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Oh hey guess what

You see us Rob, we know we look good

Dear LTT-ers,

Remember that time when UC and I were on the Red Carpet and we got to ask questions to cast members and the Twi randoms we love and got to take pictures that weren’t 89 miles away from the subject? Oh wait you don’t? Cause it hasn’t happen yet… BUUUUUUTTTTT (that’s a big ol butt)…

It will on Monday!!!!!!! You heard that right, yours truly Moon and UC will be hitting the red/black/wedding colors colored carpet on Monday to officially cover the event!! Yes, we will finally be within 5 feet of Big Daddy without a retraining order or a living room window between us. Dreams do come true yall.

Laugh it up Nikki, but we're here!

As you can imagine we’ve been furiously coming up with questions we could possibly ask on Monday. So of course since we’re not like E! News or something we’ll most likely be standing between the Latvia Daily News and the cleaning crew waiting to strike the carpet once the event is over. Clearly, we will have precious little time with the Holy Trinity and C list cast members.

But we need your help! What should we ask ANY possible cast members/crew member/soundtrack musician/wardrobe stylist/stunt double that we happen to talk to? Here’s our totally fake list of questions:

1. Rob – How awkward was it explaining “just the tip” to your parents after the Jimmy Kimmel Show?

2. Jamie Campbell Bower – What did you REALLY do with the nipple clamps and cheese wheels? Follow up question: Have you ever gotten a sketchier gift from a fan than nipple clamps and cheese wheels? Double follow up: Are you wearing them now?

No, I will not show you my Armani underwears

3. Wig person (how will we know them?!) – How do you sleep at night? Is it an Ambien and Vodka cocktail or are you up all night thinking of a way to make your next victim look crazy?

4. Stephenie – Do you now call Pancho, Nacho? Come on, you can tell us.

5. Anyone – If you had to get one Twilight related tattoo, what would you get?

As you can tell we really need your help and really we just want to ask them stuff you’re interested to hear. We’ve heard all the tried and true and tired questions, we want to have a good time so hit us with your best in the comments.

We all know we’ll try to talk to the Trinity and the obvious people but who from the Randoms do you want us to try and talk to?

Moon & UC

Stuff happening this weekend

In tent city a plethora of activities are happening down at Nokia Live ranging from cast visits, give aways to a live podcast we’ll be participating in with other Twi “experts” (HA!) hosted at the Yahoo TwiFi lounge and Twilight Series Theories. Also on Sunday we’re throwing a little get together for our LTT readers and friends… if you’ll be in LA for the big day email us if you want to come to the party.

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • JodieO

    YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! I’m so excited for you girls!  I know you will do us proud!

    Talk about contacts!  No!  Talk about ipods! NO! Talk about sparkles!  NO! Talk about bleach vs wigs! NO!!!  Make sure you make thinly veiled references to Robsten to try to trick someone into admitting it already!!!!!

    • MariaCecilia

      Saying: “The more you deny it, the more true it obviously is!!” Because kindergarten logic is always the straight path to the truth in real life..

      • Anonymous

        or you could tell them that other people have boyfriends, too, and  it’s okay to admit you touch each other’s no no parts. we don’t need details (well, some people do, but those people need medication, or to find better porn).

  • ChillinWithCullens

    wow – so proud of you ladies!! although I cannot even believe Big Daddy was a question!!! wth!! Get ahold of him and ask him everything!!!! (…and get a big bear hug just for us! 😉 

  • HowToBe

    If you get to Booboo, I’d like to know what he thought of Rob and Kristen making fun of his name in the Eclipse commentary

    • Anonymous


  • What?!  No way!  Really??  You two are even fancier than last year!  What is happening?! 

    I agreed with JodieO.  You *must* ask them if they are happy to be rid of the contacts. 

    When you see Rob, ask him if his “lovely girlfriend” is there yet.  Ask Jasper if he will sign your 100 Monkeys cd.  Bring a fake mustache and ask Billy Burke to wear it for me. 

    Yay, go team!

    • Sara

      YES! *snicker* Oh yes!  Please ask about his “lovely girlfriend” 

      • Sue G.

        Lovely American girlfriend!

        • Anonymous

          And ask Kristen about her British boyfriend! 🙂

          • TeamSeth

            and then finger gun shoot yourselves in the head and point and laugh at them.

          • KStewBoy

            And then put on a very serious face and say in a newscaster voice: “No.  In all seriousness.  Are you two an item or what’s the dilleo?”

