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Open Post: Call us Team Switzerland

Here’s what we’ve learned when it comes to Kristen Stewart: You either LOVE her, or HATE her.  But we’ve discovered the secret to blogging about her while avoiding death threats being sent via misspelled tweets. Although, I’m not sure we want to avoid those… Haven’t you noticed by now we love a little drama? It’s too fun when the crazies come out of their lairs. So, anyway, this weekend we’re bringing you a K-Stew lova’ and a hata.’ Just call us TEAM SWITZERLAND!

Confessions of a Stewlaholic

Dear LTT,

I’m finally coming out of the closet and admitting – I am a major Stew-aholic. I have admitted defeat and realised that I am in the minority but I cannot hold it in any longer – Kristen Stewart makes me question my sexuality. During the course of this fan letter I will talk you through the stages of my apparent Stewsession (see what I did there?!)

Stage 1 – The First Meeting

It’s November 20th 2008 and I find myself sat in a slightly crowded cinema screen with my sister. The God that is Sir Robert Pattinson graces the screen and I find myself head over heels in love with this beautiful, beautiful man. Bella blinks and breathes quite a bit. Two hours later and after a lot of swooning, I leave the cinema screen knowing that this is only the beginning, that HHH will be occupying my thoughts, computer screen and walls for a long while to come. Twilight was an intoxicating experience for me, not having read the books, and naturally Edward was more of a focal point for me than Bella was. And then came the books . . .

Stage 2 – Getting to Know One Another

Naturally, about a day later I found myself purchasing all four books, then proceeding to read all four within one weekend. Bella was a nice companion to read with, she had an understandable teenage girls mind that I felt I could relate to myself, since we’re both ridiculously level-headed and mature for our age. And then I read the series again . . . and again, and my books became more and more tattered as I read nothing but them. I soon found myself entranced by the characters, in particular Bella & Edward, so took to the internet to do a spot of light reading . . .

KStewlaidStage 3 – Intense Research & Analysis

So after a few minutes of googling I find myself useful sites such as www.bellasdiary.com & www.team-twilight.com , which eventually led me to these two wonders, LTT & LTR. The sites open me up to the enigma that is Kristen Stewart, her everyday life and the criticism that surrounds her. A nice 3 week holiday in San Francisco, L.A & Florida later and I return with ‘In The Land Of Women’ on DVD, that I happened to spot by chance in Target and let my curiosity for what she has to offer outside of Bella Swan get the better of me. I must admit, easy-on-the-eyes Adam Brody plays a lead role in making this movie good, but Kristen has the self-conscious teenager role down to a tee, her acting made me admire her even more. So I did what any loyal fan would do and I imdb’d that shit, and as soon as that was done I headed down to my local HMV (yes, that was the music store RobStu were pictured in in London) and bought myself a copy of Panic Room & Into The Wild. (Just to clear up, I did not find her in the slightest bit attractive in Panic Room, I don’t want Chris Hanson on my case . . .)

Stage 4 – Realization

Go Ahead... Click that

So it was around the beginning of October 2009 (almost a whole year after first laying eyes on KStew) that I realised that I have a big, fat lesbian crush on her (so so tempted to quote Mean Girls then..) and nobody can help me now. I’m not in the slightest bit ashamed to admit that the folder entitled “Kristen Stewart” holds more than 80 more pictures than the one called “Robert Pattinson”, (bring on the “wtf’s?!”!).

In conclusion:

Now my daily internet time is mainly spent reading about whatever news my 3 main sites have to offer me on Kristen Stewart.
Being the make-up junkie that I am, I select a picture at random of her everyday and try to replicate her eye make-up since it is always seemingly flawless. I spent a sick day in bed perusing the internet and managed to watch her on Jay Leno three times because I found her so adorable. I’ve based my Art GCSE final piece on her public image and the criticism she receives from the media for her acting. I wrote an essay about her in my English class. And after writing this letter I really do think I have the potential to be a lesbian… Plus she has the most enviable pair of legs I think I have ever laid eyes on.

(Apologies for the over usage of brackets and ellipsis in this letter! They’re like my own personal brand of “irrevocably” and “smooth contours of Edwards chest”).

