The Husband and Twilight

Mr. Choice is the president of this club

Dear men interested in being with me,

Hello. My name is UC & I’m in the market for a new man. Tonight after almost falling to the ground from a dizzyspell and spending the evening going from the couch to the bed, dizzy everywhere I went, I decided I was ready to move on from Mr. Choice. He’s just not cutting it anymore. First of all, it took him approximately 48 seconds to come and help me get up from the bathroom floor after I experienced my first dizzy spell- and then he forced a sugary sweet drink down my throat (note SUGARY, not salty..not what you think) THEN when I asked him to help me with an LTT for today, he said, “No.” It’s OVER. Worst husband ever.

So if you’re interested:

  • I’m currently experiencing dizzy spells & it’s either nothing at all or completely serious. We’ll see
  • I love cats, cupcakes & Christmas
  • I spend an extraordinary amount of time online
  • I’d prefer it if you’d look like Robert Pattinson
  • And if you were rich
  • And a good cook- I like eggs
  • And you must want to roleplay as a vampire. I’ll call you Edward- I’ll explain later
  • And you must write at least one LTT for me weekly…. I need a break.

Any takers? In the meantime, be jealous of ThePlaneFriend who has a man much  nicer than that horrible Mr. Choice!

Dear Ltters,

I have the best husband in the world. Truly. To give you an idea how much I adore this man, I am going to make a shocking confession. I wouldn’t even trade him for Edward. (I would, however, want Edward to teach him the leg hitch).

The Plane Husband (I guess I’ll call him that since I’m The Plane Friend) said he wanted to read Twilight a few days after I finished it. This was because I would barely talk to him on a 16 HOUR plane ride to India as I read it and then New Moon—and then made him take me to the nearest Mumbai bookstore to buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn so I could finish the series (and then read it over and over and over again). I was in India, mind you, and should have been focusing on something other than vampires. But I couldn’t. (And, as luck would have it, the Indian bookstore had both books in paperback. It saved Plane Husband some money, b/c I would have bought them in hardcover in the US despite his protests to get them from the library).

Plane Husband wasn’t won over as an instant unicorn, but has slowly made his way through most of the series in the past two years in between reading other (more manly, most of the time) selections. He has come to all the movies with me. And he’s rather amusing when he talks about them. See the following:

After finishing Twilight:

Husband: “No wonder you like these books so much…this is basically porn for women!”

(I admit that I had been a little more amorous than usual [like wanting to get it on pretty much every day] during the week I lost my Twi-virginity, which I think might have tipped him off).

Me: “So are you going to forbid our daughter from reading them?”

Husband: “Yeah, until she’s married.”

After watching New Moon, in the theater, on opening night, with a lot of screaming teens:

Husband: “I felt like I was in a strip club”

Me: “How would you know?  You’ve never been to a strip club, have you?”

Husband: “No, but I imagine it would be a lot like that.”

After watching Remember Me a few weeks ago:

Husband: “You know, I always thought the whole Twilight cast was terrible, but I think Robert Pattinson is actually a good actor now. Is everyone else just really bad?”

Me: “To be honest, I’ve always thought it was a combination of the screenplays, stuttering Kristen Stewart moments, and the impossibility of taking a fantasy novel written in first person and translating it on screen effectively.”

Husband: “I still think it might just be all the other actors.”

In the car this past weekend, talking about Breaking Dawn:

Husband: “I feel like, with this being the last book and everything, there should have been more action at the beginning. Bella narrated the first what, 100 pages? Nothing happened. Now that Jacob’s narrating, there’s finally something going on.”

Me: “What do you mean nothing happened? Edward and Bella got married, they went on a honeymoon, had vampire-human sex, and made a freaky baby. Stuff happened.”

Husband: “It dragged. I mean, c’mon, Edward is really rich, right? I was expecting something more impressive for the honeymoon.”

Me: “More impressive than taking her to a deserted island with a mansion and the bath-water warm ocean? That’s every girl’s fantasy—even without the perfect vampire. You’re with the guy you love. There’s no one around to distract you…or him. You can have sex on the beach in the middle of the day and know that no one is coming around the bend. Plus, I thought the whole description of how Bella was nervous about their first time was pretty spot-on from the female perspective. It resonates with the intended audience. I was worried about all the same things on our wedding night.”

At that point, we discussed our own wedding night a bit. (Which, oddly enough, was August 13th—but we got married back in 2005—so please don’t think I am one of those crazies who would plan my wedding around sharing Edward and Bella’s anniversary—it’s just fun trivia). And no, I won’t share the sexy times part of our conversation with you, either; it’s my personal fade-to-black, thank you very much.

**Toward the end of the discussion** Me: “At least you didn’t have to worry that having sex with me would kill me.”

Husband: “Can we please stop talking about Twilight now?”

And then yesterday as Husband was reading something on the computer:

Me: What are you laughing at?

Husband: I’m on Letters to Twilight. I figured I should read your post.

Me (in shock b/c Husband has been getting annoyed with me as I have been reading the LTT backlogs and he frequently finds me laughing so hard I’m crying/peeing/spraying water out of my nose as I’m staring at the computer screen and he’d like me to laugh at something he wants to take part in. Online Twilight fandom understandably crosses a line for him): You’re on LTT?

Husband: Yes, and it’s the one and only time I’ll ever be on it.

Me: But what if I have more posts on there? You might be in them.

Husband: I’ll read those too. But that’s it.

So what do you think, LTTers, isn’t he the best?

Love a happily married,


LUCKY! Wanna trade!???? Jk…. Mr. Choice is pretty cool……He did just make me chocolate milk (I love being sick enough to be babied but not sick enough that I’m really sick)

What have the men in your life done or said about Twilight lately? Any new Unicorn stories to share!???

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  • Nelle

    Great post PlaneFriend. UC- feel better!

  • ThePlaneHusband seems to be the best! Just the right amount of involvement. You’re lucky, TPF!

    I’ve mostly kept my boyfriend out of all things Twilight, since he’s quite the book & film snob and I just knew introducing him to Twilight wouldn’t go down well. But then two months ago I spent 10 days abroad for work, and what did he do? Watch my Twilight & New Moon dvds ‘because they reminded him of me’. Awww.

  • Sue G.

    UC – I wouldn’t trade in Mr. Choice. He is just way too cool! And he did eventually get there to help you.

    As for getting dizzy….any chance for an Isle of Esme moment and you could be pregnant? That happened to me with my first pregnancy.

    ThePlaneFriend – what an awesome husband. I wish mine would play Twilight with me. I even explained that he was getting it more often because of Twilight and even that didn’t help!

