Remember when Stephenie Meyer mentioned us in the Eclipse DVD Commentary?

Dear Stephenie,

Sooooo…. this happened…

click to enlarge for massive awesomeness

Saturday, @Raze71 tweeted us this screen shot from the Eclipse commentary between you and producer Wyck Godfrey. We freaked, we thought we were being Punk’d, we freaked again, we virtually high fived, you said the word “JORTS!” then we had a 45 minute conversation about how we couldn’t believe it.

Nice Jorts, Wyck! You're down with the kids

Then the haters came to play. And as much as they tried to rain on our parade (and boy, did they try) we refused to play that game because you know what, you decided to mention JORTS and US in your commentary and not them so we win and they can SDASTFU (yea, I came up with that one in a fit of crazy emailing between UC and me. have fun figuring it out).

We get that we don’t appeal to everyone and we don’t want to. All we’ve ever wanted to do was make each other laugh. We started that way almost two years ago and we will end it by doing that or die trying. We play by our own rules and we’re unapologetic for that. But that may just be why you’ve read and mentioned us a few times. Honestly, we don’t know why you’ve read us but we are forever appreciative and actually it makes us like you even more because we think you ‘get it’ and that couldn’t make us more proud and make the buzz from our opposition nothing more than an annoying fly buzzing around us that needs to be crushed.

So uh Taylor... I hear they're called Jorts...

Now we would normally ignore these losers who believe anything they hear but they’re so wildly misinformed about us I just have to say one thing to them: WE DON’T HATE KRISTEN STEWART.

Oh and get a life.

Whew. So seriously though Stephenie you said JORTS in the commentary to Wyck Godfrey! That’s like your mom saying “fart” in church or your grandma saying MILF. It’s pretty amazing.

Thank you.

PS Have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!

EVERYONE head over to LTR to read a letter that NEEDS to be read NOW!!!!

Can you believe this??? Cray cray to the max yall! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out in a few weeks. AH!

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  • Babiesbrown

    That’s epic! Congrats, ladies. Your letter to Rob today reminded me a little of Faith Hill’s Mississippi Girl song – not necessary! We know who you ladies are, obvi SM knows you’re awesome, too. So suck it, haters.
    As everybody’s mom always says, “they’re just jealous!”
    And Tx, Steph, now they’re probably hyperventilating on Twitter with jealousy!

    • and i knnnooowwww where i stand! its all apart of me! and thats who I aaaaaammm!!

      oh wait this is a diff country song…

  • That is so freakin’ awesome y’all. I still can’t believe it! The commentary will be epic. It’s pretty much the thing I’m most looking forward to about the DVD. More so than rewatching the film itself. Eeeeeee, 6 more days til the DVD is out here!

    • Stacey

      Yay it’s Jayde! I’ve missed seeing you on here! Of course, I’ve been off Twitter so maybe I would see you there…hmm… Anyway, Hi!

    • krazykidd

      THIS is so f*cking AMAZING! I am so happy for you girls!! πŸ˜€ SM definitely has a soft spot for you guys! Just keep in mind that peeps will always try to tear you down whenever you’re on top. Just keep doing what you do and follow your philosophy through and through. Another thing…remember that peeps get “brave” behind a computer screen but don’t have the cojones to tell you in person…to these so-called internet “bullies” all I have to say is…BRING.IT and grow a pair and say it in person where we can see where the hate is coming from. Holler at me I’ll tell you where you can find me and we can make it happen. πŸ˜‰ I know I sound like an uber-biotch right now but nothing boils my blood more than cowardly people talking shiz behind a computer….especially about people I love and consider friends. So anywhoodle yea just remember you wanna make this happen haters?…holler at me krazy_kidd on the twittah and we can definitely get it on and poppin’!….and now I am off my soap box and out of ghetto mode….CONGRATS girls this is freakin’ amazing!!! Love you guys hardcore and keep doing what you do because obviously you must be doing something right if you’re practically BFFs with SM! πŸ˜‰

      • i love you. i half expected you to leave your phone #!!!

