The happiest of birthdays to themoonisdown

Dear themoonisdown,

HAPPIEST OF HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!!! Today we’re celebrating YOU & sharing all the things we love. 15 things to be exact. Why 15? Well, 15 was an awkward age no one wants to remember. So you should be grateful you’re not turning 15 today! So without further ado, here are the 15 Things about YOU that I love, plus a bunch of LTT friends love too:

1. I love that when I first met Moon (and UC) back at the New Moon premiere time (remember that whole gyno debacle?) she immediately hugged me like she had known me for years and made me feel like we were life long friends! –KrazyKidd (whose excuses to her job for why she needs time off to come to LA for a movie premiere have ranged from a 3-day long gyno appointment to claiming she’s IN a wedding (which of course meant she was attending Bella & Edward’s wedding))

2. She reps her love for Jacksper.  Our first LTT connection was over a swoon-tastic picture of Jackson Rathbone (in the wake of Twilight, pre-100 Monkeys and not showering).  Then she put the epic picture of Jackson on a bicycle up on the forum.  We had many a happy chat over that hot midget.  We shipped some Jashley (another bicycle that I’m SURE Jackson rode) for a while.  And then, the first time I met Moon in person, she was lounging by a pool in LA wearing a Jackson Rathbone Twi t-shirt on loan from our fellow Jackson lover, TxLiLi.

Jackson has changed over the years, and so have we, but trust me, Moon only gets better and better.  Freya

3. I love Moon because 3 years ago she sent me a picture of Rob that has been displayed by my computer ever since. He’s strumming his imaginary guitar & she made a bubble with “You shook me all night long” on it. I cherish it. –lula34

4. Everyone once in a while “Let Me Sign” comes on the ipod…and I immediately stop what I’m doing and picture Moon and I. Our boom box, the random dog on the street corner, us in wedding dresses and doc martens….running into traffic. That is probably one of my favorite inside jokes ever, and one I won’t ever forget. She even made me a jpg of our little carefully thought out scenario on the blog for my birthday that year, which I’m sure everyone thought was creepy and weird. No worries, we aren’t suicidal, just realistic that it was more likely we would die in traffic than actually get swept off our feet by Edward Cullen… 🙂

One of my other favorite Moonie memories over the years was rewriting songs with her. There was always lots of flannel mentioned, and those chats were so long, into the night, and with our 2 hour time difference, I would say “oh its 4am…I should probably sleep. My poor kids ate cereal on those mornings. We even attempted to record us singing on of the songs…on the phone…or something. It didn’t work. At all.

Can’t believe LTT and LTR became what they did, and I cherish the friendships I’ve made. Happy Birthday Moon! I’ll meet ya in traffic! –Kristin

5. Happy Birthday Moon!!! Thank you for the years of laughing inappropriately at work! Thanks for bringing the Twilight snark with style. Even now, 3 years later, when my wee one watches cartoons, and this comes on:

I ALWAYS fight the urge to exclaim, THEY’RE NOT BEARS!” Who am I kidding, I give in to the urge. You are responsible for that. Happy Birthday Lady!! –snowwhitedrifted

6. I love how many pictures of Action Figure we took together during a 3 day period back in 2009 –unintededchoice

7. I LOVE that although she vowed NEVER to camp out for anything twi related she was such a trooper last year and actually camped out for one night for the Breaking Dawn panel. –KrazyKidd

8. I love Moon for her AMAZING fashion sense. –Carter

9. I love that I can count on Moon to break down and explain every soundtrack for Twi. I would also like her to do this for every other soundtrack that sounds good. I need music explained to me. I am music stupid. Also I will always and forever love her for the picture that almost broke twitter of Robsten getting into the cab. Amazing Ninja picster. –Janetrigs


10. I love that she does photoshoots with me in the woods that look like Forks where it’s completely normal to have “Edward” photoshopped into the tree afterward –unintendedchoice

