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It’s the freakin’ weekend, I’m about to have me some fun!

(name that lyric!)

Dear LTT-ers,

This is a weekend post! Don’t act so surprised!! Anyway just something fun to watch and something to get you ready for your holiday shopping!

Our friends over at The Hillywood Show are at it again! I know we all remember the epicness of their Twilight and New Moon parodies. I know I can’t ever hear “Hot and Cold” by Katy Perry without thinking of Twilight now. This week they released their Eclipse parody and it’s AHMAZING!!! The premiere dress, the Harpars Bazaar cover shoot, all of it! Watch and get ready for a great weekend!

Haven’t seen their other videos for Twi and NM? Where have you been? Check em out at their YouTube channel!

Fun Business Time!
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Have a good one and cross your fingers for new BD stuff next week!

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  • natashadushi

    The video was FUNNY!!!! This is gold!

  • Absolutely love this video. Bellas face getting smooshed is my favorite.
    …. and I’m ashamed to say that the Hillywood videos kinda make me a lil team Jacob every time I watch them….

    • TeamJacobEdward


      Blasphemous! Go read/watch real Twilight, quick. Redeem yourself woman!

      the horror, oh the horror

    • robsfuturemate

      It’s okay, I think it’s because he doesn’t have the same Rob-magicness!! Even though, he does do a great Edward!

  • Ambella

    I have been singing “gaga” all week because of this……it really is amazing all the detail they are able to put into it.
    “Edward” with a machine gun= epic
    “Hillywood Jacob”…….we need to have someone stalking him stat.

  • Ambella

    I have been singing “gaga” all week because of this……it really is amazing all the detail they are able to put into it.
    “Edward” with a machine gun= epic
    “Hillywood Jacob”…….we need to have someone stalking him stat.

  • claire’s mommy

    R. Kelly. Ignition (Remix)

    Now they’re both going to be stuck in my head. Thanks.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I think the wolfpack dancing scenes were my favorite. Those were hilarious!

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  • Jennyluvsjax

    Can I say LEG HITCH! That was so funny. I love the wolf pack dancing too. That would be great to dance in the middle of all those shirtless bad boys. Yum! Now I just need jackson’s shirt off and It would be perfect.

  • Ash

    I LOVE this video. Amazing. They’re the best at what they do. Seriously.

  • Love this… the Hillywood people consistently hit the nail on the head! I somehow thought the best part was when Edward went all rock n roll with his leather jacket and sunglasses…swoon! Thank you Hillywood for at least giving us an Edward who could cut loose for a few minutes. If only the “real” Edward could have done that in Eclipse. And I was laughing the most at the times when they started dressing up like the Harper’s photo shoot as well as Kristen’s one-sleeved white dress. Got to love their attention to detail.

    Bad Romance is SO the perfect song for Eclipse!

    Major LOL at the bed and feathers at the end. But that was supposed to wait until BD! I shudder to imagine how they’ll approach the BD spoof…

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I know! I laughed so hard at the feather ending!

      Ha! Feather ending. Has a ring to it; “It had a feather ending.” I mean, feathers to me mean happiness, so it only makes sense to substitute “feather” for “happy.” Right?

  • robsfuturemate

    Now that’s how a Leg Hitch is supposed to be done!! The white premiere dress had me waiting for a Burgandy-suited Edward! (That was the only thing missing) Hillywood has done it again!!

  • TeamSeth

    Mr. Seth watched this and loved it! I explained the premiere dress thing to him, which he then found very funny. He thought the hillywood bella was hotter than the summit bella. I plead the fifth.

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