    Great post!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Me too. Dizziness, decline of already precarious balance.

      I agree. I think UC has a “little nudger” in there. 🙂

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Oh and hating your honey is another sign. Getting completely ticked at him for nothing and everything is a sign.

        Both pregnancies my husband told me on several occasions that he was never going to get me pregnant again. I remember something he’d do or say would completely tick me off, the logical side of me knew whatever it was shouldn’t make me so pissed, but yet I was and couldn’t stop being mad. I figured later that we go through that in pregnancy to help us understand our children’s temper tantrums. They don’t know why they’re throwing a fit bit they can’t help it and stop throwing the fit.

        • Stacey

          I did that too! I also cried ALOT. I must say just SG jr. Was really great during the whole thing, both times. Actually, the crying is finally easing off.

          The good thing I found, UC is the more uncomfortable the pregnancy the better the babies are. O.k, you might not be. I’ll won’t mention it again, until it’s official…is it official yet? I’m a little bit impatient. :0)

    • what if I was preggers? but B/c I’m a blogger first and mother second, I just used my pregnancy as blog fodder & videotaped myself in the kitchen while Mr. Choice made eggs… reenacted the moment when it all “clicked” and I see the unopened box of Tampax…. then just took photos upon photos of sipping cherry kool-aid from a cup w/ a straw…
      and then to top it all off- named the kid “Nessie”

      What if!?

      • DO IT!

      • sonata

        that would be totally normal. and awesome. Just no pics of the oral c-section, please.

      • superhumanmoron

        Would you document sexy times in black lacy lingerie?

      • TeamJacobEdward

        It would be EPIC, that’s what.

      • vickyb

        Omg!!! A little Baby Choice. How freakin’ cute would that be? I’d make him a onesie that said “If you think I’m cute you should see my mom’s pretend boyfriend Robert Pattinson!” On another note: I hope you are ok 🙁 Getting worried about you.

        • Alice_NaA

          Baby Choice sounds adorable!

      • Bea

        Hehehehehehehe. Just not the name. Please.

      • TeamSeth

        Wow, that email I sent you yesterday could actually be really [creepily] timely…

      • snowwhitedrifted

        *sings tauntingly*
        UC’s gonna be a TWI-mom,
        UC’s gonna be a TWI-mom,
        neee-ner, neee-ner, nee-ner

      • ms.J

        Feel better soon UC. Hope its nothing serious like tweed fever. A little nudger would be grand but have you ever been checked for diabetes? Inner ear problems?
        Not trying to be a downer, just want you healthy.
        (I’m a mom & a nursing student, sometimes my imagination runs amok)
        Keep us posted.

  • ThePlaneFriend

    Hi honey, thanks for reading–you’re the best.

    UC–feel better, enjoy being babied, and NO, there is no way I’d trade. Heck, if I wouldn’t trade for Edward, there’s no way I’d trade for a mere mortal 🙂

    (Tell Mr. Choice I do like chocolate milk, though, and he’s welcome to make me some when I convince Plane Husband we need to come visit you).

  • Aw, PlaneFriend, your hubby sounds adorable.
    Got nothing to share about unicorns here since moi is single….

  • Bea

    Still taking those Renesmee prenatal vitamins UC? Cause that’s how I felt… I actually got pregnant right after my first read-through of the saga, though I choose to believe those two things are not connected. Mr. Bea read them along with me as he’ll read anything I leave laying around the house. I actually had to take a break and read Midnight Sun because he’d gotten ahead of me at one point and wouldn’t give me the next book because he was reading it! But he claims to not really like them… while proceeding to reread them.

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  • yes,u’re kinda lucky LOL. My husband is also understanding, he reads my blog too and his comment is “Please..don’t be such a crazy teenager, u’re one step forward already and i don’t like it if it’s too much” ..hmmphh..okay..but at least he’s not team Jacob ..LOL

  • Stacey

    What a wonderful husband and a wonderful letter, PlaneFriend!

    Now I love my husband. But he is not sympathic about anything I enjoy. He has been trying to forcibly get me to like baseball, race cars and the comic stylings of Chevy Chase. Once again, he confronted me about this while forcing me to watch the Yankees.

    SG jr.: Why can’t you be like a normal girl and like baseball players instead of those stupid vampires? I would go for ARod.

    Me: Of course you would. Listen, it’s just like the way you like Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. It’s a matter of taste.

    SG jr.: I wouldn’t mind if you went for Scarlett or Angelina.

    Me: WHAT?!?

    Yep, thought the same thing Sue G. UC, have foods you usually like make you feel a little yucky. Like coffee or eggs. Since I just went through the pregnant fun it’s possible. When you feel dizzy or nauseous just have some seltzer and look at Rob Picts. Of course, it has been a hot summer, so maybe it’s just the heat.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      OMG, this: SG jr.: Why can’t you be like a normal girl and like baseball players instead of those stupid vampires? I would go for ARod.

      SG jr. and Mr. Snow/ Fletch share brain waves.

      Funny stuff Stace!

      • Stacey

        I just realized that our husbands met that they just might be BFF and need special BFF bracelets.

        But here’s the problem with people like me who hides this from her husband is that when you finally meet or even talk about your LTT friends, you need a cover story. SWD, I think that you should be my sorority penpal. That might fly.

        Now if this was a girls who love the Yankees or Boston Celtics, he would be great with it, He would also ask if any of you were “hot”. Twilight, umm, he wouldn’t be too pleased.

        Now reading this, I wonder what happened to the sweet gentleman I married? He’s kind of became a horndog. That could be a good thing, though. hmm…

        • TeamSeth

          /record scratch Mr. Stacey likes both Yankees AND Boston Celtics? That’s not possible. That’s like being a Chicago Blackhawks fan and then cheering for Detroit in the Stanley Cup finals because they’re also from the Western Conference. What that tells me is that you’re not a true Chicago fan, because if you were, you would want Detroit to lose, no matter what. Now I recognize that example is just hockey and these are two different sports, but it’s not like we’re talking “add on” teams here, these bad boys are originals to their leagues.
          You tell him that he and I need to have a talk about his split personality. If Twi taught us anything, it’s that it all begins with a choice. Either he cheers for Boston or he cheers for NY.

          And he better choose Boston.

          • snowwhitedrifted

            Ha ha ha- so, the Yankees and the Celtics are like the Edwards and the Jacobs of the sports world. The teams do not co mingle.

          • TeamSeth

            Precisely! It’s what they’re designed to do.

