Twilosophy: Are Edward & Bella Broken?

Dear LTT,

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any long-time LTT reader that Moon & I were never pro-Robsten. There are many reason for this including:

1. I think it’s kinda weird to “ship” celebrity couples (except for the one true love of McGosling RIP 2005-2007)

2. Reality isn’t that much fun to speculate about it. We enjoyed the “OF COURSE THEY ARE EFF BUDDIES” phase of 2008-2009 and then the “NAH ITS S PUBLICITY STUNT” of 2010. We’d throw in an occasional “No she’s a REAL Fake Lesbian” and “HE’S BANGING NIKKI REED” throughout 2008-2010 for good measure. And who couldn’t forget the “WOW THEY ARE THE MOST BORING COUPLE OF ALL TIME” that has existing since 2011. Speculation is much more interesting. Or straight up making crap up is the best (remember when Moon invited you into the ROBSTEN home?)

The reality is…. ROBSTEN is/was real and real people did REAL things and have REAL feelings about those things and none of that is really any of our business. What IS our business is pondering if Kristen has spent her days indoors turning all of Rob’s shirts into knotted t-shirts she refuses to give back or if Rob has gained 27 pounds after 2 weeks of binge drinking and eating through California’s supply of microwavable fried sandwich pockets.

Who made that our business? God, I think. I think that was on the 8th day of creation. Right after he created wine.

So back to not being pro-Robsten. My feelings about the BIG SCANDAL have been all over the map.

SHOCK (this really happened?)
LAUGHTER (cause you saw the fandom implode, right?)
SADNESS (I mean, really, fandom? Did we just implode?)
WONDER (“what does it MEAN” said in my best double rainbow voice)
FIST PUMPING THAT WE’RE COOL FOR ONCE (Even WILL FERRELL cares! (and, of course I mean “cool” in major quotes))
TIRED (can we move on yet?)
-IMPATIENCE (cuz Moon left for Africa TWO DAYS after this came out and there’s SO MUCH to talk about. I mean. I don’t want to discuss it at all. I’m cool, I’m cool…)
LAUGHTER (did I mention that already?)

But what I didn’t expect was what happened on Friday when, from my beach chair gazing at the ocean, I was browsing my Facebook feed and I saw this:

And I felt sad.
Or mad
Or just… different

Remember what I said about: I was never pro-Robsten. Seeing happy Bella & Edward did nothing for me on the Robsten front. But it did a lot for me on the Bella & Edward front. Yay! My fav fictional couple next to Mary & Matthew and Damon & Elena and Rose & Jack (okay they’re like 7th on the list) is happy & in love! She’s a vamp now so they an do it for real, a lot! They made a cute baby- life is good! Yay yay yay!

So why did I feel sad/mad/different when seeing their latest couples photo from their local Sears’ photography department?

Are Bella & Edward broken because (gulp) ROBSTEN is now broken?

Have all these years of speculation and distraction from the REAL heart & soul of LTT (Bella & Edward and, duh, Twilight (Hey- remember THE BOOKS!?) finally taken their toll? Can I no longer see Bella & Edward for who they are in real (fictional) life and have I reduced them to…gulp ROBSTEN?

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else feel weird? Did you see Edward & Bella before and now just see a human-turned vampire who left her perfect man for a married guy? And if Bella were to leave Edward for a married guy… who would it be? Someone from the Res? Mr. Molina? Mike Newton’s dad? Couldn’t resist the coupons he kept throwing at her for 20% off at Newton’s outfitters?


What does it MEAN?


No seriously.. am I weird? Alone in this one?

New Bella/Eddie pic from Twilight Examiner

  • Becka

    *dying at the Mr Newton reference* Pulease loves, Bella would totally be shipping Butt-crack Santa!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yeah, Bella can do better than that! Doesn’t Charlie have any cute co-workers? With copstaches, of course.

  • MarbleNutSlut

    I feel like I am the weird one. I never equated R&K with B&E, maybe because I read the books first? I don’t know. Love what Bill Condon said in the EW article, about how it’s good to be reminded that they are not Bella and Edward. You just know he was holding back the bitchy snark.

    I read a fic once where Bella and Jasper start boinking because Edward and Alice get all hyper involved in…I don’t know, curing cancer or something. So Bella was all horny, and Jasper’s horny, and her WANT just amplified his WANT and…bam! sexytimes.

