It has arrived – That’s Normal!

Dear Twilight,

Are you like us? Is the internet more than just a place to Google how you spell Renesmee or tweet your Breaking Dawn Pt 2 predictions or find embarassing Robsten videos so you can post them on your friends Facebook wall? Yea, us too. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a good sepia toned video of TRUE love as much as the next Twi fan but we also love pondering the relationship status of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes or discussing the how awesome/awful Hannah from Girls is and of course there’s nothing like Googling awful Games of Thrones fan art.

So yes, the time has come. Many have been asking, many have not been asking. No, we’re not talking about UC and my’s civil union ceremony.  We’re talking about our latest blogging venture. It’s called That’s Normal because as we’ve come to find out over the last almost 4 years (!!!) nothing we do is ever normal but we found people out there (YOU!) who like the same bizarro crap we do. So because of that and because we have so much more to talk about than just Twilight we are happy/excited/scared/ecstatic to announce our new blog –

That’s Normal!

Yup, you know why we chose that name, it all started here. That’s Normal is full of the same stuff you’ve come to love here at LTT and LTR but now we’re branching out into everything! TV, film, books, weird stuff on the interwebs, why that Carly Rae Jenson song is infectious and so annoying at the same time and pretty much everything else we find interesting.

We’re currently in the construction phase of the brand spanking new blog but you can find a taste of what’s to come over at our Tumblr.
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Now does this mean we won’t be posting here on LTT? HALE to the nah. We still love you like that old lady secretary at work loves Fifty Shades of Grey. Ew. We’ll be writing letters to all things Twilight on Tuesdays and Thursdays and any other days that call for it (Taylor opening a martial arts studio called Face Punch).

We hope you’ll join us as we roll out this new chapter in blogging because we love ya so much and we knew we just couldn’t quit you!

That’s Normal (duh),
Moon & UC

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