What’s in a Name!?

Dear Twilight,

My friend Marah & I were chatting about a conversation SHE had with her pal about the name Edward. And how odd it would be if Edward was called something different. Perhaps…. Ed:

“Bella Swan’s move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Ed, Bella’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Up until now, Ed has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community he lives in, but now nobody is safe, especially Bella, the person Ed holds most dear.”

And I thought that was BRILLIANT. What if Edward was “Ed” the town misfit. Ed works for his dad, Carl. They run Fork’s only gas station & quick lube. Ed is really into cars, and he drives a silver Volvo- it’s an ’84.

Ed's cool wheels

Ed has 2 trashy sisters: Roseanne & Alex (“Al” for short). They both do some part time modeling at the Port Angeles Mall at the Deb shop around Prom season:

Nikki Reed for the Deb

One of my fav manips of all time

Ed has two half brothers Jack and Ernie. They hook up with Al & Roseanne from time to time. It would be weird, but that sort of stuff is pretty day-to-day when you own the only gas station in Forks.

Can you imagine how different Twilight would have been had Edward been given a different name? The whole TONE changes:

“About 3 things I was absolutely positive.

First, Ed was a vampire.

Second, there was a part of Ed– and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be— that thirsted for my blood.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Ed.”

With a name like “Ed” I feel like I have to add a Fourth: ”Oh, and Ed’s taking me out tonight & I think we might “Do it” in the back of his ’84 Volvo!”

The name Edward captures so much beauty & sense of history, doesn’t it? It’s old fashioned. When you hear the name you think of a sexy, refined man full of class. He drinks wine & knows how to dance. He’s romantic & sensitive, yet manly & confident. Edward is just, well, Edward! Naming him something different would have been.. well, weird. Ed doesn’t make me think of beauty. I think of a dude with a pot belly & a grease stain on his white beater. It’s not sexy. Nor classy. Ed does has never had Merlot. Ed drinks beer from a can- the kind of beer that has a different label depending on whatever hunting season we’re in. Ed dances all right, but only after 6 beers & a dozen wings down at Doc’s bar on Friday nights. And it’s not pretty. Ed is not our Edward.

I like Edward. Thanks for naming him Edward!


What do you think? What other name could work for OUR Edward? What else doesn’t work AT ALL?

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  • Anonymous

    Or Chad.  The kid that lives in Forks but his parents dont like the school system so he goes to a private school in Seatle.  He constantly talks about Lacross and his buddies Fletcher and Harrison.

  • Anonymous

    some fics have people calling him Ed or even *shudder* Eddie. Just…noooo. 

    A good friend of mine works for a British company, and the owner is named Edward. Edward is hilarious, in a British old man sort of way. He dictates emails and has his assistant print them out for him to read. Edward gets genteel-ly drunk at conferences and office outings. She comes over sometimes and just says, “Jesus fucking christ Edward is driving me nuts.” It makes me happy. 

    • Anonymous

      I tend to think that Emmett would call him Eddie– both with affection and to torment him.  But he’s the only one who gets away with it.

      • MariaCecilia

        And gets tackled into a rock for it by Eddie himself..

    • MariaCecilia

      You can tell her Edward is driving a LOT of other women nuts too..

  • Anonymous

    It’s also good that he wasn’t named Edwin; it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    I think Edward’s middle name, Anthony would have worked well too. But Tony wouldn’t have.  Tony kind of makes me think of some greasy player guy.

    I’m also glad that Stephenie ended up changing Carol’s name to Rosalie.  Carol just doesn’t have the ring of eternal beauty like Rosalie does.  Also that she renamed Ronald, Jasper.  I think I would have had a hard time not picturing Ronald Weasley; “WTH? Weasly attacked Bella when she got a paper cut?”

    • Anonymous

      Carol and Ronald were her original choices?? Very good thing she changed them!

    • MariaCecilia

      Leave it to impulsive WonWon to tackle the pretty girl for some snogging!

