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We made the character pictures even better

Dear Breaking Dawn,

Here we fixed them for you:


I will haunt you FOREVER


I will be the more famous dad FOREVER


I’ll be talking about how I made ROBSTEN, FOREVER!

You’re welcome!


(ps I’m posting this from my phone because I forgot my LTT password & got locked out of the computer version. Best blogger award right here, please)

  • MarbleNutSlut

    I. Love. This.

  • MariaCecilia

    Well, we all knew Chris Hansen had a, ahem, thing for Taylor: and now he’ll never be allowed to forget it!
    I beg to differ on the best dad ever, though: Charlie and the Copstache wins every time. Big time.
    And just look at Bella’s murderous gaze! If I was Cathy the Cougar I would change my name and address pretty damn quick, or she’ll be the next animal fur under Robsten’s supposed make-out-sessions.. Finally! Revenge!

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    You’re welcome. LOL

  • BrookeLockart


  • ksujennyp

    Fantastic Friday post.

  • Luludee


    I’m basking in this moment of nostalgia.

  • Sj_nuiph

    Dear UC,
    Phew. I am in debt to you forever.
    Wyck xxx

    PS Have you fixed those wolf voiceovers yet? 

  • TeamJacobEdward

    <3  <3  <3
    You tend to make many Twi things better/funnier usually.  And you didn't disapoint.  These made my Friday.

    Well that, and walking into work today, there was a lady wearing flowy mustard-colored pants.  I smiled thinking of CW and wondered if she was inspired by his fashion-forwardness.

  • TeamSeth

    #smco at the Chris Hansen reveal!

    Geez LTT, I don’t even know what to think… I went away after the FBI KStew post for normal “wait for an update” time and I come back to FOUR NEW POSTS!!!!  WTF!!!  It’s like LTT is back up! 🙂  I’m trying to not get *too* excited. But, you know, I am pretty excited. Squee!

    Also, you’re going to post the link to the posters once other people have found them all, right? Because that’s a lot of energy to invest… *gives dazzle smile*

  • MariaCecilia

    Hm, I just want to say, if KStewBoy is here today, I recommend that he go look at the pictures of Kristen walking the red carpet at the Cosmopolis premiere tonight in a formal red gown, because then he won’t need to google her boobs anymore; they’re right there! Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the update, Maria.  I have all the images of Kristen in the red dress tucked away safely on my hard drive.  It’s been like Christmas this past week for Kristen fans – and her walking the red carpet for Cosmopolis yesterday was like Christmas and my Birthday and Father’s Day all rolled into one.  KStewBoobs were of full display – and they are fiiiiine.

      • MariaCecilia

        Squeee! My 17-year old cousin asked to borrow BD1 for a movie night with his two best buddies! (No, I wasn’t allowed to come along. Duh.) I suspect they are all closet KStewBoys: should I investigate so that you may build your own little coven?

        • Thanks for the offer, Maria – but we KStewBoys are like Alistair.  We are nomadic loners who are suspicious of coven’s.
          But how did the boy’s like BDI?  Did they squeal in horror when Bella broke her back like I did?

      • anti

         its her best look so far and she did it for  Rob, women/girls do this when they fear of competition

  • Twiprof

    Ha ha! I love it! Thank you for making the coffee come out of my nose!

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