Storytime with UC & Moon: Our “romantic getaway” together in LA

Dear Twilight,

I know you were just THRILLED to hear via Twitter and Facebook that Moon & I were reunited again for a sweet 2 days last week in Los Angeles. And I can imagine you’ve been wondering whatever the reason would be for UC fly across the country to spend less than 48 hours in California (especially when she’ll be going back to LA in less than 10 days time for vacation.) Well, today is the day when you get to hear alllll about it.

Tuesday morning I (UC) flew to LA on a flight that she didn’t miss and with Larry411 no where in sight (read about the first quick trip to LA that was almost disastrous here) It was a little sad, actually. Everything was so Normal. A quick 5 hours and 1 Chris Pine movie later, I arrived in LA to a kick-ass hotel in Hollywood complete with an in-room record player & stocked mini-bar that was raided approximately 1 hour after arrival:

After Moon arrived and hugs were given and we exchanged almost identical birthday gifts (ring holders!) we went to attend our very first activity, basically the reason I flew across the country. Yep, you guessed it- We put our hands & feet in ROBSTEN’s hands and feet. (Poor Taylor)

Let me tell you what this was like. It was MAGICAL. First of all, I have the same size hands as Kristen. This probably means we’re fake lesbian soul mates or something. Secondly, there were CRUMBS in Rob’s footprints which is just so typical isn’t it? Thirdly, this Japanese MALE tourist was in line before us (oh yes.. there was a LINE for the ROBSTEN hand prints) and he took about 12 pictures of himself and the hand & footprints. A UNICORN ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN, GUYS!

Next we helped ourselves to Gin & Tonics in the hotel room while we did some “work.” And by “Work” I mean we had a google hangout with @brookelockart about a super secret project we may or may not be involved with. Eventually we met up with some other Twi blogger pals & headed to the hotel restaurant for what we assumed was a meet up with Japan’s biggest Twilight fan (coincidentally he’s the Unicorn we saw earlier) but instead we were AMBUSHED by a table of Breaking Dawn cast members. We recognized ONE of them (Congrats Erik Odom!) so we quickly sat down in case we were going to be quizzed about their character’s names during dinner (we weren’t)

During plate after plate of Greek tapas & red wine we got a chance to chat with most of the cast that was there. Don’t worry guys– UC & Moon were ON– we asked all the hard hitting questions like “What helped you get into character during the 2 scenes you were in?” and  “Do you have the kind of relationship with Rob Pattinson where you could call him up to hang out?” adding “Can we call him now?” plus  “No? Can I have his number” and of course “How has Twilight changed your life?”

Actually we asked none of that and instead our questions were more like, “What’s your favorite bar in LA?” or “Have any new iPhone apps I need to try?” and “What kind of dog do you have?” because we don’t really care about any of that other stuff.

And then we took a picture of course:

From Left to right name & character & some fun facts:

Toni Trucks— she plays Mary. We can’t remember who Mary is. She says “Beep” after she tweets. We assume because her last name is Trucks. She’ll be on a new law drama this fall & is moving to New York to start filming. Super Sweet gal!

Noel Fisher— he plays Vladimir and is MUCH less albino in real life than he is on screen. In fact, he’s not Albino at all.

Unintended Choice — I play whoever you want me to play. And yes this picture was after a lot of wine which is why it looks like my dress is falling of and I’m up in Moon’s business.

TheMoonisDown — She plays my bff & Vampire life partner. And LOOK at her killer heels (I tripped over them and fell over COMPLETELY btw)

Jd Pardo— He plays Nahuel and is our new (and only) half-vampire crush. He is SUPER nice and not too bad to look at at all. A real “Letter to JD” coming soon. Stay tuned.

Erik Odom— He plays Peter and was, like I said earlier, the only guy we actually recognized. He’s also the one we called C-list that one time and who tweeted us about it. We didn’t remind him of that at dinner, but since we’re mentioning it again and probably tweeting him today, we think he’ll remember. SORRY ERIK WE <3 YOU!

Missing from the pic was Casey Labow who had to leave early. She plays Kate from the Denali Clan. Oh and we can’t forget Jack Morrissey — partner to Bill Condon & beloved hero of “Team Jack.” We chatted with Jack for awhile, but I was on glass of wine #3 and I can’t remember much.

And before you’re impressed with my Twilight-blogging skills, Yes, I had to look up most all of the character names.

More after the Jump!

