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4 Weeks of Twimas – Give Back aka we donate an Alpaca in Taylor Lautners name!

Dear LTT-ers,

So we’ve been taking every Tuesday to share some great ideas for holiday gifts this year be it Twilight/Rob related or not! We’re here to make your life easier by bringing you all the best.

So we’ve brought you some fun gift ideas these last two weeks but we thought this week we’d bring you come good alternatives to traditional gifts. This week we present you with a few great gift ideas with a deeper meaning and cause. Not only will they mean something more than a thoughtful gift they’re affordable ways to give back and raise awareness about many causes. If you’re like me and have some of those hard to buy for people on your list (DAD! Stylish Boss!) than I present you some gifts in every price range with big heart!

Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles
We wrote about this amazing cause over at LTR when I found a picture of Kellan wearing a Falling Whistles Necklace which led to contact with a great gal at FW and leads us to want to keep sharing this amazing story and the necklace it inspired with you guys. Do you have a fashion and justice minded person on your shopping list this season? A Falling Whistles necklace might just be the thing for them! FW is a campaign for peace in the Congo and asks us to be whistle blowers for peace and change. Not only to stop the war but to raise awareness about child soldiers  and our world’s largest war still going on.

Learn more about Falling Whistles and buy your very own HERE!

Raven + Lily

Raven and Lily
Raven + Lily is a non-profit studio dedicated to empowering marginalized women through design partnerships and micro-enterprise opportunities. They support women’s empowerment programs that comply with fair trade standards and provide design focused micro-enterprise training. In addition, proceeds from each product are returned to assist with community development.

Welcome to one of my favorite companies and I just happen to know not only some of the ladies who help run and design for Raven + Lily, I have also met and bought amazing jewelry from some of the artists themselves in Kenya. Raven + Lily not only has amazing jewelry, they also have home goods, stationary, bath & body, baby goods and accessories made from women all over the world (Kenya, India, Burundi, Ethiopia and Los Angeles).

Learn more and shop Raven + Lily HERE


Or if you’re more into the furry kind of gifts, you can do what UC and I are doing by sponsoring an Alpaca Meadow through Oxfam! For 75 dollars you can donate, in your recipients name, an Alpaca Meadow (or chickens, or a herd of goats or childrens school uniforms, etc the list goes on!) and Oxfam partners with an individual in need to provide them a way to provide for their families and help stop the cycle of poverty. So this Christmas somewhere in the Andes Mountains a person in need will be given an Alpaca in the name of Taylor Lautner and LTT readers everywhere from Moon and UC!

Learn more about Oxfam and ways you can contribute HERE

So if you were stumped on what to get some of your list this year I hope we helped un-stump you. Or least showed you some of our favorite places to give back and helped educate more folks out there of some amazing causes helping people all over the world. These are definitely not the only places you can support this holiday season. Check your local Boys and Girls Club/Church/School/Salvation Army/etc for more great local places to volunteer and give back this holiday season!

Merry Christmukkahwanza Festivolstice!
Moon and UC

Any gift ideas you want to share?

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  • Anonymous

    We’ve given animals through World Relief, Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision and Heifer International… but never an ALPACA! Must go check out Oxfam…

  • Anonymous

    Bless your <3s

  • Lime

    Great suggestions girls! But seriously, an ALPACA in Taylor’s name?

  • I didn’t think it was possible to heart you guys more then I already did. Thank you!

    • “Due to exciting and unexpected press, we are experiencing a large influx of orders. As our coalition of whistleblowers grows, please allow 2-3 weeks for order delivery.” <—– YOU guysssssss!!!! (you will try to be modest, but it was at least partially YOU, based on the response we are seeing just in this post <3 )

  • Anonymous

    Love it. Still trying to figure out who I should give a Falling Whistles necklace to. Maybe me??

    • LatersBaby

      Yes..keeping mine too.

    • Anonymous

      WHY NOT?! 😉

      or get 2!

      34 bucks is pretty reasonable!

  • Anonymous

    An alpaca in Taylor’s name is epic. I love it.
    I’m definitely going to check out Raven + Lily. Thanks so much for letting us know about them!

  • Anonymous

    UC/Moon, You both never cease to amaze me! I have a very limited Christmas budget this year, so I have been trying really hard to find both thoughtful, meaningful gifts while trying to help those that have even less. May you both be Blessed this holiday season and always! Virtual hug to you both! By the way, I have always wanted an Alpaca (wouldn’t hurt if Eddie were sitting on it under my Christmas tree) that I STILL haven’t gotten put up!! xoxo

    • Anonymous

      I bet if Jacob turned into an alpaca Bella would have picked him. 😉

    • Anonymous

      I bet if Jacob turned into an alpaca Bella would have picked him. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I would think it appropriate that Taylor join the “Save the wolves” campaign! Just a random thought….

  • Anonymous

    Great ideas and great causes! I like how you tied previous LTT/LTR posts into some thoughtful gift ideas. And the sponsoring an Alpaca = both sweet and epic! Nothing like turning a long-running joke into supporting a good cause.

  • Anonymous

    Best present I’ve got so far this year.

    Don’t let the fact that it’s the only present I’ve got so far deter you!

    I agree with Cyn, Taytay totally needs to get in on ‘Save the Wolves’, but only if he and Kristen have a media event and she gets to say “They’re NOT Bears”. Now that would be epic.

  • TwilightedForever

    If we donate in Taylor’s name, will Oxfam send a thank-you card to Taylor’s talent agent’s address, so conceivably, he could end up getting, say, hundreds of Oxfam thank-you cards??

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