An LTT update

Dear LTT,

As I was pondering what to write today: Do I complain about the Bruno Mars song I HATE (Moon was Way too nice) or write a list of “48 things to do in the next 48 days before Breaking Dawn’s release?” I got side-tracked & starting thinking about HOW MUCH life has changed in the almost Three (YES THREE) years we’ve been blogging about Twilight. Then I thought “UC, that’s not interesting. No one wants to hear you talk about how different your life is these days.” But then I played devil’s advocate with myself because… well, is that true? LTT isn’t like every other Twilight blog out there. We don’t post about news & facts and call it a day. We give our opinions (sometimes very strong ones) and infuse our “letters” with our personalities. And whether you guys realize it or not, you’ve kinda gotten to know us over the years. I mean… I think we’re friends… right? Internet friends who would never confess in public how we know each other, but friends still! I love reading your emails (yes, even if it takes me weeks and months to respond) and enjoy learning bits & pieces about you as we converse. And so.. maybe you DO actually care about where our lives have taken us…. Maybe. And if you don’t.. well, come back Monday. We’ll complain about something from Twilight again!

Year One: The year of FIRSTS

I was thinking about how that first year (2008-2009) of Twilight was so obsessive. It was the year of “firsts.” First Breaking it Down Vanity Fair Style, first trips to the premiere, first seeing Rob in person, first videos made together with Moon & UC in the same room. It was always exciting & always fresh & always new.. If you were around back then, you might remember reading what our first year meant to both Moon & Myself. And get your tissues out to re-watch the video Moon made for our 1st anniversary:


Who ARE all you people?

Year Two: It got BIG!

And then Year 2 came. And it was insane. Everything went to the next level. The laughs were bigger, the blog fights were more passionate, the excitement was HUGE- and if I remember correctly we had like 50 or 60 people (most of whom were internet turned REAL-LIFE friends) at the Eclipse Midnight showing. Friendships that started online turned into this real, deep meaningful relationships, many of which I’m sure I’ll have for the rest of my life (aw!) and… oh yeah, I almost forgot: We met Stephenie Meyer. A moment neither one of us will EVER forget. Year two was…. exhausting…

Year Three: Toning it down

COME ON! This is funny!!

And so this year for us has been a bit different. Not only has the fandom really split which is hard to navigate sometimes (can’t people JOKE anymore!) but the actors aren’t acting (together anyway) and there is SUCH a long break between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn 1! Moon & I have kinda just adopted the attitude of “We’ll blog when we want to.” Which means we sometimes blog less…. But our excitement grows EVERY DAY knowing that Breaking Dawn is so close we can almost taste it. It’s like we’re vampires.. and there are humans nearby.. or something.

But the changes for the actors & the series & the fandom in Year 3 has kinda fit with where Moon & I are personally….. we’re… busy. A lot busier than we used to be.

The one where I use my blog as an excuse to make a list about my life so I don’t forget something important

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for about…. 28 years, so I’ve recently recently taken on the role as the social media strategist for a marketing & branding agency on top of my full-time job. Yes- my “experience” (among other things) is “I run a successful Twilight Blog. Hire me.” Funny, isn’t it? So: for example it’s 11:35 pm on Thursday evening right now: I got to work at 9 am this morning, left at 6:30, came home, starting working for a client at 8:30 and finished at 11:05. I’ll be blind by the age of 37 from staring at a computer screen, but (maybe) I’ll be happy having helped someone learn how to “tweet.”

The one where Mr. Choice's picture is on LTT for the first time ever

Mr. Choice & I made the “Big move” into Philadelphia early last summer & we love the city. And there’s always something to do. Sometimes I drink on Tuesday nights. I know. So rebellious. Speaking of Mr. Choice.. he started pursuing his music career full time about a year ago (he’s a film music & digital media composer. And he’s good. I’d say that even if I wasn’t sleeping with him)

Plus I started running. Which is HUGE because I’m a pretty unhealthy person. I feel amazing. And energized. Which is good since I don’t really have time to sleep. And I love cats. So… basically….I am a cat lover & I love to run.

I miss Moon

And Moon? What about Moon you ask? Well, I’m going to bug her to give you an update. Because HER life changes every day. and you know what’s sad? We don’t even have time to TALK every day anymore! We literally went YEARS talking at least once, and usually more, every day. To go a day or a WEEKEND without talking now is…. common.