The next day we were whisked off to the real reason why we were on this romantic getaway— a special viewing of a few scenes from Breaking Dawn Part 2 and a Q&A with Bill Condon. We can’t talk about it yet, but it was GREAT. I can’t wait until we can say more. After the viewing we gave Bill a trophy for being the best dad t-ball coach of the year. I mean Best Director ever:

Yep. “Letters to Twilight” printed on a trophy will be somewhere in Bill’s house. Hopefully right above his bed. (PS: all the Fansite names were on this trophy.)

After that we got this parking lot photo with Jack just because we felt so inspired by the parking lot:

AND THEN…. we had lunch and it was yummy.. AND THEN: we screened The Perks of Being a Wallflower which was AMAAZZZINGGG– make sure you see it when it’s out in the US in September. And last we found out the REAL reason why we were on this great trip: Nope– not to put our hands in ROBSTEN’S hands. Nope, not to meet the #1 Twilight fan of Japan. Nope– not even to meet Bill Condon & tell him what we thought of Breaking Dawn— it was to…..



No seriously. We laughed the whole time, but it was cool. We had a good time.

And that was our trip! Amazing short time away– we are so grateful to have been a part of it & we can’t wait to tell you more about the actual real reason why we were there…!

UC & Moon

Thanks to Sheila from Team Twilight for capturing that great pic of Bill. XO

Oh Hey Guys we have something exciting to share: TN is coming…. Just you wait…..

  • MrsKowski

    So jealous, but yet SO happy that you guys, from our normal little corner of the fandom are being included in all this stuff & able to share it with us!!

    TN? What does TN stand for??

    • MariaCecilia

      Taylor Naughty??? Chris Hansen, beware!!

    • Superhumanmoron

      Tennessee is all I know.  So….yeah.  No clue.

    •  Tennessee.

  • gizmo

    Does Rob have an extra finger or am I seeing things?

    • The_OldOne

      I knew it! So he DOES have six fingers!  And they’re HUGE.

      I’m so second-hand excited and proud that UC and Moon got to do this!

    • MariaCecilia

      He just happened to move his fingers at vampire speed when he was making the prints. Accidents happen.

  • Nelle

    You guys are killing me!! How did you get picked for this? Was it a random drawing like when you got to meet Steph?( *wink wink* we all know Steph hand picked you guys because she LOVES you!) Did lightening strike twice?

  • Linda

    Yeah, I’m jealous too. But you girls deserve it. UC you made me laugh out loud at work once again. Wine, dress falling, Moons business…

  • chochang

    I hope you filmed commentary scenes for the DVD!

    Nope, scratch that.

    Tell us it’s the holiest of all holy Twilight grails–DID YOU SCREEN THE (IN)FAMOUS BED SCENE FROM THE FIRST EVER AUDITION?! Did Cathy Hardi hand you the golden and sparkly keys to her vault?! Will copies be made available at Target?! Will it come with coupons to the Olive Garden?! 

    • MariaCecilia

      Nope, Cathy are holding those in her private vault as her insurance for her old age. When money runs out, she’ll sell them to the highest bidder. (And I am saving up for the auction even as we speak…)

  • JodieO

    Why does Bill’s trophy have a jack russel on top?  Shouldn’t it be a pair of jorts?

    • MariaCecilia

      Aaahh, but the jack russel is his signature icon: we all know that the jorts were Chris W:s invention..shouldn’t we make him a pin or something?(He might get jealous when he sees this!)

      • JodieO

        …. we do? Mmkaayy..

  • MarbleNutSlut

    YAY! <3

  • MariaCecilia

    Oooo, now I’m super jealous!! Since I am going to LA at the end of July, (and maybe Seattle too, keeping my fingers crossed) I just have to get all your insider tips on where to go to get some IRL Twi-cast encounters!! (In-and-out burgers to meet Rob and Mom’s doorstep for Kristen are no-brainers. Duh.) Please spill the beans here and now: I’m an avid listener/reader! Where am I most likely to run into Erik and what is his favourite drink?

  • Ok, so is Nahuel the guy who makes the water and wind move and stuff?

    Moon and UC, you two are just the biggest teases…  but you are looking goood (an extra ‘o’ in there for emphasis).

    • TeamSeth

      No, Nahuel is the guy who is like Renesmee, half vamp half human. The Egyptian kid, Benjamin (sp?), is the one who can control the elements. His “adoptive parents” flee the scene before the mind-fight starts, but he stays in solidarity because he bonds with someone else there (can’t remember who, but it’s the girl who can tell if someone is lying or not — Siobhan maybe? I think she’s the “adoptive daughter” of the Irish clan; it’s possible there is not a character named Siobhan at all.) (All on memory after 1 book read, people!!!)

