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Will Ferrell on the “Robsten Scandal”

Dear LTTers,

Stop what you’re doing immediately to watch this:

I love it when the rest of the world stops for a second to care about the things we’ve cared about for years. It’s like they’re saying “THAT’S NORMAL” (<—- Click That) and I’m oh so glad!

Happy Friday!


  • MarbleNutSlut

    It sort of weirds me out that anybody else knows about this.

    The most excellent parts:

    “He’s Robert Patterson. He’s RPattz”

    “I’ve been in love!” “Not like them!”

    • Luludee

       “She is a trampire!”

      • He’s used my joke of calling Rob, “Robert Patterson”. I’ve been using that one for years to get the ladies all worked up.

  • cyndibear

    I <3 you Will.

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  • Luludee

    Lolz, that was perfect!

  • Larrybradallison

    They’re not saying “that’s normal” – they’re MAKING FUN of all the people broken up over a relationship that may or may not be true and something that is NO ONE’s business but Robert’s and Kristen’s.  Good lord.

  • Will Ferrell, you funny, funny, beautiful bastard.

    • stupidshiny

      I like your style KSB.

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    That’s normal reaction from a normal person who has a heart. (Like NuttMadam) and so unlike those looooosers at ChelseaLately who make fun of the biggest tragedy of all time

    • Looking up ChelseaLately’s Robsten rant. 

    • Larrybradallison

       “biggest tragedy of all time” <- are you serious? What about 9/11 or the Aurora, CO shooting?  I think calling it the "biggest tragedy of all time" is going a wee bit far.  As a fan of the Saga (the actors are just part of the package for me, not the reason I'm here), I'm appalled at that statement. 

      • JellyBeanRainbow

        Or world war 2 or world war 1 or Darfur, or Srebrenica.. you’re right. I’m appalled over myself.

  • stupidshiny

    Why can’t I see this in Oz? Is it on YT?  Can anyone give me a search term? I’m feeling a little desperate, is that normal…?

    • MarbleNutSlut

       My friend in Ireland can’t see it either. Stupid internet.

      • stupidshiny

        Ok so I searched on yt and I found it, and I watched it, and that my friends is what I call GOLD!

    • Neeseau

       Finally got it here via this site was blocked everywhere else i tried.

  • stupidshiny


  • TeamSeth



  • Jenmarie08

    Will must have been one of the people Kristen’s apology was meant for, since he has clearly been so affected by this.
    Although, ‘trampire’ did make me laugh out loud!

    • Neeseau

       Sure as hell brought a huge belly laugh from me too. 

  • Todd Baker

    Which came first… This guy is a Twilhard DAD who same the same reactoin and uses the term Slut-pire… and he has another video when Breaking Dawn Pt 1 came out thats emotional… So whats up Will Ferrell???

    Twihard Dad Video

  • purplescool

    Will Ferrell is hysterical.  Only he can do that bit and make it so funny.

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