Lovin’ me some Stewie 2k10,

Team No-Stew after the jump!

The Non-Fan letter

Dear Fandom,

I know I am supposed to write something nice about Twilight here, but I have something to say to you! Yeah, you!

Why do you hate me?! You are my closest friend, my family, still my enemy! The reason? I don’t like Kristen Stewart. Now it’s out, I’ve said it and am cowering in my bed waiting for the lovers to come and get my head…  I don’t know why I deserve punishment, though.

I can dislike Nikki for not being the blonde type and therefore not being the perfect Rosalie. I can dislike Ashley for taking private photos for her boyfriend some years ago. But I can’t dislike Kristen.

I don’t like her. Her acting in Twilight was far from good, I just don’t count two facial expressions as a great performance.  I don’t like her cause she rarely laughs, she looks pissed off 70% percent of the time. I don’t like that she can’t stay in a dress and heels for two hours at an official after party while all the other girls just live through it (yeah, I bet they have so much more fun in those death traps). I don’t know her and never will. I don’t know what she really thinks when she looks like everything around her grates on her nerves, but I don’t know Rob either, still I love him and I never have to explain myself in that case!

I know you don’t like critical opinions. Everything is perfect, may it be that awful haircut Esme had in New Moon or the cheesy scene in the woods in Twilight. To bluntly say “IT’S NOT GOOD” is not well received. I get that. Sometimes there are brave people who just say [it] out loud what they think, not caring if their heads could roll. And then everybody’s relieved and finally able to nod their head… Not so with Kristen.

I always have to explain or defend myself in her case. I always can feel the hate when I say that I don’t like her, that I don’t think she’s the best actress, the most beautiful girl, the best dressed woman and the most charming person in this universe. I’m a hater then. I’m told to tone it down.

Why can others run whole blogs about how totes awesome and perfect for Rob she is, but I’m not allowed to say: “Excuse me, but I don’t think so!” We all know what happens then… Why do I have to argue with people about the reason? Why do I have to watch videos then where she smiles once and says something nice to a fan?

Dear fandom I want my freedom back, the freedom to say I JUST DON’T LIKE THAT GIRL.

Yours sincerely,

Image sources*: Googled “Krisbian” and went to Facebook and found ” I hate Kristen” and “Team Krisbian” pages. Thank them for all the brilliancy and also try that sometime. It’s the best hobby EVER to find pro-Kristen & anti-Kristen pictures.

Do I really need to guide you in a discussion this weekend? Isn’t it obvious what you’re supposed to do? Find the best Krisbian and anti-Kristen images & videos EVER and post them in the comments, of course!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Love her.
    That is all.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Love this BLOG POST! – both sides of it! – that is all.

  • eatmyjorts

    x.rosa.lie…GSCE Art? You’re a British Teenager! Do I know you?

    • x.rosa.lie

      possibly?! I don’t know, I live in Manchester? x

      • eatmyjorts

        It was a long shot, but I’m down South. I’m a Youth Worker who’s in school a lot & would love to meet an LTT comrade!

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  • Sj

    Team Whatever, I’m just here for the crazies.

    • Sj

      Disclaimer: I mean the visiting Krisbian crazies, not the normal LTTer crazies. I prefer to be ‘there’ for them.

      • eatmyjorts

        You had me worried there for a moment…But seriously, what is it with the Twi-crazies? The Twi-moms terrify me, despite being my age. The only thing I have in common with them is my aging ovaries.

        The crazies here, however, appear to share my sense of humour & love of satire. Such. A. Relief.

        • Stacey

          You are awesome, that is all.

  • natashadushi

    Waving Switserland flag while juggeling some balls….

    • Sj

      That is some talent you’re showing.

  • I completely agree.

  • I was kinda neutral at first about Kristen. I mean I thought she LOOKED Bella’s part as much as possible and to be honest, I don’t think I noticed the blinking and lip-biting until the critics brought it up. Guess I was just too busy drooling over Rob….BUT after watching the Oprah interview, I really felt for her. I admire Kristen for the way she’s handling this fame. I love that she doesn’t give a damn and changes into jeans and a tee as soon as the party’s over..

