Stacey vs Stacey and the Eclipse Soundtrack

While we’re STILL Fishin’ our friends Stacey & Stacey talk the Eclipse soundtrack (and UC hijacks the conversation once or twice)

Dear Eclipse Soundtrack,

Stacey (East Coast) suggested we review you. I (West Coast Stacey/ snowwhitedrifted) jumped at the chance to be caught in the wake of someone else’s good idea. A little background on us: We are talking out of our a$$es when conducting a music review. Stacey (East Coast) likes the indie band stuff with a bit of sass on the Twilight soundtracks . I, snowwhitedrifted, like the dark/ moody/ indie kind of stuff. Let’s just put that disclaimer in there because we know everyone’s tastes are different. So can 2 graphic designers/ex theater majors offer any insight into the Eclipse soundtrack? Probably not, but we wrote you a letter anyway.

Stacey: Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric: Ahh…Bella’s theme. Girl power anthem just like Paramore’s songs in Twilight. I have been know to skip this one. I am sure the New Moon soundtrack had one of those too, but I only bought the Death Cab For Cutie track on that one. Isn’t the lead singer married to Zooey Deschanel? I think I have a girl crush on her. Wait a sec! I have a replacement band for this one. How about Zooey’s band She & Him. That would be great.
snowwhitedrifted: I skip this one too. But I too love Zooey. Do you think she ever looks in the mirror and sees Katy Perry?
UC: I HATE YOU BOTH. You know I’d go fake lesbian (and probably real) for Emily Haines from Metric ANY DAY.

Stacey: Neutron Star Collision – Muse: I know Stephenie hearts them, but not so much with this girl. But why? I finally realized that they sound like Queen. Seth Green Jr. forced me to watch ESPN when the song We Are The Champions came on with it’s soaring guitars. My three-year old likes it, but she also loves the Wiggles.
snowwhitedrifted: Yup, it’s a Muse song all right.
I’ll see your Wiggles and raise you a Fresh Beat Band.

Stacey: Didn’t Alice say that she was going to give those Fork kids what they want? That means Ludacris or The Black Eyed Peas. Just to hear Mike Newton yell, ” Holla! I need to crunk old dirty South style!” would have made Eclipse magical for me.
snowwhitedrifted: Yorkie totes has Bieber Fever. I mean c’mon , look at the bangs.

Stacey: Ours- The Bravery: Not bad. But for fun, let’s put in Pete Yorn, even Pete Yorn with Scarlett Johannson. ‘Cause I heart him, as much as Stephenie hearts Muse. *cough* Breaking Dawn *cough*
snowwhitedrifted: This one skips in my car, so I don’t listen to it. Wow, I’m down 3 for 3. Good reviewing on my part!

Stacey: Heavy In Your Arms- Florence and the Machine: Amazingly, I have not one smart a** comment about this song. I just like it.
snowwhitedrifted: This is my kind of song. Yearn-y and tragic. Where on earth was it in the movie? Why wasn’t it used when Jacob is carrying Bella? Just a little literal reference for kicks. Oh wait, maybe becaue Bella isn’t heavy. Side note: It could also be the girl’s answer to Timber Timbres’ “Lay Down in the Tall Grass”. I guess I just associate both songs with moving dead bodies.

Stacey: My Love-Sia: Pretty song that makes me think of dead people. You see, Breathe Me by Sia, was the last song of Six Feet Under where the whole cast croaks. Now every Sia song makes me think about that. Funny full circle though. Sia =Six Feet Under=Alan Ball=True Blood=Vampires=Twilight=Sia.
snowwhitedrifted: Great circle, Stace! Awe, the Leg Hitch song. Again, yearn-y and tragic, Love it. It makes me a little sad though, since I really want Edward Bella’s engagement ring.
UC: WHOA 6 feet under spoiler alert people! One of these days I do plan to have a major surgery where I’m going to catch up on all this TV I’ve missed!

More spoilers for TV shows off the air for years after the jump

Stacey: Atlas-FanFarlo: A fun little ditty. But wouldn’t it be fun if we stick 100 Monkeys in there for Jackson? Pretty Rob got two songs in Twilight. It’s Jackson’s turn for musical glory, except I don’t quite see where the tied dyed, jam band tunes are going to fit. hmm…
snowwhitedrifted: I picture the “humans” partaking in kooky pre-graduation hijinks. You know, like taking goofy snapshots of one another or pen fights in the cafeteria while signing each others yearbooks. BFFs 4 EVAH <3 U Bells K.I.T!

Stacey: Chop & Change- The Black Keys: They make sexy songs. Which is appropriate, because Xavier strolled his sexy self into my life with this song. Almost made me forget about Mr. Pattinson, actually no, but Xavier sure is pretty.
snowwhitedrifted: Great intro to the movie. Definitely sets a bit of a sexy tone. I bet this is the number one juke box pick in a seedy little bar like One Eyed Petes.

