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4 Weeks of Twimas- Oh crap you’re screwed!

Dear Friends-

We’re in the home stretch to Christmas and this is pretty much like the last week you can order anything online and hope to have it arrive by the time Santa comes down that chimney next week. So with that in mind we’ve come up with a few more gifts ideas cause if you’re like me, about half your list is still needing a check mark. AHHH!!!

We’ve got some doozies for you today!

A little taste of the Strata Collection

First off my pal and creator of the one-of-a-kind necklace I had made for UC on our 1st blogging anniversary last year: Tiffany Kunz Design. Do you like jewelry (duh) do you like super hip and modern design? Do you like really cool girls? Well then Tiff is your girl! She currently has four collections available online, everything from bracelets to earrings to necklaces to a MEN’S line! Hello tie clips! Tiff uses rough stones, reclaimed metals and hand hammered to make unique (and green!) designs. All moderately priced as well, I might add. Stock up on staples like the earrings and rings from the Nascent collection or get the newest stuff from the Plumb or Strata line. Tiff’s designs have been featured in many magazines on and some big time celebs. Get something for your friend/sister/mom/dad or Yourself. Oh and don’t have any more gifts to get right now? I have it on good authority (aka my own eyes) that this years special Valentine’s designs are outta this world. Seriously!

Shop more Tiffany Kunz Design HERE!

Whitelight for you!

Have a big Twilight fan in your life (besides you) and need something cool? Maybe you have friend you want to read the books but your loaner set is, well, on loan? How about ordering the limited edition WHITE cover Twilight Saga for them. It comes in paperback, with white covers and crimson tipped pages. Kinda like Stephenie Meyer wrote till she bleed on them just for you. Ok, weird but don’t they look cool? And affordable! Only catch? You have to order them from Amazon UK or Waterstones. But no problem, that’s why we have the interwebs!

And don’t forget the lovely Adrienne and her amazing artwork. We’ve also updated the LTT store with a few brand new designs (Spoiler: Calendars!! and MOANtreal makes an appearance) and all the other weeks of Twimas can be seen HERE!

If all else fails get a gift card!

Merry Holidays!
Moon and UC

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  • RachelB

    Oh those white books look neat! Maybe I’ll get them for my sister? What do you think TS? Plus I buy stuff on amazonUK all the time for her because she loves all things British 😉

    • TeamSeth

      All things but Rob… except during The Tuck. I found that scene to be hilarious. And when he drops from the tree as Cedric in HP4, and Hermoine and Ginnie are all “Swoon.” hehe

      I wish that the DVDs would work from the UK because then I could get Doctor Who for a lot cheaper than over here. :'( Stupid regions!!!

      The white books are pretty cool… maybe I’ll get you them, too? I wonder if they make cute little ornaments of the white books — like a pocket twilight? Oooh! Idea! We can call it Teeny Tiny Twilight!

      • RachelB

        Teeny Tiny Twilight!!! What a cute idea! We can make them into earrings 🙂

        • TeamSeth

          Oh wow! I hadn’t even gotten that teeny tiny in my mind yet!

          This makes me think… are there Twilight legos? I sure hope so. Instead of the yellow heads, they’d have to make them all white and then the wolves all red (er, russet). Man, I really want these legos now!

          • RachelB

            OMG! I LOVE this idea! You should be a toy factor idea maker or whatever that person is called. Twilight legos- FTW.

            They will go nicely on my shelf next to my Harry Potter lego collection.

          • TeamSeth

            I was totally thinking that! Hedwig meets Fursplode in the epic adventures of Harry Potter and the Secret of the Sol Duc Hot Springs, rated R for explicit nudity and sexual content; no horses involved.

          • Rachel B

            sounds like something I should be creating a manip for…

          • TeamSeth

            Oh heeeyyy

          • Anonymous

            Hang-on, Hedwig gets nekkid? I can see Crookshanks taking a wolf down.

          • Anonymous

            i have recently become quite attached to the Harry Potter legos (have you played the video game? AWESOME), and as any sane person would do, thought Twilight Legos would be the next brilliant idea. Glad to see we are on the same page

          • Anonymous

            Dude! I love the Lego games, they are so fun!! Star Wars was probably the best so far. I have yet to try the HP one, but your comment reminded me to ask for it for Christmas, so thanks! 😉

          • Rachelb

            In case anyone was wondering- there is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIt2NtCjt2U&feature=player_embedded


          • TeamSeth

            OMG this is Epic! I love the little “apple” hehehehe

          • Stacey

            That is fantastic!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Dear everyone who posts fun things and witty comments on LTT all day,
            Stop. I need to get work done.
            I can’t stay away from you! You’re like a drug to me!
            In other news, that Lego trailer makes me want to re-watch Twilight.

          • Anonymous

            aw, rewatching Twilight, I have not done that in forever

          • Anonymous

            Lego Bella has crazy sideburns, is it homage to the crappy movie wigs? Admire attention to detail. Am forwarding this to everyone for their Christmas presents this year, doesn’t cost and will bring joy to everyone’s…umm, my…heart (for really special people I may try and find some AmanDUH).

          • That’s it, I’m sooooo putting Barbie Bella and Pocket Edward in the Christmas tree, overlooking the majestic living room.

          • TeamSeth

            Just make sure to put them near one of the blue christmas tree lights, you know, for the full effect.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, you girls are soooo evil.

    How can I NOT order something with the Alpaca Farm and of course the MOANtreal designs?!

    • Anonymous

      Done. MOANtreal t-shirt on its way to me in Montreal. I’ll take a pic wearing it in the city when it arrives! I may even go to Old Moantreal where all of the magicness took place last August…

    • Anonymous

      Someone totally needs to buy some Alpaca merch and then take pictures of themselves with it at an Alpaca farm. I will research my area to see if there are any nearby, just so that I can do this.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    OOh! New white twilight books! I think I like my classic black ones better though. Totally off topic: my eclipse dvd came today!!

  • *distracted by sparkly shiny objects*
    Jewelry prettty!
    *bookmarks page to send as hints for upcoming Snow anniversary*

  • Anonymous

    I really want the white books. The husband will mock me mercilessly if I ask for them, though. “Why do you need another set of the books? You already have the paperbacks, and those are on the back of the shelf because we’re embarrassed for them to be seen.”
    And so I’m getting dining room chairs for Christmas. And hopefully a Tweed Serious tote. Though the new Alpaca Farm design tempts me….

  • Anonymous

    The White books are nice, any reason for it?

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