Twilight News: So much, so little time (And by that we mean there are 4 new things)

Dear LTTers,

Did you see the BIG TWILIGHT NEWS?

Moon & I were together in Philadephia this weekend:

This could be an ad for Toms

(apologies to @brookelockart for cutting you out!)

We had such a fun weekend exploring all the sites & eating all the food in Philadelphia. ALL of it. And we BARELY talked about Twilight! I mean, we discussed our excitement for our LAST (sniff) LTT party (11/11/2012 Downtown LA location TBD) and Mr. Choice gave us another 1/2 hour to discuss Team Jacob vs. Team Edward (we’re still undecided) oh and DUH we watched Twilight late one night because… WHY NOT!? But other than that we discussed our excitement for That’s Normal (TN- officially launching SOON) and vikings.

And turns out we missed a TON of Twilight news:


Camping Registration began & closed without any major hitches. Now you are to spend 24-7 in prayer until you get the e-mail confirmation that YOU’RE IN! Start collecting all the Twilight paraphernalia you can to decorate your campsite because you’re ALMOST THERE. (and hey if you’re an LTTer and WILL be camping, you better represent! we want to see pictures and the most 2nd-hand embarrassing stuff EVER!)


GUYS: Even though we heard ROBSTEN was official WEEKS ago it’s just NOW that they are OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL because of a photo that ET gotwhich proves that they are TOTALLY a thing and NOT just doing it for the press. I MEAN They are TOTALLY in LOVE. SO MUCH love I keep CAPSING and unCAPsing STUFF because I CAN’T believe THIS is a THING that WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT.

Bear-skin rugs are also forever



We totallllly missed this blog-story that Nikki Reed shared a few weeks back about how she & her husband performed “Their song” which I assume is the song on the BD2 soundtrack in front of no one in Hawaii. Story here. Am I the only one who thinks this is SUPER awkward?


Ashley Green recently told Marie Claire:

“You go on a couple of dates, and then someone ships off to do a movie. It’s not like you’re going to fly out and see them, because it’s not serious enough for that.”

Which our LTT code reader reads as “I love to have one night stands with super hot rich older guys”

Check out the article on Marie Claire and watch the video below. I have to say…. she looks pretty hot. PLUS she likes to cook with butternut squash which means we’re basically fake lesbians. The butternut squash is my favorite of all the phallic vegetables. (side note: Since I JUST watched Twilight this weekend I can confirm that homegirl has lost TON of weight she did not need to lose)

Oh– the most fascinating thing I learned from this article was, “The studio [Summit] is rumored to have put a gag order on all the Twilight stars [regarding gossip about ROBSTEN]” Oh REALLLY???

Any bets on WHO will break that gag order first? Have they gagged Cathy Hardi… ’cause they’re gonna need to…..



Did you sign up to camp? Are you excited? Who is in for the LTT partayyy?

  • MariaCecilia

    Oh, now I guess I have to add Philadelphia to my list of Holy Twilight Shrines to visit. Please point me to the place where you jumped so I’ll know where to pour libations and place 2nd hand embarrassing fan art!
    I can’t BELIVE I’m missing out on the Last Party!! *wailing*
    But I look forward to the yearly reunions and the “Cruise with LTT”-trips when we’ve all acquired blue hair. FF will have to tide me over until then…

    • Sisterpenguin

      We shall be tweeting you so it’s just like you were there… except not

      • kstewboy

        You had better bloody well Tweet us. Majorly. Especially once the drinks start flowing 🙂

        • Sisterpenguin

          Of course. I’ll be the one taking the photos 😀

          • kstewboy

            Yesssssssssssss 😉

          • Bubs

            Just read that Summit will be doing the camping draw Thurs. 18th and then will email winners. Keep your email open !!!
            Good luck-I’m sending out positive vibes for you !!!!!

  • eyeLaugh

    I’m in for the LTT partayyy!! I live in Santa Barbara and would so be willing to make the drive to L.A. Where are the deets on the party?

    • Venom

      If an SB carpool ever happens for said event, let me know:-) Doubt I can go but it’s a nice thought anyway!

  • 86 Rabbit

    I’m wailing with MariaCecilia. I swore. I swore I wouldn’t miss the last one, but as usual there is stuff going on preventing me from LTT partayyying. At least there are the blue hair LTT cruises to look forward to.

  • Luludee

    Maybe I could like fly in on Sunday and leave Monday morning? We need more deets!

  • Late Convert

    Please someone take Ashley Greene out for a hearty dinner! That girl is gaunt.

  • Venom

    You gals look like superheroes in that pic. Or mentoes spokespeople! Wait Robsten is real?? Of course that grainy pic evidence is non PR proof! Can’t believe I doubted it for a minute!

  • Bubs

    OK, I have to tell someone !!!! I’ve just found out I’ve won a competition to the red carpet event/Rob Pattinson night on the 22nd in Sydney !!!! True story. Apparently there’s no guarantee I’ll actually get to talk to him but it’s a Q n A and my question that I entered in the comp. was selected. So maybe I’ll get to ask him it [?]
    To think I was sorely tempted to contact “Sister Penguin” and buddy up with her in LA for the last big event [we Aussies have to stick together]. However too many events prevented that-hope she gets approval from Summit to camp !!!!
    I’ll let everybody know how the event went next week. I presume we’ll get to see BD2 [?]. Haven’t been sent all the details yet. I’ve already got my tickets for the Midnight session on the 15th. Nov.though.
    Hope you get to meet him Moon/UC and all you campers. I’m soooooooooooo excited !!!!!