    However, I kind of love the idea of VampBella slinking back to Forks High to shag Mr. Molina on the chem tables.

  • Michelle

    I am disturbed by it. I, too can’t look at those pics and GUSH like I used to. It shouldn’t matter about real life vs. Twi-life but it does…dang it…dang it all to heck.

    They (read SHE) has screwed it up for me, as sick as that sounds and I’m freaking mad. I no longer will enjoy the cottage hump-fest…I no longer will enjoy Eddie oogling his wifes torn dress post-hunt. I will just be sad. Sad for Rob. Boo hoo.

  • D Perry

    Bella has always wanted Bily of course.

    • TeamSeth

       First thing she says to him is, “You’re looking good!” 😉

      • MariaCecilia

        Classy way to woo a guy, Bella! (Well, when they’re twice your age and in a wheel chair, guys tend to be easy…)

  • Nelle

    Sad here too. I KNOW Ron and Kristen are not Beller and Edward but then again- they are. And I just feel bad for them too. Rob seems like a genuine sweetheart and gotta say it- I think Kristen effed up really bad and knows it and I feel for her like Bella in New Moon when Edward left.

    But mostly I wonder how in heck they are going to do promos together and why she couldn’t have waited until after BD 2 to be so stupid. I mean really- I never expected Robsten to last forever- its Hollywood after all. But why now?

    • MariaCecilia

      Nelle, I totally agree on the sadness: he seems sweet and acted invested in the relationship, and she seems to be really insecure so this was bad, for both of them. Don’t think she sat down and planned it, though: Kristen: *tapping teeth with pencil*  “Let’s see, when would be a convenient time to be unfaithful to Rob? Let me check my calendar with my agent…”

  • JustthetipEH

    I feel weird for sure. I took great pride in being a I-don’t-give-a-fuck-sten, but I cringed when I saw that picture too. It definitely tainted my excitement for the premiere in November too. I’m scared Stewie will have to endure nasty fan girls. I also feel a bit relieved that this whole ‘thing’ is almost over. Before the pics of Krupert came out I was sad and anxious for it to be over. Now it’s, meh, movin’

    • MariaCecilia

      Sorry, what is the whole ‘thing’ you want to be over? Robsten? The Twilight franchise? Because surely you can’t mean Bella and Edward’s Undying Love?? That love will go on Forever! *cue Celine Dion, curtains flapping in wind*

      • JustthetipEH

        The ‘thing’ is my obsession with twilight. Sometimes I feel like its a big interruption in my life. Not in a bad way, I just would like to think about other things sometimes;)

  • TeamSeth

    Who would Beller hook up with? Forks-wise, I’m going with Carlisle … Remember in his office in the most pretentious scene of all the films (hats off to you, Peter Lambert! You have my heart forever) when he told her she was very gracious as he plucked glass out of her arm? He would’ve been able to fuck her while she was still human. Bitch has self-control like nobody else!

    But if we’re REALLY getting real with shit, and Beller is a vampire, I think we all KNOW who she’d be fucking… and it’s not like this guy isn’t opposed to stealing people’s women… he totally stole Marcus’ wife, way back when…


    I mean, DUH. He totally wants her, she wants him. it’s all very obvious. She’d get over the human eating thing, once he made her orgasm like she’d never been able to do with Edward, even as a vampire, and they’d fuck in that elevator with the awkward music and Demetri staring at her.

    Um… anyway. I think this is all very obvious. I’ve even already made horrendously bad mash up photos of it. For instance,  I mean… you know you agree.

    • Michelle

      Bwaahahahahahahaha! Can he rip her head off though once he’s done? Then my ending can commence…see below. Or above. Eddie needs HIS moment…

    • Luludee

      Whoa, have you been reading some dirty fan-fiction? Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reply from you with so many f-bombs.

      Nice pic, lol!

      • TeamSeth

        Aw, no. Sorry for the cussing overload. Upon reread I noticed that, too.

        • Luludee

          Lol, no problem! I just thought it was funny because it was a bit different from your usual prose 😉

    • Jade

       Hahahaha! My husband has always said that Bella was totally giving Carlisle Do-Me eyes during that scene!!!

