#RIPTwilight – We swear this is the last one

Dear Twilight,

I sat down in front of my computer last night with the notes I’ve been jotting down the past week for my very last personal “Letter to Twilight” and I couldn’t do it. It was partially because I had two cats sleeping on my lap and I was uncomfortable. Partially because I had just written up something for That’s Normal and I really wanted to watch Revenge (then I realized IT WASN’T EVEN NEW. I CAN’T HANDLE THESE DAMN-WINTER FINALES), but it was a lot because this is really really really times 1 million bittersweet and I don’t feel ready yet to write down all the words that are in my head. Yes, I’m stalling. Yes, I’m sad about the end. Yes, I’m also excited for a “new chapter” in the online lives of UC & Moon and all the adventures to come, but I’m also really really sad that LTT is coming to a close. I know I’ll write about Twilight again on That’s Normal. I know that the LTT archives will be up here for YEARS to come, but this little community that we carved out in a big, scary fandom has meant the absolute world to me- YOU have meant the absolute world to me, and I’m just not ready to say good-bye.

So I’m not. Yes because I’m tired and it’s Sunday night as I type this and I haven’t talked to Moon all weekend & that’s pretty important when we’re writing a “HEY LTT SEE YA” letter together. But also because we got two other #RIPTwilight letters since Saturday & I think you should read them 🙂 Plus in my search for reasons why I love LTT so much I found the world’s best post, which we will revisit- so read on!

4 year anniversary

Our 4 year anniversary Instagram pic I made Moon for Saturday x

We love our Canadians

The end? I can handle these words when it comes to the end of a movie or the end of a book. Maybe even the end of the Mayan Calendar — okay, who am I kidding, I can’t handle that end either — but what I really can’t handle is the end of this little corner of my world. I found LTT in early 2009 and like many of us I was struggling with what real life had to offer. Twilight came into my life at just the right time, offered me the escape I so badly needed and brought about an obsession I hadn’t felt since my Grade 9 crush on a senior boy named Luke (lucky for Luke, blogs didn’t exist back then). Anyhow, I had never before felt such a passion for a story and had never been involved in a fandom. I had no idea what to expect but immediately felt at home on LTT. Being a professional in my real life there was no one I could risk discussing peacoats, meadows or mushroom ravioli with while keeping  my street cred. I honestly felt that each LTT post was speaking right to me or could have possibly been written by me …if I was that creative or witty.
LTT very quickly became apart of my morning routine. I remember several mornings cursing myself when I managed to get my computer fired up & coffee brewed before the days post went live. I also remember many late nights putting off sleep for fear of missing a new “can’t miss” thread in the forum. Some might suggest I be ashamed of the day (or five) that I spent an entire work day looking at trashy pap photos or the day I was late picking my child up from school or the day I blew off a very important doctors appointment because shirtless photos of Rob Pattinson hit the interwebs — but I’m not. At all. That’s Normal!

LTT has not only brought many laughs over the years and an escape from real life pressures, it has also brought into my life some of the most fabulous women (and a couple of men) who I am grateful to call friends of mine. I will forever be thankful to UC, Moon and the entire LTT group.

Happy Anniversary!!


We met on a Plane
One of my favorite LTT connections is with “Plane friend”- a friend I made in college (we met ON a plane traveling away from or to college!) who I reconnected with on LTT!

Dear LTT, Steph, and everything else Twilight,

I don’t really know how to say “good-bye”.

I’ve felt this way before. There are some books/TV shows that see us through times of transition and that it’s hard to accept are really over, even when they are. Friends ended the year I graduated college and I STILL hope they’ll do a reunion show one of these years. Gilmore Girls was the show that saw me through getting married and the beginning of my (short-lived) teaching career. Harry Potter was one of the YA series that bonded me with my students and introduced me to the concept of midnight movie releases and, even better, midnight bookstore releases. I still miss every one of those series, and they still bring back all sorts of nostalgia for me.

Twilight, though, will always trump every other series send off, because it means the most to me, to the point where I don’t even know how to acknowledge that it’s really over. Twilight saw me through the two hardest things I’ve ever experienced: infertility and becoming a mom. Sparkly vampires were a perfect escape from needles and disappointing test results (at first) and then the much more enjoyable (but still yucky) things like spit up and messy diapers once my dreams came true.

I know this is a more emotional (yes, I admit I’m crying while I type this) letter than we usually do here on LTT, but I still wanted to share. Because Twilight–and all the millions of laughs we had here on LTT–have meant so, so much to me through the last four years.

