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Storytime with Moon & UC Part 2 – #RIPTwilight and the premiere!

Dear LTT-ers,

I’ll be taking over the story time here from UC to bring you the rest of our Twilight time which mostly included the Premiere and Steve Urkel. Yea, I don’t know either but at least it wasn’t the Jenner sisters or Tia and Tamara or Jennifer Love Hewitt (AGAIN) like last year. We stepped up in the TGIF star echelon.

So let’s cut out the chit chat and get to the video we spent a billion hours on. You better like it…

No, we’re not street walkers working the corner of Fig and Chick Hearn waiting for some Lakers to get out of practice, this is just us with ALL our stuff. Yes, we had a cart full of gear and yes, that’s Jumping Rob under UC’s arm. What was in the cart? Well, tons of camera equipment, our “charging station” (mophie’s for our phones and anything with a USB), the props that keep Jumping Rob upright and little bottles that we were going to give out before someone told on us and as luck would have it that freaking Josh Horowitz took our idea and did shots with cast members. Wah wah waaaaaah.

Time to get this partaaaay started.

Our partners in crime… aka Twilightish and Fangirlish these girls

The official line up… oh what’s that I see??? LTT AND That’s Normal?! We have arrived. And departed…

There was a tampon on the red carpet. Yeaaaa, we don’t know either, but I’m sure someone was missing that at some point.


One last time… all the your favorite fan sites repping for the fans and the not-so-fans at the premiere. TwilightGuy, Team Twilight, Series Theories, Twilight Lexicon, TwilightMoms, Twilight Source (Hypable), BreakingDawnMovie.org, His Golden Eyes/Page to Premiere, Bella and Edward, Twilightish, Fangirlish, LTT, That’s Normal, Twifans and Twilight Anonymous. Whew that was a mouthful!

While we were busy “working” this creep was behind us acting all awkward. Someone should have called security.

They were just as ugly as you imagined them to be. Kind of like candy cane versions of those hideous platform foam flips flops all the girls used to wear only uglier. And more expensive.

I have nothing to say other than look how cute she is?! And did you see how much she wanted to sit next to Nutty Madam when she watched the movie for the first time? Too cute.

You already saw the video of Nikki singing at the fan concert now here is her talking about it. Honestly, I don’t remember this at all because I think we were about to get Taylor so I let UC take this

Urkel (aka Jaleel White, extra credit to me for knowing that) showed up looking like his alter ego Stephon Urkele. No, he didn’t ask if he smelled cheese and yes, there was some crazy lady (boobs and blond hair in the background) who bum rushed him while he was talking to us bloggers and asked for a picture. Why, I am NO idea. Of all the stars to crash an interview to get a picture with you choose Steve Urkel.

This guy found the little bottles stashed in our caddy and got trashed. He had a blast.

JD charming Kimmy from His Golden Eyes/Page to Premiere.

Remember when we were all over Jackson? Remember when he was trying to make 100 Monkeys happen and it was awful? Remember when he wore that terrible crushed velvet suit to the premiere last year? Well, that Jackson is no more, help us welcome back AWESOME, HOT, SWOON-ABLE Jackson Rathbone. We’ve missed you man.

This is the best shot we could get of LTT hero and reader favorite Catherine Hardwicke. We didn’t get to ask her whether she still watched the audition tape every day or whether she preferred Cougaritas to Mudslides or Fridays to Applebees. Oh well… we’ll always have the memories, friends.

Yes, there was a dog with a Team Jacob bandana on the carpet who hung out in front of us for most of the night and right when it looked like a cast member was headed towards us they’d detour to the freaking dog. God bless America, thanks for your sacrifice dog and soldier. (No really, we mean it).

This is the best shot we could get of Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli and the newest Twilight cast member: Paul McDonald. He plays the American Idol vamp.

Oh heeeeey Kellan. You like those Tim Tams Twilightish brought for you? Yea, you can kiss her, we’re cool. We’ll talk to Sharni for a while and set up a board game night. Also your foundation is just a shade too dark. And we love you.

Cue some super sad music (the entire New Moon soundtrack) because this is where we should have had an AWESOME video of Taylor where we got to ask him questions about Big Daddy and their Olive Garden Chain and what it’s like to have Big Daddy pick you up from school and how come we never see little mama and does it still hurt to listen to that Taylor Swift song and is she really a biotch cause we’re beginning to wonder. Ok, so maybe those weren’t EXACTLY the questions but whatever they are in our minds and somewhere in the ether of the video camera malfunction that ate our Taylor Lautner footage.

By now most of you have seen the Jumping Rob video wherein we took a lifesize version of Jumping Rob to the premiere to taunt and attract people with. If you were wondering what it looked like behind the scenes this is it…

Yes, we’re adults and yes we held this and yelled. And yes, it was awesome.

When asked if we were ready to interview Rob these are the faces we made. Somewhere between excited, snervous and ready to pounce. I think between the three of us we had Rob covered from every angle.

Guys, I meaaaaan it’s freaking Stephanie. She took a picture with Jumping Rob and pointed him out to EVERYONE. And her bag was Celine. The end.

I mean… I work here is done, right??

PS If you open this image in a new tab you can see how awesome this suit is and how while Rob was talking about needing to pee (who didn’t at that point?) I vacillated between thinking about how much Rob needs some Crest White Strips and how much I wanted to touch that freaking suit. AH!