    • MariaCecilia

      Bella with Aro? Nah, not gonna happen, he reminds us all too much of Creepy Uncle. I’m sure if Carlisle has moral qualms about doing his daughter-in-law, Garrett would be up for it. He always sounded hawt to me! (Jasper is a foregone conclusion, FF predicted that long ago: Burn, Alice!)

      • TeamSeth

        But Garret’s not married… though, he does get with Kate. No, it’s just not of equal scandal power. It’s all about the sheen peen 😉

      • Luludee

        Mmmm Garrett..

    • Sj_nuiph

      That mashup is worth a coffee snort. I want to see it as a poster in a movie foyer. All the guys would be going to see it then. ps I reversed my downs arrow.

    • Marry. Me.

      • TeamSeth

        omg. Third marriage proposal in a single post’s comments’ section!!! What’s a girl to do?

        • MariaCecilia

          Move to Utah?

    • stupidshiny

      I can’t open the pic TS, is there something wrong??

  • youweregone

    Same here. Somehow I felt different looking at the pics. In my mind, EB and RK got really separated for the first time I guess, which kinda got me by suprise. I’ll see what happens by November, hope the “different ending” they are talking about does include Mr Newton or an older /wiser “shapeshifter” who had been away from the Res all this time but comes back to eat some giant muffins…

  • Angie

    I feel the same way. I don’t know why. I figured they would break up after the movie but sheesh!! I mean who makes out in broad daylight in ur car after the gym while looking at the camera??? I remember one MTV movie awards where she was horrified when rob faked going in for a kiss. I got the EW mag on Friday and it just wasn’t the same. And then I feel really REALLY dumb for feeling like it isn’t the same.

    • MariaCecilia

      Unfortunately, feeling really, really dumb some of the time when you care about Twilight is a familiar phenomenon…. 🙁

  • Michelle

    I’m hoping the new ending has Bella getting burned alive *cue purple stinky smoke* and Eddie throwing up double “birds” yelling “suck it biznitch!”

    One can dream…

    PS – This scenerio was actually dreamed up by my non-unicorn husband who just truly HATES cheaters.

    • MariaCecilia

      Totally unbelievable scenario – your husband must not have read Twilight. IRL: Edward tears Rupert apart in a rage, then tells Bella he’s sorry and he forgives her, before going off to brood in Alaska for eternity, claiming custody of Renesmee.

      • Michelle

        OMG YES! THIS! Our poor Edward who has no spine.

        Yes, the hubs refuses to read it. I tell him he’d prob enjoy the movies more if he did. He doesn’t care. He had the nerve to say Rupert was better looking than the pretty…it’s amazing he still has balls…

  • Lila

    I’ve always thought I’d been neutral or at least figured it was real because they were faking so much they thought it was real so this didn’t really surprise me. What DID surprise me was exactly what surprised you. I was sad for them.

  • Special Diet

    Ridiculously it’s like finding out Father Christmas isn’t real. You still like Christmas but it’s just not the same.
    Bella should have shagged Laurent – he always looked great.

    • Luludee

       The magicness is gone. 🙁

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes! And Laurent totally wanted to do her too – anyone could tell! (“You smell delicious” – ha, a complete give-away! He wasn’t talking about her blood…)

  • Jenmarie08

    I didnt expect to, but I definitely cringed after looking at this pic. I guess I always associated R/K with E/B since I saw the first movie before I started reading the books. But wow, it just looks awkward now. It makes me wonder if I’ll be able to enjoy the movie.
    Speaking of awkward, how are the promos going to be? Not just with Rob but the rest of the cast. I think we’re in for lots of weirdness.

    • MariaCecilia

      ..and the wrong kind of weirdness this time. Because a little wonky, geeky, foot-in-mouth weirdness has been pretty okay so far. I’m sad to see it go. Imagine the new Rob in interviews, tightlipped and restrained: “Yes, of course we owe everything to our wonderful fans, that goes without saying.”

  • Luludee

    I just feel sorta numb. This is pretty much the only place I get my Twi-info, so I feel like I was not over-saturated with Robsten. I do worry about how I will perceive BDII though :-/

    • Luludee

      Hmm, when I say numb, I really mean I don’t have strong feelings about it one way or the other, not that I’m curled up in the fetal position in a forest, or will be staring out my bedroom window for the next 3 months.