          • TeamSeth

            This made me inappropriate work giggle.

          • MariaCecilia

            “And tell me honestly; are you being..safe?” (use fake mustache for this line).

          • Anonymous


    • TeamSeth

      Bring a fake mustache and ask Billy Burke to wear it for me.

      It’s MOVEMBER!  Tell him to do it for Movember! 🙂  YAY!

    • MariaCecilia

      No: ask them what colour of contacts they want to be using next.

  • Sisterpenguin


    Am 1st, 2nd and 3rd hand excited for you two. Just need to let the palpitations calm down before I can consider questions…

    On ya girlies!

  • Anonymous

    so EXCITED! congrats you guys.  Cant wait to hear all about it

  • chochang

    Ask them this: Have you heard of (/do you–or your PR team–secretly read) LTT or LTR? Come on, admit it!

  • Anonymous

    Actually I can think of a few, WAY JEALOUS, SO HAPPY FOR YOU, WHERE IS THE PARTY & HOW CAN I SNEAK IN WITH YOU? Maybe I could be your post it girl? I mean Note taker? (I mean after all you mentioned the “tip” TWHS but forgot to mention all the “thrusting” that took place (yes I watched and made post-its of all the “important details” like how there were 3 men Rob was looking at during the pivotal love scene…got me wondering about him, just saying…guess the dude couldn’t really break the headboard himself? My Edward could have easily…also VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Was the officiant at the “fake” wedding actually as has been hinted at, REALLY AN ACTUAL PRIEST? Are they, Rob & Kristen now secretly married FOR REALS?? HUH??? So many questions, so little time…I WANT TO BE THERE…YES, YES I DO… LOVE U BOTH!! <3

    • operarose

      “are Rob & Kristen now secretly married for reals?”

      haha – oh I love you Cyn! I wish I wasn’t so far from you & could see BD w/ you!

      • operarose

        & all of the other awesome LTT ladies!

      • Anonymous

        OHH ME TOOOOOO!!! I am SO ready for an adventure! I really want to get together with all of you that have held me together these past few years!! XOXO
        (UC/MOON are way lucky, looked up airfare this a.m. & almost fell off the couch, otherwise me and Cardboard Eddie would be heading for the airport)!

    • MariaCecilia

      One piece of advice: Do not drool. Stuff your cheeks with paper napkins to be cool. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I can think of a few, WAY JEALOUS, SO HAPPY FOR YOU, WHERE IS THE PARTY & HOW CAN I SNEAK IN WITH YOU? Maybe I could be your post it girl? I mean Note taker? (I mean after all you mentioned the “tip” TWHS but forgot to mention all the “thrusting” that took place (yes I watched and made post-its of all the “important details” like how there were 3 men Rob was looking at during the pivotal love scene…got me wondering about him, just saying…guess the dude couldn’t really break the headboard himself? My Edward could have easily…also VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Was the officiant at the “fake” wedding actually as has been hinted at, REALLY AN ACTUAL PRIEST? Are they, Rob & Kristen now secretly married FOR REALS?? HUH??? So many questions, so little time…I WANT TO BE THERE…YES, YES I DO… LOVE U BOTH!! <3

  • Blondieinco

    Yea!!!!!  I can’ wait to see what you two bring us from the red carpet!!

  • Laxplays/Cazza

    Fabulous news girls!  It’s about time you received some perks, after all the fabulous times you have given us over the past few years….crap, did I really say past few years?!!!

    I wanna know if Rob has a secret stash of Borders discounted Twilight merchandise under his bedside table at home?


    • MariaCecilia

      I’m hearing a song even as I read this…something joyous and triumphant about “defying gravity”? Could that be you guys?

  • Youweregone

    Sooooo happy for you and 2nd hand happy for us!!!! What is going on???How did this happen? Did Summit invite you? I know they are all lurkers here. Whatever you do, don’t forget to ask about the “contacts” , and also do they read MOTU on the bear-skin rug with  “Bear” sitting next to them while sampling FierceStew2s delicious cooking??
    Go ladies!!!

    • TeamSeth

      Oooh! This makes me want to hear more randoms read fan fic.

    • MariaCecilia

      My theory: everyone’s a lurker – they just haven’t admitted it yet. Wasn’t that Obama in the sunglasses at the back of the Jimmy Kimmel show?