    However, I won’t attack people who hate her. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

    • Word!

    • The Old One

      I think your take on it is probably also the same for the silent majority, the ones who stand back and look on with horror at all the nasty name-calling and hair-pulling. What? Can’t we get a good fight going here?

    • MidnightCougar

      @ Rob’s slow mo’ strut: Wow – very well said!

    • Nelle

      And remember- the lip biting IS written into the books.

      I often think that Kristen, as Bella, is so darn miserable. But she never laughs in the books either. The girl just doesn’t have a good time until the one scene in Breaking Dawn when she gets the giggles.

  • Nadia737

    That picture of Kristen Stewart as a vampire may haunt my dreams for all time…thanks for that “I hate Kristen” Facebook page

  • I like Stew. She’s cute, funny, and feisty in a way that makes me like her even more.

    But to be honest, I rarely dislike celebs. They’ve never done a single thing to me. Sure they may not be exactly PC at all times and they have more money than I’ll ever dream of having, but I’m fine with that.

    I have enough people to hate that I actually know. Rude bitches and such. 😉

  • twigirl_world

    I’ll admit it too. I am a Kristen Stewart Lover, Krisbian…yep I am. But after watching the Runaways I feel the need to question my sexuality and I am a grown married woman. But I’ve fallen just as hard as x.rosa.lie for that chick…don’t judge me

    • Charbabay19

      Right on! The sexual tension between her and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways was PALPABLE to say the very least. I was like, “Why am I suddenly incredibly turned on watching this?!”

      • The Old One

        I just watched The Runaways last night, and WOW. Hot girls. I really had to wonder if they limited the release of that movie so it wouldn’t sullly the Bella image? It definitely should/would have gotten a LOT more attention.

  • dionrenee

    I liked her in Twilight, except for the blinking and lip biting, but her interviews were painful and then she acted like she hated the fans….then her people sent her to some damage control classes and now she is better, not great at interviews, but there is a definite improvement, her acting is better with each movie, there is a scene in NM where her acting abilities shined, the scene where she comes home from school and Edward is waiting for her for the infamous “walk” you can see every emotion on her face from relief, to happiness, to concern…I’m a fan!

    • Nelle

      A agree 100%. That scene when she sees Edward standing there, and then the rest of the Edward saying good-bye scene were very well acted. Even after reading the book several times, I was almost in tears. And other times she’s a little too strong with the mannerisms. So she’s a little uneven- but believe it or not- acting isn’t really that easy.

    • rpisthenewps

      She also did a good job in Eclipse when asking Jacob if he’s imprinted on anyone yet. I Love Her Too!

  • operarose


    OK I have to like her for not being another sellout actress in it just for the fame.

    But I have to dislike her for endlessly going on about how she hates being famous when that is the reason for her ongoing success.

    Ultimately I’d rather not spend my energy on celebrities I’ll never know…or never want to know.

    Team Siberia

    • Sj

      ‘Team Siberia’ sounds like you could do with a good space heater.

      • operarose

        I’m taking Jacob along with me.

    • operarose

      Just to be evil here for a second, I would love to know what compelled the two people to thumb down me. Think about it for a second, people… you spend your days defending a girl you have never and likely will never meet, and who may even not like you if you did meet, on a satirical snarky humour blog.

      • operarose


  • theseviolentdelights

    I guess I’m Switzerland.
    There are times when I just want to give her a big (fake) lesbian kiss, and others where I just want to tell her to stand up straighter. 😉

    • ChillinWithCullens

      For realsies, ViolentDelights. Kristin never smiles or laughs at anyone’s jokes, but has the best bitchface ever. And while I can’t stand all the blinking and breathing where actual acting should go, I love how she calls out Jacob’s name in NM (just before the makeout sesh). Most of the time though, I’m just so transfixed and drooly over all of the blessed male specimens surrounding her, I barely notice!

    • Word! I kind of float between the non-extremes of loving and hating her, basically depending on how she acts and what she does. I like her acting more with each movie, and I like how she tries to remain herself and not become a plastic Hollywood doll. But some more smiling here and there couldn’t hurt.

