Three Years! Tears, Fears, Jeers, Leers, Beers, and lots of awesome stuff!

My how far we've come...

Dear LTT-ers,

You may have figured it out (you’re quick… and there was a special post) but yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary Blogging about Twilight and Rob and their crazy fandom. I looked up what the traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary is and it’s leather… so sit back as UC and I sit on our butts in leather pants and talk about doing this thaaaang for three looooong (short!) years!

Music to listen to while reading

So long dear friends...

The one where we’ve lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s Wedding!

: Dude, Moon… 3 years. That’s a WHOLE LONG TIME. We’ve lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage and Charlie & Renee’s marriage
Moon: First off, I have you saying DUDE now. Took three years… second, we’ve lasted longer than any of jasper’s hairstyles. We lasted longer than
UC: Nikki Reed & Kristen Stewarts Fake Lesbian-ship
Buttcrack Santa’s Life- well, on-screen life
Moon: true. RIP or Harry Clearwater. RIP x2
UC: We’ve lasted longer than Swiftner (and we DO go back to December. December, 2008 that is) and Cathy Hardi’s relevancy
Moon: nothing will outlast her eternal cockblock of THE audition tape though. we’ll still be hearing about that when we’re 50
UC: Outlasted Jessica & Mike. And technically we’ve been blogging longer than Edward & Bella’s relationship– Much longer than Bella’s pregnancy
Moon: longer than bella was a student at forks high school
UC:  And longer than Ashley Green and any of her relationships. And let’s be honest.. we’re gonna outlast Nikki Reed & Whatshisname (sorry, Nikki)
Moon: OUCH!
UC: Longer than TammyO’s permission to comment on LTT
Moon: we’ll probably out last Robsten… you and i will at least. longer than the THE LIST summit keeps of the crazies
Moon: and longer than the list of death threats and “jealous hags” comments we’ve received. which is a lot
UC: Right- cuz like I said in my personal blog post yesterday.. we’ll be blogging as old Grannies someday
UC: Still tumbling about an old geezer Ryan Gosling. I’m Sure
UC: So yeah.. that’s a long time.


You've said WHHHAAAATT?!

The one where we interview each other
: i know when i meet friends/readers/haters in public i gets lots of questions about LTT/LTR
UC: “How do you live with yourself?” that’s my favorite
UC: “What’s your address so I can send Kristen’s security team after you?” I like that one 2nd best
Moon: why are you such a hateful hag? my other fave. They love the word “hag”
Moon: SOOOO think we should do our best Barbara Walters and interview each other?
UC: Yes- we’ll channel our inner & future Granny’s & Go Walters on each other
Moon: maybe make each other cry (from embarrassment)
UC: She interviews Bashar al-Assad– we DO each other
Moon: snaps for knowing who Bashar al-Assad is
UC: holllaaaa
Moon: see, we know things other than twilight!
UC: Yep. We know a couple things about The Hunger Games too

We spend some time reminicing, spilling secrets and more after the jump


My day job... secret CIA location

The one where I’m a covert government agent stripper
UC: Okay I’ll start: Moon, how DO you do it? 3 years in- you have worked– actually let’s discuss that b/c people often ask me what you DO.. I’m open with my expertise in the business field (buy a hot tub y’all) what have YOU done in the past 3 years, and what do you aspire to do. I think it may surprise some people (that you’re a stripper)
Moon: well besides working the day shift at Cheetah’s strip club… i pretty much do two things: Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake
UC: Hahah, You really aren’t gonna share are you? I’m not sure either, LTTers.. I think she’s in the CIA… she calls it “entertainment” but we know that either means 1) stripping. or 2) CIA
Moon: OK OK… fine since my CIA/Stripping covers are blown I’ll share… when we started the blog I worked for a social media and pr company and part of starting the blogs was kind of a personal challenge to myself to see if i could put into practice all the things i taught ceo’s and people at movie studios, brands and music labels about the interwebs. and yea, it kinda worked…
UC: hahaha
Moon: the other thing i have done/do in the past 3 years is work in the music industry. thats always been my SUPER passion. either in live cocnerts or in music supervision. i knew alex patsavas because of the OC not because of twilight. now i mostly just want to be robert pattinson’s house keeper. minus the laundry and cleaning part. but anyhoo that’s ME! SECRETS… not so secret.
UC: hahaha
Moon: ps im listening to the BD soundtrack while we do this… hoping it prompts some tears
UC: oh i will too
Moon: maybe if i put turning page on repeat

