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Team Jacob, almost

Things we have in common: Pale, Brown hair & eyes, F*cking Rob Pattinson- oh wait.. nm...

Dear Bella,

I first read about you long before I had a friend to talk about you with, an actress to put a face to your name or a vision of you as a sub or slutty secretary. And I liked you. I related to you- minus the hot vampire boyfriend part. It was to my surprise when I finally got a friend to read about you, that she wasn’t impressed. Not necessarily with the saga- she liked it enough, but she thought you wereโ€ฆ. ANNOYING! And WINEY! And unfair to Edward & Jacob. Okay, I can agree with the last part, especially in Eclipse, but I never really had much to complain about you prior to that.

Turns out, a LOT of people really think you went too far with Jacob in Eclipse. Of course those are the people who are 100% Team Edward. There are also those who think you didn’t go far ENOUGH with Jacob. Those people are crazy and we all agree should be locked up (except for Stephenie Meyer, who we’re 97.6% convinced IS Team Jacob. We need her to stay around to never ever finish Midnight Sun or write about Jashley)ย  I, on the other hand, am also 100% Team Edward, and sure I wasn’t happy about the way you strung Jake along, but on the mountain, after the tent scene, when you beg Jake not to leave and then ask him to KISS you- I’ll admit, I was cheering you on in my head. Of course IMMEDIATELY afterward I felt regret, disgust & guilt, but in the moment I was there with you- urging you on, hoping you slipped a little tongue in, grabbed a hold of his hair and pushed yourself up against him a little harder. I know, I’m a little ashamed of myself.

well.. almost...

So it shouldn’t surprise you that on Tuesday evening when I got to see you and Jacob in PERSON on the big screen, my reaction mirrored the one I had in the book. As the moment drew near, I felt the build in my stomach, the shortening of my breath, the beginnings of a cold sweat running down my back. When you demanded Jacob not leave, a smile crept onto my face. It was at that moment when I was distracted by a movement to my left. Moon, in the seat next to me, COVERED her face with her hand. She spread her fingers slightly so she could view the screen, but her stance was one of fear. We must’ve looked ridiculous with my giddy smile and slight bounce in the seat & Moon’s fear of what we both knew was coming. And then it happened. You asked Jacob to kiss you. And he did. Sloppily, too fast, heads moved too much and I’m not sure I saw the french kiss of my imagination, but it happened. And I yelled with joy along with Team Jacob. And when it was over, I felt the utter shame & humiliation.

I think I understand you. I think I understand your plight. You love them both. I love you with them both. I’d love myself with them both even more, especially if it were at the same time, but that’s for someone to write about and send to me secretly so I can keep it stashed in my secret fan fiction drawer next to my bed. Jacob is perfect for you. Jacob understands you. Jacob would be amazing for your future. But Edward is your soulmate. You and Edward are made for each other. You and Edward fit. (Plus imprinting on a child is weird enough. Let’s not add in Jacob imprinting on a child he MADE with YOU!)

DO IT DO IT! (Even though Bella looks like a wolf here....)

So when Jacob sauntered over to you and brought your face close to his and lowered his lips down on yours, I was chanting “Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!” along with the 12 Team Jacob members in the theater. I knew the consequences of the choice I was making (name that quote) but I yelled it anyway. Well, quietly. Cuz I think Moon had a knife in her purse she would have used on me had I vocalized what was in my head.

So you should know you’re not alone. There are those who feel you chose wrong & should have gone with Jacob, but they are crazy people who sleep with wolf stuffed animals. Then there are those who whole-heartedly knew Edward was the best for you from the beginning, and there is a special place in heaven for them with personal mansions filled with rooms specifically for pillow biting, headboard breaking & egg cooking in the nude. And then there are those like me- who hugged a stuffed animal wolf for like 3 seconds once and had a good time doing it, but then threw it in a blender, turned in into cotton & made some sexy lingerie from it which was promptly removed before breaking headboards, biting pillows & showing Jacob how it’s done with Edward, the only one for you!

So you & I considered the other guy for like a half a second, but we chose right! I got your back, Bella!


Soโ€ฆ were you like Team Moon covering your face in horror of what was to come? Or are you joining Team UC where you got excited for a split second for the kiss with the boy that almost was the one?

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  • Thumbs up for closing the letter with a Yorkie quote!

  • superhumanmoron

    Never for a fraction of a second did I want her to be with Jacob. Ew.

    • allryans

      I agree. I’ll take that a step further.

      Never for a fraction of a second, did I want Jacob to have to be with Bella.

      There, Team Jacob – he’s too good for her; she deserves the undead fella.

      • superhumanmoron

        Thumbs down for us!!!! Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!

      • allryans

        Multiple downs!

        Heck yes.

      • Kadie

        I have a guy friend who is Team Edward because he thinks Jacob is too good for Bella. Would he still be considered a unicorn since he’s gay? ‘Cause he’s watching for the same reasons I am.

  • Alice_NaA

    I wished the seat would swallow me during the kiss. I like Jacob a lot. But I HATE cheating a lot more than I liked Jacob.

    • misty

      as always you have the perfect way with words…

  • Yeah, UC, I gotta agree with you on that. Even while reading the book, I almost urged her to kiss Jacob longer, harder. To my utmost surprise, I felt the same while watching that scene in the movie. Finally, MR has done something write. Or is it Sladey we need to hug after setting him up on one of those high chairs they provide for kids in chinese restaurants here in Dhaka?

    But, that feeling was only fleeting, that lasted for all of 0.5 seconds. Which means, I’m still on Team Edward and that feeling didn’t make me feel like I was cheating on him (much).

    • *facepalm* I meant MR has done something RIGHT!

      • Xylem108.9

        Hee hee! I thought it was a pun… Since she’s a writer and all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • lilmisscan’tbewrong

          Me too! I was thinking, “how clever!” See how nice we all are here, always assuming the best. I love that.

  • Xylem108.9

    Oh my god! I haven’t eeven read it yet, but I am so excited by the title. For the record, my theatre broke into applause when Jacob first came on screen way over dressed in his tight black tshirt. *runs off to read post*

  • ambushed by twilight

    Team UC – def.! i wanted it (for her) and i knew that none of us wanted him to go to the fight w/ a reckless attitude and get killed, so i would have done the same thing… give him motivation to live, worry about pulling the rug out from under him later…
    [DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!]
    followed by shame, absolute guilt ridden shame…
    oh Edward! don’t you understand? oh, you do. oh, Jake was PLAYING ME?! THAT DIRTY DOG!!!

    -i love it… i want more-

  • Nelle

    I am totally Team UC. I see the life Bella would have had with Jacob, but like she said (in the book at least- she should have said it in the movie too)- she knows who she can’t live without! So OK, a little ashamed for hurting Jacob- and cheating on Edward, but it’s gotta be Edward all the way.

  • Milfy Goodness

    Great letter UC.

    I am 100% Team Edward, so in the books I just thought “yuck”

    But TayTay is hot, so in the movie I thought Bella should at least get a taste of that yummy before she commits forever to RPattz, I mean, Edward.