  • Robsessedgirl

    Well, I used to strongly dislike her. She seemed to be ungrateful for the fans/what Twilight has done for her. I’ll admit I didn’t like her for getting to be so close to Rob on a daily basis. The only other thing that bothers me is how skinny she is. Seriously gurl, eat a sandwich(or five)! But I saw her in The Runaways and thought she was kickass amazing. She seems like someone to look up to. Someone who has stayed down-to-earth during the meteoric rise to fame. Sure, she could smile more often, but she doesn’t seem to know how…..

  • niahid

    I like her acting in The Messenger. o, her acting just the same for me, nothing special. She’s really good playing depressed character , romance not so much her thing.
    I could never get the vibe of Bella so in love with Edward.

  • niahid

    I like her acting in The Messenger. Other than that, her acting just ~meh~ for me, nothing special. She’s really good playing depressed character , romance not so much her thing.
    I could never get the vibe of Bella so in love with Edward.

    She’s young and has time to expand her acting chops.

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    I like her because she’s cute and she doesn’t follow every Hollywood rule she’s supposed to…… and I like the way she sometimes dresses
    (mkay, maybe I just like her stylist sometimes)
    ….. and I hate her because she gets to be with Rob and hold his wrist in public.
    That’s also Team Switzerland, right ???

  • Elliebelle

    I think she’s cool. I love the casting story where Kristen tells Catherine says Rob is her Edward. That pretty much seals the deal for me.

  • hitc4manynewmoons

    I like her because she doesn’t fit the norm. Our society is inindated with press interviews and pictures of the same old stigma…you know the one… actresses that look and sound plastic. Yes, they smile all the time and make pleasant (non confornational) statements…but my gosh they give society impressions that truely are 19th century…”Stand there, smile and look pretty…oh don’t say anything to upsetting”.

    Poor girl lives under a double standard too. Everything she does or says gets twisted but her two MALE costars can say anything and it comes out gold. Seems like we have resorted back to H.S. where all the girls hate the beautiful girl who has the hot guy(s)! (LOL) Sorry to get on soap box…I just had to say it.

    I say GO KSTEW…keep it up!

  • “…I don’t think she’s the best actress, the most beautiful girl, the best dressed woman and the most charming person in this universe. I’m a hater then. I’m told to tone it down.”

    I think all those things – but I like her. I think she’s fine, sometimes I get a bit defensive of her, but I only think that’s because I think people expect unrealistic things of her (I’m not smiling ALL the time, if paps were in my face 24-7 I’d probably look miserable), but I don’t think she really needs me to have her back.

  • Stacey

    I wasn’t going to say anything today. It’s hot and all I want to is hide out in the air conditioning and eat Popsicles. Unfortunately, I am masocist that can’t help herself.

    Here’s my thing, she’s a person. Some days I like what she does, other days it confuses me, and then I have days where I like to make fun of everything. (Since EVERYBODY is made fun of on here, no one is sacred, which includes Taylor and Rob.) In RL, people sometimes do some or say some questionable stuff and get teased because of it. That’s just being human. I am daily.

    That being said I do have a fondness for her. I liked her in Adventureland. Even though I may have watched only for Ryan Reynold’s pretty. She also reminds me of my sister in many ways, most importantly that she seems to want take chances. Which I can respect.

    Oh never mind, I have no clue what I just said. It’s too hot and I might have stayed up way too late catching up on Mad Men, before Sunday’s premiere. So good!

    • Is it wrong that the word Popsicle immediately reminded me of Edward? And not in an innocent way?


      • The Old One

        Me, too.

  • hadtopost2day

    I can see both sides of the coin here. Some days I don’t mind her and other days I think she needs someone to smack the snot face off of her…

    But to be honest the thing I DON’T GET AND NEVER WILL is this fascination with her being some sexual bombshell that is turning seemingly straight women into closet lesbians?! For one thing, when they’re swooning over ‘Bella’ kissing ‘Edward’ on the bed in her undies, the girl was 17?! She wasn’t even an adult yet. And I’m sorry, but the fact that grown women are checking out her ‘killer stems’ and ‘robust ass’ creeps me out. Never in my life have I looked at a teen girl and had sexual thoughts about her…it’s just, well weird.

