Moon is at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Junket: Here is what you need to know

Dear LTT,

We do a terrible time of alerting you HERE to when something important is going on outside of here (like in real life).

Today Moon is at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press junket (Going on NOW) and you can follow along with her day on our Twitter account @letter2twilight.

You will read wonderful things like this:

and here where Moon showcases her AMAZING spelling skills:

I miss Moon. Is it next week yet?

(YEP- Going to LA next Friday!)




  • Sisterpenguin

    (Can’t stop coming out with that since I confirmed my USA visa)

  • Luludee

    Following the tweets (don’t have a twitter) and is it just me, or is Rob looking at Moon every time she takes a picture? He knows!!?

    • Luludee

      Ok, maybe not every picture…

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