Reasons why we should care that BD wins the day at MTV movie awards.

Dear Breaking Dawn Part 1,

Let’s be honest… we’re all Hunger Games fans right? And we liked Harry Potter even though it seems like that was out ages ago. And DUH Bridesmaids it the world’s best gift to movie making, so the fact that you’re up against these 3 movies for Best Picture at the MTV Movie Awards this year is tough. Oh yeah, plus The Help. Which really seems too good to be up for a popcorn award, but I digress.

So no matter what movie wins, it’ll be a good night (unless The Help wins which would be weird), but I’ve compiled  some reasons why we should care that Breaking Dawn Part 1 should win all the MTV movie awards it’s up for this year:

1) We want to see which TGIF character Rob comes dressed as this year (Remember Uncle Jesse Rob? Have Mercy)

Duh. Who doesn’t want to see them almast kiss for the gazillionth time? (ME!) And you KNOW we can’t miss the tweets from both sides proclaiming how “FAKE” they are or how they should just “DO IT” on stage to prove to the haters that their love is real. I just hope an audience member is smart enough to smuggle in their bear-skin rug to throw up on stage in case the mood is right.

EPIC Copstache

3) Unlike the other movies, we have copstaches in our movie. And copstaches should always win.

4) Our movie doesn’t start with an H, and therefore should just win by default

5) Rob is in also in the Harry Potter series which should give Breaking Dawn Part 1 two chances to win. Better chance= automatic win (LTT rules of life are so much better than normal rules of life)

6) And you thought Edward & Jasper’s hair was weird. Have you SEEN the hairstyles in The Hunger Games?

7) It would really be unfortunate to have every housewife/aunt/grandma/mom on earth coming after J Lawrence when Katniss beats out Bella, right?

8) Breaking Dawn is the only story focused on a love story out of the 5. And by “love story” I mean it’s the only movie with headboard-breaking sex.

9) Without the Twilight fandom, there would BE no Hunger Games fandom (Thank you Stephenie Meyer!)

Twilight 4 the win! Down with the capital!!


Green is Good. So are golden onions

So seriously: Robsten needs that almost-kiss & it would be sad to give Twilight a send out without a win, right?

Vote for Best Kiss:

Vote for Best Picture:

And life will be good. Very good. Like as good as green. Because, you know, green is, what? Goooood….

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  • We NEED them to win.  We will be coming off of the Cannes high and going cold turkey will not work for me. No it will not.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yeah, I’m seriously worried about my withdrawal symptoms if I don’t get my regular fix at the newsstands or on TV anymore! What will happen if the Internet fails me?? I will have to start weaning myself over to a dependance on chocolate or Martinis instead….

      • Sisterpenguin

        Already ahead of you there girlie

        • cyndibear

          Those look incredible! Want to eat the screen.  And, boozy… love that category.

      • cyndibear

        If you’re gonna go the old school martini route… might I suggest adding a bowl of blue cheese stuffed extra large green (martini) olives on the side? They always inspire additional martinis, which in turn require more olives. It’s a lovely vicious circle.

        • MariaCecilia

          And here I thought I was wicked because I put THREE olives in my martinis! Yay, there may be hope to my martini addiction yet!

  • JodieO

    Twilight has another moving coming out.  Harry Potter doesn’t.  Therefore… 

  • GoWithIt

    Having a Mr. Molina poster up would be awesome.

    • MarbleNutSlut

       I want that Mr. Molina poster. A lot.

      • GoWithIt

        My lack of paraphernalia is making me sad right now. The next time I have the urge I am going for it. #thewhitecoverbooks #weddingflowerkeepsake #GQrobissue #barbies

        • MarbleNutSlut

          I am not a big “stuff” girl, either. I have the flower because that’s the DVD I bought. I like it way more than I thought I would, but it just sits in the DVD case. WTF else am I going to do with it? I have a pocket Edward because it’s funny and it was $12 at Big Lots last Xmas. I have 2 mags with KStew on them that I have yet to even crack open.  But I want those white cover books like I want fucking air to breathe. And the Molina poster, of course. #goldenonion

          • Sisterpenguin

            Something may be done about that…

  • GoWithIt

    In this case I think E & B’s wedding kiss really was the best. Their first kiss in the bed from Twi, also a stand up deserve to win kiss. New Moon when E sounds like he has a trying to be quiet orgasm outside the car kiss, also great. Eclipse…..oh yeah the Leg Hitch. It wasn’t a kiss, but since there is no best leg hitch category….

    • MariaCecilia

      There should have been an honorary Twilight award EVERY year. “Best I-want-to-kill-you-AND-have-sex-with-you kiss”-award, “Best-I’m-trying-hard-not-to-come-in-my-pants-while-swallowing-venom-kiss”-award, “Best-leg-hitch-kiss”-award and “Best-bed-breaking-kiss”-award. Easy choice.

      • MarbleNutSlut


        That made me snort coffee…and want to watch New Moon again. Bravo.

  • MariaCecilia

    So, why don’t they just institute a new award this year “Best headboard-breaking sex scene”-award? I ask you!
    Then a fan could smuggle in a cardboard headboard to throw up on the scene when Rob and Kristen win it! (While screaming: “Just do it!” Nike would love that! And so would I..)

  • Do the other movies have their virginal lead character acting coy while wearing a variety of skimpy Victoria’s Secret lingerie? No. 
    Did any of the other movies cause male audience members to shift uncomfortably in their seats and try to cover their arousal with popcorn boxes?  No.

    • The Old One

      Well, there you have it.  The male – uh – perspective – PROVES that BD should win!  You can’t argue with the discreetly placed popcorn boxes.

    • MariaCecilia

      So is this a good time to ask you what size popcorn box you wear? 😉

      • MarbleNutSlut

        hee hee. Oh, do tell…

        • The relationship between the size of a man’s popcorn box and the size of his peen is a myth you know…

          • MariaCecilia

            Oh. So glad you don’t have to think about that part while standing in line with your family buying popcorn. “Give me the, eh, family size box please. This IS a movie with Kristen Stewart, right?”

  • Nelle

    How about an award for some of the best Krisbians moments. I mean I’ll always live Robward best but Bella looked really cute in her little shorts and lingerie.

    Can I throw a question in here? Kristen has been seen for the past week wearing the same pendant- I read it’s a vintage Cartier but would LOVE to know the significance. Did Rob give it to her? And what does it mean?

    • MariaCecilia

      I read somewhere that he gave her a “promise ring” from Cartier for her birthday, and since the media is clueless it might have been a pendant instead….? Vintage seems right though, goes with the vintage band t-shirts.

      • Maria, I didn’t know you had this keen interest in Robsten!  You’re questions make me smile like the little girl I am on the inside.

        • MariaCecilia

          *clutching heart* Please! Everything remotely Edward/Bella-related is what I live for, after all! (you’re-my-life-and-heroin-now and all that jazz: you can fill in the blanks?)

  • GMB

    Im not ready for the Twilight hype to die down just yet and if they dont win this year it will really be the beginning of the end 🙁

  • twiprof

    sure would be cool if they actually gave us a full blown kiss when they go to accept their award….dont kid, they will win!!  I want to vote for the cop stache…..I so love charlie!  and I want the green is good Molina poster too! Cafe Press?  glad to see all the posts, UC!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes! Charlie for president! So, maybe a “Best facial hair”-award this year?

  • omg. an interview just came out where he is bragging about winning MTV;s best kiss award 3 years in a row.

    • MariaCecilia

      Where?! Where?? *sniffing like a police dog*

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