    And weirder still, it seems to me that Kstew actually goes OUT OF HER way to not come across as just a sexual object. She doesn’t care to prance around in fancy threads, she’s more comfortable in jeans and her tshirts…which is fine. I actually like that about her, she does her job (smiling or not) on red carpets and events but doesn’t need the ‘glamor’ of Hollywood to make her feel like she’s achieved what she aspired to as an actress. Good for her.

    I may not like her acting chops, but I don’t have too. That’s the beauty of being a consumer, I can choose to stare at Robert Pattinson in the Twilight films instead of Kristen Stewart. I can choose to watch and pay to see his films and not go see hers because simply, I have no desire too. I can ignore stupid comments she makes in the media because even at 20, she has the mind of an adolescent. She’s yet to mature into being a woman who knows who she is and can stand firm with her beliefs. She’s whiny and accusing…like a kid throwing a fit to get their way. And I’m sorry, but that to me is neither ‘sexy’ or ‘fierce’…

  • beeboo

    I’ll take one for the team and agree with Francesca’s letter 100% I wanted to give her a chance so I’ve watched many a Stew movie and have only thought she was good in a few (Speak, The Cake Eaters, and The Runaways) and I really don’t think it’s fair that if you only like one (Rob) and not the other than you get the pain brought down on you. Not everyone likes her as an actress, likes what she says or how she acts in public. We’re not going to kiss her ass and make excuses for her. But like someone else pointed out here, we’ll never know these people so I tend to let anything regarding her go over my head these days, since there’s plenty others in Hollywood who I dislike more than I do Stewy.

  • Jem

    I love Kristen muchly 🙂
    And in a way that’s opposite to Francesca’s letter I kind of don’t know why I like her so much… I mean I read Speak and loved her in the movie and I thought panic room and cake eaters were great but some of her other films were kinda only ok. She does blink and stutter and pause too much…but i think she is a good actor… She has a great way of doing no-frills direct emotion. Real angst and making you feel it along with her whereas in some films you kind of feel outside the emotion like you’re watching it (as you are). Case in point, the no-tears, almost catatonic stillness of the post-break up in NM. I thought this was an amazing approach whereas some actresses would have over-dramatized it with hysterical crying. Kristen’s way was so much more powerful it kind of hit you, being so completely lost and devastated that you aren’t quite there enough to even muster up the emotion/life to cry… I thought it was great 🙂 Also thought the desperation and loneliness she portrayed in Speak was amazing…

    I think she’s really beautiful, and with a figure kind of opposite to mine i envy her that 🙂

    I cringe every time I watch an interview/award show with her but i love that as awkward as she is she never apologises for it… I do think that as she gets older she will mature and the way she deals with the fame will change…

    Oh and she has a great bitchface (I still love watching that oprah episode :-)…)

    So far, so reasonable…what i find interesting (well interesting for me, i lead a fairly monotonous life) is that I find myself defending her far more vehemently than I do Rob, even though really I would say I love Rob more than Kristen (It’s perfectly normal that I have an order of preference for the twi-cast as if they are my children) like I can let it go if somebody insults Rob but if somebody says something like “Kristen seems like a bitch” I find myself arguing all the reasons why she isn’t and why she’s actually probably a nice person 🙂

    I think partly it’s because I think most of the randomly weird things that Rob does which people may pick up on, he does for the lols, I reckon he just gets bored in interviews and likes to mix things up a bit and i think most of his fans love him for this so he doesn’t get too much stick….Plus I think some of it is british eccentricity which i’m used to 🙂

    I think the main reason is cos, for me, behind all the bitch face and the tough acting Kristen kind of exudes vulnerability in a way that all the bambi-eyed disney actresses don’t…whereas their’s seems contrived Kristen’s seems genuine because she seems to try so hard to seem like she’s a-ok with everything… It was apparent on Oprah when she was talking about being shy…My heart broke a little for her cos it was the most honest we’ve seen her be i think.

