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Storytime with LTT: Breaking Dawn Red Carpet and our new obsessions & I gotta feeling…

They actually let us in!!

Dear LTT-ers,

As you know, Monday we attended the black carpet premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (say that 5 times fast after spending 4 hours on the carpet, not eating and an open bar at the after party). Since we were asked to represent Letters to Twilight on the Twilight fansite/press section of the carpet we came prepared with a handycam, a couple iPhones, questions and some killer heels.

So since we fancy now, I’ll just let us, via video, take it away with the introduction…

Please forgive us for the WORST camera angle of ALL time. ALL.TIME.

After a microphone snafu which made me beg like 10 friends for microphones we picked up our GOLD mic (which would later turn into a talking point during our interviews) and busted arse to Nokia Live because we thought we were late to check in but as with all events, they were running way behind. So while we stood in the press check in line between some old grizzled Australian cameraman talking to some newswoman with a football helmet for hair about their days at the ’96 Olympics I gave myself a little sidewalk mani


After some mob rule style check in we found this little beauty greeting us…

We knew we had arrived.

We then met up with Val from Twilight Poison who we would be teamed up with that night along with Lindsay from Team Twilight and Tracy from Twilightish.

After we sat up the too short tripod, plugged in the spray painted gold microphone I borrowed from a friend and the handycam I stole from my Dad who bought it to capture my new niece (nothing but the best yall!) we decided to run around like we knew what we were doing getting b-roll and trying not to photo/video bomb EVERYONE’s intro videos… minus that blond kid who looked like he was from the Disney Channel. I definitely ran into him while he was asking some fans about being Team Edward or Team Jacob. Team give me a break people!! COME ON!

After we were all set up UC was whisked away to a different section and I picked up that klassy gold mic cause it was time to DO THIS! Let me just give a shout out to Lindsay from Team Twilight because we rocked the questions together for a lot of our interviews. Between us working the questions and record buttons and juggling mics and press alerts and Vale and Tracy on still cameras we were working ALL the angles. That is definitely what she said.

So of course we got about 8 gabillion little interviews with every vampire in the free world from A to Z  list cast and we’ll definitely bring you those soon because there’s some CLASSIC moments in those along with some wah wah waaaaah moments. In the spirit of keeping this post from taking us 10 hours to write we’ll bring you the best of the best in this post…

Speaking of the best… THIS GUY!!! Wyck is officially my new obsession… well besides our two other new obsessions whom we shall reveal later but srsly… WYCK GODFREY you guys. Letters to Wyck… Oh wait that exists. Enjoy his little dance.

Speaking of seeing Renesmee here’s little Mackenzie Foy making her first Twilight appearance! How flipping cute is this kid?

And really, the first family mother and daughter in blue?! Stop is guuuuiiize! Next you’re gonna tell me you scheduled a Christmas card photo shoot on the beach in matching white tshirts and blue jeans.

Dude, Bella and Edward don’t need Prof. Kinsey in BD Part 2?! Hold on to your butts ladies cause Fade to Sad could get Fade to HOT DAMN in part 2 if Bill’s not pulling a Rob on us and totally making shiz up. #TeamBill

And the winner of Best Dressed at the Breaking Dawn Pt 1 Premiere award goes to…
TWO WAY TIE between Jacky’s creepy crushed velvet children’s birthday party magician look and Dean’s girlfriend (she likes man jewelry) with the stomach cut out jump suit. All that’s missing from this look is a velvet turban… and regret.

That’s right we asked a good question Melissa!

Then this happened…

Yes, he was this close to me… This will get it’s own letter at LTR and it’s own video because moments of immense hope and moments of great lose deserve to be immortalized forever on a blog. Duh.

We didn’t have too long to cry because things on the red carpet move like Bella driving a motorcycle (Twilight jokes!): at break neck speed, throwing caution to the win, with the hopes of hearing Rob, I mean Edward’s voice and sometimes ending in a big crash and burn. Oh it happened.

But with tragedy comes greatness… enter Stephenie Meyer…


Then THIS happened…

Yes, that is for all you LTT readers and commenters. The.Best.