    And people – don’t be so judgmental about the “cheating” – Bella is just 18, she and Edward have been reunited for maybe 6 weeks at this point in the story. I’m not saying Bella should get all animal with Jake and lose the big V to him, but one steamy kiss does not make her evil or faithless. Even Edward doesn’t really get mad!

    • allryans

      Well, I think a steamy kiss with someone else when you’re engaged is cheating. Also cheating – telling someone else you love them. Bella cheated. What if Edward had done that? What if Jacob had had a little Nessie on the side? Yeah, I don’t think Bella would have been as magnanimous.

      • toooldforthis

        Gotta agree with you on that one. I’m pretty sure if I had swapped spit with some other guy the day after Mr. Old and I got engaged, he would consider that cheating.

        • Xylem108

          You are looking at this all wrong. remember the “Save the Wolves” flyers in Bella’s truck. She’s an animal rights activist, of course she would do all she could to save one wolf. Dag some people don’t want to give Bella any credit. *smirks*

      • Bex

        I totally agree with Allryans – cheating is cheating. MR didn’t really show why Edward wasn’t mad (bc Jacob is actually a manipulative prick). All she did was make Edward look like a douche for letting his fiancรฉ get away with telling another guy she loves him and macking on him (sloppily and awkwardly I might add). I wish MR would have explained things a little more – although I did forget all about the gross kiss almost instantly. Maybe it’s a way of my mind to protect itself…

      • StotheP


    • Stacey

      When I think of all the things I did when I was 18, well I was worse than Bella. Oh man, I was. Ugh. That’s when I remind myself that she’s still a teenager and going to do occasional, random acts of sheer stupidity.

      On a positive note, if we didn’t have the Jacob stuff, there wouldn’t have a story. I, for one, would miss these fun debates!

      • Krystle

        like Jessica said in her graduation speech, “it’s a time to make mistakes” and that’s what Bella was doing when she made out with Jake. All the characters have flaws….people are just harder on Bella.

    • Luludee

      I’m with you on this Milfy. In the books, I was disgusted that Bella was even thinking about possibly being in love with Jacob. She loves him but she is not, nor in my opinion was ever, in love with him. Girl was cray-cray for even thinking she might be. And this is the only time that I was ever annoyed with her. Otherwise I like Bella.

      I did however, grin like UC when the kiss happened in the movie. And I do not feel guilty about that. And in the movie I felt like it was to smooth over his getting upset about finding out about the engagement or as someone else already said, to give him a reason to live. I think that’s a legitimate reason to lock lips with someone who is not THE ONE.

    • whyamidoingthis

      I am also with you with regard to not judging a teenager making moral mistakes. I was NOT a perfectly moral teen.
      Thank you.

    • operarose

      Milfy, I am also with you on this as per my lengthy verbose comments below. I have never cheated in the tiniest bit but I also was never an eighteen year old about to get married and turned into a vampire with possible feelings for my werewolfy friend. Sometimes, it’s ok to kiss, and this is one of those times. Especially since she was upfront with Edward about it. (Not to say this didn’t make Bella an incredibly selfish b-tch for doing it…)

    • alisheeba

      I would kiss my best friend if I thought I was SAVING his life.
      And YES she said she Loved him, many times in fact, but she was CLEAR to define it as different then her soulmate-I’d rather die without you- need you more than oxygen- Love she has for Edward.
      Plus he was totally playing her! He had no intention of dying out there, but he wanted that kiss BAD so he found a way to get it!
      Edward didn’t get mad because he UNDERSTOOD Jake was “playing” every bit as hard as Edward and after all guys, Bella is only HUMAN lol…….

  • Xylem108.9

    Awww, UC, I knew you had it in you (not really), but its so good to know it can happen. The movie kiss was alright, I wanted Jacob to be the aggressor and kick it up a notch when she pulls his hair, but Stew wasn’t going to be out manned on that mountain. I’m gonna go on a limb and assume this was the assume this was the reported day that Rob was uncooperative.
    I’ve made peace with the fact that although I am book team Jake, I am movie team Edward. It’s a very confusing life I lead. I was most disapointed with the moment after the kiss…. Bella seemed less remorseful and more pissed off that her boyfriend might have spied on her cheating on him. I have dubbed this PimpBella Moment #7

    • whyamidoingthis


      I too, am book Team Jacob and movie Team Edward! It”s impossible not to be movie Team Edward because of Rob. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve mentioned before how much I think that having to exist as the undead for all eternity would suck (no pun intended), which is why I’m book Team Jacob.

      However, I remember the melodrama that is teen first love, and the whole romantic notions of “soulmate” and “destiny”, and can appreciate them, even in my old and curmudgeonly ways. So I can accept, for the sake of the readers’ romantic fantasies, that Bella only had one choice–Edward.

      But I most definitely cheered her indiscretion with Jacob. Girl’s gotta play the field a bit–know what it’s like to get some warm, non-marble-like lovin, before committing herself to eternal thirst. If these were just normal human relationships, I would be less understanding.

      Still haven’t seen Eclipse yet, and am so looking forward to that kiss with Jacob (as well as the Edward ones!).

      • Xylem108.9

        Finally! Someone who gets it. My deal with bookWard is that I’ve sort of been there done that and it’s not all that is cracked up to be later on. No, I didn’t fall for a vampire, but in my mind I thought of him similarly to how Bella thinks of Edward. He was beautiful, older, sophisticated, smelled great and was way way over protective. All the things that were sexy and awesome were not so much several years later, but he hadn’t changed. I had because I grew up. Whoah! That was a whole lot of personal, bit my point is that this ideal can really only be enjoyed in fantasy form.

        Take for instance, the scene when Edward disables her truck so that she doesn’t visit Jacob. In the book through the eyes of a lovesick teen that scene plays out as funny and chivalrous, bit when you watch that same scene as an outsider with verbatim dialog Edward seems like a control freak douchbag who is a few steps away from his first domestic violence incident. (scratch that, his second incident. I forgot about the birthday party).

        In short that’s why I’m team Jakes in the books.

  • Stacey

    I am going to admit something. Something that makes me feel, umm “durty”. I kind of liked the kiss w/puppy boy. (In the book, 8 more days before the movie for me.) It was, umm hot. Like knowing you have the “perfect” and probably anal retentive boyfriend and just dabbling with the rough around the edges, shirtless hunk of jorts wearing… Oh good god what am I saying! Need shower, kiss my sweet babies and think about cute, fuzzy bunnies.

    Let’s never mention this again. Like ever.

    • Xylem108

      I’m going to be good for once and not say what I thought you were going to say. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Oh, here is a hyphen – ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Stacey

        hee hee :0)

    • whyamidoingthis


    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      Okay, I won’t mention it, but I’ll be thinking about it. Oh yes I will. A lot.

  • Sassysmart

    I think that lots of folks think this but won’t admit to it. I did cheer in the theater. I also felt really bad for Jacob. I always have. So it makes me happy to see him at least get a kiss even if it does end up being a goodbye kiss.

