#RIPTwilight – Your Stories Day 4 (Is this thing trending yet?)

GUYS: There are so many stories & SO LITTLE TIME. I know we’re throwing a lot at you but there’s GOOD STUFF HERE. I hope you’re reading it and I won’t judge you if you cry. A lot. Did we ever tell you we have an email folder called “Read when you’re sad?” filled with lovely things we’ve received over the years that we read to cheer us up whenever we’re sad? Well we do, and all of these letters made it in there. We love you all x. Also please go read our Twitter Feed from last night & see the amazing tweets & pictures Moon sent from the Jackson/Nikki/Paul McDonald church basement tour.

She’s not Sad

Dear LTT, friends, Twilight, vampires, Jortspack:

I’m not sad. Here’s why.

I was wallowing in a strange “purgatory” phase of my life when I read the Twilight series in 2007. The books were a wonderful escape for a while, but then, I had another problem: I had no one to share this strange, wonderful, shocking, amazing obsession with. Until I found LTT.

We’re intelligent, successful, awesome people (yay!) who just happen to love Twilight. Somehow, we forged a great bond and had some amazing(ly silly) and serious conversations on here that were stimulating in more ways than one. Need I say how great it has been to meet everyone on LTT – both in person and virtually – over the past years? It has been such a rich experience. In the years after I read Twilight, my life has shifted and changed over and over again. But one thing has remained consistent: the little community I found here on LTT. Forgive the impending cheesiness of this statement, but like Bella said when she took Edward’s hand at their wedding “I was home” on LTT. Always.

On a personal note, I have always loved to write, and while wallowing in a mundane job a few years ago, LTT gave me a little creative outlet to look forward to every day: reading, laughing, commenting, bantering, philosophizing, etc. I still remember how excited I was to get a letter published on LTT. And thanks to some inspiration from LTT, I was inspired to start my own blog over a year ago, which I am still writing.

When I saw Breaking Dawn, I expected to be sad at the end. But a strange thing happened: I was happy. It felt so satisfying to see the end (and then gush about it with all of my LTT-turned-RL friends).

With the inevitable end of LTT, I feel the same. I could be sad, but am not, because this has been such a complete experience and I am better off because of it. That’s all I could ask for.

Of course, thank you to UC and Moon (even though you eventually revealed your real names I will forever think of you as Moon and UC) for your hard work, dedication, and normal brand of humor.

“Age is just a number, baby.” (I have no idea why I chose this quote, but it somehow seems appropriate here.)

Until the Renesmee/Jacob/Nahuel sequel,
Operarose aka. Amanda

She’d Follow us Anywhere

He said it first…. (but Julie said it better!)

So, UC and Moon. I owe you some thanks. Let me ‘splain.

First off, I want it known I’m not one who takes Twilight too seriously. (Clearly – I’m a fan of your site!) But I can say this, assuredly but yet with some shame, Twilight has changed my life.

I found Twilight in 2008, aka the worst year of my life. My father had a stroke, I went through two miscarriages (one pretty late in the game), lost my job, ended up having to move to a new city because my husband got a new job… A lot of change and a lot of crappy stuff.

So needless to say, I was pretty down. Some friends of mine were avid readers, and tried to convince me to read this silly young adult book series. I’m thinking… No. My work keeps me pretty busy so there’s not a lot of time for reading, and certainly not teen books. Then they explain it to me. I heard “Vampires who go to high school” and busted out laughing. (I still bust out laughing at that. As Edward would say “it’s utterly absurd.” And I agree, with chagrin, natch.)

But since I now had a 1.5hr (one way) commute to my new job in the new city (while waiting for our old house to sell), I decided I’d give in and get the audiobooks. It was my compromise.

And another Twilight cherry was popped. Another sane, educated, way-to-old-to-be-reading-let-alone-loving-these-books woman had lost her mind, Twilight style.

Then one day, while looking for movie spoilers, I believe, I came across your site. And I laughed. Hard. And A LOT. For the first time in a while. I heard about “that’s normal”, saw an Edward doll singing Bella’s Lullaby in a meadow, learned about how Sam Bradley left a snarky reply to you (that’s when you knew you’d hit it big, right??). I followed your journey through meeting The Creator, saw you get Rob-blocked by Newton and him make up for it later.

And not to get all sappy on you here, but I saw two women who were a lot like me, a lot like my friends, who were hilarious, witty, and who “got it”. They loved Twilight as much as me and realize and own how ridiculous that is! And I saw two women that had an equal hand in getting me through some hard times – as much as Twilight and my “real life” friends who nagged me to read it did.

