The Time has come #RIPTwilight (and we need your help)

Dear LTTers,

Moon & I were talking yesterday about our “plans” now that Twilight is winding down. What do we want to talk about still? What haven’t we shared? What is there left to do that we said we always would and never did?

And we got sad. We knew this day was coming, but it seems to have snuck up on us.

How did we attend our last Twilight premiere? Did Jackson really end his Twilight red-carpet run looking finneee? Did we actually NOT get our hug from Big Daddy Lautner? Are Rob’s teeth REALLY that yellow?

But as much as we hate it, our time at LTT is coming to a close. This isn’t good-bye, yet (and it never truly will be, you can’t escape us– the fun has been happening over at Have you been over there yet?) but it is a good time to reminisce and to sing “We are the Rob” around our virtual campfire one last time.

And that’s where you come in.

We need your help. We want to collect YOUR Twilight stories. How has Twilight changed your life? Or what has our little LTT community in the fandom meant to you? Write us your very last “Letter to Twilight”

Send us your letter to with the subject “#RIPTwilight.” It can be as short as you want (just a sentence or two? Cool) Or as long as 500 words. Include a picture if you can and your commenter name.

We can’t wait to read your last Letter to Twilight & share a few others we’re collecting along the way.

UC & Moon

PS: Forgot to tell you we posed in “The Meadow” at the after-party after the Breaking Dawn part 2 Premiere. #thatsnormal

  • BrookeLockart

    *cue the snot-sobbing* nooooooooooooooo

    However, I am excited for the fun times over on that’s normal!

    • Sisterpenguin

      Yep, snot-sobbing Truly Madly Deeply style

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    Noooooooooo, it’s not over!

  • alice_av

    no! please *sobbing* I’m going to miss this place please buaaa

  • Goldberrybecca

    Let’s get on this gals(and unicorns!)!!! Write stuff! One day, maybe UC and Moon will publish all of our amazing(crazy and weird) Twi/LTT stories and we can relive the magic. One can dream….

  • MariaCecilia

    This feels momentous. I may have to turn to heroin now, you know, for the withdrawal symptoms. Any Twifans here who can issue me some heavy prescription drugs? As for writing that RIP letter, I don’t know. It would probably be too heartfelt, lacking in snark, and too private for publication. And snark is what has kept this boat rocking through the years, right? Love you all, ladies: way, way too much and probably forever! *sniffs in hanky*

  • BeaDee

    Before it’s over we definitely need a letter to that CGI baby. She’s almost as creepy as Aro’s laugh.

  • Luludee

    Where will we share random funny Twilight moments? You know they will still happen.

    Like last night I went to see Lincoln and 2 guys in line ahead of me went to see Breaking Dawn together. 95% sure they were straight.

    • Goldberrybecca

      so how is Lincoln?? I’m dying to see it. I can ask a fellow LTT-er cause I know I can trust your opinion. 😉

      • Luludee

        I really enjoyed it. It definitely has a more intimate feel to it. Lots of dialogue. It’s a movie you have to pay attention to, not just sort of watch and go along for the ride, if that makes sense.
        I think Daniel Day Lewis did a stupendous job. There are a lot of stars in the movie too. I kept having “Hey, it’s so-and-so!” moments throughout the movie.
        Lots of humorous moments too. Especially in the House scenes. It’s quite gritty, with lots of name calling, but highly entertaining. I remarked to my friend that I’d totally watch C-SPAN if current House dealings were this lively and entertaining, lol.

        And to tie it back to Twilight, our favorite Revolutionary Rebel Vamp is in it – Mr. Lee Pace. That’s reason enough to see it right there 😉

        • Goldberrybecca

          yes it is! and thanks! That’s the best review I’ve heard so far, and I don’t mean in relation to the movie, I mean nice job reviewing the movie. 😉

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Exactly. I guess… That’s Normal will have to be the Jacob to our Edward.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    LTT leaving is like my connection to Twilight and all the best things about it leaving. Following the end of LTT, you will find me catatonic, living in a semi-zombified, listless state. The months will pass by without my notice, my lifelessness punctuated only by the horrific nightmares where I will wake up screaming and will horrify my husband and letters I will continue to write to Twilight but to an invalid email address where my thoughts will go nowhere but my undeliverable mail file. I will find solace in other books, and maybe other sites too, but they will only dull the festering pain from the hole in my chest. Maybe someday I’ll find a way to move on. I’ll need to make sure that the other book / site knows that I’m broken, and I can’t give it the love it deserves but hope it takes the small broken piece that’s left of me anyway because LTT will be GONE and thus my link to my magical love that is Twilight and online friends I’ve gained from it.
    But I know it has to happen. I know I was never going to be able to keep you. So… *chokes* I…can…let you go…now.