          • Stacey

            I think some New York fan thumbsdowned you! Not me, I raised on the Orioles, who never win. :0(

            Think of it this way, Connecticut is like the Bella of New England, we should make a choice. But in SG jr.’s case, he’s greedy and wants both his Edward(NY) AND Jacob(MA). Or switch it to your preference.

          • TeamSeth

            Haha! He’s greedy! I think we need some LTT shirts “Team Connecticut” or “From now on, I’m Connecticut” hehe Yeah, I’m a “I don’t like baseball or basketball that much really” fan. Go Penguins and Go Timbers and Go Manchester United!

        • snowwhitedrifted

          LOL- the Joey/ Chandler BFF bracelets obvs. Good call on the sorority pen pal.. we met on facebook, yeah facebook.

          I too believe in hiding it all, wedge it down deep and lock it away. That’s healthy, right?
          I’ll be your secrecy enabler.

          • Stacey

            OMG! I want those two to get an apartment and raise a chick and baby duck together. Then they can watch their competing coasts baseball teams play and bicker like an old married couple!

            You might be getting a Facebook request from me soon. One to keep up the cover for the hubby and also for the pictures I take on vacation of celebrities @ the overpriced stores. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Twilight actors. I’ll probably just find Kathy Lee and Jerry Stiller.

          • snowwhitedrifted

            @Stacey LOL totally!
            I’m not on FB that much, but yes. Good cover! I too will take pix of the pro baseball players in my mom’s neighborhood and SG jr can try to name them.
            And of course you’ll have to see kid pix and dogs in sweaters.

  • eatmyjorts

    Dizzy, & yet funny. You rock UC! Get well soon.

    You can always tell Mr Choice (Hi, Mr! I bet you’re reading this) that you have one Mr Catfish RathBONE on speed dial if he will not be compliant re LTT…Just keep playing your SuperFan interview…

    Hey PlaneFriend! My husband wouldn’t read Twilight without some form of 6 figure bribe…but he is like Mr Plane in that no matter how many interpersonal, relational things happen, over whatever timeline, he still does not count this as ‘plot’, ie events happening over time. So weird. It only counts if it involves fighting, motorbikes etc. Especially motorbikes. Bella & Jake in the garage fixing bikes… all he sees is motorbikes coming back to life. Sigh.

    • Lovespelledbackwards

      Yes, there is always Jackson…too funny! UC’s Mr. Choice is wonderful, and she knows it.

  • Michelle

    I think Plane Husband AND Mr. Choice rule for even having Twilight convos with you!! My husband has his eyes rolled SO far back into his head when I talk Twilight – correction – EDWARD – that he can’t even see me. Maybe it was my idea to buy a cardboard Eddie to set out at our garage sale w/ balloons in his hand that set him over the edge?! Or teaching my 3 year old daughter to call Edward “Daddy”? LMBO. Kidding…mostly. Normal.

    I mean he DID go to midnight showings with me – he DID take one for the team on that one…but when I’m all excited afterward all he can say is “it’s a freaking two hour soap opera, Michelle!”


    UC is preggers, UC is preggers…it was all that Eclipse hitching that put you over the edge!!! Hugs, hope you figure out what’s going on. I’m sure you’ve looked into blood sugar issues and/or anemia…if not, ask doc. 😉

    • it’s all the ‘doing it’ we did in Moon’s bed when we were there for Espilce Accountability Partners

      • Michelle

        Ohhhhh poor Moonie. Wait, I thought you were in bed w/ Moon while poor lonely Mr. Choice was on the couch? Ohhhhhhh maybe this IS Edward’s baby! You WERE sleeping on an Edward duvet, right? He is THAT potent.

        LMBO. I’m pathetic.

  • Great letter!

    My bf won’t read Twilight and I really don’t want him too.

    These books are MINE. Some things I keep to myself. I’m not big on constantly having someone up in my grill. If he ever even tried to read something of mine online, I’d probably be forced to punch him in the throat. He has his hobbies; I have mine.

    He does watch the movies with me though and even likes them until the 134875173 viewing.

    BUT I was kind enough to force him to read Hunger Games and he loves it, of course.

    So, in conclusion, I’m very selfish but even I cannot hide something as amazing as Katniss and Peeta.

    • Agreed. They’re mine, back off.

    • kristen’s bestie

      Only three weeks until the conclusion! I <3 me some Peeta and Katniss!

  • ICanHandleIt

    UC… Are you craving eggs?? Lots and lots of eggs? 🙂

  • I’m quite happy with the Twilight arrangement my husband and I have – he makes fun of me just enough to keep me from going over the Twi-edge.

    A few weeks ago he actually said something about “maybe reading those books” to which I stared at him and slowly shook my head. I mean, I don’t go golfing with him or to his poker nights, do I? Let me have this!

    I wouldn’t mind him reading the books if I didn’t know that it would just give him more ammo for mocking me, but I know him pretty well. The comments would just keep on coming and it wouldn’t be good for harmony in our marriage!!

    UC, hope you’re feeling better soon, whatever the cause (and if it’s b/c of a little Renesmee-type situation, I will TOTALLY make you the cutest baby blanket!).

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Your husband sounds a lot like mine. Despite saying he’d never read the books or see the movies. If he ever did, he too would only use it to make fun of me, so I’m glad he’s staying out of it.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I didn’t want my husband to know about the existence of LTT (I had to explain my LTT shirt). There is no way I’d admit I comment on here much less tell him I had a couple letters posted. Then he’d know both of the screen names I’ve used and what I’ve all said… It would be too much explaining on my part and too much teasing on his part.

    Plus he’s said he’ll never read the books our watch the movies and said he’s bowing out of that part of my life… LTT is part of that umbrella so in both of our best interests, he’ll stay blissfully unaware of what I’ve said here as J.E.W. & T.J.E….as well as my family and all my RL friends but one. They just wouldn’t get it.

  • Edible Art ?

    Ohhhhh is there an LTT baby on the horizon how exciting ?? Shut down the rumours now UC you’ll never hear the end of it.

    I have someone keen to join H.A.T.E – yep Mr Art me I am joining W.I.F.E (Would I Eff Edward) and we all know the answer to that. And by Edward I mean Rob !!!!