The one with Amy Grant
Moon: ok so one of the things i get asked a lot is: did we meet online because of twilight or do we only know each other online?
UC: Good one. We’ve sorta shared this one before- but getting back to the music thing… we met in … dun dun DUNNN Music school and right now, I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before except on Facebook last year for my 800 friends, I’m going to share with you one of my “press “photos from that time
Yes, I DO look like Amy Grant, thank you very much –

UC: Our school was just a 1 semester “study abroad” school in Martha’s Vineyard. I went hoping to be discovered as the next piano pop-rock singer. I’m laughing so hard at that last sentence, but I’m 100% serious. Moon was there to convince people like me that we didn’t have what it takes to be a piano pop rock singer
Moon: clearly i had the snark and meanness even back then
UC: haha. Something I wouldn’t know since we only talked ONCE (that either one of us can remember)
Moon: my recollections of you in music school were these: you sang a mariah carey song in the bathroom our 1st morning. i am not a morning person. the one time i was in your car you had the vanessa carlton cd and to this day the song “White Houses” makes me think of you
UC: I still have that CD. I’m gonna break it out tonight. Just for you. I still sing Mariah Carey in the bathroom FYI
UC: And it was REALLY hard to not talk to someone– we were stuck on an island in WINTERtime
and there were only 30 people. How we didn’t discover our mutual love for… each other, I’ll never understand
Moon: if i could find my headshot from then id post it. me thinking in cool with short hair and converse, feet on the desk. HA. loser


This is how you know your friend is a fan

The one where someone’s face is in someone’s hole
: So anyway- I can’t remember exactly when- but it was probably a year later, we started IMing.
Moon: it was after i graduated i think. HA
UC: I had a boring job. You were living at home. We kept each other sane. By then I had lost my Amy Grant hair
Moon: my hair had grown out
Moon: then a few years later i saw you posting cryptically about twilight and i had just read the books and that was it
UC: by cryptically I think you mean I wrote “OMG I LOVED TWILIGHT SO FREAKIN MUCH ROBERT PATTERSON IS SO HOT” on Facebook
Moon: yea i think cryptically was you with the twi movie poster face in a hole thing or you and Edward
UC: this was an actual photoshop job from a friend. NOT face in the hole, FYI
Moon: DAMN YOU AOL INSTANT MESSENGER for not keeping logs!
UC: End of story. December 8th rolled around and…. UGH we could have had our original convo!!! sad!


This should be us

The one where we should be committed… to an institution
: so we were mentally insane and blogged for over 2 years EVERY DAY even sunday (the Lord’s day!) about twilight. i get asked all the time how we did it and how we find what we blog about
UC: omg HOW DID WE DO ThAT? I know we’re supposed to ANSWEr questions.. but… Well, let’s remember that things were NEW. 2nd hand embarrassment hadn’t yet been done or talked about
Moon: yes everything was new
UC: Twi crap was NEW. Twi Tattoos were NEW. They were FILMING
Moon: no one knew about buttcack santa no one knew about dick and clare
UC: we were JUST learning about the cast. There was SO much. It was new to everyone. There was always some new angle to explore. Someone new to make fun of. And offend
Moon: at the beginning it was defs a deluge of information
UC: ANd videos- I haven’t seen a good Rob video in a long time
Moon: me either!! srsly that makes me sad
UC: BIEL where are you!???
Moon: remember vampire’s choice? the edward/volvo video someone made?
and the coke video someone made about Rob and Coca Cola?
UC: YES! Oh speaking of memories.. remember when we won that “Dazzle Award” that meant nothing? yet LTTers got behind us and MADE US win!?
Moon: HAHAAH I totally forgot but thank you LTT-ers for helping us win that fake/real contest about nothing! You’re the best!
Moon: and when people would make up twilight lyrics to popular songs??embarrassing!!!!
UC: I mean- I miss it. DO IT AGAIN WEIRDOS!
Moon: right where did all the weirdos go?!

Where did all the Twi-weirdos GOOOO???!!

