Give us your Twilight virgins!

Dear Twilight,

Who knew outting our embarrassing first times on here would bring out so many other laughable, sweet hilarious, pathetic and down right embarrassing virgin moments from your other fans and our readers?! Everything from gchat conversations about DVD releases

me: I am totally going to a twilight DVD release party…wanna come? borders across the states are hosting these events
Friend: hahaha when?
me: and I am going and I am excited… 10:00pm-12:00am March 20  its the midnight release of the DVD which I’ve already preordered. well I’m actually pissed because there are lots of versions out there and I settled on the borders version like yesterday, target came out with one that I want more its got more extra features, and now I’m pissed
Friend: wait, that is spring break friday right?
Me: yes it is spring break friday night so I am going to be so happy on that day!!
– Heidi


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to becoming the friend you and your other friends make fun of

March 28, 2009
TheBFF: You’re going to kill me. My sister rented Twilight tonight.
Me: Don’t do it.
TheBFF: She wants to watch it.
Me: You’re dead to me.
April 7, 2009
Me: I have a confession to make, and you may never be my friend after this.
TheBFF: Doubtful.
Me: I have just spent the past 10 hours READING TWILIGHT (and I’m going back for more).
TheBFF: I do not believe you.
Me: I’m serious. [My husband] rented it this weekend, and I caved and watched it with him. Then when he went to work yesterday, I WATCHED IT AGAIN.
Me: THEN I went to WalMart and bought the book (and the dvd). OMG.
Me: I even went to WalMart so my regular bookstore lady wouldn’t see me buying it, and I could hide it under a box of Capri-Suns.
TheBFF: YOU ARE [random mutual Twihard acquaintance] !!
Me: I hate myself.
Me: But God help me, I love Edward.


to writing quotable lines like (it did NOT disappoint! and KICK ASS!)

I know that I cannot have my way and have the book depicted word for word, so I think overall it was great. There were some silly changes, but that is to be expected of Hollywood. They rarely leave perfection alone. – Sadie

to writing impassioned essays titled “In the Defense of Bella” depending the feminist qualities in Twilight and reviews called “Fangs for the Memories”… ON YOUR FACEBOOK!

“Thanks to my obsessive reading, I finished the fourth and final book in the series two days ago (and then the unpublished, unfinished Midnight Sun, if you’re wondering). I thought I’d be relieved to have rid myself of a world so thick with hormones. Glad to not have to wonder what happens next.

Turns out that place in life is harder to say goodbye to the second time around.” – Laurel

to posting pictures of yourself you would never have taken in your “former life”

So we now know if we did it and all these girls did it… EVERYONE has their embarrassing and funny and poignant (but mostly funny) Twilight newbie stories. SO SPILL and you too could win an LTT/LTR tshirt from the store to further your public admission of your love for the Cullens and that Rob guy.

do NOT disappoint!

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  • Heidi

    Can you PRETTY PLEASE post the entirety of “Fangs for the Memories”? Yay for virgins!

    Btw, the only friend I could get to come to that Borders Midnight DVD release party was my husband. At the party, he saw a girl walk in with a guy that he assumed was her boyfriend. When I was engaged in Twi-talk with a stranger he went up to this girl (who was currently standing around alone) and started to chat with her. After chatting for a few minutes the conversation took this turn.

    Husband: So how’d you get your boyfriend to come to this?
    Girl: [giggling] I don’t have a boyfriend.
    Husband: Then who is that guy you walked in with?
    Girl: That’s my DAD!
    Husband: Why are you here with your dad?
    Girl: I’m 15 and that’s the only way he’d let me come .
    Husband: I gotta go [runs up to find me and busts into my conversation]

    Husband: We have to leave, NOW!
    Me: Why? And why are you laughing so hard?
    Husband: We have to leave. I just accidentally hit on that girl over there. And she’s 15 and here with her Dad.

    • Ish

      I love tha accidentally hit on her bit. Oh yeah just accidentally all my clothes fell off too, and accidentally found myself snogging her. In no way am I referring to your husband here just struck me funny the thought.

  • Laurel

    Yay for my Facebook notes coming in handy when a free t shirt is on the line! These are all great.

  • Anonymous

    DAMMIT I can’t find anything. Eff

    • operarose

      same here… I kept really quiet about it. Must be the hate!

      • JustGoWithIt

        Right after I discovered it I asked every woman I knew if she had read/seen Twilight, but I think I actually said things like “have you tried Twilight?” and “Twilight, have you gone there, yet?” I truly thought everyone I knew would have no reason not to drop everything, run to the store and start today! I passed each book I got on to my mom who loved them. One friend did “go there”, and now even has a pocket Eddie of her own (jealous). But then everyone else was sort of meh, maybe I’ll check it out. So I quite my universal recommending. I think I even tried to convince my husband to read them in the beginning…

        • operarose

          Yes….like you, I remember verbally recommending the books to a few people. That was back when it wasn’t really very well known, so I had no idea what I was doing or the implications of it. I just casually told a few other friends who liked to read to try them. But it wasn’t a big enough deal to commit to writing.