After this came Taylor and Kristen and Rob again but because of time constraints and the film starting we could only get within inches of them, gold mic poised and question hanging in mid air before they were whisked away by handlers. “BOO you whores.” But really after that kind of shout out from Stephenie who needs the trinity……… this time.

There is SOOOOOO much more to come we can’t possibly cover it all in one post so stick with us… same LTT time, same LTT channel…

Moon and UC

PS you guys… the MOVIE… the movie…the.movie. we’ll talk soon.
PPS I’m going to act like my weird valley girl-esque accent can not be heard in all these videos. Please also do the same

So were you watching the live feeds at home? Were you there at the premiere? Are you in serious love with Wyck?

We couldn’t have done it without our partners in crime on the carpet: Twilight Poison, Team Twilight and Twilightish. Go visit them, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to see their take on the premiere!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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  • JodieO

    Weird Al!  Weird Al!  Weird Al!  I can’t believe you were so close to Weird Al!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    You know that in all seriousness he’s one of three people I would actually fangirl in an embarrassing way over, right?  Right?  DYING!

    • JodieO

      Oops!  See, I got so excited that I forgot to add that you ladies looked gorgeous.  We could see UC in the background of the awful ET Online live feed!  It was the best part of that feed.  Trust.

      Congrats again, ladies.  I’m so glad you can share this with us!

      HI STEPH!  I can call you Steph ’cause we’re like old friends, right? YAY!

      • ET was such a major bummer, they had no concept of what the word LIVE FEED meant.

        • JodieO

          IKR? Not only did she not care that she was LIVE, but she kept asking the dumbest questions.  And every time she tried to trick someone into discussing Robsten I not-so-secretly hoped someone would clock her.

        • TeamSeth

          I watched ET for New Moon. Never again. NEVER again. Awful.

      • Nelle

        I agree about the awful ET Online.  Do you believe that Samantha person?  She had to be fed information on who was who! I heard them say to her “Stephenie Meyer- the author.”  And then she left Stephenie standing there waiting for a few seconds.  I was livid! What an idiot she was.  Called Jackson “Daniel.”  Just too much to list here!

  • purplescool


    Ok, had to get that out of my system.  Congratulations – great job ladies!  And SO cool that Stephenie gave a shout out to LTT/LTR and said she still reads it.  I am so glad you got to experience this and that you are sharing your experience with us.  Thank you for asking “real” questions and getting some great interviews!  So happy for and proud of you for representing LTT/LTR so well (sorry if that sounds “momish”, but then I am a mom).

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • purplescool

    Quick question UC/Moon- there are now these video ads that play continuously on the site – how can I turn them off?

    • eatmyjorts

      ABSOLUTELY! I thought I was hearing stuff with all these effing muttering voices every time I have come here recently…They don’t even quit when I’m watching the videos you’ve posted.

      • Anonymous

        EMJ!! You’re alive!! Hi!

    • VC

      each ad has a volume button which you can mute

      • purplescool

        yes, but they play on a continuous loop, so each new ad has to be muted which is like every 15 – 30 seconds, then another one starts with volume on again.

      • The Old One

        As long as everyone else is complaining:  Even with the ads muted, they take up all of my computer’s tiny brain, and loading the site, the comments, or  posting a comment, takes FOREVER.  Typing this  took about five minutes I sh*t you not.  Whine.

        • Sisterpenguin

          I’m with ya girlie. Add slow broadband line and it shows our dedication

  • chochang

    on the off chance that she could read this.. HI STEPHENIE!!! you looked lovely.. and healthier! congratulations on everything!

    and to the LTT girls, thanks for sharing all these with us!

  • ChillinWithCullens

    jaw drop! i just keep shaking my head in disbelief!! you are ON the black carpet!! I gotta say it for the 503rd time – I am SO PROUD of you girls!!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE that you guys were able to do this!  Such fun.  And you got a few peple to say “good question” thats like interview royalty. 