    • toooldforthis

      I know I’m in the minority, but I never felt one ounce of sympathy for Book Jacob or Movie Jacob.

      He knew what he was getting into. He knew Bella was “irrevocably” in love with Edward.

      As the old saying goes “If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.”

      He should have known better.

      Of course, it’s possible I’m just a cold-hearted bitch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • dameironfury

        I’m totally with you. I saw the writing on the wall knew it was coming. (um…) But when it was actually about to happen and she said that she wanted him to kiss her, I wanted to punch her in the face. There, I said it.

        I was so angry that she was cheating on our, I mean, her sweet Edward, that I was ready to jump out of my seat. When she went back to camp and looked into his sad eyes, I wanted to go give him a hug and tell him that I would never kiss Jacob. EVER.

  • che

    i sholud see this on big screen cuz in the book i got so furious that i could kill Bella(yeah i’m %100 team Edward)
    but rather than in the book i didn’t hate wolfpack at NM
    so maybe i would change my mind for 2 seconds here too.
    but i got my final conclusion that Bella is a Total bitch and SM is %100 team Jacob
    she just had to make Bella chose Edwrad b/c of fans expectations.
    but i’m always claiming that Edward is way better than every single caracter cuz all of them were created by a human but he was inspaired by something special in her dream that u could never imagine on casual daytime
    sorry Steph there is just something more than u at Edward

  • Xylem108.9

    ” I think I understand your plight. You love them both. I love you with them both. Iโ€™d love myself with them both even more, especially if it were at the same time, but thatโ€™s for someone to write about and send to me secretly so I can keep it stashed in my secret fan fiction drawer next to my bed.”

    I wish I hadfanfic super powers to make this hPpen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Xylem108

      I had to thumb myself down on that one for technical difficulties. dear blog gods do you guys know that after typing a certain number of characters on the iPhone, the blog settings won’t let you see what you are typing? Is this a reply length control feature?

  • ShamelessHussy

    So, I took my son and two nephews to see Eclipse yesterday. ! I don’t know what the deal was with the crowd we watched the movie with. We went in the middle of the day due to plans they had later that night. I was not about to wait ANOTHER DAY to see it and I promised the kiddies I wouldn’t see it without them. The theater wasn’t packed which was okay since I wanted MY cheers and jeers to heard above everyone else. This group was so LAME! It was as though it was a bunch of people of were cheating on their partners with the Twilight Saga. (wait a minute, I’m cheating on my boo with the Saga. Actually I would call it more of an open relationship because he’s well aware) Anyhoo, I saw a few guys who were probably unicorns slip in right as the movie started with baseball caps slung low on their heads. I also saw a bunch of Linda Moores ( http://www.people.com/people/package/gallery/0,,20316279_20387834,00.html#20786160 ) When the movie came and we saw X, the boys and I cheered and were met with the weirdest looks. We curled up in our seats like BooBoo being scolded by Sam from disappointment, not shame. I think we’ll have to go and see it again with crowd who understands our passion and will allow us to freely express that love from highest point of Mount Olympia (or maybe on the rez since I’m afraid of heights)

    Thanks for letting me share

    • Obava

      I’m with you, ShamelessHussy- both audiences of the midnight showing and the 8pm later that day that I went to were BORING. i thought for sure the Midnighters would be all over that shit, yelling, hooting, hollering, laughing. But no. *I* had to start the squees at the midnight, and nothing got the crowd going at the 8 oclock. I was so disappointed, and wanted all of you LTTers right there with me. My Eclipse experience would have been so much better with some kindrid spirits ๐Ÿ™‚

      xo obava

      • ShamelessHussy

        I initially contemplated the idea of wearing my Wal-Mart Team Edward shirt and a “Bella Jacket” and a bad wig and sit right in the middle of the room and sprawl out and over-exaggerate until they all became so fed up and leave. Then I thought of the being 2nd embarrassing to all of us who are normal. I’ll just wait until it comes out of DVD and allow myself true emotional purging at that time. I’m still will see it again of course in theaters and hope for a better crowd. Wish me luck!

  • I sobbed during this “pity kiss”. Really.

    Right before it, I turned to my boyfriend and was like “This will be the most disgusting thing ever.”

    GROSSER THAN A SLUG, it was. Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.

    But, yes. I cried. Then I saw Edward’s face and I cried more. It was soooooooo sad.

    • Athena

      Oh man, I was CRYING like a baby on Monday night, and then on Tuesday – even when I already knew what it looked like – I bawled again. …Especially when I saw Edward’s face. I felt so bad for him, I wanted to coddle him, press his face into my bousom and tell him I’ll make everything better.. (and obviously for other reasons).

      I gotta say tho, it was feral, rough, and totally adrenaline-controlled. Hawt.

    • allryans

      I didn’t cry, but I did cringe, and when I saw Edward’s face, my heart clenched. So sad.

      • My sobbing was so weird. I didn’t expect it. I’ve never cried in a Twi movie before.

        But when Bella agreed to marry Edward AND then went and kissed the puppy, I kinda internalized it.

        If Edward isn’t safe from cheating, who in the hell is?

        No one. That just hit me in the gut so hard, forced the tears from my eyes.

        • toooldforthis

          I’m not sure what was worse. The kiss itself, or the fact that when she walked back to Edward, she “bitch-faced” him! Really, girlfriend? She just cheated and didn’t even show the slightest bit of remorse. At least in the book she had the decency to feel bad about it.

          Major Fail, Melissa Rosenburg!!

        • Xylem108.9

          Awww, Angel, I’m so sorry it made you cry. Here is a tissue*

          *Special edition Jacob printed Kleenex

          • toooldforthis

            I’d blow my snot all over that!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I know! Edward’s face after Bella kissed Jacob was absolutely crushing. My poor Edward.
      Damn you Bella! >:(

    • ldazzled18

      When I read the book, I really felt that the kiss wasn’t so much for Jacob, but Bella’s choice for a “normal, human life.” I’m not a big fan of Bella, but this was when she realized what could have been.

  • Vera

    Disagree to you, UC.

    I am 100% Team Edward, I think Bella gave Jacob much more than he deserved.

    Invasive should not be rewarded, guy who wants to be loved anyway often does not deserve attention, manipulatives should be faced and not kissed.

    I have not seen the movie, but the description of that scene still makes me sad …I do not like Eclipse but want to see Robward, then I’ll do as Moon, cover my face.

  • Sue G.

    Let me start by saying I am totally TEAM EDWARD. But I think Bella needed to kiss Jacob to make sure Edward was the one for her.

    She realized that while kissing Jacob was nice, it was not the same as kissing Edward. Kisses with Edward are more sensual, breathtaking and erotic.

    Bring on Breaking Dawn!

  • Michelle

    I hated it. Okay, a teensy part of me wanted it to be HOT (which it wasn’t)…but mostly all I could think was “that WHORE JUST TOLD EDWARD SHE WOULD MARRY HIM!” How COULD she?!??!”

