#RIPTwilight – Your Stories Day 5 – For all the Lurkers out there

Post #2 for the day!!!  For all you Lurkers out there: WHY ARE YOU LURKING??? We need you! We got this letter from thelurkingcricket this week & it about killed me. How many of you are lurking in the corners, creeping by the sidelines, laughing with us, considering yourself one of us and we don’t know you at ALL? This makes me sad! I want to know you! 

But seriously… lurkers are some of our favorites… because no matter when we hear from you (and we usually eventually do– except for you – yep I see you lurking there!) it’s like we’ve known you for years… wahhh

Dear LTT

After reading the letters from avid LTTers this past week I felt I should buck up and finally write to you. As far as the LTT gang is concerned I am a nobody…or as one LTTer so hilariously put it one of those “lurker/reader”.

Since 2009 I have been lurking and reading LTT and LTR. Like many it is the first site I visit every morning, followed by my bank and then gmail. So it would be rude of me to not let the number one site I visit know how grateful I have been for the hilarious, but still twilosophical insight into the world we all just can’t seem to get enough of. I never commented or wrote a letter, until now. I just checked the site religiously, giggling under my breath and many times covering my mouth to muffle the giggles turned laughter trying to avoid getting caught.

But caught I was…eventually I couldn’t hold in the LTT/LTR funny and my husband found out. Instead of all my sentences starting with “Today on NPR I heard this story….” (I have an hour commute) they began to start with “Today my blog wrote….”.* (Yes, I just referred to your blog as my blog even though I have had nothing to do with it other than lurking and reading. But it is the only blog I have ever read and therefore to me and my husband it is mine.) I was eventually found out by my boss as well and realizing it would be worse if I tried to deny or hide my obsession, because that would make it a weak spot and susceptible for torture, I proudly looked at him and declared my ever-lasting love to LTT and Twilight.

From that moment on, although I was still too scared to actually join LTT in any real way, I openly read, followed, and discussed LTT with any person that showed the slightest inclination for Twilight. This site has given me so many things over the years…a link to people who understand the need for more Twilight, but also understand the big picture; 15 minutes in the day where I can turn everything else off and just go to a happy place…that I feel I need to do more than just stare sadly at my computer on the final day. So instead of being sad when the time comes, I have decided I will eat a “last meal” to commemorate the fun I have had stalking my first and only blog – I consider That’s Normal to be an extension of this blog. I will eat mushroom ravioli, because that is fitting, and drink a bottle (or two) and think about the good reads and the smiles it always brought me.

Thank you UC, Moon, and all the contributors to LTT!


*Light bulb: create audio versions of the archives and I can fill my hour commute with LTT/LTR rather than NPR which would be totally normal! I LIKE THIS IDEA -UC

Here are UC & Moon as the original Twilight lurkers

Next time invite me to your Twilight parties

Dear LTT,

I am writing to tell you about my beautiful experience with The Twilight Saga.

The Twilight Saga has definitely had a huge impact in my life. Starting with the books. I remember reading the first one and instantly falling in love in with the story and of course the one and only Edward Cullen. Next came the excitement of the movie!! I remember seeing the pictures of them filming and thinking “Whoa, what a hottie!” I knew they had selected the best Edward (which was the most important to me. I mean, I knew they couldn’t have selected the best Bella. Hello? I never received the call I had gotten the part!).

I have such wonderful memories from watching all 5 premieres online, actually waiting for ROB to make his appearance, to leaving work at 5pm and change into my Twilight gear and head to the movies to be first in line for the midnight premiere (then go home, get 2 hours of sleep and go right back to work. Hey, its Twilight! Its soooo worth it!), to the excitement of the DVD release, to even hosting my own Twilight Party!! It made a special bond for my sister, my cousin and I. We were all such Twilight Fanatics!

I have to give a special THANK YOU to my husband for putting up with me and my Twilight Addiction. Not only did he go to every single midnight release with me, not only did he buy me everything I wanted that was Twilight related, he never once looked at me like I was crazy and never called an intervention on me. The only think he says is he is SO grateful we got married before Breaking Dawn because he doesn’t think he could have handled paying for our wedding to be EXACTLY like Bella and Edward’s! So again, Thank you Sweetheart for putting up with me and my obsession! I love you! Xoxo

And of course, Thank you to LTT for all the laughs, the stories and the good times. I will definitely miss it all.



PS. The pictures are from one of my Twilight Parties! I painted the wine glasses, made cupcakes with vampire fang markings, I made a CD of the best Twilight Songs from the soundtracks and tied it up with a fork that says “I Love Forks!”, I covered Twislers with a “Type A Blood” and the other photo is a close up of one of the glasses I painted!


  • janetrigs

    DAMMIT….these people RULE. I want a Twilight party. PS Today I don’t hate you.

  • TeamSeth

    If assisstance is nweded, I’m happy to be a reader for the audio archives series. 😉

    • BeaDee

      Ha! Me too! Sisterpenguin’s right, we’d have to do the comments too… that’s where half the fun is.