  • katiebird

    I’ve been meaning to share this story with you, but forgot about it until now.
    During my second viewing of Eclipse, in a suburban movie theater, in the middle of the afternoon, my friend Susan and I watched Eclipse. When the movie started, there were two other women with us in the theater. A black woman behind us, who looked about our age, and an woman who looked like she was in her fifties, to my right, a few seats down. Seemed perfectly normal to me, that these women came by themselves, because I was sure that I would be doing the same thing soon enough. 🙂
    Anyway, during the scene where Riley gets attacked, the strangest thing happened. A man came into the theater with a baby in a stroller. WTF, right?!?! He sat in front of the lady off to my right, and took the baby out of the stroller, to let it walk around, DURING THE MOVIE. Are you kidding me??? It was a good thing, that this was my second viewing, and my friend’s third, because it was REALLY distracting. He left the movie a couple of times, because the baby started crying, and by the end, during Bella’s I-don’t-fit-in-anywhere-so-I-need-to-be-a-vampire speech, the woman behind him had to help him get his crap together to leave. I am sure that she was not happy about it.
    Seriously, it was so strange that he would be there in the first place. I mean, did he just wander into the wrong theater? The oddest unicorn experience ever…

    My husband has also made an appearance in a letter or two here. Once here and once on LTR. He actually wanted to thank Rob once, so I wrote a letter about it. He has yet to read the books, but dutifully watches the movies with me. Also, after watching Remember Me on DVD with me, he said that he thought Rob did a great job. He really enjoyed the movie. Enough to talk about it later, on occasion, without me bringing it up. I am not ready to trade him in yet.

  • dizzyladybug

    My boyfriend hates Edward with a passion! I think he could be Mr. Choice’s vice president… The hate would spread on to Rob but, after watching Remember Me this weekend, he said he wasn’t that bad after all and that “he should be this cool in the vampire movies…”

    But Jacob it’s a whole other story. New Moon, Jacob enters Bella’s room shirtless, and my boyfriend of 6 years, the man’s man goes:

    “OMG look at that body, if I was a girl I would melt over that!”


    Then my best friend decided that he actually looked a little like Taylor, and we obviously developed a plan in which we would pretend he was Taylor’s long lost (and much older) twin. A plan with the sole purpose of getting us to meet Rob (our hearts are in the right place)!

    So I tell him all about the plan, thinking “what the hell he already knows I’m crazy (NORMAL) anyways…”, and he goes:

    “Yeah, I would shake that guys hand…”

    (0_O x2)

    In conclusion: my boyfriend is Team Jacob. I failed.

    • My deepest sympathies.

      • dizzyladybug


        It’s not that I don’t like Jacob (until Eclipse when he turns into a manipulative douche bag), I just don’t appreciate the boyfriend’s deprecating treatment towards Edward…

    • claire’s mommy

      Hubs and I are both all about the wolf. Yay!

      • dizzyladybug

        Well when it comes to Twilight I don’t discriminate…

        Vampire, wolf, we can all get along! Can’t we?

        I just wish the boyfriend didn’t have to spend the entire Eclipse screening asking me: “So when is the wolf boy killing the whitey? Is it now?” I already told him he doesn’t die but I think he’s in denial.

        • ms.J

          My husband said the same thing – “you know the werewolf will end up killing the vampire”. I said “NO – it’s not like that in the book. She ends up with Edward.” He said “yeah, but in REAL LIFE the werewolves kill all the vampires”. WTF – Mr. Never Even Read the Books is telling me how the series ends. AND that vampires & werewolves are REAL. I think it is just his Edward Envy showing its ugly head. He too is team Jacob, cuz “in real life werewolves always win”. PUHLEEEEEZE.

  • superhumanmoron

    Mr. Moron has not and will not ever ever ever read the books. He does, however, know exactly what happens. He has seen the first 2 on dvd (refuses to pay to see it) all of 1 time each, then I had to fill in what was left out, and that led to questions. So basically, he humors me and buys me silly Twi merch because he loves me. Good man.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      My dogs have seen more of the dvds than Mr. Snow has.
      Dogs are Team Jacob.

      • eatmyjorts

        My dogs too! I was sleeping on my sofa in a sleeping bag the other day (domestic…) & I woke up with not 1, but 2, hot mini-wolves in with me. How I laughed. And sighed for muscular russet coloured arms. (Hot on the sense of temperature though they are pretty good looking little beasts I must say.)

        I want to see some ‘They’re not bears!’ dog tees in the LTT shop…

        • TeamSeth

          Yes! I would definitely buy my sister’s dog one! (cuz I’m not allowed to get a dog cuz of my landlords :'( )

        • snowwhitedrifted

          How cute! Dogs are renacting the tent scene with mama jorts!
          I think there are They’re not bears dog tees. It’s in the section, “just for the kiddos”, as are all the pet tees. I’ll double check, but I *think* I put them in there.

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    Mr Backwards says:
    I have come to more or less enjoy the Twilight films, however with a choice, I might not have. I can’t read the books. I tried. I’m more into the Christopher Moore, You Suck and Bite Me genre of vampire novels. Why they’re not just as huge as this Twilight horseshit I can’t fathom.

    All of this said, when my wife told me Stephenie Meyer is posting a novella online called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner as an Eclipse side story about a newborn vampire, and that that is how my wife will be spending her second weekend in June, I told her I would place our son in front of her and tell him to say, “Mom? Mom? Mom?” over and over until the intervention begins. After all, my short stories are all over the Internet and very few people even care.

    But for the men who don’t understand their significant other’s Twilight obsession, suck it up. You have your video games or golf or your stupid car, perhaps even a mistress. I promise you, you can find your own team in these films. I, for example, am the captain of Team Alice, because there’s nothing like a sexy vampire who sees the future. Not since Samantha Stevens has there been anyone that hot.

    • TeamSeth

      First off, bravo!

      Second, I have to mention how “Mr. Backwards” the name made me giggle a bit.

      Third, can we get some links to his short stories?

  • Cam

    Porn for Women. Amen, PlaneFriend! That’s exactly what my husband calls it.

    And it’s true. Men need something visual; women need a story and emotions. My husband says that I also prefer a story set in a historic time period with elaborate costumes. I digress.

    During the peak of my Twilight obsession when I was still reading and rereading the series, my hubbie would ask me if I wanted to him dunk his hands in ice cold water water before our special moments. I think he was kidding. I think. 🙂

  • I like that no matter what- if a married woman in her late 20s SNEEZES- she’s assumed to be pregnant!

    • Remember that SATC episode where Miranda gets all worked up about what people will think of the fact she still has no boyfriend, and then she runs into a married friend who is all worked up over what people think because she still has no children? Anywho… my point is, people ALWAYS want something. In my case it’s “are you still not married?”, in the mom-of-one case it’s “so where’s the second?” and in the mom of two adult kids it’s “so are your kids still not married?” and so on and so forth. No wonder people refer to your college years as the best years – it’s the years without expectations (beyond getting a degree at the end).

      • hitc4manynewmoons

        LOL I so see where your coming from!