          Also like you, I don’t remember much enthusiasm at first, not until the series started to get popular, and everyone remembered that I had recommended them way back when… and I became the “Twilight girl” amongst friends and family….GAAAH.

          • JustGoWithIt

            The “Twilight girl”, oh no. I thoroughly dislike how people start hating as soon as something gets really popular. I admit I fight it a bit myself, when I read Rob interviews and he complains about how crazy everyone is with it, or see the annoying things like the video at the Oscars I think oh god I’ve got to stop (but then I come to my senses). It is funny to remember what media folks had to say about Twilight when it first came out, and how they’ve changed their tune now, of course while still writing about it and cast stalking.

          • TeamSeth

            They have so changed their tune. It’s like what’s popular can’t be good. Which is sort of ridiculous when you think about it.

          • Anonymous

            It is, but I admit to being one of those people. I am immediately suspicious of anything that is super popular. To be fair, I usually don’t like things that are super mainstream; I am way too geeky for that. (this made me extremely popular in high school….ahem.)

            (now that I think of it, it doesn’t actually make me extremely popular now, either, it’s just that I am an adult and people just have to deal with me.)

            Obviously I have gotten over it.

          • JustGoWithIt

            I admit I’ve never given Glee (which is mega popular) a chance after watching one episode with my dad and thinking how much it reminded me of High School Musical, which I have only seen a minute of two of. But then again I don’t like musicals. And Zac Effron isn’t my cup of tea. And does any highschool really have a club like that?
            Anyway. I’m talking more about..say if I loved Glee up until it started to catch on, and then decided it was lame and trash talked it. And then I’d say things like “I watched it before it got really popular”. Super annoying.

          • JustGoWithIt

            I’d bet you that it comes up in teen Twilight conversations a lot. There would be the girls who read the books before the movies came out, and they’d be like the cool snobby Twilight girl fans, and then the girls who got into after it was already a craze. And there would be a way that you would be able to tell (if you were a teen girl too), which one someone was, by the way they dressed or something. I’m off on a SNL skit that only Twilight fans would find funny tangent…

          • operarose

            oh, oh, I am totally the cool snobby Twilight girl fan 😉

          • Ish

            yeah we are like the cheerleading team of twilight and have boyfrineds called chuck and brad

          • Anonymous

            I don’t get Glee either. And I’ve watched 3 episodes. It has its mini-moments, like the whole football team choreographing “All the Single Ladies” and pretty much the entire Madonna episode (mostly). But otherwise, I am left not liking a series most people like and being the buzz kill. The old lady, and not down with the kids.
            But Twilight. Some things are you like it or you don’t. For me it was I don’t but then I do. And how. I’m old enough to know that the acquired tastes are the ones that stand the test of time.

          • Anonymous

            Glee is good for those of us who like musicals. Who break out in song randomly throughout the day. I really wish more people would just let go and sing! It’s such a fun release!

          • TeamSeth

            I love musicals! But I just couldn’t handle the Glee episode I committed to watching. When I commit to giving something a chance, I don’t go all willy nilly. I stuck out the entire episode despite yearning to change the channel or turn off the TV nearly the whole time. And I felt bad because my sister LOVES it. But, I just … didn’t.

            But seriously, my sister and I texted back and forth the lyrics from West Side Story all day on Thursday. I <3 musicals hard.

          • Anonymous

            Wow! I’m really surprised you didn’t like Glee then. I’m torn b/t loving your ability to text musical lyrics (love you) and your dislike for Glee(hehe). And the fact that I’m gonna be singing “I want to be in America” for the rest of the night! Okay, it’s your love of all things Twi that is the tie breaker: LOVE for you!

          • JustGoWithIt

            I’m not afraid to admit it is my loss with the not musical loving thing. I come from a super musical lovin’ family. I’m missing the gene or something.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, I’m very aware that musical loving is an acquired taste. I have a sis that doesn’t get the musical thing either. She would get really annoyed with me and my other sis when we would dance around the house singing songs from My Fair Lady. Although she’s been known to break out into a Disney song now and again! 😉

          • JustGoWithIt

            I’m kind of that way with watching dance performances too. I like going to see dancing, but I want to do it, not just watch.

          • Anonymous

            This is exactly how my sister is with songs. She loves singing along in the car, I don’t like singing, and I don’t want to kill her joy but when it’s a song I love I cringe and feel like saying ‘I love you sis, but right now I wanna listen to Lou Reed singing…..without the Aussie accent backup vocals’.

          • Anonymous

            Does ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ count as a musical number, because if it does it is most def. my all time favourite. I love singing it in my head at work when people are being super serious, never fails to keep things in their proper perspective.