    And Stephenie, i really need to you explane some of my previous questoins…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t watch videos until later, but am even more excited now that I’ve read all this fun!  There were a few moments that I’m in love with from the premiere:
    1) Stepenie told Josh Horowitz that “some of the sites call it ‘Fade to Sad’ instead of ‘Fade to Black.'”  She was paying attention to those presents UC and Moon took her last year!
    2) Kellan took a bunch of donuts to his church.  Which means he’s still that youth group boy at heart.
    3) Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson.  Perhaps the best commentary ever on an  outfit came from http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/2011/11/twilight-breaking-dawn-premiere-guys.html: “Oh son.  GOOD FOR YOU.  But you still look ridiculous.”
    4) Mackenzie.  Her name is hard to spell.  Like Renesmee.  Coincidence? 

    • Anonymous

      HOLY CRAP you kicked off the Stephenie interview with my question from Friday.  Pardon me while I fangirl all over myself!

      • TeamSeth

        Yes, you totally second-hand talked to her.

    • Kaybeevee

      Kellan brought us donuts to camp and Summit wouldn’t let him give them to us! It was probably those! He had like 50 boxes in his car.

      Boo Summit.

      • Anonymous

        Yup, that was his story.  He took some to a shelter and some to church.  He said it was 40 dozen.

  • FastForward

    You two are looking beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all the fun. Love all the signs! Would definitely choose ‘Ron’! 

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Yah, the signs were awesome.  My fave was “keep calm and keep on thrusting” – pure genius! Kudos to those girls, I would NOT have had the cojones!!

  • WOW!  Such EPIC GREATNESS!! UC and MOON you guys are awesome!  Thank you so very much for working extra extra hard for all of us, this is so much fun to watch.  I cannot wait until you post the rest of the vids.  I too now adore Wyck, how could you not?  Thankyouthankyouthankyou! 🙂

    Hiya Steph, so nice of you to stop by!

  • superhumanmoron

    Congrats again on getting the gig!  I heard no mention of Big Daddy.  Sadtimes.

  • Blondieinco

    I’ve been waiting for this post like it’s Christmas!!  Great interviews (WOW Stephenie!).  Can’t wait to hear what you thought of the movie!

  • KStewBoy

    Fantastic post, Moon and UC!  Thanks so much for all the time and effort.  May I say that you two did not look at all out of place amongst the fabulous people of Hollywood.
    Stephanie is way cool shiz.  So is Wyck.  Jackson is all-out nuts.

  • Proselyte3

    This made me really happy…cause, you know.  xo

  • Allryans

    Hey fancy lady!

    Great questions … and talking to the muckity mucks behind the screen is so much more fun, right?

  • minuit passé

    OMG, you’re on the carpet!!!!! And the BFFing with Stehanie Meyer…!!!
    Happy for you and you were of a beauty and shall be looking for all the goods. (Will you tell if you had cougaritas w/ Cathy?) Can’t believe they failed you w/ the Trinity though, just to see Rob’s face and your questions, best interview “of all times”.
    P.S. Did you get chatty with Dick again?

  • alice_av

    wow! Congratulation you were fantastic, I think is well deserve that you are there for us! thank you for your hard work. Usually these events are boring because the “pros” only ask the same old questions.
    Thank you for doing this for us

  • Sue G.

    Nice job girls!  I watched the whole premier on-line and followed you girls on Twitter!  Hubby thought I was nuts!

    Also….Stephenie…..Please do NOT finish Midnight Sun!!!

    • Sisterpenguin

      Hush girl! I do hope you’re doing the old reverse psychology stunt

      • Sue G.

        *wink wink*  of course!

  • Brava, UC and Moon! Fabulous job-love the shot of you two in front of the big BD backdrop. Will you send all of us an autographed photo of that? The questions you asked were indeed very good. I wonder how all of those journalists and tv hosts got through journalism school and/or call themselves professionals when the best question they can think of is “do you ever get used to it?” I liked your questions to Melissa in particular, very interesting. And of course loved the chat with Stephenie. I like that she wore Carolina, very appropriate!

    P.S. congrats on having YOUR own fan section. You and LTT are starting to become nearly as much of the whole Twilight franchise entity as the books and movies are. Do you ever get used to it?!

  • Anonymous

    So proud of you girls.  So! Proud!

