We ask to the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 Stills: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

Dear LTT,

Moon & I are back together again and we just got a chance to peek at the latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills. And today we’re ask “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE” which despite its fancy new name is basically the same as Breaking it Down, Vanity Fair Style…


UC:  I think this is the moment when God came down to Carlisle and made him attractive… for the first time since Twilight… he’s been annointed… look-  his head is glowing!
Moon: clearly the ice truck killer dude and the denali girls just got back from a european vacation a la national lampoons european vacation where they buy ridiculous italian leather outfits
UC: but then Edward is like “Wait a sec…. that’s my dad.. I’m supposed to be the hottest”
and also Bella is just trying hard not to fall over since she hasn’t eaten in 3 weeks
Moon: also i agree carlisle actually looks attractive again. for the first time since 2008. geez
UC: WAY too long to keep those good looks from us
Moon: OMG the shirt is knotted. I CANT
UC: NO it is!?
Moon: yes– look closely
UC: then if that’s the case they are all looking at the director saying “serious? knotted?”
Moon: and the sweater arms pulled down over the hands. another I CANT
UC: haha clearly you never lived somewhere cold
Moon: this is so party of five / felicity / WB teen drama– the “I’m so small and vulnerable and look this sweater is so big” STOP
UC: it really is cropped circa 1995 isn’t it
Moon: God is telling carlisle to tell them ALL to stop with those outfits
UC: thats it.. you figured it out!


 Moon: omg i dont know if i can break things down now without mentioned the affair/Krupertgate
UC: I know. i can’t look at it without IMMEDIATELY thinking about it. Here’s a game. You HAVE to say 3 positive things about WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.
Moon: ok
UC: Her hair looks nice. It’s probably not real though
Moon: the red eyes dont look fake
UC: You’re right. And I like that color Blue
Moon: Yes she looks good in blue.. LIKE BELLA
Moon: is that three?
UC: yes! PHEW! That was hard. NEXT


Moon: i just keep thinking about that picture of the fake Renesmee with the dog picture
UC: hahah really? (You mean this picture of course)
Moon: Well here I think Renesmee is showing Bella her plans for her and jakes future wedding… the dress she drew. also who sets out hillshire farm sausage and crackers for santa.???

(….. silence…)

Moon: Hello!??
UC: I’m sorry. I’m busy photoshopping a dog into that picture. THE dog. Except there’s a random hand on the dog. But I don’t care.

There. That’s better:

Hey Guys! Don’t forget me!


UC: Okay What’s going on here?
Moon: Nessie is feeling the baby in edwards stomach… he does have birthing hips after all. Also if this jacket wasn’t robs to begin with he stole it after. It is SO rob
UC: He’s actually probably giving her advice right there on how to steal clothes from the set
Moon: i think Summit saved a few bucks by letting the cast wear their own clothes
UC: she wants her jacket since it kinda matches her on set daddy’s
Moon: his first lesson in how to steal wardrobe is having her help him steal that jacket- shes moving her hand towards the zipper to help him hid it in her skirt
UC: yep. dream team Rob and MacKenzie
Moon: pickpockets. they’re gonna take their show to the subway next– try to get some wallets, some pocket change. Maybe some wurther’s….


Moon: i’m not gonna lie, i’ve been pretty sad recently thinking about twilight– and this makes me super duper sad
UC: awwwwwwwww
Moon: dont leave us smeyer!
Moon: we need to kidnap her and take her to griffith park and reenact this and our and our pocket edward video <— watch that again
UC: I feel like that’s what’s going on here… it’s a sign to us… “KIDNAP ME LTT GIRLS”
Moon: we’ll take you stephenie!!!! show up at one of our doorsteps and we’ll gladly kidnap you
UC: but it’s BYOPE– bring your own pocket edward
Moon: PS FBI who just put us on a watch list – we’re kidding!
UC: I’m gonna knock you over the head with our replica Cullen Crest
Moon: HAHAH– she wakes up and we’re all in matching bella’s birthday dresses from hot topic
UC: We’d be the best kidnappers– force her to drink Bella’s Blood (sangria)
Moon: ok i cant look at her face any longer  * waaaah *
UC: wahhhh