  • bellasara76

    Wigs, contacts, crazy set stalking stories (which you can ask anyone), do they wish this was the LAST ONE? Will they ever do a series again. Will they ever want to play a *cough*real*cough* vamp? Was placenta really offered on the craft table?!

  • Nelle

    Aww Ladies. Congrats! Make us all 2nd hand proud!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ok, I don’t understand why everyone wants to know about the contacts.. Someone please enlighten me?

    I really just want you to see how many LTT/LTR-isms you can work into the questions. I’m looking to laugh while reading about the experience 😉
    It would be awesome if you could talk to Kellan, just because he works the carpet and would probably be lots of fun. 

    Sidenote: I watched Immortals last night. Kellan plays Posideon in it. Did we miss that somehow or am I forgetting that it was addressed?

    • TeamSeth

      “I really just want you to see how many LTT/LTR-isms you can work into the questions”


  • nocoolname

    I think games on the red carpet would be fun.  Rock, paper, scissors, a quick round of Charades, thumb wrestling.   I think thumb wrestling with Kristen would be a good time.

    If you get Taylor, you could ask him how uncomfortable he is with Kurt Hummel’s fantasy abut him on this week’s episode of Glee.

    • Anonymous

      NCN..you forgot a couple of games…Twister 4 sure I would be so playing that, quick game of strip poker,yup that too and of course Spin the bottle! Miss you NCN!! Call me!! 
      P.S. I’m thinkin UC/MOON held out telling us so that we couldn’t catch a last minute flight and bombard them with all of us..LOL! They are missing out though, they have never “seen” me with a few downed drinks… 🙂

    • operarose

      oh yes! this! 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget to have a fine game of Leghitch, Imprint, Hunt – or whatever the BD version of that may be. HeadboardBreak, Imprint, Hunt? 

    • ChillinWithCullens

      NCN – Yah, also David Bromstad on his interior design show “Color Splash” last week admitted to adoring Tay-Tay, drooling, fanning himself and saying Taylor was so hot he would need a minute to collect himself! And Taycob thought he was only attractive to screaming preteen girls – not the case!

      • Anonymous

        I saw that! I was cracking up watching the show cuz he like totally fan-boyed a bit. I excitedly emailed UC and Moon about it.

        I wasn’t crazy about the finished room though :-/

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely fabulous Moon & UC!! Congrats!! The wonders never cease! You two are so deserving of all this fabulousness!! Even the weather should be perfect for your up-close-and-personals on the red carpet on Monday!  Reelz and Yahoo will be live streaming – will be looking for you two!! Have FUN!!

  • TeamSeth

    How long have you guys known this and been keeping it in?!!!!

    I voted for Wyck, mostly because I usually forget he’s even part of this thing. And he’s, you know, kind of a big deal. Maybe he’s the culprit of all the bad? Ask him that “Why are you allowing so much bad stuff to happen with these adaptations?”  I would like to see his face…confused and he’d laugh and walk away.

    But seriously, BIG DADDY!  Duh! Doesn’t even matter what you ask him… as long as you use the words “diva” “fish fillet sammie” and “thoughts on gay marriage”.

    • MariaCecilia

      You mean views on gay marriage as in “you and who else more you know are in the closet?”??

      • TeamSeth

        (looks around innocently) What?  Surely no one was making a reference to Taylor being gay.

        • MariaCecilia

          Poor guy, all that immaculate grooming was bound to backlash one day…

  • operarose

    Interviewing the cast’s cool, but honestly I’m secretly also excited you get to interview all of the nuttiest of the crazy fans who will be there in the front rows, too. If you see the TwiMoms, ask them how the real red carpet compares to their basement red carpet. If you see the Pattinson Pants Lady, ask her to strut her stuff for us (and record on video). If you see Oregano (because you know he’s a Twihard) ask him why no one ever knew he was British. If you see Bobbygee, ask him why he didn’t get you passes to the premiere sooner. (Because it’s all thanks to him, right?)

    Also – you should totally have gifts for the bigwigs (is that allowed)? Filet o Fish for Big Daddy, cheese clamps (yes, clamps shaped like cheese) for Jackson, etc. and tons of LTT merch. I’m sure Nikki will love to cover whatever cute dress she has on with a “Fake Lesbians 2008” shirt.

    *all of my LTT references are getting old. Does that mean I’m getting old? 

