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The Hale’s (or the Cullen’s) do Southern Europe

Dear LTT-ers,

Seriously, this European tour has been like the best thing Summit has ever done… I mean besides financing and making the films… and bringing us Robert Pattinson… and Butt Crack Santa and that film 50/50 but BESIDES that this tour has been the best thing to happen to Twilight. We’ve gotten mid 90s goatee Rob, not so blind items, swirly boob dresses, pictures from late nights at bars and all kinds of good stuff. And now we get Nikki and Jackson in southern Europe bringing us all the best of the b-list Cullen (or Hale as it were) siblings! I can’t lie, I’d even listen to a song by 100 Monkeys right now, I’m so excited at the prospect of this. Ok, maybe not that.

Jackson: Nikki, you are looking smoking hot tonight and I’m not saying that just because my six shooter is smoking in my holster
Nikki: I know, I’ve had to fight off some girl called “Moon” who kept trying to steal my shoes and dress. Crazy bitch. So what the HALE is up with your outfit?
Jackson: I was super lucky that Rome had a Wild West Costume Rental Shop to replace the clothes the airline lost. I can’t imagine walking down the carpet in something John Wayne wouldn’t approve of. Amazing, right?
Nikki: Amazing’s probably not the word I’d use…
Jackson: Yea, more sexy totally.

So my guesses for what Nikki Reed’s tattoo says are: “I Got There First,” “Original Nonsten,” and “My dad’s old girlfriend was the director of the 1st movie, I was the one to get him cast.” Ok, so that last one probably isn’t it. But ya know. Close enough.

Sadly, it looks as though Jackson’s partial facial paralysis is back. He really should look into getting that checked out. Oh and YEEEfreakingHAW.

How many snakes and Saloon owners had to die in order for Jackson to wear clothes in Italy and Madrid? Where is Peta on this guy?

During the Rome Q&A we got this gem:

Rathbone recalled, “I remember the first time we met, we were at the airport heading to the film’s set. I had my beloved guitar and the agent at check-in did not want me to carry it on the plane, but for me it was really important. Nikki was there and convinced them let me carry it aboard [the aircraft]. From day one, Nikki was on my side.”

Looking at Jackson during the tender and heartfelt moment, Nikki said, “You are wonderful,” to which Jackson replied, “You are a beautiful person.”

Nikki didn’t have the heart to tell him she regretted that decision after she asked him to play her a few songs from his “cool, new band he just started with some of his smoking buddies.” Memories guys, that’s all we’re gonna have left in a year.

So thank you Breaking Dawn press tour and Summit for putting this on. This is helping make the next 19ish days whiz by! And really next time can we put a limit on Jackson’s snake skin items to one? Thanks.

Ciao and Adios and stuff,

Are we loving the folks they’re sending out to do this press tour? Have any of our readers seen the cast at these events or out and about?

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  • nocoolname

    I actually think Nikki looks fabulous in these photos.  They needed to let THIS stylist take care of her look for the movies, not whatever intern from Parsons Summit hired to create the “Rosalie look.”

    • ChillinWithCullens

      For real – LOVE Nikki’s orange dress! I want one!!

    • Stacey

      She is really pretty. I think all of the actors would look so much nicer with a different stylist! (Also makeup that doesn’t make them look like ghosts! Even though it’s perfect for Halloween!)

      • Anonymous

        Those damn Summitt nieces!

    • ladyofthemeadow

      That first picture, the black dress one… she looks like a Barbie. Something about the leaning-back pose and the rail-thin body. ANd the tatto: a variation on notches on the belt.

      Okay, that’s all mean stuff. To balance it out: she looks fabulous in the rest of the photos. She always looks dazzling and happy to be there. No red-carpet attitude in this girl.

      • Themoonisdown


    • Themoonisdown

      i totally agree, she looks amazing. i want all these looks.

      ps “intern from parsons” HAHA

  • Nelle

    Great post Moon. Don’t know what’s up with my eyes though. Almost snorted my coffee. Reading too fast on my iPhone but I thought in Nikki’s first dialog she asked “What the HALE is up with your crotch?” I even enlarged the photo for a closer look before I realized I misread it!! Must have seen the “crazy” in the line above and the “outfit” in the line below. Oh well. Time for new glasses.

    • Themoonisdown

      might as well be “crotch” too look at how tight those pants are.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    I do love all this awesome press with the “Cullens” – totally welcome after a huge dry spell of nothing twi-related in the news. Almost died while reading Ashley and Rob’s dialog! “…fell asleep on a Special Dark..”!!! BAHAHAHA!!

  • Anonymous

    Aw, Jackson makes like my husband and carefully packs for a trip so he only has to take one pair of shoes.  When you can’t live without your twenty pound boots those baggage weight limits are a bear.
    The red/orange dress may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen Nikki in.  The white… think it was a leftover, rejected option for her wedding?  It’s gorgeous from the side, but from the front… it just makes me wonder how much double sided tape she had to use.

    • Themoonisdown

      totally. somethings a little off from the front on the white dress.

      but the black mini? i’d punch someone for that. and the shoes. 

      • Anonymous

        My legs won’t let me go that short or I’d be with you.

  • KStewBoy

    I want to be Jackson Rathbone for Halloween tonight!  Now I have to work on my crazy-ass half mouth smile.

    • Themoonisdown

      pictures or it didn’t happen.

      • KStewBoy

        You got me.  It didn’t happen.  I went as a run-of-the-mill “father pushing a stroller”.  Yawn.