  • Twifan

    Yeah I definitely feel differnent.I wonder if I can even watch the first four movies and feel the same or at least enjoy them as much. It does feel like things are ruined or have changed quite a bit. I just hope I feel differently by the time BD2 happens. 🙁

  • MariaCecilia

    Hey UC – you’re Normal – that goes without saying. I’ve been feeling weird for weeks too (no, it wasn’t that lobster salad I had in Boston, I’m sure of it) because of Twiconficfusion (a new diagnosis). B&E (and all their versions on FF) have been a part of my life for so long now – and they always wear Robsten’s faces!!! I feel queasy thinking that all those plot lines may be unraveling even as we blog. Reality overshadows fiction, right? It’s scary!

  • Lstroud

    Here’s what I want to know – Why isn’t anyne harping on what the married man (who’s much older and should have known that it was a big NONO!!) did?  He’s hiding in the shadows and letting Kristen take all the flack.  Takes two.

    • Michelle

      Prob because his lovely wife doesn’t have as many die-hards supporting HER as the PRETTY does him…


    • MariaCecilia

      I’ve thought the same thing: it seems totally unfair, since he’s married and older, and def. should know better. But 1) He’s a guy, and they are most often not judged as hard in these cases. 2) He doesn’t have a throng of haters, waiting to pounce on him when he goes wrong. (Bet no one’s been commenting on HIS posture, dress or speech for years, right?)

      • JodieO

        I think it has less to do with people judging KStew more harshly and more to do with the fact that she’s more famous. I didn’t have any idea who he even was before The Scandal broke. If The Scandal pics weren’t the first time most of us had seen him I’m sure that there would have been more remarks like “You’re a grown ass man! Pull your goddamn pants up!” (Ask Chris Weitz and the orange pants of shame how harshly his appearance has been criticized… )

        As far as I’ve heard/read no one but Rupert’s dad has stuck up for him. He seems to be universally considered a dirtbag. And who wants to talk about some dirtbag no one has ever heard of? Also, no one seems to be trying to justify or make excuses for his behavior the way people have for Kristen (she’s young, she’s naive, she’s _fill in the blank_). SHE’s a topic of debate where he is not.

        I think another reason KStew is getting more attention is due to who she cheated ON. We all feel badly for Liberty, but has anyone really heard of her before now? I hadn’t… The fact that she cheated on Robert Pattinson is a Big Deal .

  • Guest

    What truly sucks is this is the last movie people. And instead of getting bitter sweet events and premieres a la Harry Potter folks we’re left with nothing but awkwardness all over the place 🙁

  • BeaDee

    It was weird to discover I sort of cared after all thanks to the scandal. And that EW cover… it’s like they chose the picture that would reflect the scandal as much as possible. So it did make me cringe a bit. But I reread some of the end of Breaking Dawn the other day and the book seems untainted… probably because book Bella and Edward have never had Rob and Kristen’s faces superimposed on them in my mind. We’ll cross the movie bridge when we come to it. Who knows what will have gone down by November!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, let’s think positive! Anything might happen before November, after all: Robsten reunite, get married, announce the coming birth of their firstborn, Stephenie publishes Midnight me send positive brain waves out here, people!

    • cyndibear

      Weird is the word. And surprised.

      Broke out BD on audio after the scandal hit and happily relieved to discover book E+B are still “untainted” and just as I remembered them in my mind too. (whew and yay!)

  • My heart aches for Rob, but Bella and Edward remain the same for me. Can’t wait for November!!!

  • Blvr

    I’m not going to lie, I thought as you did, that when Robsten failed (as it inevitably would in Hollywood) that I would be able to just move on. BUT I think the whole shock factor of this makes it different. I just thought they would quietly go their separate ways, we’d start seeing them with other people. That scenerio would not have “tainted” the movie promotion stuff for me. This whole cheatergate stuff though? It’s unbelievable, so oddly out of character that it has to be real (kinda like truth is stranger that fiction) that I can’t help but keep their break-up on my mind as I see BD2 posters. It does make me mad/sad that when I see these posters all I can think about it how much KStew must feel like utter crap and I do NOT like the fact that now I’m wasting brain power wondering WTF KStew thinks about.

  • twiprof

    It’s funny…I dont know that I really care about Robsten, but when I saw a poster of vampire Bella the other day, my heart sank. I somehow feel it is tainted, and in the end it really is no big deal. Bad choices, and a broken Robert….that is why Bella and Edward seem broken. Perhaps I need to reread the books to tap in to the magic Stephenie created for us….

