. It’d be as cool as purple.

  • BeaDee

    I definitely want in on board games with Ashley and Kellan.

  • Sisterpenguin

    Things I need to do before the end of the saga? Meet some of the LTT folks *sigh*.
    Oh wait!!! That’s HAPPENING!!!!!!! *happy dance with jazz hands*

  • Sisterpenguin

    On another note, in some ways it ain’t ending: folks on Twitter, That’s Normal, and the books always with me thanks to Kindle for Android…
    Who wants a real life anyway?

    • GoWithIt

      Me I do, and not me never.

  • GoWithIt

    coming, bringing my newly purchased Charlie copstache, ready for the roleplay!

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