  • Sisterpenguin

    Woo hoo and Hale yes! You girlies nailed it!

    What a damn fine job. You two looked fab (better than plenty on the carpet). Like everyone else here, so pleased for and proud of you. I like the camera angle – I’m not that tall so I’m kind of used to the view. And finally, our heroine Stephenie? There are no words…

    (Looking forward to a minute past midnight viewing Thursday night in Worcester – they’re showing it on three consecutive screens. Wee hee)

  • blackgirltwihard

    LOVE IT!

  • The Old One

    You guys rocked!  Your questions were way better than the so-called “pros”!  They would do well to hire you for next year, if we could be so lucky.

    I love Wyck, and I would have asked him if he is aware of, and how he feels about, a lot of the fandom blaming Summit – Scummit – for everything they don’t like about the movies and marketing.  

    Oh, and Stephenie, don’t be chicken to comment with a fake name, we’d love to hear your disguised opinions!

    • Anonymous

      I really wish she didn’t say that. Now we’re gonna freak out every new commenter thinking it’s her.

      • Sisterpenguin

        Keep us on our toes…

      • TeamSeth

        Now we are?  I always think it’s her. I thought you were her.

        • Anonymous

          Do you really think Steph would chose a pic of the enemy as her avatar?
          Ps: don’t get me wrong i flove TVD.

          • The Old One

            Well, that would be a good way to throw everyone off, right?

          • TeamSeth

            Why wouldn’t someone want a Damon avi? Damon’s hot.  And I don’t think of VampDi as the enemy…they don’t even run in the same perimeter…

          • Anonymous

            I AM NOT STEPHENIE. Steph, please tell them this is true.

    • TeamSeth

      Seriously, nothing has made me more excited about Breaking Dawn than Wyck’s Renesmee flash forward comment. Holy crap, now I’m all “Oh my god! Is my sister’s unwritten fanfic going to come to life?!!!” (it’s not, it’s a mash-up, so definitely not, but still…)

      YAY! Maybe Taylor will end up not looking like a creeper after all? (Not that I ever thought he would because I thought Stephenie explained the whole imprinting thing effectively enough)

      YAY again.  Just yay. I’m so excited for saturday with GoWithIt and ItsLaPushBaby 🙂

  • ’86 Rabbit

    <3 just <3

    • TeamSeth

      wow, ’86 Rabbit!  It’s been soooo long since you’ve been here (I think, I took some time off, so maybe you were here then)!  It’s like EVERYONE came out for this post lol  EatMyJorts is here even!  *tears up a little bit*

  • Janetrigs

    Well you know,…..I mean know I love Wyck. But mostly I love you girls, like whoa. Also, Smeyer….really who doesn’t love her for making us all find each other. Tears!

  • Anonymous

    Squee!!! Love it!! Super excited to hear more about it. Defs in love with Wyck and love Steph even more!
    Still working my way through the videos. My boss keeps trying to talk to me about work, and I’m like “Dude! I’m trying to watch some interviews here!” Gosh! Priorities! ;-D

    Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the movie! It’s gonna kill me though, because for the first time, I won’t be making the midnight premiere! Have to go Friday instead, which means I’m probably going to be suffering LTT withdrawls :-/

  • Anonymous

    OMG girls! Your dresses! I loved them both especially UC’s. I’m still trying to get my head around all this epicness so my thoughts and feelings are all jumbled up but here’s some:
    – i keep replaying Wyck’s interview to hear his goofy laugh… Which is definatly a bad sign.
    – I felt funny watching Watching Mellisa’s vid but it was also a nice change cause i never get to feel tiny.
    – i didn’t miss the trinity till you mentioned it, which only proves how mind blowingly awsome you were on the black carpet.
    – UC, i don’t know why but i find your weird valley girl-esque accent kinda sexy (i’m sure i’m not the
    only one. Ask Mr Choice).
    – Stephenie, i’m sorry i was mean to you in alot of my comments, please forgive me and don’t finish Midnight Sun (for real).

    • TeamSeth

      i didn’t miss the trinity till you mentioned it, which only proves how
      mind blowingly awesome you were on the black carpet.