  • TeamSeth

    Everyone seems so sad and upset, but since I’m the person who doesn’t um, “get Rob” and all that fuss, maybe I’m also the person who doesn’t understand why everyone seems so sad.

    I like Twilight for reasons that are not related to Rob and Kristen. I like Twilight because it’s the right combination of emotional fuzzies and camp, plus it happens to take place in one of the most beautiful places in the world (in my opinion — I’ve not seen most of the world, to be fair). I think Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore are hot. I think Michael Sheen and Billy Burke are hot when not in costume (no, I don’t like the copstache, I know! But really, I don’t). I enjoy mocking the ridiculous dialogue and horrendous wigs and awkward make-up. I love redoing the zombies rant quote from Jessica Stanley to fit the situation, I love randomly saying “Purple’s cool” and “Whoa–what is going on?” I love that I have an unopened little bottle of vodka from my sister with a tag on it that says From Buttcrack Santa from THREE YEARS AGO. I love that I can still imagine the vest Bella had to wear when working at Newton’s and the way that Edward was looking back at her in the rearview mirror when Tyler asked her to prom. I love that port Angeles in reality and the books looks NOTHING like the Port Angeles portrayed in the films and that the weirdoG rapist guys are frat boys in Twilight. I love when the person says, “I’m gonna blow both your freaking heads off” in Facepunch and the fact that someone somewhere had to make a movie poster for Love Spelled Backwards is Love. I love when Newton says, “Dude is weird” about Jacob. I love when Beller asks Jake for some time to figure things out and he says No. I love when the audience squeals when Jacob takes off his shirt. I love the recently engaged Solomon Trimble’s big line, “The Cullens don’t come here.” I love when Charlie says Happy birthday! at the beginning of New Moon and tells her she’s grounded fer life at the end of it. I love the awkward sex talk by the kitchen sink and the lack of yellow paint on the cupboards. I love that they didn’t get an Aston Martin for Jacob’s “figuring shit out” scene that was not in the film. I love when Seth joins Jacob’s pack and Jake says, “Could you really kill your brothers, your own sister?” and he replies, “If it’s the right thing to do.” I love the angst and pressing soul of all the characters in the books. I love the stupid way Edward says, “Hello” in his first line to Bella. I love how the tent scene turned out perfectly awkward and sweet, and that the engagement scene made me tear up. I love the cinematic efforts of the wedding scene, and I especially love the nervous excitement Bella has right beforehand. I love the decision they made for how to portray the imprinting on Renesmee. I love that Bella develops this amazing shield power as a vampire and her brain blockage comes to full explanation finally. I love the way the attacks on her shield are described and can’t wait to see how they show it visually. I love when Bella lifts her shield for Edward and out floods years of love and selflessness for him, and he truly sees the whole of her that he never wanted to doubt.

    I love Twilight. So do you guys. Can we please get back to the snark here?

    • MarbleNutSlut

      Marry. Me.

      • TeamSeth

        Gasp. cut to black…

      • ladyofthemeadow

        She’s already mine and we don’t krupert.

    • JustthetipEH

      Ok maybe I don’t want to get over it.

    • Yes, snark please. Wig snark please. We all just need to focus more on the wigs. The wigs are soooo bad!

    • Luludee

      Aaaannnnndd she’s back! Love this!

    • MariaCecilia

      I’ve been trying to reply to this for 12 hours, but Disqus rejects me.Hope it works this time: Dearest TeamSeth, there’s nothing to say to that ramble except “Dude is Normal.” And please notify me when you turn non-fake lesbian, because then I’ll propose. And you can wear Bella’s dress when we marry.Pinky promise. This is my serious face :I

      • TeamSeth

        Oh crap. I’m going to have to start going to the gym if I’m meant to wear either of her dresses. Can we marry in your country though? It’s so pretty there (I hear!). And I’ll have to talk to my husband about it, but he does have a male marriage offer, so… you know… Let’s give it a year and see how we still feel 😉

    • Sisterpenguin


    • cosi bella

      TS i love this post so much. Particularly:

      “I’m gonna blow both your freaking heads off” in Facepunch and the fact that someone somewhere had to make a movie poster for Love Spelled Backwards is Love. I love when Newton says, “Dude is weird’

      Like revisting an old friend. Wish it could’ve lasted for ever.