    • MarbleNutSlut

      This. Exactly this.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Crap! I’m not going to go home and find my LTT shirts gone, will I? Tell me that it won’t be like you never existed!

    • Scruffy Taylor

      Is this Stephenie Meyer? Is this LTT moment–the end–reeeeally what inspired the heartache of New Moon. Say it isn’t so? I’ve cracked the code, haven’t I?

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I wish I were that cool.

    • I will miss you, TJE…wait we are email and FB friends! Thank goodness!

      • TeamJacobEdward

        No kidding. Speaking of which… Where is my stinkin’email woman? 😉

  • Luludee

    Working on my letter and I saw that I have an old drafted letter that I never sent to LTT. Sad face 🙁

  • MarbleNutSlut

    You don’t…want us to come?

    • MariaCecilia

      Oh, but they do! Scoot over to the Best Friend blog That’s Normal. It wears jorts, too.

  • Please tell me you’ll be discussing your awesome shoe purchases on thatsnormal. The 2 pairs in that pic are epic! 🙂

  • *confession* I want a husky or mini husky for christmas and I totally want to name him, “Jorts”, so Twilight will live on in my home for another 11-15 years.

    • Correction, so LTT will live on in my home

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Genius. The pet name “Jorts” will spike in popularity and everyone will wonder what the hell is with the name.

    • A sad, Stace…my WC twin…

  • Scruffy Taylor

    I could say, “I’m coming with you!” but instead, all I want to say is DON’T GO! Don’t stop paying your annual fee to keep the web address active. Don’t let LTT go off into cyber space and be gone forever. I became a Twihard later in the game, and want to one day go back to the beginning and read them ALL. What will happen when I type in your web address…..

    Please, LTT. Don’t.

    • Luludee

      Whoa, hadn’t even thought about that! Is that how it works? A monthly fee vs. a one-time charge? I’m clueless.

      I plan on going back and reading them all too. I’m not sure if the comments from earlier posts transferred to this website or not though (it was originally a wordpress blog, if you did not know. It still exists.) There were some truly epic posts (Breaking Dawn Barbies is just the first one off the top of my head) and lots of great commentary. Make sure you are not drinking anything while reading, otherwise your screen and keyboard will be soaked. And you will get a serious ab workout from laughing so much. Wahhhh! Don’t want it to end! :*(

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    OMG, you girls were really lucky to get into the after party. I bet you had the time of your lives.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Are you really going to close down your site, because the movies are done? I hope all the other sites don’t go off into cyber space, I hope you and the other sites will continue on and follow the actors in their careers as they have over the years in between the Twilight films.

    • granny neese

      Totally agree to this. P-l-e-a-s-e don’t go to cyber space heaven yet

  • MichaelSheenIsADILF

    RIP terrible wigs. RIP awkward mouth movements and blinky eyes. RIP gratuitous shirt doffing and weird nipples. RIP CGI budget that never seemed to grow despite the movies grossing bajillions of dollars. RIP stupid lines/scenes that make no sense and should have been cut instead of nice scenes of Bella and Edward in the forest. RIP Taylor Lautner’s movie career. Tis a sad day indeed.

  • KStewBoy

    I’m going to write a Goodbye LTT Letter. With a quill and parchment. I
    fear my tears will cause the ink to run and the paper to tear. The
    sadness is already heavy on my chest. I’m having trouble breathing. I
    think it’s more than my case of mild bronchitis.

    • MariaCecilia

      It’s a case of Twillergy! 🙂 (Allergy to Twilight ending.)

  • I am just sad. I will be following you to the new site, but sad still the same. Even though my commenting as been an epic fail as of late.

    You girls are fantastic! Off to write my letter!

    EC Stace (hey…my WonderRed avi is gone!)

  • Bubs

    I refuse to believe it’s over !!!! Stephenie M. PLEASE for the love of GOD don’t leave us hanging like this !!!!

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