      Seriously, we know I’m not like ROB FAN or whatever, but SERIOUSLY, the interviews were so good. Just interesting and riveting and everything someone who ISN’T there and DOESN’T make movies (especially THIS movie) wants to know. What entertainment journalism SHOULD be. I swear the “talent” these days is such crap. But for real, I was just like “What? The interview is done? Why don’t we hav emore? They were just warming up! UGH. Don’t walk away! Sit down. Have some plaid. Tell me about how you hope women and peoples of not white ethnicity will finally be respected in showbiz the same way white men are. Have a drink, we’ll be here awhile. Don’t mind the camera, it’s all for LTT anyway. Yes, I know it’s a good question–I’ve actually done research.

      SIGH. All too short. I wish attention spans expectations were longer these days. So frustrating. (yes, I know this is “pre-movie viewing on a schedule etc.) (still annoyed with the world for shortening people’s attention spans) (yes, that means YOU twitter.)

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that some of those questions were far over my head.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t gone to many movies in the last 10 years of my life. but I still came away from watching the vid of Wyck thinking, “I think I flove him.”

    I loved Bill’s teaser.  I can’t wait for Friday!

    Anyway, I flovd the shout out from Stephenie.  Floved, floved, floved.  I’m feeling cruddy today and that just made me feel worlds better.  🙂  She’s so awesome… And Stephenie, you really SHOULD comment.  It’s fun and we’d love it, even if we don’t know it’s you. 

    • TeamSeth

      I think I flove your floving.

    • TeamSeth

      It’s fun and we’d love it, even if we don’t know it’s you.  


      Even if I did know it was you, Stephenie, I’d still love it. And I’d try REALLY hard to not censor anything (trust me, I never censor…well, you know, you read my ridiculousness). Though it might be better if we don’t know it’s you…  More honest at least.  Like, you know we all love you, clearly, or else we wouldn’t be here, so you just have to remember that when we’re tearing apart your books and extensive use of the word dazzle 😉  (which, btw, my book has some scowling in it, and every time I edit that chapter I think of you. Every time, SM! Seriously, you and that “I scowled at him.”   Sigh.  But, there’s just no other way to say it! You know what I’m talking about. Author high five)

      SPEAKING OF! Did anyone else feel a slight tingle when Wyck did his eyebrow raise after saying that bit about renesmee being all grows up?  #fortheswoon  But seriously, it was just a total “dazzle me, wyck” moment. I wanted to be bella at the Port Angeles restaurant and be all “You know it’s not fair when you do that, right?”  Seriously, now we know how all the wigs got in there—wyck dazzled the wig people into saving on the budget by using bad wigs!!!!!!  Forget Summit, it’s all Wyck’s Dazzle’s fault!

      • Anonymous

        Would you stop randomly mentioning your book and tell me when and where and how can i get it??!!! This is not my first time asking this ):(

        • TeamSeth

          oops!  Um… it’s not out yet. It’s an online serial that is launching, last I heard, this month. BUT there’s been some behind-the-scenes weirdness, so it may not be until Dec?  Anyway… it’s available online, a chapter per week, at eatyourserial (dot) com.  Once it launches, obviously.  OR if you want to spend money on me, look for the e-reader version on their site (hopefully it gets launched in time w/ the book). I’m working to get a print version available once the full length of the book has run.  My book is called On the Cusp of the Earth.

          Also, make sure to check out other LTT reader/commentor Fiona’s book The Chicken Thief. Available RIGHT NOW on amazon for both download and print version 🙂  I’m putting it on my xmas list.

        • TeamSeth

          HEY HEY!!! So, my publisher wrote me back today and my book launches on December 1st!

          I realize you will likely not see this, but I’m not seeing BD1 until saturday at 5:10pm PST (HOLLA GOWITHIT!!), so I cannot comment on the up-to-date post(s) until, well, Sunday.  And you commented 2 hours ago on here 😉  So… I’m just hoping.

          • Anonymous

            that’s good news. i just know anything of yours will be worth reading. i’m stuck here, too. i don’t know when am i going to see BD. it won’t be released down here until further notice, that’s what twitter says anyway. i don’t think i can keep from reading the new posts that long.  

