Why "The Hillywood" show is better than Twilight and New Moon combined

Dear Catherine Hardwicke & Chris Weitz,

We love you Chris only– you know that, but…. well, you got outdone. By some amateurs with one camera. And a budget much smaller than you had.

Seriously, did you see the acting? It’s better than in both your movies combined. Hilly (aka Bella) brought us TEARS- real, actual tears.

And did you SEE the character of Jacob? Were we actually applauding Taylor Lautner for gaining weight and putting on muscle? This guy (aka Kyle Dayton- who I have since google stalked for many hours) seems to have a naturally amazing body and quite possibly a hotter face than Taylor Lautner. OR maybe it’s just because he’s probably older than 17 that I think that. Either way- WIN ALL AROUND!

Remember how I mentioned how I like the Bella that is with Jacob? I said how I love Bella with Edward because obviously they’re meant to be, but I kinda wish Bella could be split in two and be with Jake too? Well, the Hillywood girls have BAD BELLA aka Bella with Jake DOWN!! The leather pants? The rockstar attitude? The dark make-up? It was hot. I have a major crush on Hilly Hindi

And did you notice FUTURE Bella & Edward? They weren’t Anne-of-Green Gables fail. They were hot, attractive, and the dress was gorgeous- just like they should have been in New Moon. I am now convinced Bella can be attractive as a vampire. Before… not so much.

The Sparkles!?!- They RULED IT. While Chris you did a MUCH better job than Catherine, it turns out it wasn’t THAT difficult… all the Hillywood people did was use SPARKLY make-up. Duh! Even I could’ve told you that! And Jasper’s wig? While it’s totally still atrocious it was much less so than in New Moon! I think you need to contact those girls about their wig hook-up before Breaking Dawn starts shooting.

There is so much that is SPOT ON! The Tweed! The Grandpa shoes! The Purple (purple’s cool) on the bed!  Hilly rocks the attitude Bella should’ve had! Edward LEFT her! Cut down that Edward/Bella tree girl!

Everyone knows I’ve never been impressed with the chemistry between Edward & Bella from the movie. It has nothing to do with Robsten- I thought that from my first viewing. But in THIS parody? The chemisty between THEIR Edward & Bella? Aka Jacob Jost & Hilly Hindi? I’m ‘shipping Josttly or Hillcob or Jacly now. HARDCORE.

If you’re still not convinced at how much we loved this parody, read Moon’s reaction after the jump!

UC: OMG. You MUST watch the Hillywood parody. IT’s AMAZING.
Moon: OKAY!
UC: its amazing they can so all this. like look at the props. and the sparkles. Okay I’ll shut up while you watch
: WAIT how did they get that truck and stuff?! wow making out. dang the room and the bedding
: I know- the making out is SPOT on
: apparently ANYONE can remake twilight. wow shes sexin it up. DUDE this is so beyond spot on, how do they do this??
: i have NOOOO idea
: like how’d they get access too all that crap? i mean, do they have a lot of money? did they just ask? OH god underthewater scene. and now the slow-mo run as vamps- it’s the EXACT WARDROBE. But better!
: OMG dakota. the CHAIRS. like what the f*ck!
: holy shit. HAHAHA alice’s little outfit. the jasper piano scene. PORSCHE?! WTF!? WAIT, the italy scene outside? where are they??
: i have NOOOO idea. probably some big church in cali! Chris weitz went ALL THE WAY to Italy when all he had to do was go to a mega church outside of san diego
: right give Breaking Dawn to these girls and they’ll make it in Reseda for like 400 bucks. Oh- the Cullens as a band. i love it. OMG she has the kstew dress from the VMAS!
: that girl is hot….
: Oh my word they write shoot and edit the whole thing themselves….. I’m kinda blown away.

That’s right Chris & Catherine, we’re both blown away. I’m not sure we’ve said that before with regards to the Twilight saga……..yikes!


Did you miss The Hillywood Show’s parody of Twilight last year?

Maybe we loved The New Moon one so much b/c it used our fav. Katy Perry song. Have you heard the acoustic version? It’s so good you can almost forget the nasty guy she’s currently sleeping with

What did you think of The Hillywood show parody?

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