      Also! Separately, since you don’t have twitter and wouldn’t have seen this otherwise, I was interviewed about my novel the other week. You can read it here:

      • TeamSeth

         Okay, I did some research. Siobhan is the leader of the Irish coven, and Maggie is the one who can tell if someone is lying or not (she’s in the Irish coven, too — Siobhan turned her after she and Liam found her starving to death near Cork) (who knew!).

        Also, it doesn’t look like Benjamin and Maggie bonded, but I really thought that they had in the book! Hm. A reread is in store.

        • BeaDee

          Benjamin arrives with his mate, Tia, his creator, Amun, and Amun’s mate whose name I don’t remember because she says NOTHING. Amun’s a cranky-pants, but Benjamin gets along with everybody and stays to fight mostly because he has a very strong sense of right and wrong, if I remember correctly.

      • Thanks for the link, TS – and a very nice interview!  I imagine I’m missing quite a bit not being on Twitter – but for some reason I’m refusing to give in.  I’m quite stubborn at times.

        • MariaCecilia

          Hey, KStewBoy, did you pick up the July number of Vanity Fair yet? Kristen is kind of gorgeous, Cathy the Cougar rants yet again about how she warned Rob to keep his hands off underage Kristen, and the reporter watched BD2 already. *cough* Beoutch.*cough* You’ll love it. Sort of.

          • Maria, I don’t have the actual glossy mag itself, but indeed I do have an electronic copy stored neatly on my hard drive.  It is a pretty good read – no major revelations, but a good read. And yes – she is kind of gorgeous.  Like the Grand Canyon is kind of deep.

          • MariaCecilia

            So, sue me for being a tiny teensy bit jealous! *glares* And of course Kristen is as deep as the GC: she reads books! Lots of them!*winks behind librarian glasses*

          • Just like everyone else here she likes to read mommy porn:

            *KSB ducks*

        • TeamSeth

           Thanks, KSB! I really enjoyed the interview, it was a fun time.

          Stubborn? Like a Tiger Kitten? 🙂

  • TN?!  Where in TN and WHEN?!!  (I’m in Knoxville!!!)

  • JustthetipEH

    Oh hey, where do I send in my application to be your third? Would it help if I told you I bought you presents for November?

  • Sj_nuiph

    So if I go to LA and put my hands in robstens prints (after spending half an hour in Taylors) I will get secondhand Moon/UC greatness?

    • MariaCecilia

      Secondhand Moon/UC greatness makes your skin all sparkly! Promise.

  • Goldberrybecca

    I’m pretty much of in awe of you two. But that’s normal.

  • BeaDee

    UC, I’m very proud that you were more ladylike than Kristen was when she made those handprints. And it cracks me up that you just ignored poor Taylor’s prints.

  • Bubs

    What !!! You go all the way from Oz to the US and ONLY get to spend HALF AN HOUR in Taylor’s hand prints ????
    We TEAM JACOB members deserve MUCH more time to drool…after all, we’re outnumbered !
    Moon/UC. When do you expect to be able to tell us MORE ?????

    • Bubs

      This was supposed to be in reply to Sj-nuiph. Silly computers !

    • Sj_nuiph

      I’ve got a cold and haven’t been thinking straight – you are completely right. And it sounds like we can even jump the queue right past all those crazy-stens! *looking up airline tickets*

  • PS

    So Rob is Big in Japan afterall…….

    • MariaCecilia

      Everyone is big in Japan at some point in their lives…I’d just like to think that Rob is kinda big everywhere..(that’s what she said) *cue blush*

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Were you there for commentary / extras for fansite POV documentary stuff for the BD II DVD?!?

    • TeamSeth

       GASP! I feel like you’re giving it away or something.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Yeah, that’s kinda how I felt when I hit “Post…”

        I had this moment where I thought I shouldn’t say my guess because I’d get them into trouble for guessing exactly right…


        Dear Mr and Ms Summit execs (and nieces),

        UC and Moon have not told me, or anyone, anything about why they were there, so if I’ve made a spot-on guess (which I really hope I did because that would be about as cool as jorts themselves), it was only for sheer luck.

        Thank you,


        *dang it, if it’s right, I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday…*

  • twiprof

    oh moon and uc….the coolest story! you deserve it because you guys rock!

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