Let's hear it for the boys!

Dear LTT readers-

I know we made a New Years resolution to bring you more letters to the Twilight ladies. And we have! We’ve talked about them A LOT lately, in fact. But let’s get real here, we know why we all come here on a daily basis (besides extreme boredom at work). It’s to see some hot Cullen Boys action! That’s right, enough with the fake lesbo’s and girl talk and the mani/pedi’s- let’s get to the real deal, I’m talking hot Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle action!

Bella who?

More Cullen boy video goodness after the jump…

Some SMOKIN pics (and annoying effects) in this one… if UC is bringing back ‘bang,’ I’m gonna bring back ‘bone’ because seriously I totally wanna bone a few Cullen boys. Seriously Carlisle, daaaang.

Watch this if you do nothing more than look at Kellan’s hair at :29! Woah. And then Kellan at 1:04 making me want to ‘nom nom nom’ him and that baby.

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