        By the way UC…thanks for the great posts even when sick…you r sooo funny!

      • ThePlaneFriend

        Thanks for the rant, Bella_NaA. I totally sympathize. You’re right–people always seem to want you to rush into the next phase.

        My daughter was one WEEK old when people started asking when we were going to have another. She’s one now, and I’ve started answering “The more people ask me that question, the less I want another child.”

      • Ish

        I totally agree. I have 4 kids but still get asked when nr 5 is coming along HEEEELLLOOOO! Could be blood sugar related, I had that a lot as a teenager and sometimes now. Have to admit preggars word did flitter around in my subconscious when I read dizzy spells……. Anyway get well soon, curl up in bed with fav booka nd if you have to take a break from LTT (WE WILL SURVIVE somehow….. I think….. well just a wee break then eh?)

        But seriously get checked out, pampered and dont trade in Mr choice – He’s a bloke he can’t help it xx

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Yeah you’re absolutely right. And like the moment you select a non-alcoholic beverage over an alcoholic one you immediately are dubbed pregnant too. It’s just the way it goes. When are you going to; get a boyfriend, get engaged, get married, have a kid, have another, and another…. and so on.

        Heck, I wasn’t even 1/2 way through my first pregnancy when I started getting asked when I was going to have another. I was like, “can I finish this pregnancy first?”

        I’ve been telling people for a couple years now that my husband and I are done having kids, but we keep getting asked when we’ll have another one. I’ve learned to not let it bother me. Baby speculation is just too fun to resist for most people (myself included in being guilty of that) and most don’t mean it in any negative way.

        • snowwhitedrifted

          We have a 3 year old. When someone I know well asks, “When are you going to have another?” I reply with, “When I figure out who the father of this one is.” Yeah, that ends the convo.
          Oh, my daughter looks just like Mr.Snow so it’s OK. 😉

          • Bea

            My reply is slightly less confrontational but still conversation ending: “We will consider it when this one sleeps through the night.”

          • TeamJacobEdward

            Just letting you know I completely plan on using that sometime. Love it 🙂

      • Alice_NaA

        I just remember that everytime you email that you need to tell me something in person, the first thing I ask, ok scream, ok choke out in between screams is “YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED?!”. I will try to not do that anymore. Any other suggestions? pregnant? biten by vampire?

        Ohh right, and remember when I did the same thing someone asked ” YOU’RE A LESBIAN?!”


      • Cam

        Now that I have 2 kids people keep asking me when/if I’m having a third!

        People are so nosey when it comes to such highly personal matters.

    • Stacey

      The joy of being a woman! I had a leg cramp this weekend and my husband asked if I was pregnant. Until you pop when out people will continue to ask. My poor sister-in-law & her husband told everyone that they weren’t having kids and they are still being asked daily!

      • Stacey

        I meant one out. Stupid iPhone.

        No matter what is making you feel dizzy, I hope you feel better soon! It’s probably some random thing, that will just disappear as fast as it came.

    • Bea

      Yup, we’re all being terribly rude. Would keep my mouth shut if you hadn’t mentioned the vitamins awhile back… And y’all are totally right– I thought baby #1 would stop the prying, but no. Everybody’s waiting for non-existand #2.

    • kristen’s bestie

      In our office its when you have a doctor’s appointment, everyone assumes that you must be pregnant. Women see all kinds of doctor’s for all kinds of reasons, like when they are obsessed with a fictional story and the main male character and read a dual blog about it daily and can’t function in RL. Oh wait a minute……

    • BabiesBrown

      I vote low blood sugar. I have that and I get all wonky from it sometimes. Even when I eat a bunch of carbs, sometimes I just can’t get it regulated right. Get yourself checked! We need our UC.
      That said, it was worse when I was preggers. But srsly, I’ve got 4 (& a set of twins in there) so I will never be one to poke ppl about how many kids they do/do not choose to have. Having multiples and more than 2 kids makes strangers have diarrhea of the mouth. I love my kids, but I hate that part of it.
      Be glad you don’t get “Are they twins?” “Are they identical?” *looking at the four of them* “You do know what causes that, dontcha?” “God. I’m so glad it’s you and not me.”
      I could go on.
      But I won’t.

    • halogen

      You should also consider that Moon is going to kill you if you find out you are pregnant while she is out of town. “Why did everything have to happen now, people?”

      • TeamSeth

        I’m not sure if your semi-double post was on purpose or accident, but it made me crack up. It was like a choose your own ending moment!

        • halogen

          It was a mistake, my computer froze and I didn’t know if it had posted or not, and by the time I rewrote it I thought of a new last line! I felt a little stupid when I saw it posted both ways, you are very nice to read this mistake in the best possible light!

    • halogen

      You should also consider that Moon is going to kill you if you find out you are pregnant while she is out of town. “I leave town for ONE minute…”

    • TeamSeth

      My boss always asks if I’m pregnant if I mention an ailment. I want to say, “No, I’m hungover.” but I’d rather not say that to my boss… (since it’s generally the case when I feel sick at work)

    • snowwhitedrifted

      UC, that’s how you get pregnant!

      kleenex is actually a contraceptive.

    • TeamSeth

      While we’re on the topic of babies, UC, is there any way you could possibly remove the “make my baby” ad from the bottom of the blog page? Ads in general are totally fine, I mean, make money by all means, but that one really creeps me out.

      • BabiesBrown

        yes! This! That baby is fugly and creepy!

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  • lieutenant.twilight

    I also wouldn’t trade Mr. Lieutenant. He doesn’t read the books but he dutifully goes to all the movies with me. In fact I promised him I would not see New Moon without him (he was deployed when it came out) and you know what? The day he got home (one month after its release, so it was still in theatres!) he took me!!! And he didn’t hate it. He also took me to Eclipse. I don’t mind that he doesn’t read the books, because he seems to be ok with the movies, and asks me all kinds of questions as to why they do something or the other.

  • hitc4manynewmoons

    AWESOME letter…u are hysterical! I may have even peed a little from laughing so hard (you will do this if your pregnant & shortly after giving birth). HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!

    I too have an awesomely understanding hubby, though he relentlessly teases me about my love of all things Twilight. (After I saw Eclipse on vaca we went to a novelty store where he found a Edward cut out and followed me around the store saying “Robert Pattinson” in a horrible impression of a British Accent…needless to say I acted like I didn’t know him!)

    • Michelle

      Mr. Moons totally gets a high fiver from me for that. Freaking hysterical. And horribly embarrassing. LOL.