  • MariaCecilia

    Why, oh why do they all look SO much better IRL than they do in the films??? It’s not fair: I can only assume that the people working on the movies were dead jealous of the actors and did everything they could to (not so) subtly sabotage them. (“Ha, take those piss-yellow contacts! Ha, take this bought-on-sale wig!”) 

    Lovely revenge to see them like this in all their glory (although I agree Jackson can do with some help..)! I still think Ashley and Rob are the prettiest, so I feel lucky to have caught them this time around on their tour around Europe…

    • Themoonisdown

      you saw them??!!! did you email us about it?! COME ON!

      • MariaCecilia

        Hey, I gushed all over LTR as soon as I got back Friday night! Being kind of shy and bashful like Bella I didn’t want to bore you more than that, but sure, I’m game, I’ll write a letter. (And then you can love/hate me for it, and get back at me by dissing it for another post about Big Daddy and Olive Garden instead.. 😉

  • The Old One

    I zoomed in on that tattoo so much I could see Nikki’s underarm stubble, but I still couldn’t figure out what it says.  Must be in code.

    • Themoonisdown

      it looks like sanskrit or something. and trust i was defs ctrl +-ing that one

      • The Old One

        I googled Nikki Reed’s tattoo, and guess what came up?  LTT, of course!  http://letterstotwilight.com/2010/07/13/nikki-reed-gets-some-ink-and-we-wonder-what-it-could-be/

        • ChillinWithCullens

          Thank you! One of my fave posts of all time!!

    • MariaCecilia

      It sure is code, and I can see it now, it says: “Rob is a lousy lay, honestly” – written backwards.
      ?? Strange. Could that be yet another code for “I mean the opposite of what this says really” ? The plot thickens…

  • Anonymous

    “How many snakes and Saloon owners had to die in order for Jackson to could wear clothes in Italy and Madrid?”

    um…as many as it takes. he’s a stroke victim after all. let him wear what he wants…i mean, he might not even be able to dress himself.

    also– that whole “twin” thing always baffled me. why? why are they labeled as twins? i mean, they get “adopted” at different times. hell, jasper only joins because of alice. why do they tell people they are twins? why would the cullens give those two different last names? why do i care? why does this bother me so? the whole story is that they are ALL adopted…so what’s the big deal if they are all named cullen? 

    i mean, i get it…stephenie was all, darn. they can’t bang, i mean, be couples if they all have the same last name cause that would be creepy– unlike having a teenage wolf imprint on a half breed baby– so, she’s all, i know! two will be twins. and we will give them the same last name. for no reason at all. with zero explanation. 

    unless i missed a whole part of the books. someone please esplain it to me. 

    • Themoonisdown

       i think you just wrote the outline to a great letter. i mean really if they’re all adopted, who cares, right??!!

      ps are you the one helping him dress? since he needs help and all.

    • Keish35

      What I wanna know is why didn’t Charlie do a background check on Edward Anthony Masen and find out he died/disappeared in 1918? My sister did a freaking background check on a guy I went out with once.
      And why didn’t they ever change their names? Teenage Cullens all over the country.

      • MariaCecilia

        Fan fiction’s got so many creative ideas on this point: Edward switches between Masen and Cullen,  Edward turns up in Chicago and inherits himself every forty years, the Cullens split up and move around the country a lot..etc. I guess the real trick is to avoid getting a passport or social security number and going on computer records with your fingerprints – then Charlie would be cocking his gun in your ear in no time. Alas, to no avail…

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t the “Hales” supposed to be “foster kids” so the coupling is less squicky?

  • The Old One

    Jackson was one of the final contenders for the part of Edward–he’s kinda cute and all, but I can’t help but think of all the time I would have been able to spend on other things besides Robsessing if Jackson had gotten the part.  Can you imagine?

    • Themoonisdown

      i think the same thing every time i see jackson at some sort of twilight press event, this could have been all HIM in another world.

      whew, we got the right edward. 

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does she look skinnier than usual? 

    • Themoonisdown

      wedding diet?

    • The Old One

      I think she read the memo about how standing sideways to the camera makes you look slimmer.  Although to her credit, that trick doesn’t work for everybody.

      • Anonymous

        I’m one that doesn’t work for; I’m not a big person but I have big Nordic arms so turning to the side just shows them off.  I’ve always been jealous of all the girls with slim upper arms.

  • Gen10

    from nikki’s website… Nikki likes tattoos and she has currently 4 different tattoos – on her wrist, on the back of her neck and under her right armpit, and the last and newest one is on her finger. Two her tattoos are in Russian. The first and older one on her wrist is the name of her Russian boyfriend. The second one says “there must be something bigger”. The third tattoo is probably some kind of an ornament but its meaning is unknown. The last tattoo says “Paul”, the name of her fiancéé. Both Paul and Nikki got tattoos in Las Vegas, each of their lover’s names.

    • The Old One

      Aha!  So do you think the “there must be something bigger” refers to the Russian boyfriend or to her co-star?  I guess we need to know when she got it done.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I went there immediately too…

  • Tink

    How many snakes and Saloon owners had to die in order for Jackson to wear clothes in Italy and Madrid? Where is Peta on this guy?And really next time can we put a limit on Jackson’s snake skin items to one?
    SO THIS!! LMAO!!!

  • Rob’s Bitch

    Speakng of Butt Crack Santa, I just saw him in an episode of Seinfeld.  Strangely, he looked younger but somehow the same.  And not in a good way…

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