        • krazykidd

          Trust me I was THISCLOSE to doing so! LOL πŸ˜‰

      • HOLD MY EARRINGS!!!!

        • FacePunch


          I’m just that kinda guy…. πŸ™‚

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Holy crow!

    Stephenie, I didn’t think it was possible. But I think I love you even more.

    Smiling mourner hugely than probably what’s #normal about this but not really caring so much. πŸ˜€

    Thank you for making my day!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      #fail “more” not “mourner” I think I need to break up with my phone and find one that understands me better. This phone just doesn’t seem to “get” me. It never seems to know what I’m trying to say and guessing way wrong. *sigh*

      Oh and forgot to say, “congratufreakinglations UC & Moon!” You have arrived…. πŸ˜‰

  • natashadushi

    O M G!!!!! Yaaaaaay. Haters to the left, jorts in front plse…

  • claire’s mommy

    I don’t usually watch the commentaries unless I’m stuck in some serious boredom (revoke fan card)…but I am SO watching this one! Congrats ladies!

    Come on, December 4th!!!

    • robsfuturemate

      WHAAAT?! The Twi Com is hilarious!! It’s the only way I watch the movie now. Sometimes I just put it on in the background and go about my business. This one is going to be even better!

  • Babiesbrown

    Also I really hope ppl get that the Faith Hill reference is in relation to another crazy ass fandom. It’s a joke. So don’t come after me with pitchforks, country music fans.

  • JenJadeEyes

    …they can SDASTFU…

    so damn awesome STFU?
    some darn alternative STFU?
    say darling a**hole STFU?

    Shut delightfully alternative shorts TFU?

    Man, I’ll NEVER figure it out! I guess I better sit down and STFU!

    • I had to ask her too- her brilliant mind sometimes works in a level us commoners cannot understand πŸ™‚ ‘sit down and shut the f up!’

      • LETTER TO UC
        Dear UC,
        before you RUIN Moon’s “have fun figuring that out” by TELLING people what her acronyms’ mean, READ HER LETTER

        I fail like 1,000 times today

        • Thumbs down for writing letters to yourself.

          • FacePunch


      • Bea

        I was guessing that’s what it was… but my first thought was “simmer down” instead of “sit down”… and then I decided that wasn’t a normal phrase.

        • sadly, I got it instantly. I think I have some special gift for deciphering obscenities.
          My mother is so proud.

      • Michelle

        Seems you guys are a little more polite than I – I thought it was Suck D!ck and Shut the F’ Up… kinda like a big “UP YOURS” to the haters!

      • Michelle

        Seems you guys are a little more polite than I – I thought it was Suck D!ck and Shut the F’ Up… kinda like a big “UP YOURS” to the haters!

    • Wait were you joking? I can’t tell this early… Sigh. I fail

  • drsaka

    Congrats ladies, for the mention! You are now immortalized at a whole different level!!!

  • kandnandb

    When I saw that on Twitter, I thought it was a joke too! That’s amazing she mentioned us! (Yes, I’m horning in on the party!!)

    Wait…you DON’T hate KStew? I’m totally reading the wrong blogs then. Well, it’s been fun but time for me to go.

    Kidding, kidding. “Where else would I go?” What else would I do? Clean my house? HA.

    • TeamSeth

      Sure, sure. I know you run

      • kandnandb

        *gasp* HOW DID YOU KNOW? I thought I kept it quiet….

    • *insert bella/kstew rant here*

      but but I I but you can’t I mean you uh uh you can’t go!


  • Tigerkitten36

    That’s so awesome you’re mentioned on the DVD. YOu two have had an amazing year, Im slighlty jealous.
    I cant wait until I get my copy to hear for myself.

    I feel lucky to have been a reader since the early days, I dont remember exactly how I found you…but the day I did my life changed, forever. Thanks for that.

    Keep on Keepin’ on. I will work on my bitch brow so that it is worthy of Kstew.

  • I’ll be wearing jorts tonight, in your honor!!!