And as much as I miss the daily contact (counting down the days till I sleep next to her again in November!), it’s kinda nice…. because… well, we’re happy. And for so long.. we both weren’t.. And talking and blogging & getting to know all of you was what MADE us happy. But now we’re happy, even outside of that.. and it’s a beautiful thing.

So I like Year 3. Year 3 is a happy year. What will Year 4 bring? Maybe I’ll figure out what I want to do with my life, get another cat, run a 1/2 marathon, hug Big Daddy & find world peace.

Fingers crossed!


  • Anonymous

    I loved reading about how your life has changed – for the record! I like year 3 too. Taking a big “less obsessive” step back has allowed me to enjoy everything so much more & see the drama so much less. I hope year 4 is epic in a fun, lots of hugs, fade to black way.

    • awww it’s like we’re fading to black out of obsessiveness… sad but good!

    • krazykidd

      I was there for all that shenanigans before and I will be there again until it’s finished! Twilight has brought me many blessings in the form of friendships and for that and other reasons is why I love those books so much!!! I love you girls very much!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My job is also, in essence, showing people how to tweet. Maybe Year Four will bring UC/Slut Online Twitter Conglomerate, Co, LLC! Bringing inappropriate online content to the masses! “YES, every tweet has to end with a link to Rob Pics, it’s just good manners.”

    I look forward to working with you.

    • it will be SO good to be in business together (and now stalking your work which I can see from your email address 🙂 )

  • nocoolname

    Excellent.  Having a real life you love is way better.  We’ll take what we can get from you and Moon, but I love that LTT is a few notches down on the Important Stuff list – as it should be.  xoxo

  • Anonymous

    sometimes I join you on tuesdays and sometimes I am still drunk when I go to work the next day…yay Twilight.

  • Brenn

    Excellent post UC!  I’m glad you and Moon are both happy. It gives me warm fuzzies.  

    And woo! on the running! I’m a runner myself and it’s the best therapy ever. I will run my 4th marathon in November.  Sounds a bit self absorbed, but I’m really proud of myself. 🙂

    • ThAT IS AWESOME! my goal right now is 30 minutes of running straight without dying. I’m at 25 and I basically die each time, so I have a few more weeks to go before I’m happy with my progress!

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Not self – absorbed at all. In fact, (having known you for about 5 seconds) I’m pretty proud of you too! :]

  • Anonymous

    The cat lover who loves to run… proving fantastically that Twi-hards have nothing close to a monopoly on second-hand embarrassing moments.  

    • hahahaha AMEN

    • Sagalvr


    • MariaCecilia

      Is it second-hand embarrassing to have it as one’s life’s goal to outrun one’s cat? *wheezing*

  • The Old One

    Hold the phone!  Mr. Choice is hot!  You kept this from us, girl.  Jealous of your life now.

    • MariaCecilia

      Admit it, Old One, we were already jealous of UC:s awesome life – this is just the cherry on the pistacchio green sundae…

  • Stacey

    I am so happy that everything is going so wonderfully for you (and Mr. Choice)! It was kind of funny that I had to do a double take of your husband’s picture. He looks like he could be related to my brother-in-law! (I am going to call my sister and have her check it out. I am sure she will agree!)

    I also want to tell you how happy I am to be able to laugh at your hilarious posts and get to know so many of you as friends.

    Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts on Breaking Dawn!

    • Anonymous

      man doplegangers just flock to you.  Seth Green, UC’s hubs…. any Rob doplegangers around you?  Because if so, you’re going to get a flooding of LTTers and LTRers flocking to visit.  😀

      • MariaCecilia

        Actually, I read a newspaper article on people in Hollywood making a living as look-alikes, going to parties, and there was one guy impersonating Rob in Twilight aka “Edward”. (!) Hell, I guess squinting at the picture he did look a bit like him, but not enough that I would pay 5 bucks to be seen drinking a cup of coffee with him in Borders…

  • TeamSeth

    Mr. Choice is HOT! I wish he’d come out that night with us. Um, sorry, that was a little inappropriate.

    If I didn’t have your number in my phone, I’d totally say we’re not friends. BLAST! FOILED AGAIN! 😉

    • Anonymous

      *Mike Newton voice* “You’re alive!”  🙂  Miss our gchats.  JS.

