Guess what!!

Heeeey yaaaalll, we’re baaaaack!

Dear LTT-ers,

The Twilight Gods have smiled on us again this year as we will once again be on the red/black/khaki carpet to represent Letters to Twilight ask all the stars (read: Mike Welch and Justin Chon if he decides to stop taking instagram pics on the toilet long enough to join us) all the best questions (see us in action last year). We know some of you will be there with us screaming obscene things at Rob and some of you will be at home following the tweets. Since this is our one last hurrah we want to ask the best questions, the questions you’ve always wanted answered but never get asked. So since we’ve already asked Taylor about that hideous wig, we want to hear your ideas on what we should ask at the premiere.

We’ve come up with a few of the questions we still haven’t been able to get answers to. So let’s get the creative juices flowing. Since freakin’ Josh Horowitz at MTV beat us to asking if Stephenie Meyer is a pervert we gotta think of something better cause we CANNOT be bested by Josh Horowitz.

1. What’s the best photoshop/fan manip you’ve ever seen of yourself. (leave your faves of ANY cast member in the comments)
2. What was it like to wear those contacts???? JUST KIDDING WE ALL KNOW.
3. Does anyone really believe Rob and Kristen are back together?
4. So is it essentially off limits to talk about Mini Coopers, SWATH, British directors with wives named Liberty in KStew’s presence… or just frowned upon?
5. Who would you cast in the Twilight reboot? Yes, we’re already thinking about it.
6. What’s worse, the 405 on a Thursday or the 10 on a nice weekend?
7. How much money will you get reselling your comp. copies of 100 Monkeys/Sam Bradley/Bobby Long/Sage and the Dills?
8. To Rob: Does a Sam Bradley CD make a good coaster? Does Sam still have Google alerts set up for his name? Is Sam still an avid LTR reader and commenter?

9. How many eggrolls do you think Dick Pattinson can fit in his mouth tonight at the afterparty? 10?
10.  How quickly do we think the Jacob/Renesmee story will be written/produced for film/tv?
11. To Rob: which fanfic is your fave? The Office? MOTU? or Edward Wallbanger? Do you giggle every time you read the words “Edward Wallbanger?”
12. Which cast member is most excited that marijuana is now legal in Colorado? Who’s already started looking for real estate there?
13.  Do you think King’s of Leon’s Caleb Followill’s trip to rehab was caused by Robsten?

An awesome use of free Fed Ex supplies!

These are only a sampling of the AMAZING questions we’ll totally (not) be asking at the premiere on Monday! If you want to follow along with us this weekend and at the premiere, we along with our red carpet buddies Twilightish will be using the hashtag #RIPTwilight because after all it is the end. Forever…. or until they do a reboot.

Leave questions in the comments or tweet us using #RIPTwilight. We’ll do our darndest to make you proud again!

PS Don’t forget if you’re going to be in Los Angeles, Sunday night before the premiere we’re going to be co-hosting a get together with Google Local and would LOVE to hang out with you. Please join us if at all possible. More info here!

  • Sue G.

    I still want to know if Rob bought a new bear skin run when he moved.

  • janetrigs

    What did you have for breakfast this morning? Favorite In and Out order? Whole foods or Trader Joes? Favorite hang over cure?
    ANYTHING That is different and new, even if it makes little to no sense in asking, because really, I cannot think of anything else to ask these people except how often have you read Letters To Twilight and their favorite post. I am not sure I want to know anything else… but that’s me.

    • operarose

      I’m with janetrigs, can’t think of anything else to ask them other than what their favourite memory of LTT has been (because we all know they’ve been lurking over the years…Kristen especially, I’m sure she finds us all highly amusing).

      Just want to wish you good luck on the carpet (not that you need it) – you go make us proud (again)! (awww) (hugs)

  • BeaDee

    Best manip ever is Rob as a unicorn.

    And the cast doesn’t care about Colorado so much as they can’t wait for their next trip to Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks since Washington passed essentially the same measure.

    Because I’m a dork, I saved away some bizarrely thoughtful questions I had after the LAST premiere and found them this morning:

    Stephenie: What do your boys think of all this craziness?; After
    the first movie the Lex ran a poll that showed that readers affection for Breaking Dawn has greatly increased since it was first published, and that it’s a favorite among readers who came to the series after the first movie. Why do you think that is? Does it make you feel a bit vindicated after some of the ugliness among fans when it was first published?

    Rob: Is it true you didn’t read the book BD until you saw
    the movie? Was that a conscious choice,
    or did it just kind of happen?

  • Snarkier Than You

    I’m so glad you guys are taking this out with an appropriate bang (um, unlike some people I know…)! *sniff*

  • LOL @ the 405 vs. 10

  • MariaCecilia

    I’d expand question 13. How many celebs marriage fails and rehab trips do you think were triggered by Robsten on and Robsten off and Robsten divided? Psychology Today wants to know.

  • Laxplays

    I really want to know if Rob is a “Quality Street” or “Roses” type of guy at Christmas time? And does he put the empty wrapper back in the tin after?

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