  • I am speechless!  I am without words!  Except for these.

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!  So proud of you ladies! 

    Can we talk about how paranoid I am now that Steph said she reads everything?  *back into hiding*

  • Stacey

    Wow ladies! What a terrific night you must of have and your interviewing skills are terrific. I can’t wait to see more posts about your adventure!

    Stephenie seems like such a nice person. It’s really nice how much she likes LTT. That shows you just how great job you girls are doing! Now you just need to get that elusive Rob interview. Next time wave a beer near him. I bet he would scurry over like a bouncy puppy. (He probably need one or two with the stress of all the screaming fans. I know I would!)

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Congrats! You both rocked the black carpet! 

    I watched and watched all the live streaming on Monday night and could not find you two!  So glad you have video posted! 

    I don’t know if either of you were nervous at all on the inside… but you both are absolute naturals at this premiere interviewing thing!  Naturals!  I seriously believe if they could get away with it… everyone would have just hung out with you two conversating about anything and everything.

    Thoroughly enjoyed all you’ve posted so far and looking forward to all the rest to come!

    And you both looked lovely as ever!

    ps: Hi Steph! You looked fab in your Carolina, too!

  • Anonymous

    I’m still runnig around with my iphone, making people i know watch that last video of Steph, even those who don’t know what the heck is twilight. Normal? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    *tap dances in excitement* LADIES, I am so proud of you both! I also blame you for my own laugh lines. As I pointed out to KrazyKidd and VickyB this past weekend, I am starting to use WRINKLE CREAM.

    You both looked gorg and it was awesome that Vicky and I both got to see Moon live in action from the black carpet. I know she may not forgive me for getting a picture of Lance from ‘Nsync without her, but she was busy interviewing Condon. I couldn’t exactly interrupt that for her teenage love.

    Best part of the night for me was Vicky (LTT’s second commenter ever!) getting to hug Stephenie Meyer. Then SM sorta recognized me. Could be from last year on the red carpet, or could be for all the embarrassing photos of myself that end up on this site.

    Here’s to praying the video of UC and me singing Possibility in Moon’s bedroom never sees the light of day.


    • TeamSeth

      Wait, are you the “drunk bread” picture girl?

  • (WTF was Weird Al doing there? And Seth Green? Wuuuuut?)

    Please tell me you met Big Daddy!

    Seriously though, great job ladies! It’s good to see you representing Team Normal. Your fashions are lovely and I bet you came off as charming and intelligent as you always do in your posts. High 5!

    • TeamSeth

      Is Weird Al secretly dating KStew? (someone start this rumour because it’s hilarious)

      • KStewBoy

        Not it’s not.  It’s not fun and it’s not funny.  Weird Al is the original creeper.  If you’re going to be making up KStew dating rumours please make them a teeesy bit plausible.  Like what about Wyck?! Hahah.

        • TeamSeth

          I support WyckStew rumor 🙂

  • Maggie

    OMG you guys! First of all, let me say that meeting you two was one of the highlights of the week. Thanks for the wonderful party. You both looked stunning on the red/black carpet – and so natural – like you do this every day. After surfing around the net, I gotta tell you this is the best post I’ve seen. OK, you didn’t get ROB (Sad panda), but you got fantastic interviews. Your questions were wonderful and we got great, relaxed answers from the talent. Hot Vampire Sex Coming Next Year. And, and… SM READS LTT!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! I mean, we kinda figured, but now we have confirmation.

    And what AM I doing in the middle of one of your epic videos!!!! 

    And the movie??!!  THE MOVIE!!!  I. Have. No. Words. Everyone..RUN…

    Total awesomeness to the max.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations you gorgeous girls.  You are amazing!  And Stephenie is amazing (I think I have a girl crush on her – she is seriously lovely!)  And I love how both SM and MR were wearing Carolina Herrera – such a compliment.  And even though you didn’t get much footage of the trinity I watched the Yahoo Movies stream (unlive cause I was at work) and Kristen looked gorgeous.  I can’t believe she wore a long dress after saying in an interview that she doesn’t ‘do gowns’.  So proud of her, she’s growing up <3
    Can't wait for more letters and to see the movie (5 days 23 hours and 55 minutes to go…)

  • Anonymous

    Love the Team Jack shout out, haha! Bill is all, “Thank fuck I don’t have to deal with those insane bitches!”