    I think a lot of the apparent disinterest or po-facedeness stems from discomfort or insecurity… and I think she’s got so much better over the course of the films with interviews etc… some people would say that she should get more media training to help give a better interview but to be honest I enjoy her interviews cos even though they may be cringe-y at times I feel like I get a glimpse of what Kristen actually thinks of the character/movie rather than a rehearsed soundbite… It’s the same with Rob, and I think that some people who give ‘good’ interviews also give boring interviews as it feels like nothing is actually new, at least with Kristen she will think and try to answer the questions truthfully 🙂

    Now I have nothing against people who don’t like Kristen… I know that sometimes you can really really hate a celebrity that everyone else seems to love *cough* Madonna *cough* … so I understand that in some cases you just ‘don’t get it’… which is fine… But i do think that there is genuine talent in Kristen and she has the potential to be amazing and I think she will obviously mature and some of the things that put people off will soften as she gets more used to the fame…

    Anyway that’s my (long-winded) rant for the day, waiting on thumbs downs for the madonna comment 😉

  • krazykidd

    Don’t.drink.it…nuff’ said lol

  • I’m in a good mood so I’m not going to do any hating (today) but I will just say this: she’s a lucky girl. And not for the reasons people automatically think. In my opinion, she’s surly and yet she does have a huge following. The surliness bothers me but a very small part of me thinks “Good for her! She’s as prickly as a porcupine yet she has devoted fans.” I personally do not see it but if she can rock it, the more power to her I guess. But I wonder if the badassness (is that a word?) that people respect at 20 will still appeal to people when she’s 30? I’ll be curious to witness her career as she ages.

  • Robsessedgirl

    Maybe I could make it simple and just say I love her. That’s really all there is.
    But one word of advice:
    Dear Kristen,
    Please lay off the ganja until you’re at least OFF of the red carpet.

    • Ganja on the red carpet? I must’ve missed this. Spill, s’il vous plait!!

      • Robsessedgirl

        At the Eclipse premiere she just seemed…..off. I love her I’m jussayin’.

  • cgard30

    For me, I love her. She’s awkward, but she owns it. She doesn’t put off what so many other young actresses do. I don’t care if you don’t like her, you are entitled to your opinion, it’s the hateful vicious horrible untrue things that people say about her that piss me off. Honestly, I thought she blinked and stuttered too much during twilight and was completely grumpy in those interviews. But I also know she was working on Welcome to the Rileys during the promo. Plus she’s young and was not prepared for the fame that she got. I think she’s dealing better and I think she will mature with age.

    PS I don’t think a little snark and sarcasm are a bad thing for anyone. Not.at.all. 🙂

  • cgard30

    Also, I think she has gotten better with each movie, especially in Eclipse.

  • OutOfF(l)avour

    i’m a total Krisbian!

    I want to share photos, but i can’t get them to upload to my Twitpic account 🙁

  • Switzerland or I have no idea or I don’t give a crapsten I guess.

    Basically I think there’s way worst (hello Anna Kendrick, Dakota, Asheley and soo many Hollywooders) and there’s smarter, funnier, taller and with less x form legs…No, it’s not mean, it’s objective observations, I can be as critical about Rob or myself.

    Like the parts/films she chooses (well minus Twi saga) also like that she wqnts to appear simple and not play beautiful.

    Don’t like her Mariah Carey red carpet style, also she doesn’t seem an easy-going kind of girl (though I doubt there are (many/a few) easy-going cool actors) but mostly don’t get the coherence in “(I quit school to act) but I never wanted to be famous” ?!?!?! Also think all the drama about the celebrity is disrespectful towards 99,99% of actors whose life is a whole lot more shiteous than having to deal with shiteous paps for about 5 minutes. Not sure she’d feel the same if she wasn’t born in Hollywood with parents in show-biz.

    • OutOfF(l)avour

      doesn’t seem like you’re switzerland/don’t give crapsten to me…

      seems like you’re more against than for stewie.

      not a judgement, just an observation – i swear.

      • looks to me that just taking the time to enumerate things one likes and dislikes about smb one doesn’t know is ridiculous, hilarious, pathetic and most important a waist of time. Oh wait, I did do that! Does it look like I’m more against than pro me?