    • Luludee

      We should defs read our own letters 🙂

  • Sisterpenguin

    Are there any of us who haven’t been lurkers on here? That’s perfectly normal.

    And the audio archives – yes! Think of the voices you could have for the comments – especially those cranky ones. Think how easy this would make it for Bubs and I to tick off that Bucket List item.

    You know that I’m winning the Euromillions tonight to fund the Forks roadtrip. Kristie will obviously oversee the catering

    • Bubs

      OK, if the Euromillions come off…I could be sooooo tempted by that Forks trip. Do you get to Sydney often ? If so, I’d love to actually catch up with you [I’m in “The Shire”].
      Kristie, where do you get “Type A Blood” from ??? How inventive !!! “Only in America…” as we Aussie’s would say [I presume you’re American :-] ].
      Does LTT really have to finish ???? Is this why the Mayans stopped their calendar-they new the end was nigh for Twi Lovers around the world [the fact that the Spanish invaded at the time was obviously NOT the reason for them to stop].
      IT’S NOT FAIR !!!!! I WANT MORE ……

      • Bubs

        Did I just write they “new” instead of “knew” ? Oh dear, well it’s 6am in the morning here-my only excuse :-[.

  • operarose

    OK, theLurkingCricket officially has the cutest letter on LTT, ever! (and cutest post name).
    Also, Kristie needs to do the decor/party planning for a Forks, WA LTT reunion 🙂

    • TeamSeth

      YES!!!! She’s skilled far beyond anything I could handle. Did you see the close up of that wine glass?! That’s like souvenir level of awesome!

  • BeaDee

    Happy anniversary tomorrow, girls! I checked and year 4 has lots of options for traditional gifts: linen or silk (sadly not tweed), fruit or flowers. I’m so I’m hereby sending you a virtual bouquet of NM-style tulips tied up in a red silk Eclipse-ish ribbon and a linen bag of perfect shiny red apples. Enjoy!

  • BrookeLockart

    Welcome TheLurkingCricket! Thanks for coming out of the Twi-closet with us!

    Great decorations, Kristie!

  • Luludee

    Oh, LurkingCricket, I’m so glad you wrote! And I hope you feel a confidence boost to chime in at That’s Normal sometimes too!

    I think I was here for a whole month before I finally commented. Back in the MySpace days I was in a group that I lurked in. I commented very rarely, but I read every single day and felt like I knew everyone, but they didn’t know me 🙁 So when I found LTT and decided that I wanted to be a part of it, I dove in head-first on a contest for a premier outfit and came up with the most outlandish (I mean Normal) collection of things I could think of. I remember being afraid that everyone would think I was being serious (and therefore, very strange) when I was obviously kidding. But they got it and I knew for sure that I would be here until the end.

    Thank you for writing and revealing yourself!! 😀

  • Blondieinco

    Audio LTT and LTR is a total win! Traffic would no longer be irritating. Trip to the dentist got you down? Put on some LTT and enjoy. The possibilities are endless! My other idea is to print out the entire blog into a book (just like Edward, I’m old school – I like books) so we can put it on our bookshelves next to Twilight – kind of like an appendix to the series. Instant NY Times best seller for sure.
    I won’t be writing in a letter for #RIPTwilight but I do want to say it has been so fun to read this blog – to virtually hang out and chat with people who love this series like I do. Thank you Moon and UC!!

    • JellyBeanRainbow

      please please please make it happen : Letterts to Twilight and Letters to Rob coffee table book. I’d pay anything for that book.

  • SarahK

    Well, dang it, I meant to write a letter, but I guess I never really believed this was the end, and now I’m officially out of time. I’ve been a lurker/reader since practically day one, and even though I never commented, I loved, laughed and lived all this Twi-craziness right along with you the whole time. Thanks for all of it, every single post. I feel like I know you both, even though we’ve never met, and I have followed you over to That’s Normal. I even commented yesterday!

  • Nelle

    So sorry this is coming to an end. I was a late comer to the Twilight world (broke down and read it during the blizzard of 2010 in four days) and found LTT when I saw the reference on SMs website. I’m not a writer but have so enjoyed this site. You young ladies made me feel young again and made me laugh so much. There was no one in my life that I could share my obsession with. Oh they know I like Twilight but have no idea of how much. Thanks again for being there for me!

  • MariaCecilia

    Lurkers everywhere – unite! I bet this could be the third force in society, capable of changing just about everything. (Twilight mandatory reading in school? Done. College football teams wearing Edward sweaters? No problem. Twilight soundtrack playing in all airports? Of course!)
    And Kristie – I am amazed at so much love and so much creativity rolled into one woman! Your family and friends are lucky to have you, and your husband must be awed. (Maybe you can re-do the wedding on your 25th anniversary? Just saying.)

  • Kristie

    Thank you all so much for the comments on my decor! I had so much fun! And YES! You can count me in on the LTT reunion!! 🙂

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