  • Nelle

    I’m partial to Edward as the romantic hero’s name. Its the one I always used in my British fantasies. Have to say I also like the name Richard but also hate all the nicknames for it. So I would call Rob’s dad “Richard.”

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Richard is also a personal favorite. Edward, Richard… *sigh*

    • MariaCecilia

      How about “Ricky”? Doesn’t it sound suave and sort of wicked? *wiggling eyebrows*

  • Anonymous

    But that’s not to say that Stephanie could have named him Edwardo, sleezy Spanish dude extraordinaire.  That variation could have killed Edward’s mojo too

    • The Old One

      I read a fanfic where Edward called his — um, popsicle — “Eduardo”.

      • Anonymous


      • Bubs

        You crack me up [it’s 5.30am in Sydney, Australia and a great way to start the day…].

    • Anonymous

      I was in Italy and New Moon was playing on the Television. Edwardo… Edwardo… Edwardo… was HOT. The breakup scene, particularly, was amazing with this Italian voice over actor and the Bella voice over crying, “Edwardo!”

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmm – maybe I’ll have to try it out… you know for research purposes.  😉

        • MariaCecilia

          I suppose you’ve seen Jamie Lee Curtis reacting to Kevin Kline speaking Italian when they make love in “A Fish Named Wanda”? Some languages just are objectively sexier than others.

      • MariaCecilia

        I lived in Italy for a year and will never get over some of the Italian dubbings of great movies. Terminator: “Dai mi cinque!” (Give me five!)
        Pretty Woman Julia Roberts: “Bello spaglio.” (Big mistake.)

  • Kymberly80

    I think Eddie would be worse.  A name needs more than one syllable so that it is more musical and romantic.  Ed is the name of a talking horse.  Enough said.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO – Hehehe

      “A horse is a horse of course, of course….”

      Great.  Now I have the Mr Ed theme song in my head.

      • Anonymous

        Man, you had to sing it, didn’t you.  And today’s the day my 2 year old will learn that song…

        • Anonymous

          LOL – it’s like a Mr Ed record is stuck on repeat in my head…. “pep go yackity-yack the streets and waste their time away, but Mr Ed will never speak unless he has something to say!…”

          Yeah, I had a thing with old TV shows when I was a kid.  I loved Mr Ed, I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, The Patty Duke Show, The Dick Van Dyke show…. I was a strange child apparently.

          • Anonymous

            Dear God make it stop!  Sory BeaDee

          • Sisterpenguin

            Don’t forget Get Smart – Da da daaah, da. Da da daaah, da etc. I think there were a lot of strange children around 🙂

    • KStewBoy

      At work we have a manager named Ed.  He is an adult braces-wearer, his shirts don’t cover his stomach and he breathes loudly out of his mouth.  People call him ‘Special Ed’. 
      I think if he went by ‘Edward’ he’d get more respect.  Maybe just a smidge.

      • MariaCecilia

        And if he was a vampire he would get even more. Respect, that is.

  • Anonymous

    But then again…. maybe she could have made any name hawt.  Edward wasn’t exaclty on my list of hot names until Stephenie made it so.

    She probably could have called him Bernard and we’d still have swooned…


    • Anonymous

      So, Edwardo is sleazy vs. Edward, and yet I think Bernardo is kind of sexy and Bernard is… my dad’s best friend’s dog.  Weird double standard I have.

  • Anonymous

    Great post!  And spooky in a good way… I just started listening to BD (audio) during my commute yesterday (in prep for “11/18”) and right off the bat this whole name thing came to mind too.  Hearing “Edward” spoken… so so so glad Steph never slipped in any nicknames for Edward.

    I dated an Ed.  He had green eyes and ginger hair and his full name was Edwardo.  He was Irish-Italian.  Couldn’t say Edwardo without giggling.  And Ed was so “one syllable”… I wanted to add his middle name just to round it out… but that was Rocco.