    • celestialchic

      Love this! Makes me want to read the books again! Good lookin out bro.

  • All us wolf girls – are like DUH – we told you so! LOL. Robward was always the wrong choice! If you vamp girls want some more smiles – some rebound fun – check out some of our Jake / Bella fanfics.
    Jake can soothe an aching heart like few others : )

  • JodieO

    I guess I’m the weird one. For the first time in ages I was a little excited about Twilight again. I’ve always been a staunch Nobody’sBusinessten, which unfortunately some people took offense to, which resulted in some ugly things happening. The nastier the fanatical Robstenites became the less fun Twilight became for me. I used to cringe at these promo photos because of all the people squealing about how in lurrrrrrrrve Ron and Kristen were. ROB and KRISTEN rather than Edward and Bella. Now they can go back to being the characters that drew me into this fandom to begin with and I don’t have to worry about my tires getting slashed.

    • Right on the money JodieO. Now I can get back to saying that Kristen is “mine” without all the Robsteners (99% of whom are/were really just Rob-Lovers who were merely putting up with KStew) coming for my head.

      • JodieO

        Yes! Feel free! You are welcome to take her away so long as you promise to keep her!

  • pattygirl

    when i see that pic : Edward : get off me bitch!

  • Sj_nuiph

    How long have down arrows been back?? I had to give one to TeamSeth just to make sure. Sorry ’bout that TS, my excitement overwhelmed me.

    • TeamSeth

      lolz thanks, Sj. I think they just came back yesterday with the new layout. (these disqus layout changes are starting to give me whiplash!)

  • Sj_nuiph

    Also, Edward and Bella will never stop being irritating to me, bless them.

  • Venom

    I think Edward and Bella should just have a threesome to spice up their marriage. Same happy ending just with added kink. Yes, it goes against Edward’s old fashioned values but it could work. At first I thought Tanya but there’s too much history there. Maybe Lauren just so they could kick her out of bed for being a bitch? Oh wait she’s human so never mind.

  • Toia

    I felt bad when I first saw the picture but not because I have any strong feelings about K/R relationship I never really cared that was always their business in my eyes. My icky feelings where because I thought how awkward ths situation is going to be for the promotion. No one wants to have salt rubbed in their wonds. If anything them breaking up has made the thought of watching the movies easier for me. I really don’t like watching movies with people who are couples. Can’t watch Mr. And Mrs. Smith cuz its just weird for me. Maybe now I will be able to watch BD a second time. I think knowing they where a couple added a creepy factor to the films for me . Knowing that it’s gone will remove that from the pack of my mind and help me see just Bella and Edward on the screen again.

  • fayted17

    What ruined it for me wasn’t the cheating as much as it was the pathetic post-cheating public apology/declaration of love. If she’d kept her trap shut Robsten could have still have remained semi-hypothetical in my mind.
    She never spoke about their private life to the press BEFORE when it was going well, why all of a sudden be all “Yeah um so that dude you think I might be dating, well I totally cheated on him, and like sorry, I um love him and stuff.”
    It’s the opposite of what most celebrities do in relationships, usually at the beginning it’s all jumping on couches and public groping and at the end they tell us it’s none of our business and to please respect their privacy. Just WTF Kstew, seriously! Why couldn’t you give us all (including Rob) the option of pretending that it was casual.

  • ElfeV

    Well, I re-watched Twi 1 the other day and it was just fine…& maybe even a bit funnier. I read the books first so R&K aren’t *the* E&B in my head(closest that I can describe them:high schoolish versions of Eric Stoltz and Mila Kunis?) The Twi films are like a school play “You’re a Good Wolf, Jakeup Black.” and I don’t feel anything is ‘irrevocably’ ruined (for me the ruin was the Victoria switcheroo but that’s another whine entirely.)

    What I really I hope is that this mess fuels R.P.’s music and we get an album! The Youtube clips surprised & impressed me, esp Stray Dog(i’d watched T1 a bunch of times before learning he’d done LMS & NT). His whole 50 Shades o’ Van Morrison is faaar more thrilling to me than what I’ve seen of his acting so far. I guess I’m more a fangal of him as a cute(&preferably bearded) musician.