    Great job, ladies! <3  (((hug squeeze)))

    • TeamSeth

      He’s all trying to put it off on the dog.

      • Anonymous

        Also the interview with ROSENBERG did not warm me to her at all. Rosenberg is my arch enemy.

        (say it like “Khan”)

        • The Old One

          Oooh!  Girl fight!  I hope you’ve got some WWF arena skills, cuz ROSENBERG is a total Amazon!  Did you you get a look at those linebacker shoulders?  I’m putting my popcorn in the microwave.

          • Anonymous

            I am small but scrappy!

          • TeamSeth

            You will play like Jin in Mortal Kombat. She will be King. But I still have faith in you winning.

  • Nelle

    OMG! SMeyer reads us! And is tempted to comment under a fake name.  Do it Steph! Do it.  It’s fun.  Don’t be a lurker.  UC and Moon- you were fabulous.  Lucky girls to be so close to the Pretty.

  • LADIES! Great job! Thanks for representing everyone that’s #normal. We already knew SMeyer was SO our people, but now this proves it. You both looked gorgeous….way to have your own fan section. Can’t wait to see the next posts. 🙂

  • TeamSeth

    Wyck Godfrey’s a pro.

    Also, I re-fell in love with Stephenie Meyer. She’s so fabulous. I love that it was like seeing a friend for her when she saw you!  Just awesome. Love it.  Just like “Heeeeeeey!!!!!!!!!  I’m SOOOOO over this black carpet crap AGAIN. How have you been? You look hot! Oh wait, we’re doing questions here too aren’t we?  Ok, what do you want me to say?”  *cue smile*  She’s the best.  And I’m not at all saying this because she reads the comments (because LORD KNOWS how embarrassing my comments are), but really because she’s fantastic.

    BIll Condon needs to improve his interview w/ hot twilight fandom fans skills. Just saying. Monotone is for the birds.

    I LOVE YOUR DRESSES.  UC, I want your dress, tell me it’s not “one of a kind” because no one in this household can handle that sadness.

  • Notanaddikt Bella

    Squeeeee! I’m so fangirling over you two! Can’t wait to hear all your other stories!

    One thing though… there’s like 3 different ads talking through all the vids, and I haven’t found out how to silence them… anyone have the same problem?

    • Sisterpenguin

      See above comments. 
      They each have a volume control at the bottom of the ad. Click on each of them and it should mute the app forever… Can still slow things down 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you have to silence them, but I am glad they are there because these girls deserve every penny they can get. Awesomeness must be rewarded.

  • Anonymous

    zomfg you guuuuys. I haven’t commented in so so long, but I had to come back for this one. You guys are AM-AH-ZING, and asked smart questions like we all knew you would.
    Fingers crossed for the Trinity next year, hey? With Wyck, Bill and Steph, though, who needs them?

    Now the song in my head is this one:

    Private Jets (almost). (Gold mics) Polished. We’ve known it all our lives, they made it! LTT made it!

  • Jerzeylisa

    Congrats Ladies! What a payday for all your hard work and dedication! Thank you for this! I just want to let you know that there would be no need to scramble for visual media equipment if you allowed me to tag along next year. I’m there for you..just ask! 
    I’m so happy for you both…this is awesome!

  • GeminiGypsy

    You guys rock!!! This made my day today, now I can make myself go to class 😛 I voted for Wyck to definitely get interviewed, it turns out he’s pretty hilarious! That’s great! I can’t wait to see everything else you have to show us 🙂 Congrats UC and Moon on your superduper red carpet accomplishments!

  • Anonymous

    “Next you’re gonna tell me you scheduled a Christmas card photo shoot on the beach in matching white tshirts and blue jeans.”
    wait, didn’t UC do exactly this last year??

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  • Pingback: Letters to Twilight()

  • Pingback: Letters to Twilight()

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