          • JustGoWithIt

            Oh I like making my life a musical and breaking out in song, just not watching them

          • operarose

            Actually, the media is more like, “it’s popular so it can’t be good… yet we’re still going to mention it on every episode of our entertainment show or work it into every freaking article of our gossip mag. Twilight sucks…but it sells.”

          • JustGoWithIt

            I just remember “getting it” when someone recommended it to me. She didn’t have to gush or say anything about it. She just asked if I’d seen it, and when I said no, she said something like “just see it, trust me”. I could just tell by the look on her face as she said the words that she was recommending something good. She must have been in that I’ve got to spread the word phase.

  • Anonymous

    I love how everyone I know was like, “Hell no I am not going to watch/read all that vampire bullshit” and then we all got hooked like we smelled a girl that smelled real good and we could not quit her even when we ran away to Brazil and cried on the floor like a girl. And then we crushed our cell phone when we thought she was dead and decided to run naked through an Italian courtyard. But then she saved us! And then we saved her from the girl who wanted to kill her, and then we got married and had a DeathBaby who turned out to be pretty good actually and then we had lots of sex.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s exactly what is was like for me, too.

    • Bubs

      MNS you crack me up !!! Why didn’t I think of this as a summary ??? I just gave up trying to convince my friends how a book about Vamps/Werewolves, was really “THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER WRITTEN”. So, I just bought three Tshirts [thankyou CafePress for delivering to Australia] which say…

      “I WOULD HAVE PICKED JACOB” / “JACOB CAN IMPRINT ON ME ANYDAY” & “TWILIGHTGIRL” [the “girl” bit is a stretch, considering I’m nearly 60] and yes, I wear these outside my home. They make for interesting conversations when I do, often with complete strangers [male and female]. I have a VERY understanding husband.

      • Anonymous

        One of my fave of their’s is “SORRY BOYS I’M ALREADY IMPRINTED.” If I was team Jacob/Taylor I would soooo get that shirt!

      • Anonymous

        Bubs if you are ever visiting Melb. wearing your tee don’t be surprised if a slightly hysterical, Jacob loving, twi-friend deprived woman locks you into a vice-like hug and starts blathering about how hot wolves are. But just in case you are accompanied by friends, work collegues or family I will totally understand if you just scream for the police or roll your eyes and mutter about the crazies in the fandom.

  • Allryans

    Embarrassed all over again. First hand.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Ha! Love the pic in front of the Red Cross bus! I ALWAYS think of Twilight when I’m donating blood!!

  • TeamSeth

    At first glance of that fan collage, I was wondering why Aslan was in it.

    • Ish

      Hey TS was wondering deep down in the depths of your soul are you team seth because of boo boo? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

      • TeamSeth

        Sadly, I chose my name prior to the announcement that BooBoo Radley was playing Seth Clearwater. So, no, it’s actually based off of a secret crush on Stephenie’s brother, the webmaster of her site as well as my love of the book character Seth. I feel he is the only character who has faced true adversity, and he’s the only character who remains happy and resilient throughout the novels.

        Wait, were you joking?

        • TeamSeth

          oops, not “the only character”, but the only character to face adversity and remain happy and resilient.

  • Candice Renfrow

    I have no written record of my twicherry being popped 2 years ago. I read it to make sure the young part of YA was young enough for my 12 year old. It was the 1st time I’d read any YA since I was a YA. She was waiting to borrow it from a friend and was 6th in line. I bought her a copy and read it 1st. Then I was like – you have to this. Luckily, she didn’t resist. Confession: I don’t thinnk I even knew what a blog was then. Now I’m sad that I could of been reading LTT the whole time. sigh.

  • A paper trail doesn’t exist for me as I still have one foot inside of the closet.. Actually it’s more like a toenail. I refused to jump into the Twilight world because I honesty didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I’m embarrassed to say, it was only after my grandmother, yes my GRANDMOTHER, read the first book that I broke down. Mind you, I’m in my uhh mid 30’s. Pretty pathetic when a 75 year old woman is my reason for wiping several inches of dust off of a book that I now have a shrine built around. Wrinkle a corner or page and I lose my mind. #ihaveissues

  • Anonymous

    I shared my first movie encounter the other day but here’s a little snippet on the book.

    My entire workplace was talking about some book I had to read. No, the movie was not out yet but that was about 2 months away. They told me nothing of the book plot and took off the cover so there was no way to know. Just started reading. EVERYDAY, yes, everyday my co-worker would say, “What part are you on? What’s happening? and What do you think about it?” I was pretty annoyed, I just wanted to enjoy the book. Then finally I said, “is this that vampire, werewolf book I hear you guys talking about in hushed tones?” Her face said it all! Ok, so I knew Edward was a vampire and that someone was a wolf but man, I did not expect the rest! Demonbaby, imprinting, WTHale?! But I still saw the movie and fell in love with Rob. So, it’s all good. Oh yeah, I still love Twilight 🙂

  • Hahaha you used mine!!! Love it. Made me LMAO!

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