    Besides, there’s still StephAnna..LOL

  • GoWithIt

    Twilight gave me a lot of firsts like Rob gave a lot of fucks at the MTV Movie Awards. 1st pop culture out and out obsession that made me want to collect pins for my denim jacket and purchase Tiger Beat. First shipping of celebrity couple. First “No, no, there wasn’t any penis in the vagina – Rob will forgive her. They’ll be fine…fine I say! They’ll stay together for the sake of their future children!”.

    • EV

      “…made me want to collect pins for my denim jacket and purchase Tiger Beat…”

      LOL, now I’m having Duran Duran flashbacks. >.< (& yes, I do have trouble staying in my demographical box)

      • MarbleNutSlut

        Shut your damn mouth, you are not too old! Because I am a Duranie from WAY BACK, motherfuckers, and if I’m not too old, you aren’t either.

        (omg my friend reminded me the other day of our Andy Warhol “I had sex with Nick Rhodes” pins. Those. Were. Epic.)

        • EV

          haha! omg another Duranie vet! One of our lil fangirl circle broke down in real tears when Roger got married. I was a Simon fan but didn’t freak out when he married Yasmin. I always had a theoretically-available celeb crush replacement at the ready. &the older and more years married I got, the less I cared about ‘availability’.LOL ..However, I did think I’d outgrow crushes & fascinations but i guess not >.>

          Speaking of Warhol, do you remember Curiosity Killed the Cat?

          • MarbleNutSlut

            Deep cuts!

            Yeah, I thought DD would be my last obsessive fascination, too. We should be studied.

          • I went from DD to Depeche Mode, Style Council(Weller) to CKTC, The Cure(R. Smith), Beastie Boys(Horovitz then Yauch). I can’t get the order straight but Living In a Box(Darbyshire), Spandau B., Go West, Madness, Housemartins and Squeeze are in there too somewhere. …A cute face, a scrap of talent or charisma(preferably avec foreign accent) and I’m hooked. It’s sad. I agree a study should be done.

            I do feel it was an improvement over The Bay City Rollers, The Monkees(in reruns, mostly Davy & sometimes Peter)Rick Springfield, and Hall & Oates.

            & There is the matter of my irrational eternal crush on James Taylor & other embarrassing ones but I’ve prolly said more than enough. It’s been musicians>>actors. Maybe that’s why I’m waiting breathlessly for an R.P. album, I want to properly lose my mind.

          • In High School I was the biggest closet Housemartins fan ever. Still am. But I’ve come out. There aren’t any thugs in Motley Crue concert shirts hanging in the hallways to mock/punch/chase me anymore for listening to “We’re Not Sheep”.

          • TBturtles

            I didn’t realize my lost-at-birth twin hung out here 🙂 Simon-Duran crush girls unite!

          • Yeeeeaaah! LOL Most of my crew were dying over John but Simon was the one for me. haha

  • GoWithIt

    Actual real people’s feeling aside, the scandal and saucy dry butt sex
    (as put by DListed) and car cunnilingus in Rob’s hat photos and then the aftermath has been edge of your seat stuff. Very exciting. LOVE that there are still people and entire articles that are sticking to the Robsten was a contracted fake bearded pairing. Awesome.

    • Some people just love conspiracies. They pile conspiracy on top of conspiracy until it makes ‘sense’ in their ‘brain’.
      Like show me a single example in history where a professional actor (not named Joaquin Phoenix) used a fake scandal in their personal life as a promotional tool for their movie. It just doesn’t happen. I wish conspiracy theorists could move to their own colony. I’d love so see how they all get along.

      • TeamSeth

        I’m sure they have a theory about that.

  • TBturtles

    I picked up the mag at the salon today and cringed. It was weird and oddly a relief. Almost like I woke up and thought WTF have I been doing for the last 4 years? I needed to break up with Twi-Robsten for a long time and I think this sealed the deal. I can’t quit LTT tho. I can’t quit you!! Heh.

  • PokeyMomma

    You know I kept thinking that while they were secretly dating and rusing to knowledge it that maybe it was part of their contract, to not date so as to not ruin the movie image of Bella / Edward with Robsten drama…I was right in that thinking…everyone who sees the movie will be thinking, “This is how it use to be for them…it is no longer this way.” 🙁

  • Kathleen

    This is EXACTLY what happened to me. Thanks for giving voice to it.

  • Alvano

    Its all about publicity stunt and nothing can separate them.

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