  • TheVenom

    Ed’s mom’s name could be Estelle, but she goes by Stellar Stella when she shows her lady bits Friday nights (fat girl night) at Fork’s only gentlemans lodge, the Peppermint Elk. I’m glad SM did not name Edward Steve. Or Bernie.

  • Sagalvr

    If you’re into the man, it doesn’t matter what his name is. I’ve swooned over a Julian, Cameron, Cory and Al (NOT Alex), all of whom I wish had different names. When the rest of the picture is beautiful, the name is the least of your problems (keeping the boney ex-girlfriend away, now that’s what makes me shutter)

  • Sisterpenguin

    Hmm. I think it all depends on your previous exposures to people with those names.  Eddie = Rocky Horror Show. Ed = a moderately posh bloke. Eric = previously an old English comedian but now extremely hot vampire type. Sorry, distracted myself there

    What wouldn’t work? Bruce. Kevin. Sigmund. Howard.

    But what works best are couples’ names. I can see it now: Wayne and Narelle. Yes, indeedy!

  • Anonymous

    On Psych this past week they were asking about the roommates of this girl they thought was a vampire. They were called Eddie, Jake and Lucian. I didn’t catch on that they were making fun of Twilight till they started saying Edward, just cause I don’t associate Eddie with Edward.

    But lovely scenario ladies! I think the movie would call for lots of heavy eyeshadow (preferably blue).

    • GoWithIt

      I was at the beach a few months ago, and a group of 3 or 4 girls arrived and sat down by/on one of the logs (and took out their iphones, naturally). They were really beautiful some kind of asian girls (I’d guess chinese, but I’ve been known to be wrong) with long long dark hair streaked with eye catching colors, and beautiful large tattoos and most definitely enhanced perfect breasts and hot string bikinis, and they stood out in a big way, and my first thought was “vampires”. How hot (in that I spend half my day perfecting the way I look way) babes on the beach = vampires I don’t know. I had a private chuckle. My second though was gangster’s girlfriends. 

  • Bubs

    It’s funny that I’m so Team Jacob [book and Movies] but I was just looking at some photos of Rob at the Stockholm premier of BD [if I knew how to insert them I would but I’m not that technical]. He’s in what appears to be a black [or midnight blue] cable knit sweater and man he looks AMAZING ! How does anyone look that good in something so simple ???? Not even sure if Taylor could pull that off [and for me that’s blasphemy]. 

    Maybe I should be writing this on Letters To Rob ? Nevertheless, Rob does make the name Edward seem perfect for his character.

    • MariaCecilia

      No premiere here in Stockholm until November 16, but the man does look good, let me tell you. Rumour has it he was out on the town last night – if only I had known I would have been stalking the streets like a hungry vampire…

  • MariaCecilia

    It’s funny, I once knew a minister who looked just like a “Chad”, you know the mechanic at the local gas station with a cap stuck backwards on his head permanently…but he was nothing like that. So, I guess Edward will have to keep on being Edward for me, being perfect for his name and all. 😉
    I just came back from the Swedish Twi event: I won’t go into details since those of you who care probably watched the live streaming of the event, but it was pretty danged good. I liked the honeymoon scenes from the movie, although I must say I think Bella looks kind of jaded there already BEFORE the baby debacle (jet lag?), and Eddie baby definitely has too much product in his hair at the wedding. When Ashley and Rob showed up for their interview, they were too cute for words..and I’ll go over and gush on LTR about my feelings as regards HHH. *sigh*

  • bellagranny

    Once upon a time I knew a mechanic whose name was Edward but was called Ted.  How about Teddy?? not to be confused with Kellan/Emmett of course.

  • GoWithIt

    The name Edward is forever changed. I just read Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake book 1 Laurel k Hamilton), and one of the main characters is named Edward. I don’t think there is supposed to be any romantic situation between him and Anita, and he is a feeling-less sociopath, but his name is Edward. You know what I’m talking about here I’m pretty sure. 

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