    • Sisterpenguin

      ZOMG!!!! Yay!!!! How excitementing for you!!!!!

      I shall be in LA thinking of you. I can’t eat or do anything that costs money but I’ll be there! Still waiting on Sumitt re Fan Camp but hey, we don’t need no confirmation for happy dance time

      • Bubs

        Put it out to The Universe SisterP…. I’m really into the Law Of Attraction and yesterday morning I asked the Universe to bring it to me and I really belived it would and by yesterday afternoon I had a phone call to tell me I’d won.
        Conceive..Belive…Receive is my motto.
        Mind you this was the only competition that didn’t ask your age. So at least I didn’t have to be a teenager to win. Interesting though, the person that phoned me said she’d spent all day going through “thousands of enteries” and mine stood out. The only reason I knew about it, was there was a link to the comp.on a U. S. /Twi website a couple of days ago. Hadn’t read or heard anything about it before that-I’m still blown away.

        • Luludee

          I love that your question stood out amongst thousands!! Way to represent the Normal fans, Bubs!! Have fun, take pictures, and tell us all about it!! You could write a letter for a post next week!

          • Bubs

            Thanks Lulu. I’ll see how I go. Not too sure about writing a letter [I’m sort of ueless at understanding websites] but i’ll do what I can.
            One thing that made me laugh in the info. I’ve been given is…”recording devices are not to be used during the Q&A. There will be security present with night vision goggles” !!!! I guess it will be dark [?] at the venue.

          • Sisterpenguin

            How did it go? How did it go? You must still be up and awake from the excitement eh?

          • Bubs

            Hi Sisterpenguin. Didn’t get home till10.30pm, then watched all his interviews that I’d taped, that were on TV here, at the same time we were at the “Exclusive” Fan event. So, just catching up to stuff now 12 hours later.
            Firstly, let me say Robert Pattinson has really impressed me. I’ve always been Team Jacob [book n movies] but now I know why he’s known as “the pretty” 99% of his photos don’t do him justice. He’s what I would call “beautiful” visually [blew me away].
            We stood in freezing cold/wet conditions waiting for him [no cover], he was nearly an hour late but when he came, none of that matter to anybody waiting. He took his time signing everybody’s books, had photos taken, talked to us. When he got to me my camera literally froze, luckily my husband had his mobile phone camera ready and the girl next to me took shots which she’s goiing to email me. So hopefully, I’ll get some good ones from her [the one my husband took has more of me than Rob n he isn’t smiling in it – darn].
            Dean was standing behind him, doing his security “thing”. So I said “Dean, you look good-you’ve lost weight !” [which he has-lots] .No reaction from Dean but Rob turned around to him and smiled as if to say ‘see, somebody’s noticed’. It was a cute moment. Rob was just amazingly charming-everybody was smiling and happy.
            As guests [around 80 to 100 I’d say] we were then ushered into a building that was done up as a Winter Wonderland/Vampire retreat all dark with fluro highlighted branches with fake snow falling on us. We were fed, had mocktails, entertained, had free makeup done if we wanted it, a Twi-photobooth, there were Huskies being walked around [they looked a little like Wolves]. We were shown a sneak preview of BD2 [the same footage as Comic Con] and Rob came in for a Q n A that lasted around 20 minutes. He was sweet n funny and when the event was over, we were all given goodie bags with the BD1 DVD/CD, theTwi. Illustrated book, a New Moon Cap, make up n lots of other stuff. It really was a stylish event and a nice way of saying “thank you” to the fans who were lucky enough to be selected.
            Enough of me though…did you get the ok for camping at the BD2 Premier. I’ve been keeping everything crossed for you. I read that they’ve increased the numbers from 1200 to 1500. Hope you’ve won.

          • JellyBeanRainbow

            That was nice, @Bubs. I’ve seen footage of (probably) that event on TV and I felt sorry for people standing on the rain. But it didn’t look very crowded. Yaay for seeing Rob in person. Was he the only star there?

          • Bubs

            Yep, he was the only one there [def. just a fan event]. I really expected more people to be there but there wasn’t a lot of publicity about the event. If it were the Premier of BD2 I’m sure there would have been more. I’ve not seen anything as to whether he’s even left here yet-it’s very low key this time. There was more hype when he was here for Water For Elephants !
            I’ve heard that sales for BD2 Midnight Sessions are up 35% on BD1 here in OZ. So, the interest is still there.

  • Stella

    Oh hi girls! Haven’t been here in awhile. I thought I had a Rob sighting today! Either that, or another 6’2″ hipster, grunge guy in a cap and Ray Bans (there’s a few of them where I live)! Anyone know where he is today? I feel so lame even posting this eeek! But I gotta know, could it have been THE MAN? That’s normal, right?!

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    Of course we’re camping, like always 🙂

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