      • TeamSeth

        ME TOO! 🙁  They blocked it at work 🙁

        Things are craziness right now. Wedding in 8 days.

        • Anonymous

          8 days!  Yay for you!  I’ll get my best wishes in now in case you don’t have time to pop in next week.

        • MariaCecilia

          Remember to say “I do” and the rest will follow smoothly..oh, and remember to have a good time, because the day will fly by really quickly! Wedding time warp: a phenomenon yet unexplained by physicists.

        • GoWithIt

          email me a picture!!!

          • Anonymous

            I wanna see that picture too!!!

          • TeamSeth

            me too! 😉

        • Anonymous

          OMG!!!! Take it easy on the gin ’til after the ceremony, well, that’s the advice I’d be hoping to give myself before blatantly ignoring me.

          • TeamSeth

             Take it easy on the gin? No way, man. I need to be too drunk to drive so I don’t become a runaway bride…

    • GoWithIt

      Why is making comments about other people’s hot husbands/bfs inappropriate. Being hot is still a compliment right? I’ve seen people be offended by comments like that (surely not the LTT crowd though). For why? We ladies overshare. It’s what we do. 

      • MariaCecilia

        Because when we do it it becomes normalshare!
        And may I add, I haven’t met your husband but I’m prepared to think he is hot, because I am already convinced you have excellent taste!

        • GoWithIt

          He’s hot, and I don’t mind if you look. Mr.GWI can also work a cardigan. I’m very much past being jealous. If he left me and got a new wife and had babies with her, I would be jealous. Bar that, I’m good. Although I do remember hating when he had hot single female friends, especially ones who had tried to kiss him or he had slept with before. I’m going to venture a guess that those feelings were normal. Makes me think of Rob’s rant about Jacob in Eclipse commentary. Excuse me Mr. GWI? I’m supposed to let you run around with hot topless girls (okay, none of them were topless) who want to kiss you? Really? No! I will forbid Mr. GWI to going to the hot topless girl reservation that I am not allowed to step foot on………

          • TeamSeth

            Yes, I can see hot topless girls being a line drawer.

            Mr. Seth cannot rock a cardigan. That’s okay though, he rocks other things. (um, not like that, other clothing items)

          • KStewBoy

            Rocking a cardigan is an extremely difficult thing to do.  Most of us just end up looking like Mr. Rogers – or like our fathers… whichever is worse.  I do not own a single cardigan – and when I do will be the day that Mrs. KStewBoy will know that I have officially given up.

    • MariaCecilia

      It’s OK to do a little husband-appreciation of your friends hubbies, as long as you don’t grope them while your getting drunk together…

    • Thumbs up TS! Have a great wedding next weekend and subsequent trip to YUL

      • TeamSeth

        Thanks love! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great post.  I’m glad you did it.  See?  We care!

    I was a lurker in year 1.  A commenter / guest poster, that mudslided into chatting with LTTers outside of the site, reading copious amounts of fanfic, posting my first fanfic and nearly meeting an LTTer in person (still kicking myself Luludee).  Year 3?  More off-site chatting with LTTers and another fanfic posting, more fanfic reading…. and who knows… maybe I’ll meet Stephenie… or maybe I’ll go out to LA for the premiere… okay, so that’s more just a dream than a potential reality, but whatever… a girl needs to have her dreams (of which I’ve had actual dreams of meeting LTTers).

    • MariaCecilia

      It seems I might actually have a shot at making one of my dreams come true and meet some real-life LTT:ers, since I may be in NY city the week of the BD premiere. (Which means I will miss the BD midnight premiere at home on the 16:th, and probably have to leave NY right before it opens there. Bummer.) So if any of you plan to camp out three days before the opening, I’ll let you know if I’m there, and come bring you mochas with whipped cream to keep the cold out… Anything for a fellow LTT:er!

  • twiprof

    rewatching the year 1 video and reading your words, UC, made me realize how I dont want it to end! I like year 3 too….we have been tapering off…but because of you, and that incredible (and informative) breakdown of the soundtrack, I am excited for how it might build in the next 48 days or so….I want you to know…you and moon, that it has meant the world to me that there has been a place I can go where people understand the obession I have….thank you thank you

  • superhumanmoron

    Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville next April.  Me, sassysmart, vickyb, and you.  BE THERE!!

