Apparently there’s a Surprise Ending to Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Dear LTT,

I haven’t seen BD part 2 yet. Not like that biatch Moon who saw it last week & texted me this:

And ALL I keep hearing (even the official Twilight Facebook page mentioned it today) is about THE ENDING. THE ENDING.

At first I Thought they were just sad about THE ENDING cuz #RIPTwilight but apparently SOMETHING happens in the end. Something BIG.
A CULLEN SURPRISE (okay made that last one up)

And it got me thinking….. what COULD it be?

1. Does Stephenie Meyer wake up in her bed and we realize it was ALL just a dream? (that would be amazing FYI)

2. Do ALL the Cullen’s die & the wolves too and they all end up in Vampire-Werewolf heaven where surprisngly they get along & can stand the smell of each other?

3. Does Esme’s child come back to life?

4. Do we get to read Midnight Sun ON THE SCREEN?

5. Does Leah FINALLY get a man?

6. Is an announcement made that Stephenie is busy at work on Jacob-Renesmee Trilogy?


8. After the non-fight do the Volturi, Cullens, Werewolves & friends all grab a family-style dinner at The Olive Garden?

9. Using new, magic never-before-seen-technology does a real-life Edward Cullen come out on 3D and individually leg-hitch each girl in the audience?

10. Does MUSE join Rob Pattinson, Nikki Reed & her husband around the piano to sing an EPIC version of Bella’s Lullaby?

No seriously… I have NO idea what it could be. I know this saga SO well (i read Breaking Dawn twice guys!) and I cannot for the life of me imagine what would be a BIG surprise!

What do you think?


PS: If you know– don’t give it away!
PPS: As you’re readnig this I’m probalby on a plane to LA! #RIPTwilight here I come!
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  • megnacarta

    The suspense is killing me! #RIPtwilight casserole for dinner.

  • Sisterpenguin

    Bella runs off with Aro after all…?
    Jetlag talking. We’re here, we’re here!

  • SagaGirls

    I seriously am hoping for #8 or #9. Thanks for that!

  • I pick #9!

  • In a random stroke of extreme luck, I had tickets to Ellen on Monday and they showed us BD and then we got to see Nikki, Mackenzie Rob and Taylor interviewed. I can’t WAIT to talk to people about the end. I wish I could talk RIGHT NOW!!!

    And the funny thing is that some of the things up above are kind of true.

    • Oh yeah, if you’re in LA you should troll Craig’s List (only semi-joking). When Ellen asked him about his obsession Rob said he loves doing trades, “like taking $5 for sticking his finger in someone’s ear.” We wanted to ask him where he would stick his finger for $20 but of course Ellen doesn’t take questions from the audience.

  • MichaelSheenIsADILF

    I assumed it was just that there is an actual fight with a roundhouse-kicking Bella (instead of the tea-and-biscuits talk they all have in the book). THERE’S MORE??!??!?!?!? I vote for Jane mind-hurting Edward but then he likes it and it all segues into a 50 Shades of Grey crossover…

  • Luludee

    1 more week!! I can hardly stand the suspense!

  • Luludee

    I can’t imagine and I can hardly wait!! Only 1 more week!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    If #6 happens, there better be a “Letters to Half-breeds”. Or “Letters to Daybreak”. Or whatever the Jacob/Nessie books will be called. I’m holding you to it…

  • TeamJacobEdward

    11. Aro reveals his ten half-vamp offspring

  • TeamJacobEdward

    12. The Volturi are defeated (aka dead… But, you know, real dead, not undead) and the Cullens are “crowned” rulers of the vampire kingdom

  • They get witnesses for edward and bella daughter and lets not forget in the book the have at least 17 wolfs with them.

  • MariaCecilia

    I’m dazed and confused: there’s more than the epic added-on fight? !Well, then it’s bound to be an epilogue with Jacob and Renesmee’s wedding and all the guests lounging around, sparkling/flexing abs in the sun, ignoring the ever-pervading stench politely.THEN the dance-off after the wedding ceremony! Or how about some non-fade-to-black mindblowing vampire sex? Pretty please?
    Btw: anyone there camping who gets the remote chance – please give vicarious hugs to UC and Moon for saving my life and everything!

    • Sisterpenguin

      For you darling darling anything. Saw the wonder girls last night after showing of New Moon with glorious commentary by Team Seth et al. Wish you were here

      • MariaCecilia

        Oh, and don’t I wish it,too!! Have loads of fun!!

  • twifan

    OME! hope it´s number 9, can´t wait!

  • Rachel

    I hope it’s that Bella’s dad gets turned into a vamp OR werewolf!!! 🙂

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