    • FacePunch

      I’m *always* wearing jorts… especially my hand-jeweled LTT ones (with Moon and UC’s faces done in fine, imported stones, of course….). πŸ˜‰

  • Oh god. Proud Mommy moment. Verklempt!

    Keep the faith, Ladies! Take off the tweed and relax this weekend. You earned it. Haters gonna hate! But we lovers? Baby, we love so good.

    • “Haters gonna hate! But we lovers? Baby, we love so good.”

      i loooove you. thats amazing

  • Stacey

    This post made me so happy! I am not surprised that you two wonderful girls made it onto the commentary.
    Stephenie seems to have a wonderful sense of humor and knows that everyone here really loves her work.

    I can’t wait for this DVD…I am trying to hold out so that I get for Christmas. I don’t think I am going to make it!

    • kandnandb

      Nope, me either. My hubby has me locked down pretty tight on a budget for Christmas presents but I think I will sneak Eclipse in there w/ the grocery money. I just won’t eat that day-I’ll just watch the movie and be full from my Edward/Riley love. WIN!

      • TeamSeth

        Fred Meyer is offering it on sale! I think…

        Anyway, no, I don’t think I’m going to last either. Especially now that I the commentary to watch! Sigh. Must.Be.Strong.

        • robsfuturemate

          lol, Fred Meyer! I loved that place!! You are really trying to get me to move back to OR aren’t you?!

  • superhumanmoron

    Ah the hate. You know you are doing something right when you get the hate.

    Goal for next year: Moon and UC commentary on the BD dvd!

    • Agreed on the HATE, coming from Queen HATE.

      You know what I like to say:
      HATERS Mean you’re FAMOUS!

      • superhumanmoron

        I am waiting for the tee in the LTT shop.

      • Yup, if you don’t have any enemies, you’re doing something wrong.

    • i would die to do a commentary!

      • Stella

        This so deserves a Brendan Fraser clap!!!!

  • fang

    That is like WAY cool! Congrats! I can’t wait to get the dvd and ACTUALLY watch the commentary this time!

    Too many exclamation points but I’m too lazy to fix it.

  • Incognito Burrito

    How many flavors of awesome us that?!?! Congrats. You both totes deserve it, because your site is the best.

  • Nelle

    Where are the haters? What have I missed?

    What an absolute win that you got a mention in the DVD commentary! I am so 2nd hand proud!!

    • Bea

      I’m guessing Twitter… which means I missed too… somehow I don’t feel deprived, though. There’s enough angst in my life without being mad at total strangers for being rude to UC and Moon.

      • don’t feel DEPRIVED!?
        haha.. that’s why you’re on LTT and not somewhere else.

      • exactly

    • efam

      I think I found the beginning of the hate, which may have carried over to Twitter. Check out LTR on 11/22. First post. Hysterical…

  • Proselyte3

    Simmer Down And….well you know.

    Yes?????? ILY both. Steph gets it. Rob is hot. And I gotta pee…later. x

  • Moonbun

    Congrats guys! Now you’re immortalized in the gazillion dvd copies!!!! πŸ˜€

    I myself try to spread the word in here (seriously, I can no longer say “hell” or “shorts” anymore!), and when some eyebrows rise up, I just say “that’s normal” ^^

    Once again, congrats!!!

  • alice_av06

    OMGGG!! She said jorts!!! amazing girls you well deserve it, everyone will find out about the epicness of LTT/LTR
    Im soooo happy for you!!!

  • ICanHandleIt

    this.Is. Amazing. AWESOME!!!! Wasn’t there even a post way back when about getting SM to say jorts somehow someway?? I’m pretty sure there was because I have been waiting for it to happen. Because when we dream around here ya’ll, stuff happens. πŸ™‚ I haven’t had time to comment lately…. couldn’t leave this one alone. Yay!

  • Gah. How much do I love this?!

    I feel 2nd hand famous cause I can say I knew you way back when. Probs before SM herself, I am sure.