  • Anonymous

    HOLD THE PHONE. how have i NEVER seen that vid before?! FAIL. i have failed at life. 

  • natalie_MKH

     I just love you gals. I love that even though I’ve never met anyone from LTT I still feel like part of the group. Watching that video reminds of that first year and all the excitement of getting to experience the craziness from the safety of my couch!

  • GoWithIt

    Great video. Funny because I don’t know most of the people on this sites names…….one or two……..I think in real life I have alienated more people than I have befriended with my love of the Twi (my personality put the nail in the coffin). Anyway that video does a good job of summin’ things up. Are there any LTT folks from Greater Van? 

    • MariaCecilia

      Van as in Vancouver or Van as in Morrison? English abbreviations still confuse me…

      • GoWithIt

        Well, I didn’t spring forth from Van Morrison. Yes, Vancouver. Not Vancouver Washington. 

  • Adrienne

    I had a wistful moment the other day when I remembered Year 1 and Year 2 – how much I couldn’t wait to see the next post.  And how every day was hilarious and something funny happening in the Twilight world!  Now I don’t always think about it (how is that even possible?!).  But reading this, reading that year 3 means UC (and Moon) are happy, that is the most wonderful post of all!

    • Anonymous

      I tottaly relate to this

  • Sisterpenguin

    Wonderful post.

    I’ve only been following since the Stephenie interviews led me this way but even I got teary watching the vid.

    Reading your posts and people’s comments always makes me smile and take me to a happy place (a bit like the books) and I check the site frequently – maybe there’s crack on the keyboard???

    It makes me happy you’re happy! (oh yeah, and good one on Mr Choice!)

  • MariaCecilia

    Life has changed, it’s too true. *sigh* And things are more mellow now than they were when I was pulled into this world back in 2009. But I’ll never regret the hours spent here, laughing and shaking my head at all the creativity and snark you ladies bring into my life: I am still in awe of all the female friendship, wit and profanity! I’m just a little sad to think it will one day inevitably end. 🙁
    But I still think I am now a better, more sane person thanks to you all – I would recommend you lot as group therapy to anyone I meet who’s in the dumps! Maybe we could have regional LTTA meets in the future? I’ll be the president of the European chapter, Northern section!

    • GoWithIt

      I’ll head up the Van Morrison chapter. No, really I would love to hang  with you folks, except it seems none of you live near enough to me to reasonably expect to meet up. Boo! Not that I can necessarily recommend hanging out with me. I’m feeling pretty New Moon about girlfriends right now.

      • Anonymous

        “I’m feeling pretty NewMoon about…” is my new favorite saying. I am feeling pretty New Moon about my job prospects. I am feeling pretty New Moon about my haircut. I am feeling pretty New Moon about the Israel/Palestine conflict.

        • GoWithIt

          I think quitting Facebook might help my situation. Put it off and out of my mind for a while. I go on there, and people’s posts and hundreds of friends and fun group gatherings that I will never be invited to, and if I was I would probably just be awkward and wish I wasn’t there, you get the picture. I have several other strategies in mind, and I’m not sure which are more likely to succeed.
          1. Appeal to my friends in an honest and open way, and just hope they don’t reject me. I’ve spent the last half decade being dedicated to my kids and obviously ignoring my own social needs a bit. Somebody has got to be willing to help me out, right?
          2. Assume that the problem isn’t that my life’s unsimilarness to FRIENDS, and more my expectations and need to feel New Moony about something. Maybe I have everything I want (except lottery win, date with suit Rob), and have accepted most other short comings, and my brain is making up problems. As I mentioned, I tend to feel awkward in groups anyway. 
          3. Just wait, maybe I have yet to meet someone really great that will fill the gap I feel. Maybe I am just in a rough patch and things will iron themselves out. 
          4. Quit Facebook. Being de-friended by people that have over a hundred other people listed in their friends feels like shit, even if I was probably never going to contact that person ever again. 

          • Anonymous

            I am pro-quitting Facebook at any time, because ohmyfuck it just gets more annoying every day. Twitter is full of happiness and gin. Twitter is where it is at. If I didn’t have to be on FB for my stupid work, I would not be.

            Right now I live in a magical land where I found a group of people that I can tolerate for long periods of time without wanting to hit them or run away forever without leaving a note. This happened completely by surprise and well after I had given up ever having adult friends ever again ever.