UC: Wherever all the cowboys went. Did Paula Cole ever figure it out? omg.. worst/best joke ever
Moon: same place the last season of Dawsons creek went – HELL
UC: I think it was one thing for LTT & the like to make fun.. but some of the weirdos (awww WE MISS YOU AMANDUH) made it to D-listed & stuff and that stuff has got to get to them eventually
Moon: i think mostly though we blog about something we think is funny, something weird we think about when we read a news item or something that we think you guys would like
UC: Or just…. we try to take another angle. Like.. we read a story- and maybe others are saying all this great stuff about this person’s twilight tattoo
Moon: exactly whatever everyone else is saying we’re probably going to play devils advocate and go the other way

I love UC more than my luggage

Moon: we’re the people who say OUT LOUD (say it!) what everyone else is thinking
UC: Exactly… THAT’S a big thing I think maybe is a ‘misunderstanding’ about us, sometimes… We don’t always think the things we say. Like, deep down I REALLY LOVE Kristen Stewart (hahaha just kidding. I’m as indifferent to her as the first day I ever thought about it) but we’re gonna say it anyway.. cuz it’s controversial… or different
Moon: we’re the ouiser and clariee of the twilight world if you will. “if you dont have anything nice to say, come sit by me”


Wait, you're WHO'S biggest fan??

The one where we reveal a BIG secret
: wouldnt it be great if after three years we came out as the biggest kristen stewart fans ever
UC: Yes.
Moon: and this was all a rouse to see the dark underbelly of the twi fan world?
UC: After all is said & done- we’re just like.. okay fine.. you caught us… we have her on our Google Chrome skins & everything
UC: I have a full life-sized portrait of her in my closet. to inspire me to be Fierce every morning
Moon: my tshirt is currently knotted yall and im wearing doc martens. (only half of that is true).


The one where this is a THING

I did WHAT to your phone?!

Moon: ok lets get to some moments in our blogdom
Moon: moment we knew THIS LTT/LTR thing was A THING
UC: That one day in January/February.. When the hits just SHOT up?
Moon: i think i probably have a couple each year but defs around the oscars 2009 when i still had comment notification via email enabled and it crashed my phone oscar night 1500ish comments later…. that was crazy… the very first stephenie mention on her blog… anytime someone yells “MOON!” at me at any twi event
UC: OHHH yes… !!!! I know- that was surreal for me.. being “recognized” by a few girls at Tent City… People we’ve NEVER emailed with or talked to– but ‘knew” us… SO insane… !
Moon: yes crazy and fun and weird

The one with the Best!

This is the best part

Moon: BEST moment… if you could choose
UC: I’m gonna get sappy here for a sec- and I’m not just saying it… but it’s DOING these things with you.. and I don’t necessarily mean the act
Moon: yea i like DOING it with you too… and rob
UC: I mean… like the phone call we had after I got the email asking us to do the interview with Stephenie, like our little private moments where we are ALL CULLEN SMILES
Moon: that was fun and hard to talk in an excited, hushed whisper in an office building
UC: and like.. Teary-eyed from excitement. OUR private fangirl moments that we don’t ever share… with anyone but each other
UC: There was another one this year that we can’t talk about- but let’s just say it was called Operation Hart of Dixie

Super top secret... but not really

Moon: yes Op. Hart of Dixie was the best and made me want to pull my hair out
UC: THAT phone convo- oh man I wish we could share- but OMG… the yelling & screaming we did.. It was the best. Sorry all. We’ll tell you when we’re dead
Moon: I like when we’re really vague about our best moments answers for our audience!
UC: but those are examples of the BEST moments. They are the little things just you & I have BEFORE the big event that we get to share with the rest of the LTT world. So… that led up to meeting Stephenie last year. And then obviously everything with the premiere in November.
Moon: ordering bottled water from room service before our interview with smeyer. High rollers.

UC: hahahahha WE RULE
Moon: november 2011 was a november to remember for sure. the WHOLE month was insane
UC: Yeha- i’m still not sure I processed it all b/c I got home and went RIGHT into things. BUY HOT TUBS Y’ALL
Moon: it was like we were finally REALLY in the fandom. and it IS different than it was before. i can honestly say that

The one with the worst

Pretty much us

UC: Ok, the worst…
UC: Hmmm… there were some tough days. Of course I can’t remember any of them. You know what….. the toughest days weren’t when WE were getting hate That’s never REALLY bothered me #1 because they were hating UC & Moon. Not Noreen & Bunny- our real names
Moon: right, i dont care if you call ME a hag cause thats stupid, you dont know me. but dont call our readers names that shit does NOT fly with me. i also as of late have had enough with twilight/smeyer/cast member haters. go get a life folks let us have our thing. we get it, you’re super cool you don’t like twilight. great.
UC: They don’t know us. And ALSO #2 We deserve it, if we’re going to go after people, we need to be able to take it back And we can
Moon: i can totally take that but dont go after other people who arent willing participants like we are
UC: But YES- that’s why TammyO got banned.. not because she hated us, but because of things she said to people who didn’t deserve it.