Stacey: Rolling On A Burning Tree-The Dead Weather: I think it’s a good, creepy tune for the newborns and a nice seduction tune for that red-headed harlot Victoria. Maybe more the original Victoria then Opie’s daughter. It’s like the debate between new Coke or the original Coke. Original almost always wins in the taste test, Summit.
snowwhitedrifted: Or new Darrin vs. original Darrin, New Becky vs. original Becky, etc. I’m all for creepy, so I’m on board. This IS the anthem for Doc Martens and brooding. I also liked Victoria’s onyx ring in this scene. Maybe it’s just that it looks so pretty against Riley’s ivory skin.
Stacey: Everything looks pretty against Riley’s skin. EVERYTHING.

Stacey: Let’s Get Lost- Beck and Bat For Lashes: Beck has had me since the video for Loser. You know when MTV still played videos and good music. The good old days.
snowwhitedrifted: Beck sounds rather sexy in this duet. I don’t usually think of Beck as sexy, but boyfriend’s got a little rasp in his voice here. This song also works well for a lot of screen movement, it’s sweepy sounding. Does that make sense? No. Good.

Stacey: Johnathan Low- Vampire Weekend: WTH? Who is this song for? It is a fun jumpy dance song to do with my kid. So that works.
snowwhitedrifted: This song should be for a scene where Alice and Bella are goofing off in Alice’s closet trying to find her something to wear to the gradutaion party. Doesn’t it sound like a “girlfriends trying on each others clothes” kind of tune?

Stacey: With You In My Head-UNKLE: Good choice for Cullen Fight Club. Still upset about Carlisle taking down Edward and his special karate pants. Did Rosenberg forget he reads minds? I think Peter had a say in this one. Tsk, Tsk Pete.
snowwhitedrifted: Cullen Fight Club!! WIN. “The first rule of Cullen Fight Club is… you do not talk about fight…ing newborns with wolves…..This is your life and it’s ending, one minute at a time (not really, since you’re immortal)… You are not he car you drive, you are not your bank account… you are not your F’ing “special karate pants “(that’s deep Fight club insight right there). This song is on my “Runnin’ Fool” playlist and I do jog a little faster when it comes on. Thank you Fightin’ Cullens.

Stacey: A Million Miles An Hour-Eastern Conference Champions: I bet Edward can million miles an hour and make lots of feathers. hee hee. Mind meet gutter.
snowwhitedrifted: This song starts out like Jane’s Addiction’s “Coming Down the Mountain”, but instead of, “Hurgggggh-ah” it says, “ooooooooooooouuuuuhhhhh”. It totalled work for the scene too. I have a new appreciation for Jacob’s biceps-in-black-tees since this became his intro. Sweet Jesus.
Stacey: Like that jail bait, huh?
snowwhitedriftd: Well God created the beauty and I was, eh, just praising His work.

Stacey: Life on Earth- Band of Horses: Nice Banjo. It is the perfect song for the scene. It also spells EVERYTHING out. No mystique with this scene, I get it, Bella’s going to be “changing” and her “life is ending”. Forget the dialogue, just play the song and let them stare in each other’s eyes. Ohh…and just show Rob’s face the whole time. I am liking this change.
snowwhitedrifted: I keep thinking this is going to be Morcheeba’s “Trigger Hippie”, but then it isn’t. Now it just makes me want Edward a T-shirt quilt.

Stacey: What Part Of Forever-Ceelo: This could have been in the party scene. Nah, not Forks High School approved. Stick on some Beyonce as Sasha Fierce. There you go, a happy Jessica.
snowwhitedrifted: I always think, “WTF how did “Patience” (G’nR) get on here? I can’t get past the whistling.

Stacey: Jacob’s Theme: Very pretty, but I think Jake needs a sad country, bluegrass tune. My woman left me for sparkles. I also, thought of a theme song for the wolf pack. Daylight by Matt & Kim, just for the line, “We cut the legs off of our pants.” It makes me laugh.
snowwhitedrifted: Ha ha ha, I love that you know of a JORTS song!

Stacey: The Line-Battles:Emmitt’s fight song. He deserves a song, just because no one ever gave him a backstory except wrestling with that bear. Poor Pumpkin.
snowwhitedrifted: I’m sure there’s a fanfic backstory for Emmitt, I’m thinking his song could be “Enter Sandman” because c’mon, Metallica on a Twilight CD would be funny.

Stacey: How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep-Bombay Bicycle Company: I am completely fangirling this band on twitter. I also decided in a sleep deprived moment that this would be a great promo song for The Host, starring my #2 celebrity crush Ian Somerhalder. (Please let this happen!) Call us Steph, I think Stacey and I need to be on your music team for the rest of your movies.
snowwhitedrifted: Wait, what song is this? It’s not on my soundtrack. I got jipped. That’s it, Target you’re on the list!
Stacey: That’s a shame. I would take Target to court, it’s a darn good song. I’ll make you a copy of it. Next time, get the deluxe edition. You know you want the Bella poster for your wall!
snowwhitedrifted: I’ll hang her next to “Buffy”!

Stacey & Stacey

Stacey and Stacey met on LTT a few months ago & instantly realized they have more in common than just a first name and a spelling where UC often forgets to insert the “e.” They both like long walks on the beach, Twilight and…. ugh.. their kids. LTT: Bringing people with a ton in common together, always.

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