11. well, I  remember /the/ night not so long ago (august 2009?) that I met her at The Hotel Cafe to see Marcus, Sam or Bobby perform, not sure I don’t remember… but, the night I met Moon in real life (Ashfrag was also with her) was also the night that HHH Rob showed up with, wait as I type this it’s all coming back to me… Bobby was performing, it was the weekend of the teen choice awards, Rob showed up with Kristen and Moon got the photo of them!  Marcus was also there and they stood just feet from us!  What a way to meet and make such a wonderful friend. Then radar online started a fight about not seeing Rob and Nikki was “whatchu talking bout willis” I got interviewed as a “onlooker and source” by peoplemagazine online and yeah, best, most epic weekend ever, all because I met Moon! –emmyloowhoo

12. I love Moon because she lets me come over to the big blue house, drink her diet coke, watch her tv, she fills me in on the twi-gossip (aka the crazies on the internets) and oh, we also talk about our lives. she’s pretty awesome. –hisoneandonly

13. Happy Birthday Moon!! To the one girl who would understand the sentiment of a Ralph’s sheet cake with the word “Ole” on top which was hand crafted & decorated on the hood of a truck!! Big hugs on your BIG day!! xxoo –Obird

14. I love that Moon is always game. I mean, SHE WAS ON A TWILIGHT BLOG PANEL at TWICON. How can you not love that she’ll totally embarrass herself for our enjoyment?

Men also fall at her feet. I totally ship her and a certain guy who loves starbucks… TOTES. –Brookelockart

15. I love that this was our combined Twilight collection in 2009 & it’s probably 3 times as big now. And how incredibly normal this makes me feel:

In fact, that’s what I love most about you, Moon— you make me feel normal about all these things that have been so-very-far-from-normal for all these years!!

Happy Birthday dear friend. I’m not sure anything can top the last few years we had together. But I’m happy to try! XOXO forever and ever and ever

UnintendedChoice & friends


Now it’s YOUR turn– share something that YOU love about Moon!

And I promised a winner from the comments last week. This is what made me LAUGH OUT LOUD the hardest:

Congrats Kindred Spirit! E-mail us @ with your address & we’ll get you your prize!


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  • JodieO

    I love Moon because we can have a 3 hour conversation all about our secret love of Robert Preston.  OOps!  Secrets out!

    Happy birthday, Moon!

    • MariaCecilia

      The Post museum started a national collection of secrets: you’re supposed to write down and draw your secret on a postcard and mail it in, and the museum will make an exhibition of people’s secrets. (Kind of philosophically self-negating if you ask me..) Of course this will be my chance to come out of the closet with my Twi-obsession. What should I draw? Jorts? Mini-Edward action figure? Bella’s bed spread? The possibilities are endless…

  • MrsKowski

    I love that Moon is funny, educated, worldly and at first glance looks as though she should be a total indy rock band groupie …or maybe a typical hypster BUT instead she loves twilight, Rob, NSync & Hello Kitty.  


    • Themoonisdown

      Well when you put it that way… YIKES

      KIDDING. HK forever.

    • MariaCecilia

      Appearances are obviously  deceptive – and vampires live among us undetected! Yay!

  • MarbleNutSlut

    Aw! <3 I wish you Sparkle Birthday Snuggles under a tshirt quilt. Happy Birthday!

    • Themoonisdown

      i already have the tshirt quilt… send over the edward.

  • Linda

    Happy Birthday Moon! I agree with snowwhitedrifted, thank you for making me laugh inapproriately at work!

    • Themoonisdown

      You are welcome!

  • Sisterpenguin

    I love Moon for the coffee snorts. What more can you ask for from the internet?

    Hippo birdie two ewe sweetie!

    • Themoonisdown

      Anything I can do… they’re diet coke snorts for me.

  • Themoonisdown

    AWWWWWWW YOUR GUUUUIIIISSSZZZEEEE! THis gave me a few teary eyed moments. Kinda the best way to start a birthday ever.

    I remember all of those things and cherish them… especially that picture of mini edward and my old work blackberry. HAHAAH wt?!

  • The Pocket Edward collage  could be a Birthday card! Hallmark, get on this.Happy BDay Moon!

  • Stacey

    Happy Birthday, Moon!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day and that a Mr. Rob Pattinson sends you birthday wishes, a new car, an offer to be his date for his next movie premiere and an awkward marriage proposal in which he shuffles his feet and giggles a lot.

