“Ever seen a girls tongue?” And other amazing Twilight Lip Reads!

Enjoy this video of bad lip reads from Twilight and try not to think about how you were home watching all the back episodes of Real Housewives on your DVR yesterday and not at work right now.

Happy day back from Labor Day…. boooo. Yiiiiiikes.

Big thanks to Kristin for sending this to me. You’re still the best!

  • BeaDee


  • This made my day.

  • Sisterpenguin

    So happy: Cake!

  • Luludee

    Bahaha! I’m really impressed how they made that work.

  • IccaSpriggs

    made my day! “That was my most bestest creation.”

  • That is just brilliant! I snorted coffee on my keyboard! Always a sign that something is comic gold.
    “You slapped a fish!”

    • TeamJacobEdward

      “Why would you DO that?”

    • I learned a Twitter acronym today that I thought I’d pass along to those others who are as behind the times as me (MariaC, SissyP)…. ‘smco’ – spit my coffee out.
      You’re welcome.

      • MariaCecilia

        Okay. I’ll use smto, though. Being a tea drinker.

  • Nelle

    You have no idea how badly I needed a laugh today. Thanks a million!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    You spit on your brother?

    • MariaCecilia

      Well, if YOU had a brother named Kevin, wouldn’t you spit on him? Nuff said.

  • twiprof

    thank you UC and Moon for giving me a laugh today! this is hysterical! Cake.

  • cyndibear

    can’t stop watching. so needed this. thx moon and uc!

  • stupidshiny

    OMG I didn’t get to see this until just now! If I had had coffee in my mouth I would have spit it out. That is one of the cleverest things I have ever seen. I’m with KSB “You slapped a fish”? is GOLD!!

  • That was brilliant. Had to try so hard to hold in my laughter so I didnt wake kids!!!!!!! Gonna have to watch this again tomorrow! Thanks for the giggle :))

  • Jenmarie08

    Hilarious!! Is it wrong that some of these conversations don’t sound all that far fetched to me? “That cake was my most bestest ceation!” Come on, I can totally see Rob having that argument with someone!

  • The Old One

    “Where’s the Chinese food?”

    Ah, this was like the good old days on LTT. When we could laugh and play and frolic together. Shedding a little tear for the good old days.

  • PokeyMomma

    Is it just me or did most of these lip reading lines come off as better acting than the original lines? I hope they make videos for scenes from the other movies!!!

  • PokeyMomma

    For all those who want to read a FANTASTIC series, check out Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture. Closest thing to a Edward/Bella love story since Twilight! Magical, sacred and beautiful!

  • Venom

    “Gross. How can u be that stupid?” “No, you’re a dork.”

    Heee hee!

  • MariaCecilia

    *snort* “you slapped a fish”! That’s Normal. I’m laughing and feeling all nostalgic here: this is what I love about LTT!

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