What are people saying about Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob? A lot! Some good and some awesome!

I love this world full of stories and songs waiting to be discovered! And I also love you, the awesome Twilight (and maybe a few Hosts, too) fandom. I stalk your websites all the time—you guys are hilarious (I recently added LTT to my stalk list; thanks for the laugh lines, ladies).

News Sources – Online

New Sources – Print

  • Glamour Magazine May 2009, Greece – “Mad About the Boy” 1, 2
  • Life & Style, August 24, 2009
  • Dolly Magazine September 2009, Australia – “Twilight, The best (and weirdest) of the web” 1, 2

Twilight Sites/Blogs

…the most excellent Letters to Twilight, arbiters of all things hilarious in the Twilight universe–

Praise for LTT/LTR:

-“I want to be UC and Moon when i grow up. period.” – magsterrr

-“These sites are my new religion.” – Jordan

-“Seriously, publish a book with all of your letters. I don’t promise to publicly eulogize it, but I do promise to pay a little kid to go buy it for me.” –K

-“The New York Times wishes it was as funny, smart, relevant, and entertaining as this blog.” – Unlikelyfangirl

-“LTT is the new solitaire… and I am not ashamed.” – Moonjenn

-“Good lord will there be anything left in everyday life that will not have an LTT/LTR association? Y’all are taking over my mind one little bottle and holiday song at a time.” –Kendall

-“You are Goddesses in the altar of our Robsession!” –justamortal

-“UC and Moon…this blog has been like a therapy session for me…only much more fun and a helluva lot cheaper. Thanks for providing me with an outlet!” –sass

-“Well you’ve got it all ladies in one post again. Sex, religion, nudity, body types, technology, hair, children, husbands …. all very educational as ever, and funny as hell” – English Girl

“You remind me daily to not take myself so seriously. You remind me that a woman can always be a girl but a girl can never be a woman. We ALL are girls inside. Something I hadn’t fully embraced.” – Sassysmart

-“How can you go wrong with a little sarcasm and a beautiful man? Throw in a splash of vodka and I’m thinking heaven wouldn’t be far off. Bravo for perfecting the art of obsession.” –sowasred

-“It is such a relief to see other 20somethings who find Twilight/Rob fandom absolutely ridiculous but want to frolic in it anyway.” –Marie

-“I don’t know which is worse, no LTR in the morning or no coffee!” –RobSTOLEit

-“You’re like cyberspace soulmates with Rob. You always say and post the things I can’t admit to my friends and family” – vickyb

-“Amazing website! I’m so freaking excited to find a website that is actually designed for people like me! (As opposed to little tweenieboppers.) I’m laughing so hard I peed my pants…ok no I didn’t.” –eliza

-“And this is the genius of LTR: a post that isn’t all gushy about Rob, yet is gushy about Rob, all at the same time.” –iheartedward

-“Don’t ever stop writing, reading this blog is like being hit in the face with wonderful sunflowers. It’s painful (from laughing so hard) but it will always make me smile.” –Sunny

-“UC/MOON you guys are the next Ebert & Roper” –KrazyKidd

Just when we thought we were cool, the haters spoke up:

-“OMG, your all delusional freaks and all need to get lives ASAP” –Abbie from Asia

-“Obviously hes not gonna read this so why are you all wasting your time?!” – Anonymous

-“I don’t understand what all the fuss about “Rob” is about? He’s just like any other guy on the planet! He’s dirty, hairy, and tall, just like the other 75% of men in this world.” –Gross

-“…and you are sitting home probably eating ice cream and blogging about her…..ha ha joke is on you….YOU SUCK….and anyone that agrees with you sucks” –Brittney

-“How sick is this …. LOL …ladies, get a life…. get back to reality….SOON! hell, i’m very certain you all need professional help. best luck for your future. and remember not to jump off a cliff or something. YOU are not immortal…neither is robert” –Steph

-“I think you need to go mental hospital!!! You are crazy woman! All of you here!!! Hey all of you!!! Did you think this is funny?? Did you enjoying this kind of thing? Omg!!!! YOU ALL ARE SCARY!!! I dont want to be like you..! You are fuckin crazy women!” –OMG! from Japan

-“You are a weirdo seriously get a life”- Bob

-“Like the rest of you Twit-Fans are any better! PLEASE you are all pathetic undersexed over the age women who have no clue as to what a good story is” – SouthernVamp

“Moon and UC , you once again prove yourselves to be shallow and bithcy. you guys are just annoying fangirls who worship rob, and hate on kstew for like no reason. Get a life, and stop being jealous and lame.” –Laura

-“I want to remove myself from contact with your site as I do not like your content or general train of thought.” –jbafaith

-“Hmm right a letter to rob because he actually reads them doesnt he. Corporate middle men that probably dont speak english and get paid less than a dog open those letters and reply ’sincerly rob’ haha this sites a joke” –Grundy

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