So thanks, UC and Moon! You are “utterly absurd”, and I’ll see you over at That’s Normal – because “I’d follow you anywhere, woman(s)


Um… that last line made me cry FYI

She made us a Twilight-Christian Mixed CD

Dear Twilight,

Thanks for all the fun. You came into my life at a time without much fun—newborn baby, husband working lots of hours, blah blah—and gave my brain a fun little corner to escape to and maintain my sanity. Thanks for LTT and the community here that gave me laughs to look forward to every morning at 8am… and then a happy surprise to find on random mornings as postings got less regular. Thanks for bringing dcTalk’s “I Don’t Want It” back into my life after years of forgetting its existence. Thanks for the Tweed and the cheese and all the giggles in between.


We met BeaDee for the first time IRL at our party last month. And she came bearing gifts: She made MOon & I a mixed CD of old school CCM songs (our favorite) and related them to something from Twilight

Like “Every Heartbeat” by Amy Grant “even though he couldn’t hear my thoughts, my pulse always gave me away.”
and “I don’t Want it” by DC Talk “You know that I’ve stolen, I’ve lied, I’ve coveted… my virtue is all I have left.”
It was amazing. XO

An all too familiar story 

Dear LTT,

My first memory of Twilight was as a senior in high school. Breaking Dawn had just come out, and my friend had the book pre-ordered. I told her repeatedly that I wasn’t going to read them. That they sounded dumb. (Whaaat?! Look at me now…writing this letter and everything.) Well the day finally came when she could go pick up her book, and I was with her. We get to BAM and all these people are dressed up. I had NO idea what I had just walked into. None of it made sense to me. I thought my friend was nutso, and had completely lost her mind.

Then, November of 2008 rolled around. And my life changed. A friend from college asked me to go see this movie with her- Twilight. I went with absolutely no expectations, and I walked away from that movie a fan of Twilight, and immediately called to apologize to friend number 1. Friend number 2 and I went to see Twilight 4 times within a week. It was so bad that it was SOOO good. Before the year ended I had read all 4 books including Midnight Sun, and watched countless hours of YouTube videos of Robert, Kristen, and the rest of the cast.

I knew I was done for when I watched the infamous Vanity Fair videos. I thought myself to be completely crazy to wonder where Robert Pattinson went in early 2009, and WHY he cut his hair. And worry because I didn’t know if it was okay that I actually cared. Why did I care? Do other people care? Is this normal behavior? (Yes, that’s normal.)
Over the Twilight years I kept up with the movies and the actors in them. Made fun of wigs. Made fun of Jacob’s voice when he says, “Well, it’s just a silly story, Bella.” It wasn’t until this past summer that I found Letters to Twilight. WHY? I will never know. My roommate and I were browsing the internet when it exploded over “Robsten.” I came across LTT, and felt like you had read my mind. It was genius. I even commented on the post, which is the only time I’ve ever commented. Then, I went and read all the older posts. Once I realized that you had started with the Vanity Fair videos, I finally felt “normal.” I feel sad that I came so late to the party. I feel like I missed all the fun in a lot of ways. Thank you for the snark, the normalness, and the laughs. I hope you don’t drift away into the dark hole of cyberspace so that I can read all of it one day. I will definitely be on That’s Normal. I think it might be the Jacob to my Edward of websites. Sometimes we just have to love what’s good for us.

Forever, bnewby

She made it to Mecca!

It was the summer (or fall or spring) after Twilight was released when my friend invited me to her house to watch Twilight. “I know it’s incredibly cheesy but we need a girls night. Wanna come?” Having never seen the movie nor read the books I agreed – who doesn’t enjoy laughing and wine with the girls?! After the movie was over, I said, “Okay, I can see why teenage girls are into this,” but didn’t think more of it. Then I read the book. And New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn in rather fast order. Somewhere along the way (not during New Moon though because I almost stopped reading it after Edward left) I looked at my sister. “I want to date a vampire.” I had found my new obsession! I double-dog dared my family to buy me a life-size Edward cut out. While I didn’t get that, I did get a poster-size hanging of Edward which I actually hung in my bedroom “for a laugh.” Yeah, it stayed there for about two years… Then fall of 2011 came around and my sister sent me one of those discount deal emails about a getaway in Twilight Mecca – Forks, WA! She wasn’t able to go, but I grabbed my friend who started it all for me. “You have to go with me!!!” So off we went to the land of vampires and werewolves! Oh yes, we did it all! Took a Twilight tour, ate at Bella and Charlie’s diner, went to Forks Outfitters, and got completely soaked from the rain! While my obsession has waned in the last couple years I still fully love the saga and watch the movies fairly often. I found your website after Eclipse and was thrilled to find that there are others like me! I only posted a couple comments under the “ItsJustMe” handle but I love seeing the relationship among fans. So a big “Thank you!” to Letters to Twilight for bringing us all together!