    I thought she deserved a b*tch slap from Eddie honestly…

    I DO love Jacob…and he IS good for her in so many ways…but if Edward is your SOUL mate and you agree to marry him – DON’T MAKE OUT with another dude. LOL. Not hard, Bella.

    Geez, what a slut. A lucky, freaking lucky slut.

    Gosh, I’m so perverse today! Whore, slut, b*tch. What is up? Oh yeah…she CHEATED (albiet a kiss…but still!) on Edward!!? Who the FRICK does that?!

    Okay, going to dream about making Edward feel better now…mmmmm…

    PS – This is getting long…but I drug Hubby with me last night to see the movie again…um, just NOT the same with Hubs sitting next to you. Ovary explosions and melting into chair over another dude are just um…awkward.

    • che

      go michelle

    • claire’s mommy

      Agreed! I went and saw it with hubs for the first time, and I really felt I didn’t get the whole experience. Then he argued with me about it afterwards, and I told him to shut up because he didn’t even know what he was talking about.

      • Nelle

        Thank heaven my husband is amused by my interest in Twilight. Of course he thinks I am obsessed-lite, not totes obsessed (normal).

      • OnlyALittleObsessed

        Ugh, I saw it with my fiance and he started talking about how horrible it was the second the credits started rolling – ruined the whole experience ๐Ÿ™ Now I need to find some girlfriends so I can see it FOR REAL this time. Oh – and he actually seemed to like NM when I dragged him to that, WTF??

        • AJ

          I gave a thumbs down to your experience being ruined

          If you lived in Florida I’d invite you to go to our second viewing!

          • OnlyALittleObsessed

            I’m in DC, too bad!! But thanks for the offer – I’ll have to go find my ‘not-obsessed, but at least read the books’ friends and convince them to see it…maybe not mention I’ve already seen it once ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pinky

    I had the opposite reaction. I am completely Team Jacob (for me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and have been since the moment I struggled through book NM. Edward is far too controlling and soft, perfect for Bella. I’m from Baltimore and I think I know every damn thing, he would have completely drained my a$$ right there in Biology class. But it was only from this viewing of Eclipse that I was able to understand Edward’s plight and feel a little bad for him. The feeling that never waivers is my hate for Bella. Can someone please tell me why anyone loves her?

    • TeamJorts

      Pinky you took the words about Bella right out of my mouth!!!! I think I might be Team Jessica when it comes to the women in the book.

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse


  • TheColdWoman

    Okay, so I thought the movie kiss itself was hot (taking it out of context and forgetting that he’s Jacob and 10 times more manipulative than Edward) but the book kiss I definitely yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! and practically threw the book across the room. That part and the imprinting debacle in BD. So I guess I’m on both teams. Movie kiss was hot – Team UC, Book kiss was repulsive – Team Moon.

    • Xylem108

      You are right…. It was hot! And now anyone can re live it through the magic of 8-Bit Twilight Interactive.

      Warning: this game has the potential to bring down your productivity to stand still.


      • Obava

        X108 (I thought you added the .9, no?)

        AWESOME! Thanks for the link!!

  • Unlikelyfangirl

    Team UC!!! I think people are way too hard on Bella for her momentary lapse of sanity. Girl was an emotional wreck at that moment–newborn army, Victoria and worried about the Cullens and wolves facing that danger for her. It’s no wonder she caved when Jake manipulated her! The Kiss was vital to finally show her that she really did have to choose Edward because her other option was a compelling alternative. She more than beat herself up about it all (in the book) and it gave Edward a chance to show how great he really was. End Tweed Serious rant:)

    • whyamidoingthis

      I like you.

  • allryans

    I’m with Moon. I covered my eyes. Peeked a bit through my fingers to see when it was over. I felt like I was back to watching that hot tub scene with Kathy Bates. Or that old guy’s ass that Samantha dated that one time in SatC. In other words, not sexy – GUH ROCE.

    Bella should never have kissed Jacob. It was ok when I read the book – didn’t bother me as bad, although I hated Bella a little more and wanted to give Edward a big ol human girl hug from someone who would NEVER cheat on him, but the movie kiss – with TAYCOB? I repeat – gross. Edward’s face when she yells at him and follows Jacob – come on! That was sadder than any puppy dog eyes Jacob gives her.

    • StotheP

      ‘I hated Bella a little more and wanted to give Edward a big ol human girl hug from someone who would NEVER cheat on him’

      Yup. I guess I try not to focus on the heinous nature of the things Bella does so that I can continue to enjoy the story. I have to say, though, that if I really think about it . . . well, let’s just say that if one of my RL friends was kissing other people behind the back of a great guy who loved her? I would dump her even if neither guy did.

      You’re still a ho, even if you don’t get paid.

  • TeamJorts

    I heart this post hard! Okay when I read the Twilight books I just connected more with the Jacob character than with Bella and Edward. I’m sure I’m getting snarls and jeers for saying that, but I’m Team Jacob. Not in the sense that I want him with Bella, cause I don’t, but I just adored his personality in the books and I wanted to hug him. He knew she loved him, but he just didn’t realize it was just her ovaries screaming oh haaaaiiiiiii someday you’re gonna imprint on my fast growing baby. The kiss in the movie was hot, manipulative on both their parts, but hot none the less. Yay for Eclipse!

    And if Stephenie Meyer IS Team Jacob, I feel less guilty for saying I am.

    • Danielle

      Ohmygosh I completely agree I adored his personality too that is why I’ll always like Jacob better.

      • TeamJorts

        It’s WONDERFUL to know I’m not alone! Thank you for the back up!

        • Danielle

          No problem lol I’ve learned to stand strong against my Team Edward friends. They hate me for my love of Jacob oh well.

        • Pinky

          You’re not alone. I loved Jacob’s personality.

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      I wholeheartedly agree! I’m not Team Jacob and Bella, I’m Team Jacob….just himself! From the second his character was introduced in Twilight…he had me at First Beach!

    • MichaelSheenisaDILF

      YES!!! Serious hearts to you! I love Jacob because he actually acts like a real teenager–he’s funny, he’s horny, he’s manipulative, he wears his heart on his sleeve (when he wears a shirt). I really love when we get his perspective because Bella has such a one-track mind that she explains away a lot of things and is really rather stilted. She holds a lot of things inside and doesn’t explore a lot of things that make her uneasy. And, let’s face it, he IS hotter than Edward.

      I like this definition of “Team Jacob” a lot. I think if SM is Team Jacob, it’s this kind of Team Jacob, because Lord knows she makes that boy suffer something fierce!

      • TeamJorts


      • Danielle

        Omg that is exactly why I like Jacob better as I explained in another post he is just like a Boy a real 17 yr old guy. Idk his personality and just his attitude is more attractive then Edwards for me.

  • toooldforthis

    Did you say “egg cooking in the nude”?

    I only read BD once and I don’t remember that.

    But if Edward is cooking naked, well, that book might not be as bad as I thought it was.

    • mine!mine!mine!


      Oh. Yes. It. Is!

