A few things that have made me laugh about Twilight

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Dear Twilight,

With the hubbub of Breaking Dawn dying down, I’ve finally had a moment to collect my thoughts & sort through my emails &  my bookmarks & share a few funnies I came across over the past few weeks that maybe you missed. Yes two of these are videos & I knowwwww you can’t always watch videos if you’re at one of those job-things, but SAVE THEM for later. Seriously- especially this first one. You DON’T want to miss it.

First up from The Onion:

Older Hispanic Men Line Up Excitedly For ‘Breaking Dawn’ Premiere

I mean really… can that BE any funnier?? (Said in my best Ross Geller voice)

Then there was:

And okay that gets a little ridiculous at the end (Cause apparently to me T.W.A.Ds isn’t ridiculous in & of itself. That’s Normal) but come on! That’s funny!

And lastly, the hilarous blogger, The Bloggess, LEGITIMATELY donned a wolf costume for her Breaking Dawn midnight showing:

And wrote ALL about the experience: It’s like a hoodie but with fangs. Read it NOW!

Short & sweet today, but GUESS WHAT? There will be content tomorrow AND Friday on LTT! Whoo hoo! Why are we posting on a THURSDAY, you ask? Well, maybe it’s a very special day tomorrow December 8th. I bet you’ll never guess what!

Talk to you soon! And by “talk” I mean, I talk and you write amazing comments about my amazing talking & occasionally mix in a hateful comment*


*I’m in an ODD mood tonight, if you can’t tell!

Thanks to Bea for sending me TWO of the 3 things I posted today! XO

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  • Anonymous

    I love the Bloggess so hard. “Right now, for the first time all night?  I’m kind of embarrassed to be wearing a giant wolf suit.”

    • Anonymous

      I think I sent that to UC and Moon about 3 minutes after she posted it… well, 10 because I had to finish reading it and laughing hysterically.  My day is always more fun when a post from her shows up in my Google Reader (Giant metal chickens! Haunted dollhouses!  Feuds with William Shatner!).  Combine her with Twilight and my day was completely made.

  • Robjunkie

    OMG PMSL!! Seriously, the funniest Twilight shizz I’ve seen all year.

  • 40Sumthin

    Seriously, is that 1st video for real?  Seriously???

    • Anonymous

      No. The Onion started as a spoof newspaper/magazine and started a show last year.

      • Melissak

        oh thank god for that!
        Cos i could not believe it..and now i know its for good reason!

        • Anonymous

          I would be scared if it was real!

  • Bubs

    Thanks for the laughs UC….
    My theory with Video 1- is Scummit employed these guys to drumm up “ethnic interest” [surely that Tatoo is NOT real !] just incase ticket sales were slow [as if].

    Video 2. Say what you like about these guys-they know their Twi-shiz. So totally NORMAL. I especially liked the Jacob doll/Volturi scene-very realistic.

    Video 3. The Bloggess had me laughing out loud. LOVED the photos, pity she couldn’t convince her other friend to dress up as Big Foot.

    How do all you girls find this stuff ??????

  • Anonymous

    The Twads twadlosiphizing about the merrits of the vamps vs. wolfpack brings a new spin on things. As we sophisticated ladies know, Twilight fans don’t actually fight over “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward”, but I can actually picture men having a drunken yelling fight over which crowd is better to run with. 

  • KStewBoy

    Seriously offended at the TWADS video.  I am on LTT silent protest. Super silent.  No comments from me.  None.

    • TeamSeth

      (sniff sniff) I can’t even watch the video at work! I am going to not know what’s so offensive… until 6pm tonight… NOOOO!!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Is this your famous Seth impersonation?

  • Anonymous

    Tee hee hee but damn! Another regular funny thing to read, I have to cut down my work hours! 
    And I wanna Wolf-Blitzer for Christmas.

    “Twilight movies are like the girl version of watching the Superbowl. In that they can only be enjoyed when really drunk.”

  • Anonymous

    Just had to share something:
    I sent my non-LTT friend White Yorkie’s review the other day. Then last night we went to see BD for the 2nd time and were the only ones in the theater. So of course we shouted SHE RUINS EVERYTHING a lot.

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