JUST KIDDING. Our work was not done. We did this at the after party. And ate one cupcake and some mashed potatoes between us. It was a crrRRAAaaaZZzzzYYy night.

We’ve got tons more headed your way from the premiere. Hope you can handle more! If not, just go watch that video up there again.

We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time!
Moon & UC
Photos courtesy of us, Twifans, Bella and Edward

  • Sue G.

    Looks like you ladies had the night of a lifetime! Can’t wait to read the rest.

  • Blondieinco

    Is normal that I kind of got a little choked up at the premiere overview video that you put together??? Not “End of Breaking Dawn 2 Credits” choked up but a little sentimental 🙂 No?

    • Luludee

      Totally Normal. I felt the same way.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Normal. It felt like one of those farewell compilations or something.

  • Wendy

    I love the last pic. Awesome.

  • Luludee

    This post is so full of win! I’m so bummed that your Taylor footage got eaten! Do you remember any fun answers that he gave to your questions? Hurray for swoon-worthy Jackson!

    Is that Elle Fanning in the fugly shoes?

    Loved your compilation film! Tony Trucks so belongs at LTT…or maybe over at That’s Normal.

    Loved the Aro and Charlie signs from our girls in the stands!

    Charlie Bewley’s obsession is women. Go figure, lol.

    • Sisterpenguin

      Glad you liked the signs. GoWithIt had the bestest coptashe

      • Luludee

        I saw on Team Seth’s blog how Michael Sheen complemented her on it. Too cool!

    • Scruffy Taylor

      Sooo sad about the Taylor footage. Please give us the details of your questions and his answers.

  • TwilightCougar1

    OK I just PMSL because we got dissed in the crowd by our neighbor cuz we were asking the service dog to move…bwuhahhahah just as Taylor was about to walk to me…for the first time in 4 damn movie premieres…they said Oh Taylor look at the dog…I was disaaaapointed as hell…and the girl next to me said..hey that dog works hard and he is a veteran…and I said “Yeah? I am a veteran too and I am sure that dog is really happy he met Taylor Lautner!” WoW…I was a bitch…but it was epic to be across from Letters to Twilight during the blk carpet…EPIC..will remember it forever!

  • Georgie2112

    This is just fantastic – a way to experience the black carpet experience vicariously through LTT. I loved Rob’s face when he presumably caught sight of Jumping Rob LOL! Well done and Congratulations!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I replayed the 2 seconds of Rob’s reaction (to I assume being shown Jumping Rob) like five times. Loved it.

    • Luludee

      I pretty much sat there and watched the gif on That’s Normal over and over again for like 5 minutes. And every time I thought about it the rest of that day, I’d laugh.

  • MariaCecilia

    This is so much fun to watch and read! Partly because I’m fangirling over you LTT:ers, one and all, who made it to the premiere- woohoo! Partly because it’s so awesome that you got to meet these lovely people *sniffs*!! … and partly because I just realized this whole LTT-experience is like a relationship. Face it, we’re just like a couple that’s been together four years! We have the expressions no one else understands and the inside jokes, the wistful “do you remember”-moments, the signature foods and drinks (Hot Pockets and Cougaritas) and all the mutual friends and aqcuaintances we now share. How will we ever be able to break up and form new relationships when we’re just as scarred as Jasper?! (In a fuzzy, good way of course!)
    UC and Moon – you’ve officially ruined me for other people! And That’s Normal.

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  • Sj_nuiph

    Where to start? Jumping Rob, CathyCoug, sidetalking hot Jackson (can he please be cast as a young Elvis in a movie), Elle Fanning’s shoes WTF I thought I was just getting too old, the chick obsessed with DowntownAbbey (not ‘Alley’ as my sister insists on calling it), that service dog, did I mention Jumping Rob? cause I really want to hang with him( and everyone at LTT party *sniffffff*)……but WTF Taylor got eaten??? Big Daddy??? My heart may never recover. Is nearly as bad as the day LTT went to new fancy-pants website and cut Taylor from the site title banner. *snifffff* ps Moon and UC you are still my heros and fav. fantasy drinking buds despite.

  • allryans

    Kellan. Yes, you’ve done five movies. You’ve also had TEN lines. Carry on.

  • cyndibear

    Been thoooooroughly enjoying these “premiere” posts ladies!! I hope you ALL had a fabulous time!! Was SO looking forward to meeting you all at the Library Bar (plotted the road trip, even found a B&B in LA), but life scheduled me for a little surprise surgery appt instead (nose full of stitches). Dork award-worthy story and nearly all healed now. Since my trip was foiled, watching for you all on Yahoo! and following the tweets made my day! Here’s hoping there’s still a “next time”. Haven’t even been to see BD pt 2 yet. Another surgery (not me this time) has foiled that plan for now. It’ll all sort out and soon I’ll know what all of these spoiler alerts mean. Cheers!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Tink

    My lord, that night. UNREAL. Thanks again ladies for being part of the awesome crew that showed this newbie some of the ropes of fan camp and a premiere. And thanks for the other side of the Kellan chat! I was too nervous to pay attention to what else was going on, just that he was headed in my direction and I had to give him the damned gummy bears…

    Twilighters Anonymous
    (which no longer exists)

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