            So what I am saying is: to solve all your problems you will ever have, quit Facebook and move in next door to me. Wait no! Quit Facebook, buy me a new car and a new house and rent out half of it from me. Yes. That works for me, financially.

          • GoWithIt

            I have thought of joining Twitter. Because folks from here on on there too. I think I’ll give it a go. 

          • GoWithIt

            Before I do, any words of advice? You know how once you’ve signed up for something, changing the settings can be difficult? I like being fairly anonymous.

          • GoWithIt

            But I do miss my maid eggs tampons avi. It took me so long (and with help) to get that working.

          • Anonymous

            Twitter is great. The settings are pretty easy to change, you can even change your name (“handle”, whatevs). It can be buggy at times, but I use TweetDeck instead of the actual Twitter site, and I like it. It lets you retweet and Direct Message and that sort of thing much better.  I like to set it up with my stream (like, the default), then my Mentions, so I don’t miss it when people talk to me. You can even set what Twitter will email notify you about.

            Have I sung Twitter’s praises enough? (also: follow me! @tracitalynne)

            Also I manage I think six separate accounts, so my personal TweetDeck is a thing of awe and beauty. But that’s just me.

          • GoWithIt

            Hum. Looks a touch confusing. Also, I want an iPad. I don’t really want an iPhone, because trying to do emailing and internet stuff on something that small is not appealing to me. But iPad is pretty neat. 
            Also. Twitter handle. Gotta think of one. I could make a take on your name here, and be @StoneBumChum. Yes, I think I like it. 

          • GoWithIt


            @JawPornUnicorn? (kind of implies I’m a guy though) 

          • GoWithIt


          • GoWithIt

            So fun!
            @MotheringHips    (okay that works in more ways than one)

          • Anonymous

            I really think you “get” Twitter already. These are all fantastic names. I think SparkleWhorePetStore is my fave, but it may be a bit long. As is @JesusFuckRobertPattinsonJustFuckMeAlreadyWillYou , but still conveys deep meaning about your soul.

          • GoWithIt

            I will when the kids have gone to bed and I have time to look at the computer for more than 2 seconds at a go. SparkleWhorePetStore does convey a lot about my deep inner self. If I was a whore, I would probably be of the sparkly variety. I’m silly, my sense of humor leans to the off and absurd side. I would like to have sex with Robert Pattinson, even if it had to be in a pet store just to rhyme……

          • GoWithIt

            And if there are any gay men Twilight fans who love Rob Jaw Porn want to take JawPornUnicorn, you are welcome to. 
            Lesbian Twilight fans, do they exist? Mythical creature too? Speak up Lady Unicorns.

          • GoWithIt

            Ha, I am having a conversation mostly with myself. In the good way of course. Maybe that could solve my lonely heart feeling. I should start emailing myself back and forth….
            My point was I spoke before I Googled, and (Gay and) Lesbian Twilight fans even have their own Facebook Page. Not so mythical, but I want to join. 

          • Anonymous

            I live in Lesbian Town, USA and have yet to meet a Lady Unicorn. They must exist, though?

          • have you signed up for Twitter? what’s the final decision on the handle? 

          • Anonymous

            I have gone with @StoneBumChum:disqus, as it makes me giggle, reflects my Canadian heritage, bites off of MarbleNutSlut’s name which I love, and doesn’t really require explaining to my husband, a conversation I don’t really want to have.
            Honey, I logged onto Twitter, did you open an account? Why does your name combine cars and vaginas? Are you sex chatting with men on Twitter? Who did I marry? See, not fun.

          • Anonymous

            That an SparkleWhorePetStore was too long for Twitter, leaving me with SparkleWhorePet, which sounds gross.

          • Thank you…this is exactly how I feel too. Facebook makes me dislike people that I never thought I disliked. And/or reminds me of the reason why I grew apart from some of them in RL. The feature that allows you to see who unfriended you is like a slap in the face. It reminds me of middle school, the whole thing, only it’s not the middle schoolers on Facebook who are making me feel sh****y, it’s the adults. Yuck. I try to avoid visiting FB but I haven’t deleted my account because I’m sort of a coward, I guess!

  • GeminiGypsy

    That post was so sweet, UC. Of course we’re friends! Every now and then Twilight comes in conversation with my real world friends, and I might mention LTT (which results in their eye-rolling or eyebrow-raising, but I still enjoy reading LTT nonetheless 🙂 ).