And no matter what you say about being done writing about Forks, Steph, I am holding out hope that there will be that sequel narrated by Nessie and Leah. Honestly, I think it would make a perfect transition for sending my only daughter off to kindergarten…or middle school..or even college.

Love and gratitude from
The Plane Friend

A story so precious to us.. years later

I hope you remember MidnightCyn– I still see her pop up in the comments every once in awhile & know she reads religiously! If you don’t remember or want a refresher, here is Cyn’s full story, but to recap, Cyn had an accident that caused a 50-first dates-type reaction where every day was like learning everything all over again.. and Twilight changed her life. 

You’ve been my lifeline since you first posted my original letter and I cannot, no matter how hard I try, find the words to Thank, UC/Moon and all my Twilight friends! You all pulled me out of the dark hole I was living in and surrounded me with love, understanding and patience. Suddenly, I had friends again! I couldn’t wait to wake up and jump onto LTT (where I still go everyday) and these once total strangers welcomed me into their world without question or judgement at my obvious difficulties! I found support, comfort and the kindest people I have ever “met”. Most importantly, it was a safe place to go and share my love for all things Twilight with those that not only understood but felt the same way! I finally had a reason to laugh again, (the spit out your morning coffee kind of laughter) and most of all I felt like I belonged there, which for someone like me, I never thought I would experience that again.

.. I will forever be grateful!


Mr. Choice’s last Letter

As much as I tried & hinted and promised all sort of leg hitches & special hugs, I couldn’t get my husband Mr. Choice to pen one last Letter to Twilight. However, just as he has shown me for FOUR years now, he cares. He knows how much LTT and you all have meant to me despite complaining about it and rolling his eyes more often than not. He knows what this has meant to me & has been nothing but supportive (supportive with a side of 2nd-hand embarrassed for his Twilight-obsessed wife) for all these years.

The other day I was in the middle of something important- probably looking up pictures of Joseph Gordon Levitt- and he told me to put down my computer to listen to something for 6 minutes. And for 6 long minutes we listened to his very first “Letter To Twilight” (which in fact was NOT really to Twilight and WAS a 6 minute “radio interview” with “Robert Paddleston”) Done years ago in 2009 long before we realized how embarrassing this would be, saved in the archives of the world wide web for all time, Mr. Choice spent the time ON HIS OWN to learn about my “hobby” that “boy” I crushed on and support it in the only way he knew how- making fun of it (I learned it from somewhere!)

And making me listen to it again, with my hands over my face and almost crying from 2nd-hand embarassment giggles is his one last Letter to Twilight.

Here is the original post from 2009. And you do NOT want to miss the audio below:



  • MarbleNutSlut

    Oh shit I just teared up at MidnightCyn and then literally snortlaughed at Mr. Choice. Ahh, LTT. You are just like that one scene in Steel Magnolias where Sally Field is crying about Julia Roberts dying and then Olympia Dukakis tells her to hit Shirley MacLaine. Truly.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      HUGS to you!! (I have been crying for days, maybe weeks???) LOL

      • Bubs

        Know how you feel Cyn…I told my husband “it would be like Cricket or Golf finishing for you”. He’s REALLY understanding now.

  • Sj_nuiph


    • Midnight_Cyn


  • celestialchic

    So, this is IT it? Like, it? Because I know we’ve been talking/writing/planning for the end, but I thought it would be dragged out for a couple months or years. Like when they let you know a tv series is ending, “On the final season of LTT . . . BD2 premier, goodbye letters and the final chapters of Midn . . . .” So there’s more to the end, right? Pretty please?

    • haha every day from here on out we’ll just pretend tomorrow is the last day but never really end it.. kinda like reruns on TV.. then like with boy meets world 15 years from now we’ll launch the site FULL ON again!!! How’s that sound?

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Excellent idea!!! For once I am lucky, I can just still come everyday and keep reading like they are new posts 🙂 Besides I just flat out refuse to allow any of this to ever end!! XO

      • Bubs

        Sounds really, really good to me !!!!

  • BrookeLockart

    Oh, that @mrskowski and her super-secret twi-memorabilia. I’ll never forget the late night tinychat where she showed us the goods… I mean her box of treasure…I mean the twi stuff.

    She’s been such a great friend to me. Love you!

  • Sari_Chile

    Thank you for everything!!! Letters4ever

  • operarose

    So happy you shared these letters!

  • adrienne

    I’m kind of ready for Twilight to end, but not really ready for Letters to Twilight to end!