So… who is in for a reunion trip to Forks in 2013?? No.. I think I’m serious…..


  • MariaCecilia

    Didn’t make it to Forks this summer, but I just might make it next year… Is there an LTT shrine where you can light votive candles? If not, I’m prepared to erect one!

  • TeamSeth

    IrsJustMe! I remember you.

    • Luludee

      Me too!

      You wrote a letter too I hope TS!

    • It’sJustMe

      Aw shucks! I feel so forgettable sometimes (major wallflower here) it’s nice to be remembered!

  • KStewBoy

    Amanda, you’re such a typical writer. Able to express in words the jumbled-up mixed bag of thoughts that roll around unorganized in my brain. Bravo. Thank you.

    • Luludee

      Isn’t she fantastic! She’s been one of my favs since I first got here! Wonderful letter Amanda! And you look gorgeous in your photo! 😀

    • operarose

      Thank you both 🙂 xoxo

  • Goldberrybeeca

    Great Letter Amanda! 🙂 Age *is* just a number, baby!

    • operarose

      this is the most quoted line (by my husband and I) from the movies. couldn’t help it! 🙂 #romance

  • janetrigs

    Awww Eff you hookers. HATE today too

    • operarose

      Just say it. You hate to love us.

  • Luludee

    BeaDee made you guys a mixed tape – that’s love right there! Awesome!

    • BeaDee

      Everybody knows mix tapes are the best way to show you care 🙂

  • MarbleNutSlut

    I will so. go to Forks with all you bitches. And you, @5b18937b5d7569028dda689f4658e669:disqus . In fact, I insist you come. Bring the kids, we’ll all get some La Push style nanny and let them camp on the beach while we get drunk at a Motel 6. I am so very completely serious about this.

    • KStewBoy

      I will go to Forks! I used to travel to Oregon for business… that’s close enough for me to make up some fictional work-related trip that the family would believe 😉

    • GoWithIt

      I will feel a touch lazy with the lack of travel time, but blissfully so on our trip to Forks.

  • BrookeLockart

    I’m pretty sure that I’m going to need someone to hold me.

  • Sisterpenguin

    I do believe that some vague talks have been in progress viz-a-viz Forks Roadtrip 2013/2014. Strawberry Love will be involved. Possibly compulsory jort wearing

    • GoWithIt

      Strawberry Loves by the camp fire!!!! I will be there.

  • It’sJustMe

    It’d be rad to meet up with everyone in Forks! Maybe we can all stay at the Cullen house?? And I used to love dcTalk! Back in HS I would throw the cassette tape in the player and listen for hours! *sigh*

  • eatmyjorts

    Hey Moon & UC! Thought I’d just drop in & say hi & bye, & thanks for all the laughs. Twilight was my hiding place while Mama Jorts was dying of cancer (after I listened to the audio books when I had swine flu), & I hung out & hid out here, & in fanfic, which you guys were the door to…In the 2 years since she’s gone I’ve stayed away pretty much from everything that reminds me of then…but I’m just starting to get my mojo back, & will be off to see the final film soooooon. I’m going to kidnap a couple of teenagers to take with me, so I don’t look like a sad old bird perving over jorts-clad muscular beauties. So thankyou my lovelies, for all the love & dreadful double entendres. Moon – I think I saw you over at RHE, so may see you around. Sending love to all the usual suspects, & whatever happened to the fabulous lady with the brain damage…I think of her…& of you all, with love & much inappropriateness XXXXXXXXXX

  • BeaDee

    These letters are so lovely. And they prove that Stephenie was right about her audience way before publishers made it YA, when she knew it was for a 29 year old woman with three kids (aka herself)… or, less specifically people who have a lot on their plates and need an escape. Yup, we’re normal.

    And I’m totally in for a Forks trip… assuming that the baby who arrives this spring doesn’t shriek her way through all car rides like my first did. It’s an eight hour drive from here, and I hear the resort in LaPush is lovely. Obviously that’s where we’ll tell people we’re going.

    • operarose

      Thanks. I agree. I wanted to say that Stephenie is lovely and it all comes back to her honest and prolific storytelling skills. I hope she writes more.

  • 660aliciaj

    “Ltt turned RL friends”
    Can anyone tell me what RL is? Sorry I can’t figure it out unless its rob love? I came to this site 2weeks from twilightish and twilight lexicon and am terribly sad to have missed out!

    • 660aliciaj

      Two weeks ago

    • 660aiciaj

      Real Life? Oh boy! With 4 kids and only 3 hours sleep last night I’m a bit out of it not to mention out of the loop 🙂 Sorry

  • Awe, just AWE!!! 🙂

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