Moon: i think the other would be the INSANITY that happened after the picture from hotel cafe. which truly i sometimes forget ever happened. there’s been like 10 gabillion pics of them together since so it’s like whats was the deal? but it defs taught me about who our friends were.
Moon: i also feel like it kind of sent the robsten/nonsten thing into over drive
UC: definitely. it was a dividing point
Moon: and for that part of it im sad about cause robsten/nonsten defs created a rift in the fandom and between FRIENDS! and thats just dumb
UC: I’m VERY sad. Actually I got really sad about it earlier today
Moon: at the root of it, it’s just plain dumb to let a maybe real, maybe fake relationship about people you DON’T KNOW change the way you feel about friends and something you once loved A LOT.

If the lord's the lord of them and if Robsten isn't involved

Any regrets?
UC: I mean.. I can’t say I regret anything we’ve done on the blogs, there are very few things I do. I think b/c we did everything together. no big decisions were made without discussing it first
Moon: these blogs have most definitely been a team effort between us no decision made without both our inputand it’s been really healthy. Too bad the Cullens didn’t have a family relationship like our blogging one! No sour Rosalie’s allowed!
UC: so any regrets we COULD have.. well, we thought everything through, the benefits & consequences more than if it was just one of us running the site
Moon: this has been an altogether fantastical and weird journey these 3 yrs
UC: Agreed

The last three years have contained everything in the book, the good, the bad, the awesome, the non-regrets, and the mind blowing moments. We’ve gone from zero to 60 in the past three years and that’s all because of you guys: our faithful readers, commenters and lurkers. We don’t always agree but you always come back and give us another chance. We’re the dumb, indecisive Bella to your never wavering Edward (poor Jacob). And for that we thank you and love you.

Moon & UC

PS We can’t thank the “LTT Family” enough… our regular contributers, forum moderators, anyone who’s every written a letter, commenters, lurkers, anyone who’s ever fetched an image, a video, fleshed out an idea with us or just supported us around 2am while we blogged. THANK YOU! A thousand times, thank you!
PPS UC – I can’t put US into words anymore… three years is and will be just a blip on our friendship radar, a fantastical blip I’ll have with no one else, but it’s really only part of who we are and what we will be in the future. Love you and thank you for a wonderful, meaningful, special and beautiful friendship. Quil Clout-Lay.

Looking back on three years…

Year 1: So green

Year 2: So exciting

Year 3: It really DOES keep getting better

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  • MariaCecilia

    OMG, this is so great: you must sell your story to Summit and they can make the movie about your life!! It will be called “Marble Magnolias” and Rob and Kristen will do walk-on cameos and wave teary-eyed in the background just like Stephenie in BD1.

    I already have a hot tub, but if you let me know your address I will be sending you complementary vitamins and energy potions to make sure you hold out blogging until BD2 and beyond…because I NEED YOU GUYS!! (You have your own brand of crazy fans you know..) <3

  • Anonymous

    Wow girls, there sure has been a lot of stuff in 3 years!  I have only been here for just over 1 year so it was great to be able to see some of the old posts LOL
    Keep up the awesome work.
    *hearts from DownUnder xx

  • KStewBoy

    So much to comment on here, great post, ladies!  I hope you enjoyed the look backwards.  I regret having missed all the cat-fights.  Over Robsten, really?  Sad and hilarious.  I need to go dig up some TammyO posts – those sound like blog-gold…

    And I’m so glad you came out as a Kristen fan, UC!  I just KNEW you were covering up all your love with sarcasm.  We can go see SWATH together.  And On the Road!  It will be so fun!!!

    • The Old One

      Regrettably, I think TammyO’s comments were the only ones the girls ever had to actually delete, so you can’t go dig them up.  

      • Anonymous

        Bummer. Burning with curiousity now…

    • MariaCecilia

      Hey, get into the bitch fight! You should be totally Nonsten, since you plan to get your own grubby little hands on the girl of your dreams, right? No way would she waste her time on some British loser, when there are such red-blooded American men like you at hand! Gooooo…Nonsten! (*waving rapier in hand*)

      • KStewBoy

        Hehe – my heart tells me I’m Nonsten, but my brain tells me I’m Robsten.
        Either way, she’ll be mine… each night when I drift off to sleep. 
        British Loser?!  Aren’t those fighting words in these parts?  She said it – not me!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          She said it and I’ll second her (from safely in the heart of middle England). Like she’d even look at the pasty-faced limey when there’s a unicorn at hand

    • Anonymous

      I believe TammyO was blocked after moon got the shot of K and rob leaving together from the hotel cafe.

      fun fact:if you go thru a certain post that was linked to yesterday, there were more deleted comments from other people…. Just sayin! #ltthistory

      • KStewBoy

        OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh – controversy.  I love it.  Show me the delete comments!  People are so funny.