        • ForEveralurker

          @ MP You ‘ve made very valid points there – very observant:
          1) X- form legs – ( I never got the fuss about the legs and yes I think so too)
          2) Too cool for school, too cool for fame…….
          3) Not easy going…..
          4) Non beauty bombshell kind’a characters…. – (always within the comfort zone of her own real life characteristics)

          I’d never drink the KStewlaid for fear of constipation – HOWEVER I still give benefit of doubt where she is concerned – some things may change with time, who knows..

        • the “doesn’t play beautiful” was about her attitude not the parts, but I pointed out details that kinda come off as a critic (again could point out not so glorious details about myself or anybody else) while generally, if I’m not being picky, I think she’s OK. I mean think of all the crazy egotistical actresses.
          But at the end of the day, who knows and srsly who cares

        • OutOfF(l)avour

          wow, that was a little heated MP – didn’t mean to piss you off.

  • Bobby gee

    Great pics. The vampires are really cool. The fangs are cool. I am back

    • eatmyjorts

      Yay Bobby, yay Bobby *dances*

    • yay Bobby Gee! World Cup is over so now you can spend lots of time reading LTT!

    • The Old One

      Is that truly you, Bobbygee, or an imposter?

    • TeamSeth

      bobbygee!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tries to breathe)

  • Team Dont-give-a-crapsten here. (is that still a thing we can say?) I can take her or leave her. Bella could have been played by any number of brunette actresses. Hey- I’m brunette! She does have some cute dresses though (Stewie, not Bella)

  • SagaDevotee

    Love her… gotta mean crush.
    Lust after Rob. they’re perfect.

  • Mandy

    I used to REALLY not like her. The more I saw her interviews though, the more I could see I mistook her shyness/awkwardness/nervousness for bitchyness. I saw The Runaways, and it’s the first time I could see her as a really good actress. My cousin, who’s a journalist has met her and said she’s one of the nicest most down to earth celebrities she has met. I can call myself a fan now. I don’t think she is perfect. Sometimes I think she could run a hairbrush through her hair, but I like her. And I think we all owe her a bit of gratitude since Rob himself said he wouldn’t have auditioned for Edward if it wasn’t for her, and she fought for him to get the part.:) Also, I don’t see how people hate her enough to make hate sites for her. And I hate when people say Rob shouldn’t hang around her. I believe he can make his own decisions and it’s weird people that don’t know him think they know what’s best for him. Anyway, that’s my opinion.

  • Aro

    She mostly bugs me but whatever who cares look there’s a new picture of Rob okay goodbye.

  • Laura

    This is totally off topic, but I have no where else to turn….i finally saw Eclipse today ( i know, I know….but I have 4 kids and its not easy finding a sitter to watch 4 under 5 years old)….I have mixed feelings on the movie, but one thing that has been bothering me from each of the movies is Rosalie’s eyebrows! While walking back to the car, it was the first thing my husband said….why can’t they dye her eyebrows?! Is it just me or is this something that has been talked about or explained before?! I couldnt stop concentrating on her dark brown eyebrows while her long BLOND wig was there. I didnt mind the wig, but you would think they could have done something? OK, I still need to watch this movie again in order to really get a good idea of what I liked about it!

  • latuyacantante

    I think Rosalie said it best, “I don’t hate you, I don’t particularly like you…but I envy you.” If she really is shagging (they say that in Great Britain, don’t they?) Rob than OF COURSE I envy the girl. I’m not jealous of Kristen though; I just wish I had the chance to bang Rob too. I also have to further agree with Rosalie when she said Bella was wrong. Kristen Stewart’s acting is not right, its shit.
    As far as her personality goes, she does seem like she might be more down to earth than a lot of other Hollywood people. With that said though, if she wasn’t in the “business” and was just an ordinary chick from Iowa probably bagging groceries or whatever, I have the feeling I would get tired of her real quick because she also seems like a downer – completely irritating.

    The craziest part to me is that some people actually think she’s beautiful and sexy. She is sooo disgusting to me. I was so repulsed by the Krisbian fan letter that I couldn’t even finish it and skipped over the rest of it.

    • latuyacantante

      To the 4 people who have given me a thumbs down (so far) I’m going to quote Rob himself now and say ‘You’ve just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste.” 😀 hahaha

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