    • TeamSeth

      Yeah! Make sure you interview KayBeeVee… she’s hardcore crazy! 😉

      Cheese-shaped clamps?!  That’s brilliant!

      Wow, 2008.  That’s crazy. That was so recently, but so not.

      • Anonymous

        And nuttymadam3575 otherwise known as Emma.

  • twiprof

    I am so happy for you two! and somehow, I feel like I will get to experience this too…six degrees of separation or something like that…cant wait to hear about it!

  • Stacey

    I am so happy for you girls! I expect you to ask all of the random new vampires (who aren’t even in the first movie), “Wait…which one are you again?” Then look confused when they try to slip you there twitter names and say, “And why exactly would I need this?” 

    Have a great time on Monday and of course, Sunday! Wish I could be there, but instead I’ll be sitting on the couch watching Dexter. Hopefully, Snow White Drifted will be there and text me. (I live through her fun and shopping conquests. Seriously, the lady has awesome taste in shoes!)  

  • Anonymous

    Ask taylor if he would have taken the role if he knew that his charcter will end up with a weird half CGI baby.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think he can get the right answer to this one. If it’s a yes he’s obviously lying and i don’t think he has in him to say the truth. The guy is just too sweet and considerate.

    • MariaCecilia

      I’d prefer to have a relationship with a CGI baby to a real one, if I was him…

  • Anonymous

    Big Daddy: “Please establish once and for all what your favorite fast food sandwich is.”  Or, “If you had to choose between the Filet O’ Fish and Olive Garden breadsticks, which would you choose?”Kellan: “What purpose drives your life?”Dick: “Will you please sign my Pattinson Family Reunion t-shirt?”  or “How can I get on your e-mail list?” I’m going to be thinking of these all day.  Expect 17 little comments from me as more come to mind.

    • Anonymous

      Kristen: “Leghitch, Imprint, Hunt (or Fuck, Marry, Kill): Robsteners, Nonsteners, and Krisbians.”

      • Anonymous

        Actually, this would probably get a more entertaining response if you asked it of Rob.  But I’m sure you’ll be busy asking him his favorite variety of Hot Pocket.

    • Anonymous

      Taylor: “Zuppa Toscana or Minestrone?  Tour of Italy or Endless Pasta Bowl?”  Then have him sign the manip of the Abduction poster that has the alpaca edited in.

      • TeamSeth

        OH MY GOD. I LOVE YOU.

        • Anonymous

          ME TOO!  YES!!! Keep em’ coming BeaDee!!

    • Anonymous

      You win forever if you can work Little Bo Peep into a question for Rob.  Honorable mention for getting in a question about dumpsters.

      • Anonymous

        Please get video of Rob when you ask the Bo Peep question.

        *blushes furiously, grabs your arm and whispers: “who. told?” Glares at Jackson*

    • Anonymous

      Anyone: “Which standard Twi-interview question are you the most sick of?”

  • KStewBoy

    How about any of the following for any Twi-related person – just to see what they say:
    1. Have you had the chance to sniff Kristen’s feet after a day of filming?
    2. Do you ever think about selling on eBay the lock of Kristen’s hair you cut while she wasn’t looking?
    3. Have you sneaked into Kristen’s trailer and tried to fit into her jeans?

    • Anonymous

      #3 “I tried to get my arm in once, but it would only go in up to my elbow.”

    • MariaCecilia

      You are aware, of course, how much this line of questioning is giving your real interests in life away? Are you SURE Mrs KStewBoy isn’t one of our lurkers? Think about it. Carefully.

      • KStewBoy

        Giving away my interests?  Not in the least.  This is all in the honest pursuit of journalistic truths.

  • The Old One

    NO WAY!!! Will you be televised?  who will be videotaping you?

      I’ll be popping in here with questions as I think of them–

    Ask Stephenie if she actually wrote a full-on not-fade-to-black version of the honeymoon, and the book editors made her take it out?  And how   would it compare with the movie version?

    • Anonymous

      The mystery of my life would be revealed if she answered that one. Follow up question: in which bank’s safe is she keeping it (in case it really exists).

    • Anonymous

      A: “Yes, it was in Forever Dawn, the original Twilight sequel. But since Twilight ended up being YA, it got the kabash.”