    Love ya girls!

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  • Sue G.

    UC & Moon,

    First you get to meet Stephenie, now she mentions you on the DVD! What a year you two have had! :o)


  • When I heard about this I called up my little sister, my mom, and my dad, squeeling like a tween girl.
    Seriously, you guys are amazing and you deserve the recognition! I wouldn’t be surprised if some day there’s a Letters to Moon and UC blog.
    Stay positive, ignore the drama and the hate.
    – Jamie

  • FacePunch

    GTFO! Yay yay yay! *runs around the room in bedazzled Breaking Dawn jorts*

    Send (Big) Daddy And Shut The F@#$ Up! πŸ˜‰

  • The Old One

    So epicly awesome!
    Wait, when was the commentary recorded? Was it before your interview with SM? Did she KNOW it was going to come out? Is that why she kept giggling and was all “I know something you don’t know!” at the interview?

    • no – she did it the day before or day of the eclipse premiere- and she told our old friend Brookelockart she mentioned JORTS, but we didn’t know she also said LTT! nice surprise:) I like to think the fact I was wearing jorts under my skirt & she saw them when she leg hitched me inspired her.

      • Brooke Lockart

        Sigh, that was the best day ever. LIKE EVER.

  • Bea

    I love that she thinks you guys invented the term jorts. Survey: where did this term come from? The first time I heard it was probably Summer ’08… definately before Halloween, because a friend came to a party that year dressed as a Florida football fan in jorts. Here in Atlanta the term is primarily used for Georgia fans, who wouldn’t be caught dead in them, to mock Florida fans who wear them frequently. Tipped me off that mine, completely acceptable where I grew up, should stay in the drawer here in the South.

    • efam

      Yes!! I went to UGA and have always heard the term “jorts” applied to Florida fans.

    • TeamSeth

      As a Florida graduate, i would like to 1) Affirm that indeed jorts and Gatorade are from Gainesville and 2) I never, ever owned nor wore jorts.

  • YayForYou

    First post in a while, but had to say congrats, thats awesome. Totally not pc of me but SDASTFU=suck it dykes and shut the fuck up. sorry, but I went and read some of the twitter hate and it staggers me. Have love, love, loved your site for the last year/half. Makes me laugh, at you, at myself, and at the whole crazy twilight phenom. Big fan of what you do, keep on doing it! Haters will keep on hating coz that’s what they do, but isn’t this more fun.

    • again your verison of SDASTFU is better than mine!

  • P.S.

    I was wondering about the haters too. Makes me feel a little better about resisting the Twitter thus far. I’m so second-hand proud of Moon&UC too, but is anyone else a teeny tiny bit worried the the crazy haters will be descending on our little family soon? Still, to be mentioned on the Eclipse commentary – wow. Now if we can just get an LTT t-shirt into BD………

    • P.S.

      Oops. Supposed to be a repy to Nelle!

    • yes… what if one of the wolfpack WORE an LTT shirt WHILE wearing jorts? Heaven. it would be heaven. we gotta dream big now!

      • Yes! Wolf Seth in the “They’re NOT Bears” shirt with “They’re Sharpie’d into “We’re”.

        …or Edward cooking the eggs wearing a men of LTT apron.

        • TeamSeth

          Sharpied in “we’re”

          OMG. I just cried a little from laughing.

        • Bea

          Favorite comment of the day.

      • Firefly

        You should have give a ” Bad wigs” t-shirt to Jackson when you met him. I would love see Jasper wearing one proudly…..

    • The HATE is HERE!!

  • Blondieinco

    Congratulations girls!!!! Can’t wait to hear that DVD commentary!

  • BrookeLockart

    Remember that time when Stephenie told me at the Eclipse premiere to tell UC and Moon that she said Jorts in the commentary and then UC tweeted that SM WORE jorts in the commentary?! Hahaha good times.

    She left out the best part…she mentions the blog!? GAH.

    • i think I was drunk? No?

      • I for one, hope you were drunk, Why?


