Stephenie Meyer: After Twilight

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I’ve been thinking a lot about THE END and having some sads. I mean… it’s almost THE END. Not the end of filming a movie. Not the end of another film. THE END. FINITE. FINAL.

This is actually YOUR bedroom, right?

Just in case you forgot I thought I’d remind you. And occasionally I’ve thought beyond “What am I going to DO with my life” and thought about others. Others like you. I’ve thought about what you must be thinking (is it “OVER IT!” or “THE END? HOW IS THIS THE END?” ?) Are you too busy with last minute details that it hasn’t started to hit you yet (Like what shade of lipstick to wear the night of the 12th perhaps? Priorities!) Or have you been hiding at home bursting into tears every time you round the corner of your home and see another thing to remind you of Twilight (your walls ARE full of Twi-paraphenelia right?)

But beyond the now I’ve been thinking about what life will be like for you AFTER 11/16/2012. Will you take a big cruise? (back to sandals Jamica where you and Pancho celebrated your honeymoon?) Will you invest  in Kleenex Tissues because you bought out the stock of your local CVS AND Walgreens because of your tears? Will we ever see you again? (don’t say no)

Moon & I put our heads together & came up with some obvious things we think you’ll be doing:

Stephenie Meyer: After Twilight

Continue on your quest for discovering super hot dudes to put in your books turned movies (Robert pattinson, taylor lautner, max irons…)

Guest post on That’s Normal [for real. TN is coming soon. this isn’t a joke. even though it seems like it]

Continue to ignore your sons when they ask why Bella and Edward would want to swim naked in the ocean. And what those pages said after they went swimming that you told them you read to them “after they fell asleep”

Continue to try not to giggle every time Pacho suggests having a nacho night with the kids

Annual trip to Forks

Quest to become mayor of Forks. And if they won’t allow you that, at least be crowned Queen of Forks.

Continue to not finish Midnight Sun but imagine all its goodness in your head. And then laugh maniacally.

Weekly conversations with you sister about the details you’ll never write down.

Write a story called “A Business Casual No Vacancy” as your foray into the JK Rowling Fan Fic world


Jump into Google Hangouts with UC & Moon.

Post more than 3x a year on your website AND come up with a new color scheme! (You might have to start to pay Seth the webmaster though)

Spend your evenings dreaming of new billion-dollar teen franchises. [We volunteer to be your sister this time & read the first edits.]

Answer Catherine Hardwicke’s calls once a year and pretend to listen while she talks about, for the umpteenth time, THE AUDITION VIDEO that she just might release one day.

Make a scrapbook of “Secrets I’ll never tell” from the 5+ crazy years of making movies… include pieces of Rob’s hair you stole… take out containers from the Olive Garden from Taylor… secret videos you have of the Twi jam sessions from the first movie.

And you thought you’d have nothing to do! You’re going to be busy! Start writing those Guest posts for!

See you soon. I’ll be the one holding 10 boxes of tissues at the premiere.


UC (and Moon)

WAHHHHHHHH It’s almost over.


We wanted to tell you about an LTT reader & friend Sadie who along with her 3 sisters started doing GOOD with their love for the Twilight Saga! These gals are collecting donations for the Salvation Army’s Angel tree program in Utah. People who participate can win prizes. Check out their Facebook page for more details!

  • MrsKowski

    This post is making me weepy

  • Sisterpenguin

    After Twilight? Maybe time to read ALL the LTT posts from the beginning. There’ll be time between films I reckon.

    All good things must come to an end? NOOOOOOOOO!
    Well, ok. Maybe. But not ’til I get to meet some of you first! See you in LA la land. 😀

    • Bubs

      Off topic but did you make the cull for camping ???

  • JustthetipEH

    Don’t! Im in complete denial. Its not the end. If they can make a Star Wars episode whatever, Stephanie can at least finish that crappy book nobody wants her to finish. I suggest a yearly LTT reunion at in n out burger in the meantime.

  • SagaGirls

    THANKS !!! You ladies ROCK. I appreciate the mention!!!!

  • celestialchic

    It’s not reallly the end. Queen Meyer is going to (already has) write a spinoff. Renessme/Jacob (cause wtf their baby gonna look like! and more importantly, what will it’s name be?) or Shewolf (whatserbitchface? Leah?) or the South Americans (Nahul? the other half vamp/human) or maybe Nahul will hook up with Leah! I don’t believe the Twilight world is over, maybe it’s denial, but just maybe I’m right 🙂
    And – yes! Post on your website more than 3x a year Steph!!! Good one.

  • MariaCecilia

    I’m in denial – Edward told me “forever” so that’s what I’m sticking with. Like, any relationship can’t be over as long as one party keeps stalking the other, right?

    I’ll probably end up holing up over Christmas with tissues, re-reading old LTT posts, though. When is that LTT book coming out btw? THAT should be everybody’s first priority! Steph?? Get Summit on the movie contract for that one!

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