      • hitc4manynewmoons

        He is very much the jokester…he was laughing at all the Twilight merchandise and now askes me repeatedly if i want him to buy “Robert Pattinson boxer shorts” all while in his horrible british accent (husbands accent…Rob’s is pantydropping…lol).

    • TeamJacobEdward

      LMAO! I wish I could “like” this 100 times. Your hubs is hilar!

  • claire’s mommy

    If Mr Choice is president of HATE, then Mr Mom is the founder of HTHT Husband That Hate Twilight. He went to New Moon and Eclipse with me, but only because he felt bad that I was going alone, and then made endless fun of me afterwards. He thinks Edward is a patsy. And he will never forgive me for getting our daughter’s name from Eclipse.

    And oh UC……have you POAS yet? I was the opposite of Bella, I couldn’t even tolerate the smell of eggs with either pregnancy.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      My husband has said on several occasions that he wanted to form an “I hate Twilight” club. And my best RL Twi-friend’s husband is all for that club too.

      Mr JE thinks Rob is a pansy. Before he even realized he was “Edward” he’s watching him walk up to the stage at an awards show I was watching, the first thing he says is, “ugh, that guy needs to be beaten or something.” then he heard him speak, “ugh! And he’s British?!” of course I told him I loved British accents as do most females. Then he found out he played Edward and there was no way my husband would ever be swayed to think better of him than his initial reaction. Mr JE still gets Rob’s last name wrong every time. I think it’s intentional.

      • claire’s mommy

        Mr Mom wn’t even speak his name. He’s referred to as “that gay English dude who plays that vampire guy” Nope. Not joking.

        • TeamJacobEdward

          Hahaha! I think our husbands would get along well.

  • Ish

    Mr Ish choses to ignore my twi passion. although just to annoy him every time he rabbits on about something football related I tell him something funny from LTT. heh heh and the other day when I mentioned jacob he said “Jacob, that’s the long haired one right “

    • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

      That is so funny! When ever Mr Twi Mom starts talking sports stats to me I give him a blank look and say “In this one part of Twilight…..” and he usually gets the idea that I could give a Crapsten and shuts up!

  • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

    Mr Twi Mom doesn’t really bug me about it because he knows that have 10+ years worth of “Why do you play fantasy football” etc to give him crap about. He will not read the books but does make sure I have the movies when they comeout on DVD (Twi and NM came out the week of my b-day). He will watch them but it bugs me because I have to answer so many questions. I would rather watch them with my sisters so that we can get right to the making fun of wigs etc and ignore the actual story because we all three know it by heart.

    UC hope you get to feeling better. I was having dizzy spells about a year ago and ended up in the ER. Luckily it was just some inner ear issue no problem with my brain. (Although some might dispute that.) They gave me some meds for dizziness and sent me on my way.

    How is Cyn? I don’t think I have seen a comment from her in a few days!!

    • TeamSeth

      I’m worried about MidCyn! I emailed her last week and no response yet! :-S I hope she’s okay.

      • eatmyjorts

        Last thing I’d seen from Cyn was that she fell, she must’ve been on the mend as she was on here, I think last w/e. Come back soon Cyn! We miss you .XXXXXX

        BTW Team Seth I love the pic! I was wondering if wearing a Charlie Copstache (I’ll have to make or find one because I’m surely not having much luck growing one) counts as subtle Twi dressing or not? What do you reckon?

        • TeamSeth

          I think it depends on where you are. If you’re in Portland, it will be very subtle because no one will even glance at you twice. Well, maybe a couple people, but only out of impressiveness at your bold artistic statement.

          • eatmyjorts

            Portland? This is England, baby. It may not work so well here. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just wear the ‘tache at home.

    • hitc4manynewmoons

      I just read this and u inspired me…we should start a TWILIGHT FANTASY LEAUGE…(my hub obsessed so much he took a FFL book on our honeymoon). We could do a TWI draft…ooo…ooo…money would be high on Edward! JK (Seriously JK)

      *My hubby just walked in on me blogging…needless to say he is having a field day with teasing me (he had no idea i do this! He said the intervention is Saturday!)

  • Alice_NaA

    UC, stop fishing in our pond! You already have a goldfish. I don’t wanna end up with eal.

  • blondieinco

    “he frequently finds me laughing so hard I’m crying/peeing/spraying water out of my nose as I’m staring at the computer screen”

    Loved this!!! I’m new to LTT/LTR and I’m trying to get caught up on all the past blog posts as well. My hubs has stopped asking me “What’s so funny” because he starts to glaze over once I begin to tell him (and frankly, if you have to explain a joke, it takes all the fun out of it anyway, right?)

    • At this point my husband always just assumes I’m reading LTT whenever I’m online and laughing. And yes, it’s never funny when you try to explain to the hubs. The only time he ever laughed at a LTT joke I shared was when someone commented that someone in the theater yelled “HA-ha!” all Simpsons-style when Edward denies Bella sexytimes on the lovely gold brocade bed.

      That one still makes me giggle, too.

    • ThePlaneFriend

      Glad to find a fellow newbie 🙂 And I agree, if you have to explain a joke, it isn’t funny to the other person. What’s worse is when I actually slide the computer over for him to read and he STILL doesn’t think it’s funny!

  • Robsessedgirl

    Sounds like a great husband to me! Lucky! Sounds awesome. I would definitely integrate some Edward/Bella roleplay. You should have him roleplay as Rob!

  • Janetrigs

    I like you Plane friend.

    Wasbands are for the birds.

    • ThePlaneFriend

      🙂 Thanks!

  • BabiesBrown

    I want Planefriend’s husband! Dh is the captain of our East Tennessee HATE club.
    I watched RM last weekend, (drunk) and he came in from buying groceries (forget that that is a nice thing), watches a moment of it, and says, “Why does that guy mutter in every movie he’s in? I can’t ever understand a goddamn thing he says.”
    Me: “He does not mutter! He’s hurt right now. His mouth is messed up.”
    Dh: “He mutters. And he’s scruffy looking. Why do you like this guy?”
    Me: *Drunk* remember? “He’s purty. Look at him. And he’s so tall and pretty…”
    Dh: “He is not tall! He’s a skinny little shit.:
    Me: “He is not! He’s like 6’1″!”
    Dh: “There is no way that skinny little shrimp is six foot. Maybe with lifts.”
    Me: (drunk) “Oh! You! You just…you…shut up! I missed something. Now I have to rewind.”

    See? Pathetic. I want planehusband! Congrats on bagging him, honey!

    • Stacey

      My husband thinks Rob’s short too! I told him that Rob was actually taller than he is and he got all cranky. For an added bonus for me I added, “At least your taller, than Seth Green, Red.”