        • I watched a “Bored to Death” where J Schwartz said “You’re mugging me!? But this neighborhood has been gentrified for years!?” #gentrification

    • Pssssst. Hi Brookie!

      Do you also secretly hope haters show up in the comments today too?

      Gosh, crazy people are awesome…..except when they yell at me on the streets in Philly….then they suck, but are heavily on meth so I try not to worry about them.

  • Humongous congrats on this! Applause! Slow applause, even!

    I think you girls have earned a place in our lovely Stephenie’s heart… she’s Imprinted on you, so to speak.

    As for the haters, to put it simply I don’t get it. Like you said, I can get people who don’t think LTT is their thing…no prob. But to actively hate on you? Strange case of sour grapes, I think. I’ve been to websites that are sarcastic and even mean, but you really never have crossed the line. It’s all good fun on here. It’s a site run by people who clearly love the books, movie, author and even cast (most of the time), for people who love the books, movie, author and even cast (most of the time), but are realistic about our interest/obsession, usually can keep it in perspective, and generally enjoy a good laugh about it all. Don’t worry about those who just don’t get it. You have enough who do…including the Creator Of It All.

  • The HATERS were really just me, writing about how Moon and UC suck, or not.

    Sooooo effing proud of you both. Glad I found someone to make fun of all this shizz that I don’t know why I like so much with. You effing rule!

    For some reason my first thought was I need to create a Dear _____ or Letters2 _____ (you can guess, or not, but you’ll laugh anyhow) twitter acct to go along with the 5 other Letters2 accts that I have. Yes? yes….it’s settled then.

    • Libby

      Thumbs down for you cause you love them.

    • Thumbs down because I’m following one of your letters to ____ twitter accounts and you haven’t tweeted in forever.

      …at least I think it’s yours. If not, thumb revoked. πŸ˜‰

      • please add an “e” to the end of that hashtag

  • Cazza

    About time we had some decent commentary on those darn DVD’s…….

    Congrats! πŸ™‚

    • Cazza

      So do we ditch the Christmas stockings this year and just hang out a pair of jorts instead?

  • chochang

    stupid dumb asses, shut the fuck up!!

    (felt like it had to be written)

  • Alice_NaA

    Ohhh I didn’t know about this!!! Congratulations! You’re now OFFICIALLY part of the franchise, even after the interwebs have been destroyed.

    Is the dvd already out btw? There was a time when I would know the month day and hour of the release. I fail.

  • MidnightCougar

    Well shit, NOW I’m actually going to have to buy the “Eclipse” DVD. πŸ˜‰

    • TeamSeth

      Nah someone will put that segment on youtube for a hot second so you can DL it. Can you download stuff off youtube?

      • MidnightCougar

        Nope, I don’t know how to do YouTube, but that’s okay b/c my daughter would disown me if I didn’t buy the DVD anyways; and since we’ve only seen the movie 5 times, I think we should probably have a copy just to make sure we haven’t missed anything of importance.

  • JodieO

    Wait a minute, what do you mean you DON’T hate Kristen? I thought I knew you! You led me on! We’re through.

    *stomps off to create several fake Twitter accounts to harass you with*

    • JodieO

      And to think I made this masterpiece for your birthday! HARRUUMPH!

      • TeamSeth

        What does “trollop” mean?

        ALSO WHO IS THAT BITCH WITH ROB? (hehe, fake jealousy) Okay, but really, who is that other chick? Is that one of his sisters?! So cute!

      • MidnightCougar

        Ah what a beautiful wall collage. Very inspiring.

  • LaLurker

    I’m totally going to watch Eclipse with the commentary first before just watching the movie itself. Awesome.

    • robsfuturemate

      But the question becomes: the Stephenie/Wyck one or the Rob/Kristen one??!! Oh the options!