    • Obava

      I’m so worried about Edward’s sparkley man-bits, being that close to an open cooking fire. *Especially* now that we’ve seen how fast a vamp goes up in flame!

  • I’m thoroughly Team Edward here, but I was just like you UC. I had the same reaction when watching it in the theater. I’m not sure what it was, but for a split second (more like a millisecond) I switched. Didn’t take me long to switch back. I think watching Eclipse made me even more Team Edward than I was before.

    ps I feel like most of my theater was Team Jacob, or they were the most vocal groups there. There was applause when Jacob came on the screen, but don’t worry I didn’t participate.

  • Cindylou

    I am completely team Jacob! so I was cheering in my head during the kiss LOL and when I saw Edwards face I was thinking “haha!” sorry LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mine!mine!mine!

    I have never understood this relationship. Edward is supposed to be her soul mate, Why The Fuck would you be kissing wolf boy. It just never made any sense! I’ve never been a big fan of Bella but by the third book I could have cheerfully stabbed her. She strings both of them along, she cheats on Edward and yet they both still want her. Why can’t I find myself two gullible idiots to fall for me and let me do whatever I dame well like, whenever I dame well want. My dislike for Bella hasn’t decreased and I can never forgive her for her betrayal of Edward…(I obviously need to get a life!)

    Bad form Miss Swan, very bad form!

    • toooldforthis

      I love you!

    • toooldforthis

      Also, whenever I read Eclipse, I can’t help but wonder if Edward is thinking, “Damn! I waited 100 years for this bitch!”

      • misty

        TOFT bwahahaha your hilar!

      • whyamidoingthis

        Ha ha ha ha!
        I love it!

    • alisheeba

      Did everyone who is hating on Bella forget that Edward DUMPED her in New Moon!? We all know he was trying to “protect” her, but SHE didn’t know that at the time!! She really believed he didn’t Love her anymore and it wrecked her LIFE. The relationship with Jake that sprung forth from that was necessity for her and saved her life. A necessity created by Edward. He knows that, and that’s why he tolerated it.

  • I was down with the pity kiss in the book, but I didn’t like it in the movie. It just didn’t seem….right. I had just watched the BEST AND MOST AMAZING SCENE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE–the one with the sexy leghitch and the awesome proposal*–and it just seemed WRONG for Bella to ask Jacob to kiss her after she just agreed to marry her true love.

    PLUS, I was totally heartsick each and every time I saw Edward’s face when Bella would do something Jacob-y. I just wanted to walk right up to the screen, tap him on the shoulder (or thigh, if his shoulder was way up there where I couldn’t reach) and ask him if he needed a hug and tell him that I’d read the book so I knew that everything was going to be ok. Seeing Edward so sad made made me sad.


    *Seriously, was that not the very best Edward scene in the whole movie? He looked extra delicious and his acting was completely perfect.

    • fangbanger

      Hahah. Thigh tap! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michelle

      Thigh tap FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • StotheP

      I started to get pissed when Bella and Edward discussed her not wearing her engagement ring, and it all went downhill from there.


  • TeamJacobEdward

    See this is where I noticed a double standard with myself. I am a100% without a doubt a Team Edward girl. Always have, and can’t see that changing. Ever. Edward and Bella were made for each other. Soul mates.

    But I’m all for a really hot kiss. So even though I hate me a cheater and was literally yelling at Bella and wanted to smack her upside the head when reading Eclipse (my very least favorite book of the series because I got so dang pissed at Bella for being stupid), I found a teeny, tiny bit of myself wanting her to kiss Jacob and make it good. Really good and hot, because I knew she’d do it and if she was going to, she’d better do it well. Both in the book and the movie… And I too felt instantly ashamed and guilty after the fact that I wanted and liked their kiss… And then got REALLY pissed at Bella for cheating on Edward and yelled at her again (not out los in the theater) and wanted to smack sense into her. Because how DARE she make me want and like the Jacob kiss!

  • Robjunkie

    Ugh. Book Jacob repulsed me, and movie Jacob annoyed me. I resented his mere presence. Who the hell do you think you are, trying to get in the way of epic love you dog! Go flex your muscles elsewhere, I ain’t buying what you’re selling.

    • Xylem108

      At times like these I wish it were possible to give simultaneous up an down thumbs ’cause you insulted Jakey, but you did it with so much…. WIN!

      • DJTanner&theFullHouse


      • Robjunkie

        Aww guys, sorry about the Jake-hate, but I guess my Edward love just brings out the bitch in me. I still heart all my Team Jacob LLT sistas!

        • DJTanner&theFullHouse

          There is enough love to go around! You get Eddie, we get Jakey, everyone is happy!

  • J-9

    That kiss with Jake NEEDED to happen on the big screen, especially after the blue balls those two gave me in NM. Team Edward all the way! But I wouldn’t kick Jake out of my bed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for showing Bella some love and understanding. Many people judge her but they do not understand how tough that decision was for her. In a perfect world she might had stayed with both of them. Jake (MWF) and Edward (STTS), Edward gets more days :). Or if she were feeling a bit frisky both at the same time ;). Sigh, but I guess that’s MY perfect world. Either way, yes she was forced to choose and she chose well, her soulmate. I don’t hate ya Bella! I heard someone mutter “selfish” when the New Moon theater scene was playing involving Jake and Bella’s special moment. “Ugh! Whatever homey! Don’t hate cuz Bella’s got it like that and you don’t!”. That’s what I felt like screaming back at that chick. But good thing my sis was sitting next to me to hold me back. After Eclipse and all the KStew hate that’s been going on I am SO Team Bella!

    So hey Bella! Do your thing girl! I ain’t mad at ‘cha! (Tupac reference on a Twilight based website? I knew you wouldn’t mind)

    Love love LOVE LTT!


  • Danielle

    Aww I loved Jacob since the second book. I’ll always be Team Jacob not like insane or anything I just think he’s better. Sometimes I think it’s cause I read the series when I was younger like same age as Jacob and just thought he was better, I’m not really into the perfect type of guy. People alyways say Jacob is rude or whatever but he’s just a BOY I have no other way to explain it he is a 17 yr old boy I’m in high school lets face it they arn’t perfectly controlled 109 gentlemen! Plus Jacob isn’t so bad he actually cares and lets face it he isn’t boring as hell he is actually funny, Edward bores me.
    Oh well back to the movie. Am I the only one and not just because of my Team Jacob status who thought the kiss was super hot. Def my fav in the whole movie.
    Of course I think she made the wrong choice but I was never delusional about what was going to happen I knew she was going to pick Edward it was always Edward. The only thing that makes me angry is I think Jake gets the short end of the stick in the fourth book.
    Also I would like to think if Bella chose him he would have never imprinted cause Renesmee doesn’t exist so isn’t there only one soul mate for you?

    • TeamJorts

      I love me some Jacob too! But I never wanted him to be with Bella in the books because she just flat out uses him to feel better about herself in New Moon. I don’t doubt she cares for him, but it is somewhat selfish. I was hoping he’d find mad love somewhere else, then we got the whole baby imprinting thing! So two thumbs up for my fellow Team Jacob. We gotta stick together. Plus the haters on his “forceful nature” should remember she did quite a bit of leading on as well.