      SG jr,: “I love you, but I also might dislike you today.”

      • BabiesBrown

        It kills me how dh wants to pretend that Rob is 89 pounds and 5’6″ to make himself not as jealous of him.
        Dh is 6’3.” But I know I read someplace that Rob is at least 6’1,” right?
        Christ on a cracker. It’s not as though I’m lusting after an Oompa Loompa. I admit that Eva Mendes is fuckhawt. I even gave him her as a freebie. I resent that he has to demean Rob. He ought to be singing his praises. He wouldn’t have gotten lucky nearly as much this year if it weren’t for Rob and @wearingwords & @masenvixen.

    • ThePlaneFriend

      You canNOT have PlaneHusband. He is MINE 🙂 And may I add that it took a year of being his best friend before he clued into the fact that maybe he shouldn’t let me get away? Bagging him took some work…so I won’t share or give him up. (Wow, I come off as a little possessive, don’t I? Oh, well)

      I will, however, let him become BFFs with your hubby to share some romance pointers if you like.

      • BabiesBrown

        Congrats, gal! You’ve earned him! But pls do have him call up Mr. BB and share tips on being a semi unicorn.
        Also, you should know that when I typed that comment out and paused to reread (editors never stop), I found I’d written “Congrats on banging him.”
        I changed it before the TWSS jokes could start.

  • snowwhitedrifted

    I don’t have one of the understanding husbands, I have a hater. He doesn’t discriminate though, he hates all things supernatural, especially vamp. So, going against my better judgement because I knew I’d be open to ridicule (but I just couldn’t take another minute of “Lockded Up Abroad”), I started reading… A vampire book. Then this happened:

    Mr. Snow: What are you reading?
    Me (thinking “shit”): War and Peace
    Mr. Snow: Why in the world do you read books with Vampires banging people (he used a much more colorful term)? Why don’t you read something about the history of our country?
    Me (WTF, dad/ histroy prof… have we ever met?): Why don’t you read Jane Austen

    end of conversation.
    So, he sucks… well actually he doesn’t but I wouldn’t mind if he did. 😉 #VampFantasies

    • Stacey

      Oh how I love that story! I want you to make him read Austin. I really, really do!

  • Jen

    ThePlaneHusband definitely is the best! ThePlaneFriend is a lucky girl.

    I’m pretty sure *my* husband is the president of H.A.T.E. He doesn’t really mind Twilight so much, he won’t read the books but he does see the movies with me. He absolutely despises Edward/Robert Pattinson (he always loops them together as if they are one and the same-I do not feel this way), though. When he really wants to push my buttons he says he’s Team Jacob. He refuses to watch Remember Me on pure principle. Any time he catches me looking at something having to do with Rob (and I really try not to let him catch me) he has to go into some speech about what a dork he is. He literally feels a rivalry with him. It’s annoying and ridiculous, but also quite funny at times.

    • dizzyladybug

      My boyfriend also refused to watch Remember Me just because he despised Rob, so I snicked it upon him this weekend…

      I should have taken a photo of his face when he saw who the guy was…Priceless!

      He squirmed a little but he ended up loving the movie. He even says he will give Rob “a chance” for his next movies!

      Yey me 🙂

      • ladyofthemeadow

        manofthemeadow is going to be very surprised when I bring home Little Ashes from the video store (snicker), and “guess who” is in it?

        any tips for surviving the firestorm?!

    • BabiesBrown

      Dh won’t read any of that type of thing, but he did let me give him an hour long summary of Jane Eyre when I was rereading it for about the 50th time once.
      So he has that small, small thing going for him.

      • BabiesBrown

        Hmm. Not sure why it landed here. This was in response to Snowwhitedrifted also.

  • TeamSeth

    Would I swap Mr. Seth for Edward? No, I don’t think so. Mr. Seth might have his anxious moments, which sometimes seem to drag as long as the whinefest segment of Eclipse (the book), but at least he has an excuse (leaving up his job of 12 years to move across the country with me, having no friends here, giving up his favorite yoga place and his weekly soccer game/friends).

    Unicorn-wise, not much new there. He’s pushing me to see Eclipse again and lamenting that his cube is too public to go on LTT often. He says hi though. And he finally gave me back my NM dvd. Sheesh! A girl has needs, can’t keep it away from her for that long. (er, not a twss moment) He does rock an LTT coffee mug on our daily Starbucks runs! (:

    Anyway, currently Doctor Who is taking precedence in our world. And Mr. Seth is amping up to read HP7 before the release this fall. He’s a much bigger fan of HP than Twi… hm, maybe I can first hand embarrass him and buy him HP gear and say, “Wait, you mean HARRY POTTER?” loudly in public like he reference Twi loudly in public around me.

    • TeamSeth

      um, so, don’t mind the weird errors in there. I wrote, then deleted and rewrote things… “leaving up” was initially “giving up” and I forgot to chop off the ‘up’ part. And reference should be references. ugh. Okay, off to go do work [yeah, I’m an editor… go figure].

    • Stacey

      I love that you and Mr. Seth can share Twilight, HP and of course Dr. Who together!

      AS SG jr. would lump it all together calling it,” that Harry Potter stuff” (Which he would only be correct on one!)

      • TeamSeth

        Frigthenedflips’ hubs grouped it like that when I was visiting them. We had to come up with a cover story that she found me through my fiction writing online, which was sadly transparent since Eclipse came out while I was there (and she’d bought tix for me and Mr. Seth hehe). But he still asked, “So, are you into all that witchy stuff too?” and I replied, “You mean Harry Potter? Yeah, Hermione’s a pretty strong female character.” hehe

        (ps-um, I got a little excited/intense in my reply to you above. Sorry about that.)
        (pps-when do you go to Nantucket? It’s going to be sad when you’re away. I want to prepare myself for your absence.)

        • Stacey

          We leave for the island tommorow @ 5 am to beat traffic, then a 2 hour boat ride. I am going to try to check in when I am banished to feed the baby or when my hubby goes on his fishing expedition with my brother-in-law. My husband’s whole family will be there so I will need a LTT distraction!

          • TeamSeth


  • dameironfury

    My Nana had dizzy spells yesterday and fell and cut her forehead open too! Are you my Nana?

    Whew. That was just a disturbing idea…

    Get well soon, and great letter, Plane Friend! I try to throw Twi-conversations in subtly all the time with my hubby, but I’m sure it’s not as subtle as I would like.

    • TeamSeth

      Oh no! I hope she’s okay and has a swift recovery!