  • Stacey

    I forgot to mention this earlier…Things that I am Thankful For LTT Edition

    1. UC and Moon
    2. The word Jorts
    3. Being inspired to do some new things (Talk Supe & Fic) outside my comfort zone (Thanks to UC and Moon’s example)
    4. Laughing at hateful people
    5. All my new friends I met here, who even though we write to each other online I consider you RL friends
    6. My cosmic twin, Snow White Drifted
    oh yeah…
    7. Ron/Rob

    To think once upon a time I was a lurker here! Anyway, before I get even more teary eyed…thanks girls! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving UC, Moon and other LTT girls here. And those who live elsewhere just have a wonderful day. (Can’t forget about all of you!)

    • I’m pulling a Patrick Swayze here,

      I <3 you cosmic twin and our little project of abnormality!!!

      I'm also thankful for :
      1. the usual stuff family, country, dogs & Gods, etc.
      2. Moon and UC's INSPIRING humor (and that they actually read my email and let me design shirts for them)
      3. All of you other crazy bitches who also enjoy bloodsucking dead guys.

      • awwwwwwwww you twoooo…

        stace- i think we have a new tshirt idea or two πŸ˜‰

  • Brooke Lockart

    Oooh!! Let’s hope that in the breaking dawn extras we see Stephenie carrying her ltt water bottle and her fade to sad notebook. WIN.

  • Michelle

    OMG!! This is freaking epic…I am SO pumped for you girls and your fanfreakingtastic site that is BY FAR the bestest of the best of the Twilight sites.

    Love you girls! Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Luludee

    Awesome!! That she actually mentions LTT?! Get ready for a big spike in numbers on the website next month after all the Twihards watch the extras and come to check you out! Probably some haters then too, but we will be ready for them!!
    I can’t believe “jorts” has even made it in to the vernacular of the wardrobe person. Rad!

  • TeamSeth

    Stay daft and shut the forks up?

    • *Totally integrating “Shut the Forks Up” into RL vocab*

      • TeamSeth

        It’s an Ang thing, all credit goes to her (she just got me saying it)

        • Ang

          Awww…shout out from TeamSeth! I’m glad I’ve influenced you in such a meaningful way. πŸ™‚

  • GeminiGypsy

    That is so awesome that LTT got mentioned in the Eclipse DVD extras! This better not be a joke or I will be severely disappointed… I’m home for thanksgiving, and even mentioned it to my mom, even though she has no idea what I am talking about. *sigh* πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    • efam

      LOL! I know. I want to tell someone how proud I am too, but no one will get it…

  • JLynne

    I’ve been reading this site I guess for the past two years now and have never commented. I just wanted to say I love LTT! Keep up the GREAT work and congrats for the shout out thats amazing!

  • Kendall

    Congratulations, ladies! Y’all are famous. Again.

    I am ever amazed at women attacking women…can’t we just be happy for one another. The world is hard enough and especially in society were women are kicking and screaming to get a head professionally and constantly worrying about a glass ceiling, etc.

    What also makes me scratch my head in wonder is why some of these Kristen supporters get very upset for your comments and say you are being mean, etc and then turn right back around and do the very same thing they say is so awful to you. Hypocrisy, much? Okay, enough preachy…I sound like my mom.

    Y’all are the best and deserve every bit of the recognition. Y’all have created this blogosphere world for the fandom much like SM created the Twi world. I’m happy I found y’all and everyone here!

    • if it wasn’t for women, women would rule the world.

  • kitkat

    So awesome!! I was debating the merits (with myself, normal) of buying a French dvd that I’ll probably never be able to play just to see how they translate “jorts” when I remembered that they don’t translate the commentary. Sadness. Any real French people out there (as opposed to American French students) who know what it is? Jeans are the same, but shorts are courts. Jourts? Pronounced jorrrrrr.

    • I think the French translation for JORTS is “fugly pantalons amΓ©ricain”

      • Bea

        Ok, now I’m not sure… I thought your earlier comment was my favorite, SWD, but this comment and your reply may win. Let’s call it a tie.

    • Firefly

      In french that would not be funny because we name all shorts : shorts, whatever they made off. So jorts would be “shorts en jean”. The original is allways better.

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