  • Lovintherain

    I have seen Eclipse twice now, and neither time could I actually watch the Jake/Bella kiss. Hands over face, with a sinking feeling in my belly. I do try to remind myself that Bella is only 18, but even at 18 you would think that you could last more than one day being engaged before you kiss another dude. Yuck!
    That said, Eclipse is my favorite of the saga, so I must love the drama! And I always liked Bella (in the books). I was surprised how many of my friends hated Bella and found her weak and whiny. From the start I have always been 100% Team Edward, but I can see why Jake might make Bella think twice. I just think if there was kissing to be done, it should have happened before she was engaged.

  • Stacey

    I might just have to admit it to myself, I’m on “Team Like Making Out”.

    • whyamidoingthis

      You keep saying things that I agree with.

    • Obava

      Team Makey-Outy FTMFW!

  • Jenn

    I was with UC on this. I dropped my Team Edward banner for second there and got caught up in the moment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • claire’s mommy

    Was anyone else just entirely pissed off when she hopped on the back of Jake’s bike? Not saying I didn’t want her to, but there’s no way book Edward would have let that one fly. Snowball’s chance in hell.

    Ok, on to the point….I think I may be in the middle of a Team conversion. I have always been firmly Team Edward….but I will admit that when it comes down to looks, I am far more attracted to Taylor than Rob *dodges the stones being thrown* If it were me, I think I would have chosen Jacob. I can’t honestly say I’m Team Edward anymore. ok, off to hide so no one can beat me down for this comment.

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      Come over to our side – it’s warm here…

      • claire’s mommy

        Hehe, I like the heat!

        • DJTanner&theFullHouse

          Yes – hot, goofy, loyal and fun, that is basically our creed.

          • claire’s mommy

            Sounds good to me!

  • HmScTwiMomX2

    SO I am Team Edward 100%…BUT for that few seconds I have to say I was Team Jacob for like 15 seconds. Then I was over it.
    You got this one right UC!

  • StotheP

    UC, with respect, NO.


    I mean, I’m glad Moon didn’t shank you while you were over there MAKING BAD CHOICES, but . . . . NO.

    I’ll never understand Bella having her cake and eating it, too. I don’t care if she just licked the icing. YOU ALREADY HAVE A PIECE, YOU WHORE. I HOPE YOU GET FAT.

    • Lovintherain

      I hope you get fat…..hahahhahahahahhahaha!

    • Nelle

      StotheP- I am so LOL (OUT LOUD) over this. I am going to be late for a meeting but had to tell you. Heck with the job, right? Who needs it?


    • Xylem108.9


      S2daP!!!! My sides hurts, that shiz so funny. Would it change your view to consider, to Bella’s credit, that she already has a piece of ICE cream cake, but right now in the cold mountains she’s really more in the mood for WARMED apple pie? Great, now I’m hungry!

      • Lovintherain

        Damnit! Ice cream cake and apple pie are my two favorite desserts. What is a girl to do?!

      • StotheP

        NO! That doesn’t change my mind, it just makes me think of American Pie.

        Which makes me think of Jasper sleeping with Emmett’s mom and Jessica talking about how one time, at band camp . . .

        Nice try, though, HI, XY!

    • Alice_NaA

      “I HOPE YOU GET FAT.” <- THIS!

    • Robjunkie

      YES, YES AND YES. Comment of the day!

  • Kells

    Nope. Team Jacob never. Hated him in the books. Find him and Lautner incredibly annoying in the movies.

  • Eddie’sGal

    I’m Team Edward 100%. I’ve just always thought Team Jacob people missed the point a little…its about true love and sacrificing to be with the one person you can’t live without…not settling for second best just because its easier!

    I love Edward because of the way he loves her, even though she rarely deserves it, if ever. She leads them both on and this kiss was the culmination of her selfishness, her ultimate act of betrayal.And the way the girl just brushed it off?As if it was his fault that he caught her?!Oh if I had gotten my hands on her right then…

    But Edward forgives because thats who he is. He doesn’t make her choose, he doesn’t just think about what he wants unlike both Bella and Jacob. I was fairly neutral in my feelings for Jacob in the books, I didn’t care either way about him, until he asked Edward to leave again in the tent. He didn’t give a crap about what that would do to Bella, only what it would do for him!

    So yeah the kiss made me feel sick…Edward’s little face broke my heart!

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      I don’t know about everyone else, but this Team Jacob girl doesn’t necessarily even want Bella with Jacob – Bella and Edward together is fine in my book – I get it. I just felt more drawn to the Jacob character in the book personally, and he is who I would have chosen, hands down. But that’s just me. I don’t think we have all missed the point, we just like different types of guys and the types of relationships you would have with those guys. I personally wanted Jacob to end up with Leah for pretty much all of BD!

      • Pinky

        I am all for Bella and Edward. I don’t know where the misconception comes in that just because a girl is Team Jacob means that she wants him for Bella. That is totally not the case. I like his character and I want him to have a happy ending too. A life with Bella isn’t a happy ending for anyone in my opinion.

      • Obava

        Me too! I was SURE Jake & Leah were going to end up togehter- that was totally where it was going, and then I was all like “WTF?!?”

    • Robjunkie

      Eddie’sGal – You Nailed It!

  • Tex Bottle Blonde

    Warning: Grandma words of wisdom coming your way.

    I always thought Jacob was in the book as the “young Charlie” character so that Bella would have a choice between staying in Forks and having a typical life OR run like hell and find her bliss. Around Jacob and Charlie both, Bella was quiet, passive, almost submissive. Around the Cullens, Bella was outspoken, demanding, and brave. (Also remember how she was intelligent and decisive at school and frequently gave great advice to her friends.) Around Edward she felt sexy and desired. With Jacob it was a relationship built on convenience.

    The key is when Charlie sits on her bed in NM and tells her it would be ok to “settle” for what love she could get. I knew Bella had too much of her mom in her for that. Edward offered her an instant family — who loved her. After you’ve been kissed by a sparkling vampire, let a dangerous but beautiful man sleep in your bed night after night, the long talks all night and in the meadow, well. The choice is apparent. The seductive, dangerous intimacy she has with Edward was something Jacob could never give her.

    It bothered me reading the books that SM went so far to make Jacob seem the perfect alternative suitor/bodyguard for Bella (SM switched sides somewhere) but a good story needs drama…

    In the movie, Bella’s speech to Edward at the end was perfect. It showed that someone (Slade, MR, SM?) was paying attention to the character of Bella.

    Big love
    Grandma TBB

    • StotheP

      Ooooooo. I like this reasoning. I really, really do. Very thought-provoking. I shall put on my tweed beret and ponder this over a cup of hot tea.

    • Luludee

      I am seriously loving you for this.

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    Right there with ya, UC! I 100% agree. I do love Jake, and he is all those wonderful things you said. In another world where there was no Edward, he could have made her completely happy. But….there IS Edward, and that is all that really matters!

