I may or may not be excited for New Moon

Dear New Moon,

How are you? How does the Old Moon feel now that you’re getting all the attention? (badum ching!). Did you like when Moon & I broke down your first trailer? We thought you would.

I gotta be honest though. It felt like a rush job. And I think you can do better for trailer #2.

Today I want to take a look at some of my favorite trailers.  Perhaps you can contact these talented individuals to lend a hand for the next trailer, or at least grab some ideas from them. But just as you & Summit don’t like when people steal your stuff, make sure to credit them correctly!

Can’t wait until November,


Oh, you tease!

Grab the tissues, this one hurts

see more heartbreak and full length fan-made trailers after the jump!

Poor Bella….

The Action!

One of my fav vid makers

Are you getting excited?

(same trailer but with the new footage)

Probably the most famous fan-made New Moon trailer out there

The real thing…

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