    • KStewBoy

      Yes. Exactly. I mean how exactly am I going to stop myself from coming to this page every morning? I know my compulsive nature, and even if there are no updates for 4 months, I’m going to just keep pulling this page up *just in case*. Ugh.

      “Froto is just a wizard.” – I love you Rob Pattleston

      • TeamSeth

        Wizards are small creatures, really.

    • Bubs

      I’m with you Adrienne…it’s NOT NORMAL ! [Tears here :-[ ]

  • Luludee

    Yay! So happy to hear that Midnight_Cyn is still around! I’ve wondered about you several times, especially now that we are coming to the end!

    I remember the Paddleston interview, lol. I’ll have to re-listen later though.
    Thanks for posting them!

    • Midnight_Cyn

      My goodness, I am overwhelmed that any of you even remember me!! I have been here everyday, I just stopped commenting b/c of some difficulties…but you are all in my heart forever! XO

      • TeamSeth

        We will never forget you, MidCyn. Never.

        • Midnight_Cyn

          TEAMSETH!!!!!!! YOU hold a veery special place in my heart forever!!!!! Hugging you!! XO

  • TeamJacobEdward


    • Midnight_Cyn

      HI!!!! How are you?? Been lurking but not writing but since this “sniffles” actually “sobs” this is the end…I had to comment….miss you all SO much…hope you are well and I am sending you HUGE hugs!! XO

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I think ALL THE TIME that I need to email you and find out how the heck you are doing! I miss you on here!

        Huge hugs back. I hope you’re doing better and better all the time.

        Moon! UC! See? You can’t go away! Cyn is back commenting. You HAVE to stay.

        • Midnight_Cyn

          LOL if ONLY UC/MOON could be that easily convinced! :)I SO miss you TJE..please do email me!! I would love to know how you are etc., and would love to catch up!! XOXO

  • BeaDee

    Plane Friend: Yes! When The Meyer’s kids go off to college and she needs to cope she’ll write that sequel and then my kids, a few years younger, will leave and I’ll read it to cope. Sounds like a plan to me.

    • The Plane Friend

      Glad someone else feels that same way!

  • Sisterpenguin

    Yay MidnightCyn, I’ve missed you!

    Loving these letters *sniff*

    • Bubs

      Hey Sisterpenguin, when we do the “LTT go back to the start …”[with that wine or two] “bucket list” thing, we’ll have amazing things to listen to as well ! Didn’t know Mr Choice was soooo creative [even though he sounds more like John Lennon to me than Mr Paddleton]. On that note does anybody else think Rob would make a brilliant John L. if a [decent] movie was made of his life ?

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Aww…missed you too *sniffles* XO

  • Nelle

    Mr. Choice. What a gem. His Paddleton song was spot on! I love Rob and think he has a great voice in there somewhere but the style- the mumbling- drive me crazy.
    Guess I haven’t really been sad about the end of LTT because I just don’t believe it’s going to happen. Denial.

  • bandmum

    Not even first hand embarrassed to admit I’ve got Mr. Choice’s ‘interview’ saved to my computer from when it originally posted. It was, and is still, comedy gold.

    Good to see Cyn posting! It’s been ages since I have, though I do keep up the lurking. I miss posting and have to sit on my hands occasionally to stop myself replying, but RL has gone so far off the charts (it’s more “omg is THIS my life?!”) and I have to behave. Some. That may not stop me on TN, though.

    Tweed serious moment ahead: Thanks for posting the ‘good-bye’ letters. Consider this mine. I love the series, Ron, and all the fabulous friends I made here and on LTR, quite a few of whom I’ve met IRL. UC & Moon, thank you for giving the rest of us a home when we all were so clueless regarding how to handle this ridiculous obsession that overwhelmed our lives. You made it ok to gush and snark over the stupid stuff and the important. You also introduced me to some of the best people I know, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. You guys complete me. Thanks, and I’ll see y’all around!

    • so glad to see you on here! xo

      • bandmum

        I just didn’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore! xo

  • Mr. Choice thought this WAS our good-bye.. its not… (of course he’d think HE would end it all!) we will have a proper one. and by “good-bye” I mean a… PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US AND COME HAVE FUN WITH US OVER ON TN pleading letter

  • TeamSeth

    Mr. Choice/Moon’s 2009 debut is quite stunning. His mumble ability is rather impression, and his extreme mixture of British accents is impressive. Hopefully he will be part of the LTT archives audio…

    • KStewBoy

      It’s a shame he never did another piece for you, UC. I was giggling throughout. I love it when regular folks get to interview the very famous.

  • UC- your husband is amazing

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