    On another note, I really wanted that kiss to be as amazing and HOT as it was in the book, and it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel the heat. It was kinda sweet, which is nice, I guess, but come on! Sweet is not what I came to see!

  • operarose

    UC, I love Jacob (and I know he loves me too) and I love you for writing this letter.

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      For serious!

    • operarose

      I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding “Team Jacob” by the way. I think it means a lot of different things depending on who you’re talking to. Some think that Bella belongs with Jacob (they are the delusional ones), some simply like Jacob better as a person/character (I am pretty sure that’s Stephenie Meyer, and me…), and some like the movie Jacob better (whether it’s because Taylor portrayed him so well, he’s got a rock solid body, whatever, etc.)

      I am totally Team Edward for Bella. They belong together. C’est tout.

      However, if *I* were in Bella’s position and two guys were fighting over me, and I could choose between a hybrid of book/movie Edward vs. book/movie Jacob, I would so run off with book/movie Jacob. What can I say, I like them tall, dark, handsome, and muscular. And I love his intense wear-my-emotions-on-my-sleeves-beat-up-creepazoid-vamps-for-you self. And I would NOT have restrained myself with him in the bedroom, in the tent, and everywhere else Bella’s been alone with him. What can I say, I’d be a complete slut around Jacob. Whereas Edward would bring out the…Edwardian prude in me and it would just be boring after a while.

      So when I see the movie, I am, 9 times out of 10, pining over Jacob. I feel for him and I want him to be begging for me the way that he’s begging for Bella. Hell (oops-sorry Stephenie Meyer, if you are reading, I meant to say, “holy crow”), even my fiance just last night said (in jest?!?!) he was “gay for Jacob.” I’m pretty sure Jacob will be joining us on our honeymoon. But anyways, in brief, by being Team Jacob, I simply mean I support him in many ways.

      …But Bella can have Edward.

      • Liz

        looool, my man has a “guy-crush” on Jacob as well.

        And I agree that Edward just seems more stiff, and traditionally romantic, whereas Jacob is just a beast. I’d be a complete slut around him too. ;D

        But yeah – definitely “Team Jacob” not “Team Jacob and Bella”. No confusion there.

        • operarose

          Thank you – I’m super relieved to know that I’m not the only one with a man who has a mancrush on Jacob!

      • DJTanner&theFullHouse

        You took the words right out of my heart and mouth! I wrote something similar a few lines up…

        I am Team Jacob for Jacob alone (well, you know, with me, but whatever), not for him and Bella together! Just him. Love him!

      • Pinky

        Beautifully put, Operarose. You are soooo my hero right now.

  • whyamidoingthis

    One thing I guess trips me up on this whole “triangle” thing. How is it that some other male than Edward is Bella’s best friend? Does anyone here in our lovely community have this experience? I don’t mean BFFs who are gay men or men with significant others, obviously. I mean hetero male BEST FRIENDS. I also don’t mean just friends (like ex’s)–but serious, best friends.

    My hubs is my best friend. I can’t imagine having a dude who I confide in with everything (or who would even want to have to deal with all my shit) who is completely separate from the person I’ve committed myself to and share a bed with. Guess this explains part of why I’m Team Jacob (at least in the book).

    • operarose

      Yes. This might make a difference in how open you are to the concept of “team Jacob,” too. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I do understand how you can be good friends with a guy and then romantically involved with another. And (although this part hasn’t happened to me), I can see how a friendship can develop into feelings of romantic love and just get to be really confusing and conflicting.

      To elaborate, I have several good (straight) male friends. We never had a romantic relationship and they were all friends I had before I met my husband-to-be, so he accepts them (and is good friends with one of them, too). I would resist forming a new male BFF nowadays, because I find that is usually inappropriate once you are in a serious relationship/married. But I couldn’t imagine stopping being friends with the guys I was friends with before, because they have already established themselves as important people in my life. We don’t do anything too “inappropriate” like go to dinner without my husband. But I don’t want to sever all ties with them just because I’m getting married. Anyways, I will add a disclaimer that I have never been as close to them as Bella is with Jacob. But I could see how it could happen. At one point a few years ago my (now-fiance) and I broke up and I actually grew kind of close to one of the guys for a few weeks. It could have probably turned romantic if (my fiance and I) hadn’t worked it out. :S In other words, I totally buy the Jacob/Bella scenario.

      So back to Bella and Jacob, yes, their relationship does step over a few lines…but for good reason, too. For the sake of a good story, Bella “needs” to consider the possibility of being with Jacob because of the implications of being with Edward. I think he was a really important character. Meanwhile, “in real life,” I would never need to fall in love/kiss one of my guy friends to know I was supposed to be with my husband-to-be…that would be inappropriate in “real life”. But I think that makes a lot of sense for Bella to need to do. After all, when she kissed Jacob, she was 18 and was about to marry a guy (not yet married! that is important.) that she needed to change species for. I think it was appropriate in the context of her situation to really “try out” being romantic with Jacob.

      The progression of her relationship with Jacob is natural. She really became good friends with him when Edward left. Jacob naturally wants Bella (from my experience guys have a harder time separating “friends” and “lovers” category than women do). Edward steps back into the picture, and she could keep him in the “friend” category whereas Jacob was infuriated and well we know how the rest of the story goes. I think this is a pretty realistic scenario from my experience. Ultimately though Jacob needed to respect Bella’s decision to be with Edward. If he had been more mature, he might have been able to carry on an adult, friendly relationship with Bella. But he wasn’t and then he imprinted and so on and so fourth.

      No idea if I was clear, but that’s my take on it all.

      • operarose

        holy crow, I had no idea I wrote so much! sorry for taking so much virtual commenting space!

        • operarose

          I also misread your comment and thought you said you didn’t understand how she could be friends with Jacob. Basically my argument doesn’t make too much sense in the context of your comment, because I also agree with you. However, I can also see how Bella can be in love with one person AND friends with another.

          Like you, though, I’d ultimately go with the person I was in love with AND friends with. I am not better friends with any guy than my fiance. I want to be FRIENDS and IN LOVE with the person (and in my personal life I am). Which means….I don’t get why Bella didn’t choose Jacob either. She chose Edward though, because Stephenie Meyer set it up that way I guess.

          Welllllll again apologies for blathering on. I’ve just confused myself and all of you so I’m going to step out for some air… might just thumbs down myself for talking so much.

          • DJTanner&theFullHouse

            Marry me!

          • whyamidoingthis

            Hi operarose,
            Yes, we are in agreement! I am married and I also have male friends. But none of those single, straight, male friends are my absolute best, closest friend to whom I tell stuff that I won’t even tell my husband. Also, none of them hate my husband and vice versa. I would never sneak away to go and have much more fun with them than I ever do with my husband, nor feel that they are “my sun” and so much more fun and comfortable to hang out with. My absolute best male friend is my husband. He’s “my sun” and the guy whose company I prefer most of all. It’s Bella’s level of intimacy and intensity of BFF-dom that confuses me. Makes it really seem like Jacob is the best match.