Moon: I bet the locket has a picture of rupert sanders. HAHAHAA. I’m the worst. And renesemee is very confused
UC: hahahahahahaha …. Yes–  what IS bella showing her? “and this is where daddy & mommy made you Nessie”
“made me? How did you make me?”
ps that child has great hair– maybe in the locket is a picture of what her hair might look like if she starts using products like DEP and Aussie spray in crunchie gel. Pictures to horrify her
Moon: It’s a picture of that “if they mated” photo of what rob and kristens child would look like or maybe one of the many, many manips out there of her and “daddy”

And so there you have it– Our thoughts on WHAT IS GOING ON HERE


UnintendedChoice and ThemoonisDown

*wahhhhhh* it’s not almost over is it!?

  • celestialchic

    Loves it! But one teeney problem – you can’t say she has nice hair and then add a “but it’s probably not real”. That cancels out the compliment! You owe one more nice thing. That’s like when people say you look great . . . for your age. Just stop at you look great! (or her hair looks nice).
    And I think it is almost over, that’s why I’m being a nitpicky bitch, I’m cranky.

    • MariaCecilia

      Still, cheating is Normal… 🙂

    • Teamseth

      Um…. her eyes seem to have focus and not a vacant look, with her mouth closed not partly open, which shows her acting of vampire bella is different than her acting of human bella. So she’s able to play more than one character, within the same character, which is good acting!

      How was that? There’s not much to work with in that photo. I mean, she looks hot, but that dress in general looks like it’s made from really uncomfortable fabric.

    • Luludee

      Having established that the hair does look good, I think we can safely say that it MUST be real. This is Twilight: if it was fake it would look horrid.

      • Well said!
        But why are her lips so pale? Aren’t Vampire Bella’s lips supposed to be deep red, or is that just my perverted imagination?

        • Luludee

          Well, she is in the blue dress, which is what she wakes up in, so maybe she just hasn’t eaten yet and her vampire visage is suffering until she’s refreshed?

          • Poor girl! Get her a willing middle aged man to chew on, quickly!!

        • TeamJacobEdward

          haha! Perverted imagination my dear boy. 😉

  • MariaCecilia

    This is what’s REALLY going on in those pics:
    1) Carlisle has an epiphany: “If God had wanted us to wear wigs he wouldn’t have given us REAL hair, people! Rip them!”
    2) Bella: “No one ever told me vampires have heart burn. Like, all the time. Without even eating Hot pockets. Fail.”
    3) Renesmee:”So this is my list for Santa, Mommy. I want a BIG dog kennel, and a leash and a bowl, oh, and one of those flannel dog suits for winter because I don’t want Jacob to freeze any important parts off.” Jacob: “She’s got a great sense of humour, right?” Bella: **WTF**
    4) Renesmee: “I’m gonna marry my Daddy when I grow up. No, seriously, I will. Rob, call me in ten years, okay?”
    5) Steph: “Finally, they let me play Bella! I always knew I was perfect for the part. Burn, Kristen, burn!!”
    6) Bella: “So okay, here’s my secret locket with the two people I love most in the world: Daddy and Jacob. Now, you see, a girl doesn’t really have to choose, she can just eat her cake and keep it too, as long as nobody else knows. So, can you keep a secret, sweetiepie?”

  • TeamSeth

    OMG KNOTTED SHIRT! I saw in the first pic, before the englarged version and that was all I saw. Well, besides the wtf why’d they put bella back in those heinous arm warms from Twi#1 again?! moment. But, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, now to read the rest 🙂

    • BeaDee

      I totally missed the knotted shirt; I am so thankful it was pointed out to me. Now whatever that scene is will be so much more enjoyable.

      • The whole movie I’m going to be checking all of Bella’s outfits looking for knots!

        • MariaCecilia

          Don’t get your panties in a twist KStewboy! *snort*

  • Lila

    Picture 3 – Oh geez, that dog is PERFECT!!! They should’ve had a dog in that scene!

    Picture 4 – I thought you were going to break out in song there, “My girl, she’s one too. She’ll go and get her a skirt. Stick it under her shirt. She grabbed a razor for me. And she did it just like that. When she wants something, She don’t wanna pay for it.”

