Dear Twilight,

I never thought writing a blog that obsessed over a young adult novel about vampires would one day lead me into a chat room where a man would strip while me and other fans of said novel and blog whistled, cat called and virtually shoved dollar bills into his pants. To say I am thankful and not sure how anyone could top this would be downplaying it.

All names and identities will remain concealed but he will forever be known as STRIPWARD!
Shyly he introduced himself to us. We think he’s definitely Team Jacob.

Not so shy after all!


Then we moved to the interview portion of the show as we asked him questions pertaining to dumpsters, his stance on raybans and button flys and whether or not he should be wearing socks.

Somewhere, today, I’m sure Stripward is crying naked in the bathtub in the fetal position after meeting us but we love you and don’t feel wrong about something that feels so right!

Special thanks to all the ladies who shared this moment together! You know who you are and I love you!

Yes my friends it has been a remarkable week in my own personal Twilight world. Stay tuned on Monday I will bring you my Comic Con letter/review/general fangirlness!

Pour some sugar on him me!

PS He’s no StripWard but he’ll always be our RobWard… read a letter to our main man at Letters to Rob!

Chat over the weekend and order your own Stripward at The Forum!

  • superhumanmoron

    This is so bizarre I don’t even know what to say. What the crap is going on??!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dammit, I left chat too early. FUCKERY. That’s what I get for being unprepared. Did someone think to invite him back?

    Whoever asked him to put a pea coat on–you are my soul mate. I love you forever.

  • Natalie


    Is this what you meant when you said that your social life had improved via LTR/LTT?


  • BrookeLockart

    Gah! What the eff happens when I’m not in the chat? Knew I should have brought my computer with me. yeah, so ladies that were in the chat (and I know who u are) what in the world went on?? This is exactly the reason I don’t want to use a webcam. No random strippers.

  • moon- last night when you said you were taking screen shots & doing a post, i had NO idea you meant of stripward! haha love it…

  • Ummm. I CAN’T believe I went to bed and then THIS happens. You little sluts! Hahahahahaha. Hope you enjoyed your Stripward. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KiKi

    ummm…wheres all news from comic con and meeting them up at the bar/rest after comic con….???
    im absolutely gonna faint soon…and i cant concentrate on anything else….. lol……

    • themoonisdown


  • pange

    Damn it all! FUCKERY! Why the hell did I log off so damn early?!? That looks like so much fun! LMAO

    • I’m glad someone else is suffering from early withdrawal regret. I spent the remainder of the evening watching “The Haunted Airman” and counting Rob’s moles, but still . . . I could do that shiz anytime.

  • Janetrigs

    MY COMPUTER SUCKS!! But atleast I got to see some of STRIPWARD!!

  • PinkFluff

    Well, that’s the last time I’ll leave early. Niiiiice…

  • Kristin

    I’m pretty sure that I will never miss out on a Friday crunk again. Last night was special. LMFAO. All because of twilight…..

  • Freya

    I have to go to the ATM again. Strangely, after last night, I’m all out of dollar bills.

    • themoonisdown

      and loonies

  • amyandwalt

    ok, so I was there…..didn’t know I was in the presence of the famous Moon!!! Agghhh…what did I type??? My computer was sucking bigtime, but I did catch some of the action. Saw the briefs and back view…heard a little of what you guys were saying. Thought about driving quickly to my office where I could see it better….decided this would be a touch desperate

    As always, I love this blog/letters…you girls are too funny………amy with the blank screen and no voice because apparantly I am too old and not cool anymore and didn’t realize everyone has cameras and microphones these days

  • Katie S

    What the hell goes on in this place?!

    This may or may not have convinced me to finally visit the forum…

    • themoonisdown


  • Stripward had one messy kitchen…

    Someone needed to point it out!

    Why do I feel like Bree?

    • Mine

      Yeah that was my kitchen and it was messy because my dishwasher broke, I work fulltime, and have 2 kids ! What do you do ? are you a Bree if so come on over and clean

      • No thanks…I have my own mess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        But for those who weren’t there, moon is showing way too much room and way too little stripward.

  • Summerstone

    When entering chat last nite never thought we’d end up with a new Ward..but HOT DAMN! STRIPWARD ur my hero for bein so brave LOL…Hope u return ๐Ÿ™‚ Moon love ur post, ur awesome!

  • superhumanmoron

    Ok, so clearly I am so out of the loop! This originated from the forum or something?

    *off to cry in the corner that I don’t sit with the cool kids at lunch*

    • themoonisdown

      i was sent a link no need to cry. no officially sanctioned anything!!

    • Janetrigs

      Are you on Twitter? Come find me and the “cool kids” its FUNNNNN!!

      • superhumanmoron

        I made an account but that’s about it. Twitter just seems like another time consuming succubus, but it seems as though I need to make time!

  • PinkFluff

    WAIT. Was he wearing the Cullen Crest wrist cuff? ::::pleasesaynopleasesaynopleasesayno::::

    • themoonisdown

      no but doesnt it look like it! HAHAHAHA

  • Michelle

    My Gift to you ladies ! I hope you did enjoy, and know he was not crying this morning but he was happy and had a blast ! You made his night, and for you clean freaks yes my kitchen is a mess I am aware of that !!! I had a blast makign my roommie/brother feel like a piece of MAN CANDY and BTW hes TEAM EDWARD !! Love YA

    • themoonisdown

      who the crap is looking at the kitchen when he’s there?!

      team edward! he gets better. get him to read the books and he could be a unicorn!

      • Michelle

        I will do my best, but someone was looking at my kitchen and made a comment it was dirty ! my thinking exactly thought who the hell cares if my kitchen is dirty !!

    • Janetrigs

      Didn’t even realize he was in a fucking room of anywhere. just happy to stare!

  • Best. Chat. Ever.

    Best time was when he said he could read our minds like in the movie. I thought he was referring to Edward, but no, Mel Gibson in What Women Want.


    And I love how you didn’t say who was there, but those of us in attendance have all pretty much admitted it!

  • MrsKowski

    Wow …I am speechless!

    I can’t believe how fast you got this into a blog Moon, LOL!!! You definitely rock the blog babe!

    Honestly tho, Stripward has no reason to cry in the corner today …we totally encouraged him EVERY STEP OF THE WAY …and he totally has the body for the job LOL

    …oh and I didn’t even realize he was in a kitchen! he could have been standing in a pile of diapers and probably wouldn’t have noticed …did you see those ABS????

  • I’m still so pissed that I left the chat right before this happened!! Why couldn’t someone shoot me a text?! I would have gladly gotten out of bed and logged back in to be involved in this fun times.


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