  • MariaCecilia

    Oh, you know the drill: ask Rob about what hygiene products he is currently using, and when was the last time he wrote a song (and what was the topic??), ask Kristen about what her female role models are, and what was the last book she read and what drugs she would recommend us using, ask Taylor what roles he envisions himself doing in the future that do NOT require abs, and ask Nikki when was the last time she took a crap for humanity, and Kellan what his favourite book in the Bible is and why,and Jackson when he think his band is going to hit the Top 10, and Ashley what book she would like to see made into a movie and star in, and Big Daddy what he thinks about global warming and what it would take for him to go vegan..?


    SOOO excited for you ladies!!! Will you be videotaping your interviews in any way? Or are we going to get a word-for-word transcription? We must have all the details!!


      Oh yeah, and I think you should ask Kristen why she and Rob wore matching shirts to the press junket interviews…and ugly shirts at that

  • Edible Art?

    Wow how amazing – can’t to hear all about it!!

    Ask Nikki how you get over losing the man every woman wants to your former BFF….. Cause ouch that must sting

  • MrsRobPattinson

    Ok, mostly a lurker here, but this deserves a response…CONGRATS UC & Moon!! I’m second-hand thrilled for us all!

    My questions:

    1. Whatever happened to the Stoli shirt, Rob?

    2. When’s your next roadtrip, Rob?

    3. Are the jorts name brand or KMart clearance rack?

    4. Wigperson, how do you live with yourself?

    5. Kellan, what’s your favorite youth group praise song?

    6. Taylor, are you worried about Chris Hansen being in the audience at the premiere to watch you imprint on a baby?

    I could go on and on… 🙂

  • Twisherry

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’m sooooo excited for you both.  I actually love your questions, and I’d just go for broke with those.  After all, I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of the same obvious boring questions.

  • ah!! that is awesome! so so excited for you ladies! i expect only the most amazing questions and a hug from Big Daddy of course!


  • Woo hoo!!! So excited for you, ladies! You’ve gotta be head over heels!! 😀

  • The Old One

    Bill Condon:  Why is BD 2 a year away–it was filmed at the same time, can’t they move the release date up?

    Bill, why did you allow all the bad wigs again?  You KNOW they’re the laughing stock of the whole saga.  Or did you not want to break precedent?

  • Sagalvr

    Please ask Taylor when the last time he spoke to/saw Taylor Swift was! Taylor-squared must be inquired about! Especially since she won CMA Entertainer of the Year twice in two years (and is amazing)

  • GeminiGypsy

    You should ask them 1) if you were stuck on a desert island, who would you pick to be there with you? 2) what if Stephenie writes another book, would they be interested in coming back for another movie? 3) Does Rob enjoy not taking showers and his hair looking permanently gelled? 😉 4) What job would they have been in, had they not been actors? 5) You should also try and play a quick round of Twilight MASH with them… 6) who will you be spending Thanksgiving with? 7) If you could be a mythical creature in real life, what would you be? Hahaha, I’m not sure if these questions are serious or not… But this is awesome that you ladies were invited to Breaking Dawn con and now the red carpet! I’m really vicariously enjoying the popularity my favorite twilight blog is getting 🙂

  • lovethesefries

    See if you can get Kellan to sing AND do the hand motions to Lord I Lift Your Name On High with you (you know he knows them). 

  • Anonymous

    OMG. Obs you’ll be asking everyone for their favourite/funny Big Daddy stories.

  • Anonymous

    Well done girls, great news! When you speak to HHH don’t forget to call him Ron!

  • MrsBoJangles

    I have the perfect way to get Rob’s attention.  Rob has been mentioning in several interviews that he wants more mayhem at these events.  So, make a sign that says, “Rob: I got your Mayhem right Here!”  Then dress up as Mayhem from the Allstate commercials!  (I know this is cheesy, but so is Rob’s sense of humor)  You’re welcome!  Bwahahahah

  • fayted17

    Ask Rob how many outright lies he tells on an average press tour, and if he’s ever thought about turning his fabricated talkshow stories into a screenplay.

  • UnashamedTwiwife

    That was the only thing I wanted for my 35th birthday….and the universe has seen fit to laugh hysterically at me.  I will be living vicariously through you tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    I need you to describe what each person smells like. I want pictures of you sniffing the necks of all the Randoms and then rate their scent, like wine:

    Julia Jones smells like chocolate mousse with a hint of cinnamon and oak.

    BooBoo Stewart has chipotle overtones with notes of hyacinth and  Nikki Reed’s spilled PBR

  • Alice_NaA

    Who is Wyck Godfrey? Obviously I have been twi-absent for way too long.

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