  • Anonymous

    of course we like to hear about how diffrent your life is these days U.C!!! we like to hear you talk. period.
    I am so gratefull that i found this blog in the early days. Twilight wouldn’t have been half as fun without LTT.

  • ItsJustMe

    I love hearing about your life outside of LTT! You’re real people who make this thirty-mumble-something feel not so bad about enjoying Twilight. UC, I grew up outside of Philly and miss the east coast dearly. Have an extra drink on Tuesday for me!

  • JustWentWithIt

    Avatar testing 123 please don’t start fucking using my real name again computer. 

  • GoWithIt

    And Again. Sorry boring testing posts with no funny or perverted content. 

  • GoWithIt

    12345 wolf penis

  • Anonymous

    Tampons! Eggs! Yey!!!!

  • Anonymous

    @MarbleNutSlut:disqus I see what you mean about a Twitter name being too long. It changed me from SparkleWhorePetStore to SparkleWhorePet, which is really, really not the same. Now I have to decide on something else. StoneBumChum makes me laugh, and reflects my Canadian heritage……..I’m giggling now.

  • Anonymous

    Dear UC, I’m truly glad your life is awesome and Mr Choice can rock stripes and plaid at the same time, but more importantly I am loving the fat photo of KStew. Was it her attempt to be Big In Japan?

    • KStewBoy

      That fat photo of Kristen really threw me for a loop – especially after all those mega-sexy fake-o pics of her preggers.
      Preggers or fat – I really don’t care, she still turns my crank like nobody’s business.

  • This was a great post, UC, I’m glad to hear you’re much happier in RL! And having a side job is a lot of work but often 100x more rewarding than your 9 to 5. The bonus is there’s always the possibility that the side job might turn into your main job eventually. Good for you!

    I hope you keep updating LTT whenever you can, because it’s still fun around here (even though it’s maybe a bit keyed-down, but honestly, how many melodramatic debates over Krisbians could we really have until it got old anyways?) but as nocoolname said earlier being happy in RL is much better.

    Year 1 & 2 on LTT were great, they helped me get through a job I was generally unhappy with (thank goodness you were posting every day back then) and then subsequent life changes. Twilight’s a good guilty pleasure/escape and LTT only made it sweeter, but if we’re all feeling more enriched after this experience (and as long as we still have our Twitter groups) I believe LTT has done more than its fair share for many of us and I thank you for that!

  • chochang

    Is it okay to admit that I sometimes stalk UC’s real life blog? I feel like I “know” her already. I mean.. her real identity is not much of a secret now, is it?

    P.S. Am I creepy?

    • Anonymous

      we are twilight fans. we are used to creepy. 🙂

    • TeamSeth

      I found her blog/RL name before she and Moon revealed their RL names. I felt SO creepy when that happened.

      But, now I know her RL, so it’s all good 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So glad you are in Philly. I miss it so much. A wonderful city.

  • Stella

    Ahhhh I love you guys so much (although it has taken me 4 days to tell you!)  No really….  Although I am here, as you say, “when I want to,” and the MUST READ LTT/LTR NOW urge has faded some, I really do love you guys and have had so much fun here at LTT.  I missed the first year because I was too cool to read Twilight…..and look at how much I missed!  Thank God when I did read it and the obsessive bug bit you were here to feed my needs!  I have never met any of you in person and am hardly known here (you did post one of my letters once),  yet I feel like one of the girls in a weird, cyber-friend kinda way.  I tried to get my for-real friends involved and they just won’t budge.  Think how much they are missing!!!  So glad you take the time from your lovely lives to post this fun stuff!  🙂  

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t watched that video in ages. Love the photo of me and DanySpike!

  • Janetrigs

    Awww I love this too! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I mean I HATE YOU!

  • That video just made me so weepy nostalgic. There needs to be more; Ole’ Cake, random bonfires (with WAY too much food) in my backyard, embarrassing photos with the B listers in the cast, getting recognised at Twi events, and bar hopping past the 7 Veils (Boobs in the SHOES!)

  • OG’s 4 LYFE!  This whole thing makes me want to give you hugs…special hugs.  

    Also, how much do I love that someone with a law degree is flipping the bird in that slideshow?!?  A bunch.

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