      • ThePlaneFriend

        I second that. Hope your gram recovers quickly. And that she isn’t UC, who, last time I saw her was WAY too young to have grandchildren 😉

  • ICanHandleIt

    I wouldn’t trade in my man for Edward.. most days anyway..
    he puts up with my obsession for all things twi related, doesn’t out me in public, doesn’t tease me (much) when I out myself,
    AND he isn’t a Edward hater! He has been going on and on about how “fake” Jacobs muscles are though. It’s driving me crazy!!! He thinks a “real” native American would look more like Daniel Day-Lewis in Last Of The Mohicans. And then I *had* to go into how Jacob is different and is a special case. I’m tired of defending Jacob’s muscles! Can’t my husband just accept them as they are(perfect)???

  • ThePlaneFriend

    He can skip the vamps if he must, but I agree that he really should read Austen.

    (Plane Husband read Pride and Prejudice for me too. He likes it better than Twilight. I really am the luckiest woman alive).

    • ThePlaneFriend

      Oops, comment fail. This was supposed to be in reply to snowwhitedrifted. Sorry!

    • snowwhitedrifted

      Oh, good job Mr. Plane!

      Mr. Snow is actually repelled across the room when he goes near my bookshelves, so no Austen for him. (his fav read is “Trout Bum”- Hey, I married Charlie)

      That gives me an idea. While I am reading, I am going to hide my book in a Hemingway cover, one from his bookshelves. Ridicule averted. Aw, just like high school!

      • TeamSeth

        I just had an image of Mr. Snow being thrown back Edward style in the Twilight makeout scene hehe. Of course, Mr. Snow looked like Rob in my image, since I don’t know how Mr. Snow looks… you get it.

        • snowwhitedrifted

          Ahh, alas he doesn’t look like Edward, but he does fly backwards, more like Jasper in the paper cut scene.

          Mr. Snow looks like young Chevy Chase, so sometimes I refer to him as Fletch.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    All this baby speculation talk reminds me of the Kristen baby bump debate!

  • BabiesBrown

    Also, bc of the irony, I’m linking my blog today, (Which I swear I wrote before I read LTT this morning):

    When UC finds out it’s just anemia or something, I will make her an official “We’re (NOT) pregnant!” button. 🙂

  • Coming from the dangerously single side, THIS (& ones like Mr. Choice) what I look for, and also poss why I still verymuch single

  • befuddled

    This was a hysterical read! Thanks for the laughs.

    Regarding my hubby…this is a story yet to be told. I was a Twi-virgin until 3 weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since. I went on a vacation with my family (my side of the family) which is where I read all 4 books. Hubby didn’t go as he had “man trip” planned to Alaska and — conveniently for me — was leaving the day after I got home from my trip. So…for the past two week hubby has been gone and I have been Robsessing, which is what led me to LTT/LTR. I think I’ve seen pretty much every RP youTube interview and I can’t get through the day without reading LTT/LTR.

    In the last two weeks, I’ve watched Twilight 6 times, NM twice and organized a girl’s night out for Eclipse. I was the only one who hadn’t seen it. We had a good representation of Team Edward and Team Jacob. It was really fun creating a Twi-sisterhood. We constantly giggled about how we were coming out of the Twi-hard closet and how it was normal. 😉 I, of course, sent them all the links to LTT and LTR afterwards. I laughed out loud at the Porn For Women comment by Mr. Plane Friend. Its funny ’cause its true!

    So anyhow…Mr. Befuddled comes home from Alaskan man-trip tomorrow and I’m not really sure if I should just show my Twi-pride, or keep it in the closet. I think I may feign it for a little bit and trick him into watching at least Twilight and Remember Me with me. We’ll see how they go over. He does like to read, so maybe I can just leave the book on his nightstand…Thoughts? Suggestions? What is the best way to break him in?

    • eatmyjorts

      I vote for some awesome sex which you can tell him is courtesy of some great new books you’ve been reading…

      • YES – go with the sex thing. Everybody wins.

        • befuddled

          I think you guys are right! I’m all about creating win-wins. 😉

    • TeamSeth

      Your twi virginity is so exciting! It reminds me of 2008… sigh.

      Anyway… there was a post a looong time ago on this very topic, introducing people to twi, esp. men. It’ll be in the WordPress version of LTT. Somewhere… hidden amongst the crowd. I will try and search for it for you, but there’s a chance that it was part of the comments only and may not be easy to find.

      That said, eatmyjorts basically summed up the main piece of advice given. 😉

      Maybe you could bring it up in a “You won’t believe this book I was reading, part of it took place in Denali!” (assuming you’ve read Midnight Sun) and then you’re relating it to his recent trip.

      • befuddled

        Yes…I spent last Saturday morning ready Morning Sun. I hadn’t thought of the Denali aspect of it. He was there last week. Sex first and then the Denali plug. This could be the birth of a new unicorn…

        • TeamSeth

          I may have found the link. Try this entry’s comments No promises cuz my unicorn came into my office and started bugging me about walking to bus stop with him. Sigh. (meaning I couldn’t read it all)

      • befuddled

        I’m reading through the post you linked to on the old site. You guys have each other’s Skype names? Ha ha! That ROCKS. Do you still do that?

        Oh…and by the way…I also opened a Kindle account on Amazon and downloaded Twilight because I borrowed my mom my copy (she’s a Twi-virgin) and I simply can’t wait 3 more weeks to get it back and start the series over then. Plus, I’m thinking that reading at least part of it again tonight will be good prep for Mr. Befuddled’s *ahem* homecoming celebration. 😉

  • Unashamed Twi-wife

    I came home from a stressful day at work and plopped down on the couch after popping New Moon into the DVD player. My unicorn hubby called out from the kitchen (where he was making dinner mind you), “Are you twilighting again?” Not in that exasperated/annoyed voice, but in that you’re-so-cute-I’m-glad-you-have-found-something-that-makes-you-happy voice.

    So there you have it gals. According to my unicorn, “twilight” is a verb. 😀

  • twigirl_world

    I don’t want to brag or anything but my hubby discusses RobsPeen w/me for an entire afternoon!! Seriously!! He said it was pretty darn close to crossing a line and we had to end the discussion…just thought I would add, sorry so late of a post. Catching up!

  • lcneiny

    Also late to the party this week… But I just had to say my fiance also hates Edward and likes to rub it in all the time that he’s Team Jacob. Pff. Although when I drug him to see Eclipse with me he did admit (without my prodding) that he liked it much better than the other two. His comment after the tent scene was priceless though…probably not appropriate to post here but let’s just say it was along the lines of a homoerotic moment.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now, UC!

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