    Picture 6 – @MariaCecilia, you are brilliant. That is all.

    • TeamSeth

      I really thought that the dog looked very natural… and we all know that edward is a creeper in the bushes, so, clearly it’s his hand on the dog.

      • MariaCecilia

        Okay, so is this like Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”? An “Edward is at work everywhere”-kind of thing?

        • TeamSeth


  • dovelove1097

    The thing about her sweater hands made me giggle like a lunatic. People at work are staring. Also, why are those Christmas pictures taken in what looks to be my parent’s living room, circa 1980?

    • MariaCecilia

      Because your parents are VAMPIRES!! muhawhaha… (Quick, get Edward’s phone number!)

      • TeamSeth

        Not too worry. He’ll be hiding in the artificial tree this year, too.

    • Luludee

      I laughed too, because Moon’s point of view was completely new to me. I do that all the time in long sweaters/jackets. Keeps your hands warm without having to use gloves and thereby inhibit your sensory perception through your fingers. 🙂

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I do it too. But I live in a cold state so… you know. 😉
        But the REAL question should be why Bella is doing this action at all, cold or not. She’s a vamp now. She doesn’t get cold. A sweater won’t warm her up. She has no body heat for the sweater to hold to her.

        • Luludee

          Excellent point, and in that case, I think Moon is onto something. I think we are looking at Kristin in this picture and not Bella.

        • i think the excess sleevage chic serves to signal that she’s now a stylin’, hep vampirette. I’m sure Alice picked it out for her… on a weekend Paris shopping trip.

    • And I bet that wooden bowl with a lid is full of weed. I suspect that the Cullens are dopeheads. Red eyes? Staying up all hours of the night?

  • The Old One

    Aaah, classic LTT! Thanks, I needed that.

  • smileygirl

    OMG……you two crack me up. I was laughing so hard I was crying!! Keep the letters coming…even after Twilight…please 🙁

  • Melymori

    The best comment was on the last pic hahhaha….also I have a problem with Kristen eyebrows, is it me or are they uneven? she can’t be frowning all the time.

    • MariaCecilia

      And where did you get the ridiculous idea that Bella can’t be frowning all the time? Frowning comes right before lip biting on Bella’s “To do”-list.

      • Melymori

        You’re right!!! Maybe I need to review this


  • TeamJacobEdward

    To me that first pic SCREAMS:
    Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part II; The Musical
    … and turn! 2, 3, 4 and JAZZ HANDS!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Picture 5 (aka Stephenie is leaving us):
    That pic seems to have almost a celestial/otherworldly feeling. Like it’s from some scene in a movie where a person or diety from the afterlife comes to visit someone to say/let them know, it’s okay to let them go/move on/etc because they’re okay and happy.
    *stomps foot*
    But I don’t wanna Steph! It’s not fair! I. Don’t. Wanna.
    (so sad)

    • I hope after the credits are done rolling we see Steph walking towards us through the meadow.
      She stops. Smiles and waves goodbye to us.
      She blows us a kiss, turns and walks away… fade to black.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I think you mean fade to SAD, KSB. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I love the thought. I do. But I think it would make me cry. (yes, I just admitted that)

      • LOL!!! uh I meant, *snif* *sob* *snot* *dab*
        (now stop posing fer pix an’ git crackin on the rest of Midnight Sun)

  • Luludee

    Kinda digging Dadward. MacKenzie is absolutely adorable!

  • *Whines* Midnight Suuuuunnnn, come on Smeyer, you can’t leave me/us(if anyone else cares anymore) hanging!!

    The Xmas pic is painful(but phantom hand-dog made it better), just what in the Currier&IvesFamilyCirclehell? >.<

    Mandatory positive: Bellz looks pretty good & I like her extra long sleeves and knotted sassiness. werk!

  • OMF I almost just peed my pants!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Fakkkk, I love you guys. Yes! Yes, the t-shirt. I can’t believe KStew knotted that shit up when no one was looking!!! No wonder we all blurred Kristen/Bella & Rob/Eddy in ours heads, and no wonder Krupertgate (thanks for that, BTW) hurt so much. Cause she did shit like this. Wearing chucks in the movies, now the t-shirt knot. I can’t even.

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