    Also, may a now 100 Monkey less, Jackson write you a special birthday song. That will probably include a hour long guitar solo and a shout out to Ashley Greene. He might include it on the CD he’s creating for his future wee one. That probably will mean it will be a birthday song to you that also includes a verse about purple unicorns.

    Finally, may Taylor follow you around like a puppy. He will start flexing and showing his muscles like a big boy, but he’s there to do your laundry and clean your house. I bet he would look like a cutie in an apron.

  • The Old One

    Happy B-day, Moon. Amazing to think how you’ve been such a big part of my life for years now–so thanks for that!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Moon is like Twilight; you don’t need a reason to love her, you just do.  Plus she’s Normal.  😀

    Alright Moon.  Now, I didn’t have time to prepare and make you your very own from scratch (I know, I didn’t remember your birthday on my own, epic fail on my part), and for that I’m sorry, but even so, please accept this amended photo as a gift from me to you. 

    I mean it every bit as much for you now, as I did for UC then.  (Oh, and pretend I have dark hair like I do now.)

    Thanks for making my days funnier!  Happy Birthday Moon!

  • northernlights

    Hyvaa syntymapaivaa, Moon! Wishing you a fantastic birthday!

  • BrookeLockart

    Dear themoonisdown, you light up my life.

    Happy Birthday. xo

  • emmeloowhoo

    Happy Happy birthday my friend!  my life since that night hasn’t been the same 😉

  • I’m gonna get all serious here for a minute. I love that Moon is genuinely a nice person and is REAL. No fluff, no bullshit. Love ya girl.

  • amynkansas

    happy birthday darlin…and you have no idea how much LTT/LTR has imporved my life, my vocabulary and my wardrobe choices.  Ok, maybe not the last 2 but I have met THE coolest and most normal chicks ever and for that…I thank you.

  • Sj_nuiph

    Her fabulous hair. Even at age 15 I bet it was fab.

  • Luludee

    Happy Birthday Moon! You’re awesome and hilarious and I hope your birthday lives up to you!

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    What’s NOT to love about Moon?
     She’s nice and smart and pretty and she makes us laugh.
    She likes diet Coke, Hello Kitty, has the prettiest yellow ballerina shoes I’ve ever seen, wears Bella’s bracelet (still?), favourites a lot of my photos on Instagram.
    She’s someone I call my friend even if I haven’t spend that much time with her.
    Happy Birthday, Moon!

  • Tigerkitten36

    Happy Birthday Moon.  I cant believe my small obsession uh..fondness years ago (Years!!!!?) lead me to a webpage or two where you and UC make me laugh every post and once in awhile cry. I wish you the happiest of Birthdays and hopefully one day we can cross paths.

  • Bubs

    Moon, you’re “special” [in the nicest way] and dear to all of us. I hope you have/had a wonderful Birthday and that all your dreams came true….
    Many happy returns [and phone calls from Rob] from all your fans Down Under !

  • MariaCecilia

    I don’t know you, Moon, but based on LTT I would still totally marry you! (I heard on the news that Obama came out and supported the idea of same-sex marriage, so I’m sure some day that would be – theoretically – possible. Like when we both are turned and become Krisbians. Whatever.) Love you lots! (You too, UC. I’ll wait for group marriages to be declared legal now.)

    • MarbleNutSlut

       Turned? Like into vampires or Krisbians? Does a gay vampire bite you, or just any gay person? I had no idea that’s how it worked. I live near Smith College so if anyone is interested, please stop by. 🙂

      • MNS, if a gay vampire bites you they turn you into  both a vampire and gay.  If a male gay vampire bites a straight human woman they become a vampire and a Krisbian.  If a gay female vampire bites a straight male human they become a vampire and a TayTay fan.  It’s all quite obvious.

        Happy Birthday, Moon – you Blogging Legend, you!

        • MariaCecilia

          Okay, so that still doesn’t answer the question: What happened to you KStewBoy? Because you’re like a Krisbian, only hetero and male. Oh, I get it: Rob bit you! (And now I’m jealous…)

      • MariaCecilia

        I’d have to say it seems more likely someone would bite me and that would turn me into a Krisbian than a vampire. But heck, I’ll try anything. Bite me.

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