  • Anonymous

    Just think, you’ve been blogging longer than it took the Goddess to write Twilight…

    You guys are just fabulousness on four legs!

    • Anonymous

      Woo hoo! Just got email from Amazon: BD DVD released in UK 12th March

    • MariaCecilia

      Not to be confused with the fabulousness on four legs that is the members of the wolf pack of course..

      • Anonymous

        But of course…

  • Ladies, I love you sooooooooooo much and just cannot imagine the whole Twilight craze without you “deconstructing” it. You should definitely publish your letters – I would be the first to buy  your book!!! Please, keep blogging! I can’t live without you!!!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, I could get in on my Kindle! I just have to make sure to never eat while I’m reading it….

  • Happy 3 years, ladies!!!

    OMG, a kilted warrior pic on LTT!! #worldscolliding #mamalikey

    • The Old One

      I was thinking the same thing:  “Is that–Jamie–!?”

    • MariaCecilia

      Bonnie Prince Rob running ahead as per usual…show-off!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for being there for laughs with your posts when I discovered you not long after your inception.  Especially some time after that when I was stuck at home, bored recovering from an accident and finally had the guts to comment on a post… (even if at one point one of you thought I was TammyO in disguise and didn’t know at the time that I should have been offended {I thought she was JodyO’s sister or something because up until the point of commenting myself I never paid attention to the comments and missed her time on LTT comments} and when I did find out about her, felt bad for my humor getting a tad too snarky). 

    But that’s okay.  Don’t worry, it didn’t stop me from loving you b/c you girls are awesome.  Plus you brought me so many virtual friends, laughs, happiness, excitement, information and entertainment.  And I couldn’t imagine my life w/o you because you’re like a huge piece of my love of Twilight.  Where else would I have learned about #FakeLesbians, #ButtCrackSanta, #SparkleVom, #LegHitch2010 (wished so bad I could have been there), #BreakingItDownVanityFairStyle, had an opportunity to post a few letters, find out about some thing called fanfiction, find virtual friends, and so, so much more?  No where, that’s where.

    …I flove you and don’t know what I’ll do when it’s all done and you’ll close up shop.  #ThatWillSuck

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Yeah. What she said. 

      But we do understand that when it’s time, it’s time. We’ll just miss you

      • MariaCecilia

        (In Edward’s voice):”No. Forever is just the beginning.”

        (In Bella’s voice): “ are you, no, you can’t, you can’t say things like that to, you can’t leave me, we can’t be apart..” *blinking furiously*

        • Anonymous

          *catching flies* *push hair behind ear*

          • KStewBoy

            Is that the KStew acting breakdown?  Very funny indeed.  She’s going to make a movie one day with no furious blinking, mouth gaping or hair tucking.  You just wait and see.  Just don’t hold your breath.

  • Anonymous

    I lived it all again in the year #1 video. SO CRAZY. Isn’t leather a bit too traditional though? How about glass/crystal pants? Hey! don’t give me those looks… It’s the modern alternative. You can google it.

  • Anonymous

    Woah, woah, woah. Have you guys really had that many public run-ins with haters? Is it wrong that I want to hear about it, because it sounds like it could have been loaded with lols (at them, obvi)?

  • The Old One

    This has been simmering in the back of my head all day–now I MUST know what Operation Hart of Dixie was!  Don’t tease us like that and then not drop a hint.  Pretend we’re Bella and you’re Jacob, and you WANT us to know your big secret, but can’t tell us directly– did you tell us about it once when you thought it was just a myth? Did we have a dream about it?  Just a hint, please?

    • KStewBoy

      That’s EXACTLY the part of New Moon I read last night.  Just sayin’.

  • Goldberrybecca

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! *in my best Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona voice.
    Seriously, ladies. You rule. I found you way back when… read everyday, learned/laughed/loved right along with you (and the rest of you awesome ladies and unicorns.) I don’t know WHAT the last three years would have been like without LTT!! Thank you. And a BIG AWESOME THANK YOU for sending me a super amazing get well package last month!! I wear my Edward tshirt on cold nights cause ya know, he’s all smoldering. 🙂

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