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Who wants to run… we mean WATCH a Twilight Marathon?!

Did I win Rob?!

Dear LTT-ers and Twihards alike –

When I texted UC with the news that there would be a HUGE Twilight Marathon the day of the release and she texted me back “rUnk!” I should have known she probably was wine glass high in some Shiraz and wouldn’t get that Summit will be releasing ALL the Twilight movies into the theaters including never before seen footage (!!!) leading up to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn Pt2 but rather she’d read my text and think we’d be running a REAL marathon in November with the rest of the fandom. Well folks, that’s EXACTLY what happened. No joke. UC thought I texted to tell her we’d be throwing on some busted converse, our “Twilighters DO IT better” shirts, Volturi cloaks (what else do you run in?), Bella’s walking cast, and tie Edward’s oatmeal seater around our waists (in case it gets cold) to run the streets with a bunch of Twilight fans. Well, thank God that’s not the case. We’d much rather sit in the dark for 5 hours stuffing popcorn in our mouth holes while yelling out “They’re NOT bears!” than run around LA. In fact we’d much rather this movie marathon turn into a Rock Horror Picture Show version of Twilight but maybe we’ll just have to put that on ourselves. I will be Bella and UC will be the creepy guy in Forks with a motorcycle. We’ll make an usher be Edward. It’s more fun that way.

So after the wine haze cleared we came up with this list of reasons why we’re glad it’s not a REAL marathon and after that you can find more information on the FILM marathon.

You can run in these, right?

1. We’d have to partcipiate. Right?
2. Running with Twilight parafalia or an Edward cut out strapped to your back would be pretty difficult
3. Does Etsy even sell Breaking Dawn running shoes? I’ve only ever seen high-tops like these
4. The starting place would be downtown at the Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Camp site and the end place would be the gates of Rob’s (now up for sale) home and that’s up hill like almost the whole way and we’re totally not in shape.
5. We’re pretty sure this wouldn’t be officially sanctioned by the city of Los Angeles so the streets wouldn’t be closed and we don’t want to be run over by KStew in a Mini Cooper on her way to “the gym” (file that joke under: NEVER LETTING IT GO)
6. Instead of water hydration stations they’d be featuring a speciality Twilight cocktail at stopping points and as much as we love drinking “Bella’s Blood” at parties it may not be so great at mile 18.4
7. Werewolf costumes do NOT breathe. we’d probably pass out in a ball of fake fur and polyester in front of the Olive Garden (the obligatory sponsor) mile marker.

Hey ladies – I’m just here to inspire you!

8. Kellan running shirtless through the crowd passing out encouraging bible verses or passages from the Purpose Driven Life would be more distracting than helpful
9. If Jackson can run faster than us while pushing his baby in a stroller we’d probably just give up and go home. And by “home” we mean the Bella’s Blood hydration station

See you at the starting line… or the theaters. Whatever.
Moon & UC
The real info:
The marathon will take place on Thursday, November 15, 2012, at theaters across North America (US and Canada).  The marathon will allow fans to see all 4 previous movies in the Saga back-to-back, leading into 10pm screenings of BREAKING DAWN – PART 2, all for one price.

Prices will vary and be set by the theaters, and locations & showtimes for the marathon will be available at the same time that showtimes are available for individual performances of BREAKING DAWN – PART 2.  Marathon ticket holders will be treated to exclusive interstitial content played in between the films, and a special event-only lanyard.

  • cnb

    This is what I really want to know…How do I get to LA this November and hang with you guys?I’ve been lurking on this site forever (and commented a glorious ONE time ) and I’m so bummed that in two months this will be all over.Tell me you guys are organizing something that I’m willing to break my piggy bank and fly Southwest to get to .I live in DC nowhere near LA or anything Twilight related and I rather be watching the last film with other like minded adults than pretending to be dragged by my tween sister.

  • MariaCecilia

    We’ll only have the Big Marathon wih all the Twipics in the capital all day Nov 13. Unclear if there will be extra footage on offer. The rest of the country will make do with BD1 on Nov 13 and midnight opening of BD2. Because of the time difference, we’ll be WAY ahead of you. Which is the only good point about being stuck over here… 🙁

  • Sisterpenguin

    I’m creating my own Twi-marathon: re-read Books on electronic device during long-haul flight; Twilightheartedness in LA; back in UK in time for midnight BD2 viewing with book group. I’ll need Bella’s Blood as backup, stat

    • MariaCecilia

      If all THAT doesn’t turn you into a vampire, I don’t know what will…

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I am actually hosting a Twi-a-thon at my place a couple weeks before the release of BD PII.


    We’re starting late Saturday morning and going through the night… We’re taking our time. You know so we can chat about the movies and, of course, for food and lots of “rehydration” breaks… —–mind sharing “Bella’s Blood” recipe???—– By the time we get around to Eclipse, I’m predicting popcorn throwing at Bellasten kissing Taycob accompanying shouts of “boo”s of Bellasten cheating on Robward… and wonder if everyone will make it through to the last movie with all the rehydration breaks but it’ll be totally fun… And NOT like the Twi Moms on O. (JS)

    I hosted a similar Twi-a-thon before BD I at my place. Some of my RL Twi Friends told me that I was going to do this since I have a little theater room and bar (yes, I was TOLD I was doing it, not asked… and was told I was going to do it again before BDII).
    Anyway, I think it’s more fun having a little party than re watching the movies in a real theater. This way we can comment on Normal things during the movies–like when Bella yells, “Jacob! STAY!” in Eclipse, I can giggle and call out “Sit! Good boy!” (Seriously, the next time you watch Eclipse, listen to the part right before she kisses him, it totally sounds like she’s giving a dog a command…. which… really… Jacob IS a wolf… so… it kinda fits)

  • The Old One

    Jeez, I kinda want this running marathon to happen–all participants have to wear the high-tops, and all the males from the cast have to participate and run shirtless–which they will agree to because it will be a benefit for some blood disease. Yes!

  • The Old One

    Jeez, I kinda want this running marathon to happen–all participants have to wear the high-tops, and all the males from the cast have to participate and run shirtless–which they will agree to because it will be a benefit for some blood disease. Yes!

  • The Old One

    Sorry for the double post–strange!

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