More information about Camping for Breaking Dawn part 2

Dear LTTers representing on the campground (aka hard pavement in LA) in November,

Summit has released some important FAQs for camping and the official Camping Registration Site is LIVE (but REGISTRATION is not yet live. That will be at 12 pm PDT  on 10/13. Find the site here:

Here is a basic recap of the camping details:

Your tent cannot look like A hot Pocket Fort:

Nor can you bring your creepy Eddie van:

and leave your fancy trailer at home for vacations with the Lautner family:

If you follow those rules you should be fine!


The REAL FAQs after the jump!


Is there an advantage to registering as an individual vs. as a group?  If so what?

There is no advantage – you’re entered into the drawing one time whether you enter as an individual OR as a group manager.  For group registration, only the group manager is eligible to be picked for the rest of their guests.  Guests are not counted as individuals, but they receive one chance at entering as they would if they had entered as an individual registrant.

In the drawing, is a group considered the same as an individual?

Yes.  See above.

How will it work for those who were selected but can’t camp? Can they still come to stand on the red carpet or the bleachers?

Only fan campers will be permitted access to the red carpet/bleachers to view the arrivals.

If someone is selected from the drawing but, due to unforeseen circumstances, can’t arrive at tent city at the time designated, is their spot forfeited?

If you do not arrive within your time window, you will move to the end of the line and you will not be 100% guaranteed to have your spot.  Special circumstances may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If someone has already booked their plane ticket and doesn’t get selected for the drawing, can they still come down to tent city to hang out and participate in events?

No, tent city and pre-red carpet events are for fan campers only.

If one member of a group can’t come at the last minute, will the entire group be turned away?

No, that individual’s spot will be forfeited.  Following the drawing everybody will be ticketed as individuals but groups will be assigned the same check-in time.

How are wristbands being distributed? Are they being mailed or put on the day of arrival at tent city?

They will be distributed on day of arrival at the designated check-in times.

Is there a provision for people who are handicapped and unable to camp out? These people do have medical documentation to support this.

Yes, and these cases will be handled on an individual basis.

Do fans have to camp, or can they just get their wristband and come back on premiere day? If fans don’t camp out, is there any shot of seeing the premiere on the day itself?

Camping is required for red carpet/bleacher participation.  This is the same as it has been in all previous years.

Is it 1,200 individual spaces or 1,200 spaces and another 1,200 group of ten? In other words, how many total people are allowed?.

There are a total of 1,200 individual spaces for all fan campers.

Do under-18s need the guardian staying with them so that both need to be selected, or can the guardian merely sign them in at the check in?

Guardians must choose the group option for registering with their minor.  The guardian must register as group leader and be present with the minor at all times at the Fan Camp.

There is no guarantee fan campers are seeing the movie right?

Correct, we cannot guarantee access to see the film.

Group check in: does the entire group have to check in together at the same time if selected, or can one representative do it? There is some concern that if one person’s plane gets delayed that an entire group could be disqualified.

Groups must check-in together.  The group will not be disqualified by an individual’s member’s absence.  Special circumstances for individuals may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

When fans register, will they receive an automated email confirming that their registration has been received?

Yes, there will be an automatic confirmation email sent out immediately following registration.

Will international fans have the same access to the drawing as domestic fans?


Will there be a standby line?

There will be no standby line.  There will be 1200 individual spaces for fan campers.  If you don’t get a spot at the Fan Camp via the drawing you will not be able to attend.

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