          • operarose

            So it’s settled. I love you all! And we all love Jacob!

          • operarose

            P.S. if anyone asks me to marry them, I expect the proposal to be on a golden duvet accompanied by a big oval-shaped cocktail ring with tiny black and white diamonds that barely fits on my finger and is generally unattractive.

        • operarose

          Whyamidoingthis, after your last comment, and based on our whole discussion going on here, you’re starting to make me think that not only is Jacob *my* favourite guy but maybe Bella should have chosen him. I’m sorry I said the people who are “team Jacob for Bella” are delusional – I take it back – because actually this is compelling argument. The moment Bella met Edward, the two were *in love.* That was it. I can’t imagine marrying someone I am “just” *in love with*. To me, love isn’t enough. You have to be serious friends with them too. Someone once said that love can fade – or at the very least, there are ups and downs in love – but to me, if you’re in a down period, but married to your best friend, then at least you still have your best friend. There’s still safety, security, and happiness in that, and greater chances that the two of you will work things out and get through the “down time.” I would not be comfortable marrying someone who wasn’t my best, best friend.

          I don’t think there is compelling proof that Bella and Edward were friends. They just had pure animal attraction from the beginning. Once they were married, they had their child and sex in common. I guess that’s not bad. But is it really good? Would it not get boring after….eternity? And on top of it all, if you’re Bella you then have a freaky soap opera story going on with your best friend being married to your daughter…. talk about confusing.

          • I love your comments operarose. You always make me think. Even if that does mean I’m thinking on a Friday afternoon, something I try exceptionally hard to avoid.

          • Lovintherain

            I agree with you. My husband is my best friend, and has been for about 16 years now. However, I will never forget the very first moment I laid eyes on him. I was 14 and had just arrived at summer camp. He was 15 and the cutest skater boy, listening to Suicidal Tendencies (yes this was a long time ago…I am getting up there), with the best sense of humor. But before I knew any of that, I was hit with a strange sensation that I could be patient and somehow I knew he was the love of my life. We started dating 8 years later. So…I think that is why I completely buy Bella and Edward immediately loving one another. Maybe I just read into it that they will become best friends over time. But I think we all bring something from ourselves into the story when we read.

          • Tex Bottle Blonde

            Oh, I so disagree! There are nights in her bedroom where Bella and Edward talked all night and in the meadow, and they were together in every class, homework… They liked the same music, the same books, and Edward had every respect for her intelligence. The movies only show a thimble full of their interactions. Oh well, it’s cool. Everyone has different feelings about this Twilight thing. I like book Edward best anyway. I love Taycob. Good will to all. Love this site.


      • Luludee

        Once again you have given us a perfect analysis! Everything you said was spot on.
        Team OperaRose!!

        (Seriously, you’re one of my favs on here!)

  • Liz

    I have to admit, I’ve always been Team Jacob. Even in the books – but then, I do have a small soft spot for cocky, sarcastic boys.

    I know I’ll get sticks and stones pelted at me, but I’ve always thought Edward was a little…possessive and controlling. Messing her car up so she couldn’t go see Jacob? Loooow, my friend, low. He just doesn’t radiate the self confidence that Jacob does. It’s like he’s questioning Bella’s feelings for him, and that’s always been a turn off in my book. “Safety” be damned, he just doesn’t want her seeing that hot chunk of wolf meat. ;D

    I also don’t buy in to the whole “soul mate” thing, either. Maybe it’s just the cynical gal in me coming out, but I myself very quickly let go of the idea as teen. In high school, every love feels like a “soul mate”, and it’s only after you’ve been through a few of those passionate relationships, that you realize having someone in your life that’s warm, loving, and can be not only your best friend, but your lover, seems like a really great way to spend the rest of your life.

    Now, did I really want Jacob with Bella? No. Did I want her with Edward? Not really. She annoyed that crap out of me, that I like that the KStew version has some spine. XD However, I would’ve like the B/J kiss to be a little more uncontrolled. It just seemed really, really sweet to me. But maybe that’s also my weakness for muscley tanned men coming through.

    Now Jasper is different story. After Eclipse, I think I may say screw both the main boys and hop on his train. XD

    • Danielle

      lol hot chunk of wolf meat so great. I don’t think my bf would want me hanging out alone with him in a garage either.

  • Robjunkie

    I just got back from my 2nd viewing of Eclipse and I gotta say I’m even more annoyed with the supposed Bella and Jacob love. I do not even for one second believe that Bella’s choice was supposedly so heart-wrenching – I guess it was portrayed better in the book, but in the movie, nope, did. not. get. it. at. all. Maybe my Edward boner is so rock solid that nothing can penetrate it, or maybe it’s the acting, but all I got was Jacob being a try too hard. He’s trying so hard to make Bella believe that she loves him, and Bella is looking at him plaintively, like, okay, I guess I do love you too. I’m annoyed that they’re trying to sell me something but making zero effort to get me to buy it. That kiss on the mountain wasn’t epic love, it was epic fail. There was no passion, that kiss fell flat on its face up on that mountain and got buried in the snow. In comparison, the Bella/Edward love was so sweet, so romantic, so intense. Edward was just a big ol swoonfest from start to finish. When he and Bella are on his bed and he’s telling her about how he would have courted her, and then he proposes, I may or may not have whimpered in the movie theatre. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Robward in the tent DIED me, especially when he told Jacob to keep his farts to himself.

    The Cullens were fierce in battle, although Esme could have laid off the botox a bit. But OMG, this movie is so amazing. If I should ever run into David Slade I’m gonna leg-hitch the shit out of him, and then dry hump him for good measure.

    • Nelle

      Hate hate hate to say this but maybe the kiss was a fail because there isn’t any chemistry at all between actual Kristen and Taylor. And there is (Gah!) between Rob and Kristen? But yes- Edward in the tent was just heaven!

    • Danielle

      I actually disagree I thought the Jacob/Bella kiss was pretty hot, just because it was different doesn’t mean it was bad. But I do believe that they did a bad job fully showing how big Bella’s choice was and the love that (although not as strong) did exist for Jacob. It looked to sympathy they needed Bella to flash foward see her other life and then cry a lil like in the books it would have given the audience a much better understanding.

  • Elliebelle

    I think the whole Jacob kiss was great for the story, for Bella, and for me, the reader. It was spontaneous and a one time deal, which takes away the slutty factor for me.

    A great kiss like that sticks in your head forever, and for me, anyway, a truly memorable kiss is a rarity. My husband gets all the benefits even if he wasn’t a star player in them,’cause they still rev me up when I think of them.

    • I have a feeling there are a whole lot of LTT husbands who have been the beneficiaries of kisses they were not the star in…

    • operarose

      “A great kiss like that sticks in your head forever, and for me, anyway, a truly memorable kiss is a rarity.”

      So, so, so true.

  • well, i see the movie tonight (i know, what took me so long?!!) and i will be like Moon, pretend covering my face when that yucky kiss happens. i am totally team leghitch, not team sloppy-sympathy-kiss.

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